Keshe’s Wiki

A few years ago, while I was still working with Keshe, I had the idea to create for the KF something similar to Wikipedia – an online dictionary where people could look up all the terms of Keshe’s plasma science. Back then I hadn’t realized that Keshe’s promises are empty, and that his so-called technology doesn’t work.

Now the truth is out and it is well-known that Keshe is a scammer, so setting up such a Wiki for the KF now is of course cynical and misleading.

Yet Dr. Klaus Priller, the Austrian guy who assists Keshe in his illegal human experiments, suggested in the 146th KSW to create a new “plasma wiki” or “plasmapedia”. With this plan, the KF is totally ignoring the fact that they are already under investigation in several countries for fraud and illegal medical claims and experiments. Yet they continue, driving everyone involved into a criminal corner. But KF followers don’t seem to care, as they still believe they are right.

Intentionally spreading false information in such a way in order to harm ill people is a criminal act. That Wiki should then instead be called “Fraud Wiki” or “Scamopedia”.

Some years ago, Keshe also used to have his own personal Wikipedia page, but it was deleted, because it was full of false claims that could not be verified. And until not long ago, Keshe always complained about that, and he claimed that “Whenever they delete your Wikipedia page, it means they are going to assassinate you within a very short time.”

So how come that Keshe is still alive ? How come that he claims to have paid with his life, when he is still alive ? This is Keshe’s total delusion as usual.

Another website has an entry on Keshe in German, very similar to his former Wikipedia page. If you read it, you will see why Wikipedia deleted it: because it’s full of pseudo-science and BS claims.

We publish the English translation of that page.

Please note that a CLAIM is not a FACT!

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe (born 1958) is an Iranian inventor, business man and author, who CLAIMS to have invented working devices in the field of antigravity and cold fusion. In 2014 he CLAIMED to be the Messiah. He is the founder and owner of the Keshe Foundation, which is registered as a “Stichting” in the Netherlands. Currently it is located in Brescia/Italy.


Keshe was born in 1958 as the son of very wealthy parents. According to HIS OWN CLAIMS, he studied at the Queen Mary College in London, and as an ALLEGED engineer he dedicated himself to reactor control systems and several inventions.

One of his inventions is a “system for creation of gravity and energy” by the use of a hydrogen powered reactor, which works on the basis of a “static nuclear plasma” technology. It is CLAIMED to create magnetic and gravitational fields, which are supposed to make passengers of transportation systems more or less massless, in order to make them “immune” to gravitationl forces. According to INACCURATE specifications by the Keshe Foundation, that reactor is supposed to work with “radioactive material”, which is controlled by “magnetic fields”. It involves “scalar magnetic whirls” to achieve cold fusion. According to Keshe’s CLAIMS, he kept developping his “static plasma reactor” until 2005 to make it useable for practical applications.

In October 2005 he submitted a patent application for his reactor. As an ALLEGED reason for the lack of distribution of his reactor technology, Keshe mentions a vague conspiracy theory, claiming that the Belgian and the US government suppress the technology.

Keshe also CLAIMS that his plasma reactor can be used for health applications. Furthermore, the reactor is CLAIMED to be able to attract CO2 and methane from the atmosphere, so the reactor can help clean up the environment.

On April 18th 2014 (Good Friday), Keshe announced in one of his workshops to be the Messiah (“You wished, and for years you asked for Messiah. Here I am, standing in front of you.”) who came down to Earth, to bring peace to humanity. (Note: American pedophile Sterling Allan had made similar claims!) Keshe also published a letter with the same claims on the foundation website.

The Keshe Foundation

The Keshe Foundation (KF) is considered to be a Netherlands based “philantropic” foundation. Until 2013 it was based in Ninove/Belgium. Following police investigations against the Keshe Foundation, allegedly because of radioactive materials being used, Keshe moved his headquarters to Brescia in northern Italy.

