Katastrophes, Kukuness, and Kontradictions

It seems that Keshe is gathering all the criminals, anarchists and scammers in one place. Good people get kicked out or leave by themselves. And only those who are really criminal stay in the KF. They then get paid for delivering false testimonials and for faking “confirmations”, such as this one:


The creator of the video is in fact NOT Dutchsinse, but another person, who has been DEBUNKING Keshe. He does NOT endorse Keshe in any shape or form.

Yet some KF followers have been reposting this video as “confirmation” of Keshe’s earthquake predictions. So ridiculous! They can’t even tell true from false anymore, thanks to what Keshe has done to them in his endless brainwashing sessions.

Keshe was wrong. His American earthquake “prediction” was EMPTY! It was like always ATTENTION SEEKING to avoid questions – at that time – about the truth about his Magrav units, today we all know it was a scam.

And now they bring up Dutchsinse (who is yet another member of the Project Camelot fearmongering circus) again and again, as Keshe is unable to predict earthquakes, so they just point to someone else’s work (which isn’t even original, as he copies info from sites like quakewatch.net). It works on newcomers only, but that might be enough to keep the money flowing…

So instead of stopping his false predictions, Keshe refers to other attention seekers. Why is it that the Keshe Foundation can only refer to other cultists, but never to real scientists ? And why do they now celebrate Dutchsinse and not Keshe himself ? Are they slowly realizing that Keshe has nothing to offer ?

Despite of all, and just for the sake of it, Keshe issued another prediction. 😉



“Goodby to Tehran” means that Keshe is not allowed to go there again, after he was kicked out for running his scams.

“Ciccili Mountain” means Mount Etna in Sicily.

“Grecce” means Greece.

“Shaking like mad” means that Keshe wants all of you to be very afraid. That’s why more such earthquake warnings were posted again on KF Facebook. It’s called ATTENTION SEEKING and FEARMONGERING. Many of those who follow Keshe (or other cults like Project Camelot) live their lives in fear, always awaiting a big catastrophe. And cult leaders have no problem exploiting these people by giving them false hope and false information.

But what’s really “shaking like mad” is our bellies, from laughing so hard. 😉

And no it was not CERN/LHC, it was not HAARP, and it’s not anything else. It was really just an earthquake, they are frequent in central Italy. Not everything is a conspiracy!

In the 141st KSW, Keshe said:

“We see some people are abusing workshops as a way to gain money, and this cannot be done.”

This comes AFTER Keshe had been encouraging the establishment of KF manufacturing centers around the world, which exist ONLY to make money. And the fact that Keshe himself has been using the KF to make money is being ignored. And then he makes statements like the one above. Incredible!

But not only that. He doesn’t just rip people off, he also causes damage to their health.

As John Thomas Sluten wrote:
In so many ways Keshe has committed gross negligence with intent to do harm by not disclosing the hazards of the materials he processes in the making of these toxins and introducing these materials in the public water systems and food production.”

Keshe’s words always describe the OPPOSITE of what is going on in the KF.

When the KF makes money, Keshe condems making money. When they cause harm, Keshe says the KF is helping people. When getting caught doing something wrong, Keshe says he is correct.


We keep getting questions from newcomers like “Should I join the KF or not ?”

Well, after reading ALL the information on our website, is there really a need for such a question ? It’s like someone telling you that getting run over by a car hurts and kills you, but you ask “Should I try it anyway ?”

It requires a certain lack of intelligence to desperately WANT to get yourself into trouble.

Remember, when I supported Keshe, there was no such thing as keshefacts.org, that’s why he was able to trick me. So we decided to publish all the info, to warn newcomers of the KF. If you choose to ignore these warnings, you are either mentally disadvantaged, or you are a professional or future scammer who wants to get lucky. The choice is yours, but the consequences and the course of your own future… are also yours.

Some advice to the “Universal Council”: If you really want justice to be served, vote: