Keshe for prison 2016! Obama is watching!

In the past few months, Keshe repeatedly said “We will enter the American elections”.

He then asked his followers to vote for Trump (who obviously is a manipulative racist and someone who “likes very young girls”), and said he cannot support Hillary Clinton because she put him into prison in Canada. Yeah right.

Meanwhile we heard slogans that suggested that both candidates should be put in prison for what they have done wrong.



So if Keshe wants to enter the elections, why not suggest the same for himself ? If he supports a racist pedophile, while pretending to want peace and calling other, innocent people pedophiles, he certainly deserved it.

Both Keshe and Trump wanted all the attention. Well, now they got it 😉

We vote:



A very important question has come up:

Why has Gordon Duff not deleted the slanderous articles about me from Veterans Today, after Keshe confessed in the 140th KSW that I did nothing wrong and that I kept my good ethos ? Since it is now clear to everyone that Keshe’s accusations were all false, Duff should publish a redaction statement along with an apology. Otherwise Duff’s articles must be considered to be intentional and misleading slander against my name, which of course is a criminal act.

Another question that comes up is:

If Duff doesn’t like Trump for what he does, then why did he support Keshe, who behaves exactly like Trump ? Maybe it’s because Keshe is the better scammer… someone who can for a while get away with what Trump does, while at the same time pretending to be the opposite, the Messiah. But still this doesn’t justify Duff’s slander against me. He knew nothing about me, yet he attacked me, and these articles are still online. Is that the correct behaviour of someone who claims to be a role model for his children and grandchildren ?

Interestingly, Duff says that Trump’s followers are worse than Trump himself. Considering the obvious parallels, how criminal must some of Keshe’s followers be ?

Let’s have a look.

Sylvester Belso wrote about KF superstar Farhad Amini (KF Germany):

“I remember, when Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, Armen Guloyan, Sandor Kakasi and everyone in Keshe Foundation was talking about how important the quality of “nano” coating is, and the (alleged) main reason why the MagRavs are not working is because people are doing this process wrongly.

I also have to say that in July, after I left KFSSI, I talked with Farhad Amini over Zoom and he told me that “NONE OF HIS MAGRAVS ARE WORKING! AND I TOLD THIS TO MT KESHE AS WELL.”

I asked Farhad Amini, “So why is he doing it?” He told me “I JUST WANTED TO GET MT KESHE’s ATTENTION.”

When I asked him “So what are people saying about the non working MaGravs?” He told me “I AM TELLING EVERYONE IF THEY ARE NOT BELIEVING THAT THE MAGRAV IS WORKING, THE MAGRAV WILL NOT WORK FOR THEM.” I was speechless and I had nothing more to ask him. As I see he is really a “con artist working under the wing of Keshe Foundation”. He is making big money with this. He figured out how he can get everything in cash without any receipt, and any responsibility or warranty.”


Farhad Amini having fun while burning copper coils…
…or is he preparing KF Frankfurter Wurst for BBQ ?

The excellent researchers at the German forum found the following information on Farhad Amini:


Obviously Amini lost permission to do certain businesses already back in 2007. Is it because he ran a scam before ? Some people never learn. It is then clear why such people would follow Keshe.

Kearl Lee, the former head of KF China, added the following:

Just like Farhad, there are tons of con artists in the KF around the world, even after finding that Keshe’s magrav does not work. Maybe they think they have invested some money into the KF shit so at least they need to get it back or go further to make big money together with MT Ke$he.

Keshe is ruthless to start ripping off the Africans…..”

We shook our heads when we read this article, in which members of KF Norway claim that they can cure all types of cancer. But in the same article, it is mentioned that making such claims is illegal and misleading, yet some KF followers proudly reposted this article, not knowing that they only get themselves into trouble.

And indeed, in another, similar article, it was repeated that the authorities will contact and warn the Keshe Foundation of such unlawful practices, as the KF falsely promises something they cannot deliver. As a result, the members of KF Norway are now also under investigation. Well done!

There you can see how brainwashed KF followers approach the media without knowing what they are doing. Let’s face it: the KF is a criminal organization that uses naive people to spread nonsense and to create money for Keshe and Caroline. Thankfully, such stupidity will lead to the self-destruction of the Keshe Foundation.