There he opened in early 2014 the Spaceship Institute, which was also used for educating the so-called knowledge seekers. He offered 2 to 3 year courses for 20.000 Euros per year.

Former knowledge seeker Jorge Martínez Cano from Spain explained on Facebook why he left the Spaceship Institute after only 1 semester. He expressed his disappointment about the fact that there were only 3 weeks of teachings, but no further organized education or advise. And aside from Keshe’s books, no other educational material had been provided. Students had to work 12 hours or more each day, even on weekends. All expenses, including housing and food, had to be paid by the students themselves. (Note: This is the reason why Keshe no longer has personal students around him.) Keshe’s promise to support his students financially had not been kept. Keshe’s unfavorable and unpersonal way of communicating with his students has also been criticized.

The KF is marketing the inventions of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and is also supposed to own the marketing rights of Keshe’s inventions. According to Keshe’s own CLAIMS, it is one of the main tasks of the Keshe Foundation to sell licensing rights. The Keshe “Space Health Technology” is SUPPOSED to offer alternative ways of treatment for diseases, which cannot be cured by common medicine. In this regard, Keshe often mentions ALS, Coma, Epilepsy, MS, or cancer.

A conference was planned in September 2012, together with Konstantin Meyl, who was supposed to help evaluate the Keshe technology.

K. Meyl, S. Allan, M.T. Keshe

The Keshe Foundation as well as the company “Keshe Technologies N.V” seem to finance themselves through donations and sales of M.T. Keshe’s books. Additionally, Keshe profited by the sales of tickets for ALLEGED “upcoming space flights in 2014”. In reality, such space flight tickets had been offered for several years at a price of 19.000 Euros. These space flights should have been possible by the use of Keshe’s own antigravity technology:

“The First Flight: The initial charges and booking for 10 hours of flight in space and for the booking for the first space lift by public through Keshe Foundation before December 2014 will be announced next week.

The cost for these flights will be 19000 (nineteen thousand) euros per person, this will include 9 hours of flight at about 60km distance from the surface of the Earth.

There will be additional charges to experience the weightlessness condition in these space trips. The number of seats available for the first year will about 5000 seats (announcements about these will be given on the Keshe Foundation

The First Flight to the Moon: We will announce for landing on the Moon by December of 2016, for round trip at the cost of 50 000 euros per person. There will be no disembarkations in these early flights. Number of seats available for the first year about 1000 seats (announcements about these will be given on the Keshe Foundation […] There will be no need for space training, as the condition within these flight systems will be atmospheric condition as the present days jetliner flight conditions.”

On the internet, many individuals have exposed Keshe and the KF as a scam. In turn, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe calls one of his most active critics “schizophrenic”. Attempts by the Keshe Foundation to have their own Wikipedia page failed. On the english Wikipedia pages, some texts about Keshe were published by an unknown and meanwhile banned user called “Keshe Theory”. Articles about “Mehran Keshe” and the “Keshe Foundation” were deleted. The reason was the lack of interest and the lack of unbiased sources to confirm Keshe’s CLAIMS.

CLAIMS about the downing of a US drone over Iran

In 2011, Keshe CLAIMED that a US drone over Iran was brought down by the use of his technology. According to Keshe, the Iranian military achieved this by using a craft (UFO) and the Keshe magrav technology. Before that, there were rumours about GPS interference. In December 2011 Keshe wrote: “Nothing was hacked, it was achieved by advanced space technology.” The website investigated the subject and contacted the Pentagon. Their answer was: “We won’t comment on the CLAIMS of this person (Keshe), but our defense minister would like to have his light saber back.” (LOL!)


Keshe receives most of his attention and uncritical acceptance of his CLAIMS from the political right-wingers in Germany and other countries (Note: so the “Third Reich people” are not against Keshe as he always claimed, but they support him!), as well as from the free energy scene. Hence Keshe’s CLAIMS are often published on websites such as Politaia. He also received support from Sterling Allan. (Note: Sterling Allan has meanwhile been convicted for active pedophilia. What role does Keshe play in that ? Is he part of Allan’s pedophile network ? Because according to Keshe’s claims, most of Allan’s friends are pedophiles. Interestingly, as you can see, some of Sterling Allan’s Facebook friends are also members of the Ufology / Project Camelot cult, for example David Wilcock, Alfred Webre or Nassim Haramein, whereas my name doesn’t show up on that list, despite of Keshe’s desperate attempts to link me to a pedophile network. What does that tell us, when Keshe himself is also involved, even if indirectly, in that Camelot cult ?) In an interview with Allan, Keshe CLAIMED to have given his miracle technology to the Iranian military, so they can produce flying saucers. In 2011, Keshe explained that by the use of his technology, Iran was able to force the landing of a US drone. However, in the official Iranian explanation there is no mention of Keshe. According to the Iranian military, they were able to use a cyber attack to hack the drone and therefore take it down. Keshe’s critics also accuse him of having denied the holocaust.

Summary of this article:

Keshe is of no scientific importance and has no influence. All his stories are FAKE CLAIMS. And while he pretends to be a “love and peace” leftist and saviour of humanity, he shows all the signs of a manipulative right-winger (similar to Trump, Berlusconi, LePen, Wilders, Strache, Erdogan), who recently is also mostly supported by right-wingers and anti-semitic groups, especially in Germany. Whether “Freeman” or “Reichsbürger” or “Knowledge Seeker”, it’s always the same kind of attitude that would lead to anarchy if it rose to power.

If you are a good person, don’t support the Keshe Foundation and stay away. Peace can only be in your hearts, not in the twisted mind of a schizophrenic, narcissistic demagogue and master deceiver.

For all those who still think the American drone was brought down with Keshe “technology”, we repeat a short part from one of our earlier posts:

Here is the true information behind the drone story, which we received FROM AN IRANIAN INSIDER.

Remember that Keshe always says: “I thank the Iranian government and the Iranian space agency and…”

Now read what the Iranian insider told us:

“Keshe is no longer welcome in Iran because he speaks lies, especially that he started the space program of Iran, or that Iran took down the American drone with his tech. The truth is the Iranian military used USRP-RTL-SDR systems that are made to jam frequencies.

Keshe is known in Iran as a SCAM, and that’s the truth.

And then he came up with this totally illogical and ridiculous excuse, saying that Israel kills Iranian scientists in Iran. So the goverment said he would be safer outside of Iran. That’s why he is not allowed to go back to his own country. Has nobody ever wondered why there is no Keshe Foundation Iran ?

Meanwhile any hacker can take down a drone. It doesn’t require Keshe’s drain cleaner scam, and it is no longer necessary to burn KF Frankfurter Wurst coils.

And to show how well Keshe’s world peace plan works, here is an article that totally contradicts Keshe’s claims about weapons. More and more effective weapons are being made, not less. The war in Syria is worse than ever, whole cities are being destroyed, and there are conflicts all over the planet. Nationalists, anarchists, demagogues… what has the world come to ? The “Universal Council” has no power and no meaning. What a ridiculous joke the Keshe Foundation has become.

And just for the record: unlike what has been claimed by Keshe and some of his followers, the opposition to the KF doesn’t come from people who want to suppress Keshe’s “technology”, as there is no working technology. Most people have nothing to gain from opposing Keshe, but they are worried about their fellow humans. The opposition comes because Keshe is a careless abuser and deceiver, who puts people’s lives at risk with unsafe “health products” and “free energy” devices which have been built without applying proper knowledge of physics. Internal bleedings and exploding devices are by no means a way to bring peace or anything else positive. The sale of KF products is a risk to public well-being and must therefore be stopped. THAT should be added to the KF scam Wiki, if ANYONE in the KF is even remotely interested in the truth!


NAFKAM warns against Keshe Foundation

In an earlier post we reported that the Norwegian news had published an article, in which members of the KF claimed to have a cure for cancer.