We wonder: was the arrest of “one of the directors of the KF” not enough ? Do other KF followers want to be arrested too ? Maybe this is the KF’s understanding of “one nation, one race”… to go to jail together and to have a collective criminal record. Just when you thought their insanity couldn’t get worse…

Maybe we should ask how many of those other Ufology related disinfo cults are involved in this criminal behaviour, especially in sex parties and pedophilia. Judging from what we have heard, most of them are. Maybe Keshe opened Pandora’s Box, but not in the way he had intended…

In the 143rd KSW, Keshe said “Make sure that man will never make another tool to murder and kill”. But at the same time, the KF produces and sells poisonous “GANS” and dangerous “health units” that harm people with their magnetic fields. 😦

Then the members of the “Earth Council” introduced themselves. One of the most mind-controlled members, Anke van Ziel, listed her wishes, for example she said “We want to restore justice”. That sounds really nice. That’s exactly what is needed to bring this dangerous mind-control cult called Keshe Foundation… to justice. 😉

And: “We’d like to get rid of mind control”. That also sounds very nice. But it seems to be harder than expected, right Anke ? Way to go! 😉

Dr. Klaus then added that he wants to build as many “health centers” as possible. We hope that above “justice” will prevent that from happening. Has the KF not caused enough damage yet ?

There were lots of nice words about love and peace in this workshop, but unfortunately behind all that is Keshe’s ongoing deception, and that just doesn’t match those good intentions. Talking alone is not enough. “You shall know them by their fruit”… so just look at the growing list of Keshe victims.

All in all this workshop was yet another pseudo-religious cult session, and of course Keshe once again claimed that President Obama is following his teachings. So ridiculous…

And once again, Keshe failed to predict the latest earthquakes in Italy. Quite a bad performance for an all-knowing Messiah…

However, the most revealing part was when Keshe said:

“When you pray, do not pray to Christ or Moses… When you pray, pray to humanity. This is the secret of success.”

And this once again gave away the Luciferian nature of the Keshe cult, because Luciferians want to turn man into God. That’s why their number is “666”, the number of man. They want to exalt themselves above God. And that is the fundamental mistake that has caused all evil on Earth. And Keshe repeats this mistake over and over again, while pretending to be “correct”. The number 6 is ever-present in the KF. Now Keshe even claims there are 6 continents.

As mentioned in previous posts, the KF is nothing but a satanic mind-control cult.

Keshe has only one talent: he knows how to scam people. He set up the scene in a way that every newcomer believes that the warnings he/she receives about Keshe are in reality an attack by “trolls” or “enemies”, and so newcomers develop a sympathy for Keshe and support him, while ignoring the warnings of those who know better.

According to Kearl Lee, even University Professor Zhu, who is a very smart man, needed one year to find out that the KF is a scam. And this is how Keshe plays his game. He plays on time. If he can scam every person for 1 year and get some money from them, he can make a fine living.

Speaking of 1 year: 1 year ago, Keshe promised the world a new $10 power system for 2016. Where is this power system now ? It was just another lie. The images of power systems you see in this article were computer generated. Those “power units” never existed.

As researchers recently found out, the brain gets used to lying. This is the reason why Keshe and his followers cannot get out of their parallel reality, which they created by constantly lying to everyone. It has become an addiction.

As a very similar example to Keshe, presidental candidate Donald Trump has been elected “Liar of the year 2015”. Such individuals practice something called “post-truth politics”, which of course cannot work in the long run. Would anyone NOT agree that Keshe should be elected “Liar of the Decade” ?

And then there is this article: “New York Times publishes 2-page spread of Trump Twitter insults”. Quote: “The two-page spread features an alphabetized tally of the victims of Trump’s caustic social-media bombardments. His targets range from media figures to rival candidates and beyond.”

Doesn’t that sound like Keshe’s CAUSTIC slander ?

If humanity wants a better future, such deceptions and ego-trips must come to an end. Either we show honesty and respect, or we keep abusing each other only to build up our ego and pride, the way Keshe and his followers have done, while pretending to bring peace to humanity. The choice is easy.

We made our choice a long time ago. How about you ?