KF members Vivi-Ann Sandnes Eggum and Florin Foca, who was seen in workshops before

Today we publish 5 articles (translated) that show what happened since then.

Many thanks to iTromsø for the original articles.

Article 1

The National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NAFKAM) at the Arctic University of Norway gives a clear warning against the use of Keshe Foundation technology.

You do not ask cancer patients to pay for participating in research

(Link to original article)


Vinjar Fønnebø is a professor and the director of NAFKAM.
He believes the Keshe Foundation exploits people in
vulnerable situations. Photo: Ingun A. Mæhlum.

Director and NAFKAM professor Vinjar Fønnebø thinks the Keshe Foundation’s practice is unacceptable.

The Keshe Foundation claims to have a health center in Malta where they offer to evaluate cancer patients for treatment. Before one can assess their illnesses, they must, among other things, enter into an agreement to donate up to 500,000 Norwegian Kroner (around 55,000 Euro). They also want to recruit volunteers for a cancer study, this one they take almost 50,000 Norwegian Kroner (around 5,500 Euro) for.

“Unacceptable – you just don’t do that”, says Vinjar Fønnebø, director of NAFKAM, National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He reacts with disbelief to the Keshe Foundation way of doing business.

“It is often the case that seriously ill cancer patients are willing to try ‘anything’ to recover. But such research is unacceptable”, says Fønnebø.

No documentation

After investigating the claims of the Keshe Foundation, they have not found evidence that any of them are true.

NAFKAM has not found any research studies that corroborate the claims that the Keshe Foundation treatment can cure cancer. However, there is evidence that cancer patients can seriously risk their lives if they opt out of available conventional medical treatment:

“An offer like this is undoubtedly the worst”, continues Fønnebø.

Contact Us

NAFKAM encourages everyone, especially cancer patients, to discuss the use of alternative treatments with their doctor.

“If you come across an alternative ‘cancer cure’ which you consider trying, please contact us. We would like to check whether there has been research on efficacy and safety”, says Fønnebø.

Article 2

Health Minister Bent Høie about “cancer healers”:
Cynical marketing, false hopes and dangerous advice

(Link to original article)


Health Minister Bent Høie thinks Keshe Foundation
marketing is cynical. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

The Keshe Foundation claims to cure cancer, and sells both products and treatments for up to half a million (Norwegian Kroner) to purportedly treat any type of cancer.

“This is cynical marketing to seriously ill people, and it is forbidden. I think it’s bad that sick people in a vulnerable situation are subjected to false hopes and dangerous advice. The safest treatment is obtained in the hospital”, said the minister in a comment to iTromsø.


– What are your thoughts about alternative therapies?

“Many think it is important to be able to do something about their illness. Cancer Society has stated that more patients find that treatment that emphasizes relaxation, wellness and healthy diet improves the quality of life”, said the minister.

Safety first

Høie thinks the law is quite clear on what is allowed for alternative practitioners.

“Alternative practitioners are not allowed to market themselves with claims that they can cure the disease. They are by law not allowed to treat the disease without the cancer patient’s physician’s consent. I believe we have good regulations on one hand to protect the user’s right to self-determination and freedom of choice, and on the other hand to protect the user’s requirements on safety. If you put these main considerations in relation, the user requirements on safety must be given priority.”

Article 3

“Stop them before they indirectly kill someone”

(Link to original article)

This is no joke. These are, however, dangerous people, completely without scruples. And they must be stopped before they indirectly kill someone.

I have always been slightly suspicious about Alternative Fair. There is something unvoluntarily silly about it, something naive that never allowed me to take it fully seriously.

A clairvoyant medium, showering of aura, oils and bracelets with magical effects, healing through concerts performed on crystal bowls, tin foil hats against dangerous radiation, stories of little green men in UFOs and explanations of the world based on the stars’ position. Some offer various natural remedies to relieve pain or various other disorders they are struggling with.

Some of it could possibly give some effect, but I find it mostly pretty screwed, and therefore I mostly laugh about it. People can believe in what they want, and I am certainly no party pooper. On with the show, whoever feels the need for it. What people should believe in is something I am extremely liberal about. But now it’s not funny anymore.

At the Alternative Fair in Tromso last weekend, the Keshe Foundation was one of the main attractions. They claim to be a little of everything, and they won’t refrain from anything to grab money from desperate people during deep crisis. This includes a wonderful machine that allows you to live without electricity in your home, but it has far more magical abilities, if we choose to believe them.

“We can cure all types of cancer,” said Geir Amdal to iTromsø, a claim he and his two comrades at Alternative Fair have confirmed several times. The nifty cure they sit exclusively on is what they call a “perpetual motion machine that uses a balance of gravity and magnetism.”

This treatment is a device consisting of two plastic rings filled with seawater, air, copper and zinc. The price of that glory is 8,000 euros, plus shipping and customs, or just under one hundred thousand crowns.

“We can help people in collaboration with their doctors. But if they don’t want that, then we have our own doctors too, who use our systems,” says Amdal reassuringly, offering thus a trip to Ghana in West Africa, where you can get expert assistance from their own doctors, if the family doctor finds the treatment is something sought.

The seller, for the sake of clarity, also offers some inexpensive varieties of the apparatus, so you can speculate on whether someone with cancer, who believes in this treatment, will be going for a crappy cheap variant or ordering the full package.

Hundred thousand Kroner to escape dying is, after all, not so much, if one thinks big. It’s almost like investing in a home or a cottage, if you knew that it actually works.

Now it’s not the price that is important here. And if someone wants to cancel their power supplier’s subscription, to manage with plastic rings filled with water, air and metal, then go ahead. Really. You probably do the world a great service, and if enough people do it, it will surely be able to save society huge amounts of power.

But those who take this step will notice side effects: it starts to freeze in winter, and their coffee will be unbearably tepid. It’s their choice. Far more serious are the claims that come with today’s most serious and extensive disease, cancer.

“Cancer simply means the body is out of balance,” says Geir Amdal, adding confidently. “Cancer is something mental. All diseases are basically mental and therefore you must solve the mental problem which made you sick in the first place first.”

The madness of medical incompetence does not stop there. “If you use our solution, you do not have to lose your hair and feel so bad. Therefore, we encourage people to try our treatment before they take chemotherapy. You will sweat while the cancer is taken out, but it’s much better for the body, the body is in balance.”

This is when it’s not funny anymore. For this is not only compromising with quack spray to rip money from naive people who have something like an eczema on their hands, struggle with hair loss or lack energy in everyday life. These are cynical, unprincipled and morally warped business people who speculate on individuals and families involved in tragedies, and this really is no laughing matter.

Most people know someone who has or has had cancer, and certainly someone who has experienced it within their close family or amongst their circle of friends. Each year there are approximately 30,000 new cases of cancer detected in Norway. 10,000 who die each year.

This is a relentless disease that widely affects people in any environment, in all age groups and in all walks of life. Cancer is one of the greatest public health problems. Therefore, heavy research is done on it, worldwide.

When someone suspicious then begins to create the impression that all you need to do is buy an application, and steer away from conventional treatment for recovery, it is not only ridiculous and hopeless, but also very serious. People who are in a desperate situation, afraid of dying or losing their loved ones, should not be fooled by a rhetoric that suggests that cancer is only the result of the body being out of balance, and that cancer is caused by something mental.

Because it is not. That they also advise cancer patients to interrupt professional treatment, in favor of their undocumented “perpetual motion machine”, is only stressing the insanity in this woolly business.

I also wonder if these moral eunuchs are going to stay away from chemotherapy and radiation the day they themselves or their loved ones are affected by cancer. Cancer that is allgedly only caused by something mental, and then your fate is left to a device with filled plastic rings.

Now everything indicates that the Keshe Foundation with their public stunt is going to be prosecuted for their activities. Fylkeslegen says it. The Health Minister says it. Law Professors say it.

That’s good, and I hope they also hold Alternative Fair accountable for supporting this madness. For someone must stop these predators who overtly attempt to exploit other people’s extreme poverty and fear.

Article 4

Cancer Society: “This is absolutely absurd”

(Link to original article)


Cursed: Anne Lise Ryel, secretary general of the Cancer Society,
is upset over these “healers” promising to cure cancer with
alternative treatments. “I know cases where the use of alternative
medicine in cancer patients have ended fatally.” Photo: Tom Benjaminsen

Anne Lise Ryel, secretary general of the Cancer Society, is being cursed by “healers” who think they can cure cancer.

iTromsø wrote last weekend that the Keshe Foundation at the Alternative Fair has promised visitors at the show that they could cure cancer.

They offered a treatment with so-called “plasma technology” and recommended cancer patients to try the alternative treatment before they proceeded with chemotherapy, radiation and other traditional cancer treatments.

Anne Lise Ryel, secretary general of the Cancer Society:

“I am absolutely speechless. I think rightfully that people should not allow themselves to say such things. These so-called therapists talking to people who are suffering from cancer – people who are in their most disadvantaged period, who stand up to heavy treatment and who are very vulnerable. To turn to people who are in such a situation and say that they can be cured using alternative medicine, is absolutely absurd”, says Ryel.


“That they additionally encourage people to use alternative medicine instead of, for example chemotherapy and radiation, is even worse,” says Ryel.

“If they really had something that was real and had a proven effect, we would not have spent so much money, resources and research to solve the cancer puzzle. Then we might have the answer! Seriously ill people would never have been subjected to such a heavy and painful treatment, if the disease could be cured with a simple alternative method. It’s scary that people say such things to cancer patients,” races Ryel.

She stresses that some alternative therapies that can be used next to traditional treatment – such as acupuncture to improve quality of life – may be fine, but she also stresses that everything must be clarified by a doctor.


“My advice to people is to collect any documentation, and to be clear on what you think and want to achieve with such a treatment. And by all means, never go behind the backs of physicians and treatment services.”

Ryel never heard of anyone who has been cured by alternative treatment.

“However, I am aware of several instances where the use of alternative medicine in conjunction with cancer has ended fatally. Some patients have died as a result of this, while others have become much sicker than they were initially, and therefore they had to undergo a far tougher treatment”, says Ryel.


At Alternative Fair, the Keshe Foundation further claimed that cancer is a mental illness.

“Part of the reason why we are researching cancer is precisely because one does not know all the reasons why some people get cancer, but it is certain that the cause of cancer is not mental. When someone says that this is a mental illness, they are actually blaming the individuals who have become ill. Cancer hits in many ways randomly, and many receive it without knowing why it has occurred. It’s really not something you should feel guilty about”, says Ryel.

The Minister of Health, Bent Høie, has also taken up the cause.

“One can not think themselves free of cancer. This type of ‘treatment’ is not only ineffective, but can be harmful – especially if it replaces proper medical care. Such cynical marketing towards the seriously ill is thankfully forbidden, but it is bad that many sick people in a vulnerable position are subjected to false hopes and dangerous advice. The safest and best treatment you get when hospitalized”, writes Høie on Facebook.

Article 5

They promised a cancer cure at Alternative Fair.
Now they can be prosecuted.

(Link to original article)


County medical Svein Steinert believes it is very
serious to promise patients that they can be healthy,
and stresses that only health professionals are allowed
to treat serious illness. Photo: Marius Fiskum

County medical Svein Steinert takes action to get organization prosecuted that claims to cure cancer.

iTromsø wrote this weekend that the Keshe Foundation at the Alternative Fair has promised visitors at the show that they could cure cancer. The company advised people to try their treatment with “plasma technology” instead of chemotherapy in hospital.

Now comes Fylkeslegen

This is clearly an issue we have to deal with. As Professor Aslak Syse said, the promotion and information of the Keshe Foundation relates to paragraph 7 of the law on alternative therapies. It says that treatment of serious diseases and disorders should not be exercised by persons other than health professionals. They themselves admit they are no health care professionals, and cancer goes as a subcategory ‘serious illness’,” says county medical Steinert.

Public interest

The Public Health will take the matter further, but for Steinert it is clear that he believes the organization should be handed to the police.

“We are now in touch with the State Board of Health, which is responsible for applying public prosecution by public interest, and in this case we are talking about public interest.”

As those behind the fraud not only operate locally in Tromsø, the Norwegian Board of Health, not Fylkeslegen in Troms, will be going ahead with the case.

“Those who violate the law should be reported so that it becomes a police matter. So the police must decide whether they will investigate the case, and then the supervisory authorities could assist in the case illustrated”, said Steinert.

Political issue

He believes the Keshe Foundation presents very serious allegations.

“The county governor is very concerned that people who have cancer should not get the treatment they need. Therefore, we have forwarded the case to the Board of Health. It is demanding to be suffering from cancer, and patients shall not be tricked into treatment that has not proven effective.”

“I do not know the penalty for such offenses”, said county medical Svein Steinert.

“Not an official claim”

Vivi-Ann Sandnes Eggum of the Keshe Foundation is informed that Fylkeslegen will proceed with the case.

“The Keshe Foundation and ‘Plasma Technology’ are a phenomenon that is interesting. We want to get in touch with researchers to look at our technology, because it is not documented in Norway yet. But we have a team with 200 doctors in the world who have gathered references that it works, and we would like to collaborate with physicians in Norway too. ‘We can cure cancer’ is not the Keshe Foundation’s official attitude.”

– Members of the Keshe Foundation have been standing at Alternative Fair and said you can cure any type of cancer, no matter how severe it is. And then you say it is not their official stance ?

“We have said that it is not an official stance. We are aware of the legislation, but we must not stop a debate on “plasma technology,” just because our methods have not yet been recognized. When our people say “plasma” can cure cancer, so it is based on the experiences they have gained by our doctors around the world who consider plasma technology to be exciting, and have seen that it works on their patients.

We think it is good that the county medical now gets involved, although he is skeptical. We must not stop a health development that will push forward”, says Sandnes.

The KF followers’ ignorance and naivity is breathtaking, not only in Norway, but all over the world. Even when they are already under investigation, they still think they are right. They do not realize that they have fallen for a cult and are acting against the law.

We would like to point out again that everyone who supports the Keshe Foundation is also complicit in their crimes. Not because we say so, but because there are laws, and they exist for a reason: to protect people from being harmed. The KF does the opposite: it harms people.

After Belgium, Norway is now already the second country that will prosecute the KF. Not because Keshe has a new miracle technology (he doesn’t), but because the KF is a criminal organization, not an honest organization because, despite of its claims to stand for “correct ethos” and world peace, it intentionally deceives, scams and harms people.

As we said before: protect yourself and stay away from the KF. They are the opposite of what they claim to be.

Why satanic narcissists WANT to get caught

How come Keshe keeps talking about “giving from your soul”, while he himself scams people and never pays anything back ?

How come Keshe says “We can live without arms, and we can live without soldiers” in one workshop, while he claims “We are in the process of building up a one world police force” in the next one ?

We take a look at the psychology behind Keshe’s behaviour, and why he shows no remorse for his lies, his slander, and his plasma fraud.

Some people hope that Keshe commits his crimes in public because he wants to repent, to have the burden of his guilt lifted from him. We wish that it were so. That would indicate even a flicker of psycho-spiritual normalcy. Sadly, the reality is exactly the opposite, and we see this today all around us, but most especially in the realm of politics, and in cultish environments such as the free energy scene.

The hideous truth is that satanic narcissists / sociopaths / psychopaths have no interest in repentance, reform or apologies. They define themselves by, and their entire warped psycho-spiritual existence revolves around, the notion that they are superior, a separate caste, distinct from and above other human beings. They are “the elite”. They are “oligarchs”.

They do not love the law in the good and healthy sense that we see and hear so often in scripture, but in the sense that it is the law – and their shamelessly hypocritical flouting and breaking of it – that defines and “elevates” them above not only mankind, but also above the non-fallen angels, in their sick, warped, loveless rational intellects. And remember, satanic narcissists are the human analogues to demons.

But wait. It gets worse. When narcissists are confident that they have enough power, be it over a small group of people (family members, co-workers, social circle, cult), or on a macro scale, such as in a government, large corporation, or The Church, they will become progressively more bold and aggressive in their crimes in order to generate ever-higher amounts of satanic narcissistic satisfaction.

Now here is where it gets interesting. For satanic narcissists, the commission of their crimes and malefactions themselves are NOT the most potent source of diabolical satisfaction. No – the real rush, the “high” that they crave more than anything is THE GETTING AWAY WITH IT. Specifically, narcissists luxuriate in watching other people, whether it be out of fear or sycophancy, pretend to not see, or better yet lie to cover, or even better yet, positively defend and justify, their crimes.

Having planned and fantasized about his malevolent actions, the narcissist will watch and study those around him in the aftermath. Every instance of “looking the other way” the narcissist sees gives him an even more intense rush, because to look away from his crimes is to capitulate to him – an even more complete capitulation than the actual victim. Every lie that a sycophant tells to cover for the narcissist is a rush. Every groveling justification made on the narcissist’s behalf for the narcissist’s unjustifiable, or even criminal behavior, is like the rush of a drug – and far more psycho-spiritually potent than the initial act itself.

When a satanic narcissist looks you in the eye, either in person, or on camera, and lies to your face, he thinks that you should be GRATEFUL to him for deigning to speak to you at all. When a satanic narcissist commits a crime against you, he thinks you should be GRATEFUL to him for tolerating your existence at all, and that you should come back for more abuse and be grateful for it, because you are, after all, a lower form of life.

They are watching you. They are watching your utter passivity, and it feeds them. They are all watching others actively and even enthusiastically defend and justify their wicked, heinous crimes, and it feeds them.

And it will only get worse from here, on a quadratic escalation curve, because once these people have power and momentum they never, ever back off. They are like sharks frenzying in chum. Soon mere lying, mere treason, and mere contract killing will not generate a sufficient rush of diabolical satisfaction. Soon, as with Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Kim, they will only be satisfied by committing their crimes in full, open view, and then demanding not just your capitulation, but your undying gratitude.

So yeah, they want to get caught. They all want to get caught. But not because they have any interest in repentance or reform. They want you to see them break the rules, break the law, and then watch you fold in front of them and prove, once again, how vastly superior to you they are.

We are all equal ? No, Keshe does not believe that, he only says so. He is the king of the universe. But only in his own mind.

To get an idea how ruthless Keshe really is, watch the latest video made by Hopegirl & Mel Ve, in which they talk about their experiences with Keshe. Hopegirl originally supported Keshe, until he falsely accused her of human trafficking and pedophilia. This part of the video gives a nice summary of some of the most heinous crimes Keshe has committed.

We have to ask ourselves whether Keshe is also suffering from Capgras delusion. After all, many of his former friends and supporters were suddenly attacked, so maybe he suddenly saw in them someone else ? Maybe an alien ? A monster ? Maybe he considers his dog Topoli to be an alien too ? Nothing would surprise us anymore. Maybe this is also the reason why Keshe tells his followers to speak to their reactors ? Because he believes they have a soul and are living entities ? Caroline also wrote recently that the KF spaceship has a soul. Yes, such belief is probably the result of Capgras delusion, so both Keshe and Caroline are affected.

And here, “Free Projects News” gives a nice explanation about how Keshe is keeping his followers under control.

Let’s see for how much longer Keshe can “get away with it”.