Why satanic narcissists WANT to get caught

How come Keshe keeps talking about “giving from your soul”, while he himself scams people and never pays anything back ?

How come Keshe says “We can live without arms, and we can live without soldiers” in one workshop, while he claims “We are in the process of building up a one world police force” in the next one ?

We take a look at the psychology behind Keshe’s behaviour, and why he shows no remorse for his lies, his slander, and his plasma fraud.

Some people hope that Keshe commits his crimes in public because he wants to repent, to have the burden of his guilt lifted from him. We wish that it were so. That would indicate even a flicker of psycho-spiritual normalcy. Sadly, the reality is exactly the opposite, and we see this today all around us, but most especially in the realm of politics, and in cultish environments such as the free energy scene.

The hideous truth is that satanic narcissists / sociopaths / psychopaths have no interest in repentance, reform or apologies. They define themselves by, and their entire warped psycho-spiritual existence revolves around, the notion that they are superior, a separate caste, distinct from and above other human beings. They are “the elite”. They are “oligarchs”.

They do not love the law in the good and healthy sense that we see and hear so often in scripture, but in the sense that it is the law – and their shamelessly hypocritical flouting and breaking of it – that defines and “elevates” them above not only mankind, but also above the non-fallen angels, in their sick, warped, loveless rational intellects. And remember, satanic narcissists are the human analogues to demons.

But wait. It gets worse. When narcissists are confident that they have enough power, be it over a small group of people (family members, co-workers, social circle, cult), or on a macro scale, such as in a government, large corporation, or The Church, they will become progressively more bold and aggressive in their crimes in order to generate ever-higher amounts of satanic narcissistic satisfaction.

Now here is where it gets interesting. For satanic narcissists, the commission of their crimes and malefactions themselves are NOT the most potent source of diabolical satisfaction. No – the real rush, the “high” that they crave more than anything is THE GETTING AWAY WITH IT. Specifically, narcissists luxuriate in watching other people, whether it be out of fear or sycophancy, pretend to not see, or better yet lie to cover, or even better yet, positively defend and justify, their crimes.

Having planned and fantasized about his malevolent actions, the narcissist will watch and study those around him in the aftermath. Every instance of “looking the other way” the narcissist sees gives him an even more intense rush, because to look away from his crimes is to capitulate to him – an even more complete capitulation than the actual victim. Every lie that a sycophant tells to cover for the narcissist is a rush. Every groveling justification made on the narcissist’s behalf for the narcissist’s unjustifiable, or even criminal behavior, is like the rush of a drug – and far more psycho-spiritually potent than the initial act itself.

When a satanic narcissist looks you in the eye, either in person, or on camera, and lies to your face, he thinks that you should be GRATEFUL to him for deigning to speak to you at all. When a satanic narcissist commits a crime against you, he thinks you should be GRATEFUL to him for tolerating your existence at all, and that you should come back for more abuse and be grateful for it, because you are, after all, a lower form of life.

They are watching you. They are watching your utter passivity, and it feeds them. They are all watching others actively and even enthusiastically defend and justify their wicked, heinous crimes, and it feeds them.

And it will only get worse from here, on a quadratic escalation curve, because once these people have power and momentum they never, ever back off. They are like sharks frenzying in chum. Soon mere lying, mere treason, and mere contract killing will not generate a sufficient rush of diabolical satisfaction. Soon, as with Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Kim, they will only be satisfied by committing their crimes in full, open view, and then demanding not just your capitulation, but your undying gratitude.

So yeah, they want to get caught. They all want to get caught. But not because they have any interest in repentance or reform. They want you to see them break the rules, break the law, and then watch you fold in front of them and prove, once again, how vastly superior to you they are.

We are all equal ? No, Keshe does not believe that, he only says so. He is the king of the universe. But only in his own mind.

To get an idea how ruthless Keshe really is, watch the latest video made by Hopegirl & Mel Ve, in which they talk about their experiences with Keshe. Hopegirl originally supported Keshe, until he falsely accused her of human trafficking and pedophilia. This part of the video gives a nice summary of some of the most heinous crimes Keshe has committed.

We have to ask ourselves whether Keshe is also suffering from Capgras delusion. After all, many of his former friends and supporters were suddenly attacked, so maybe he suddenly saw in them someone else ? Maybe an alien ? A monster ? Maybe he considers his dog Topoli to be an alien too ? Nothing would surprise us anymore. Maybe this is also the reason why Keshe tells his followers to speak to their reactors ? Because he believes they have a soul and are living entities ? Caroline also wrote recently that the KF spaceship has a soul. Yes, such belief is probably the result of Capgras delusion, so both Keshe and Caroline are affected.

And here, “Free Projects News” gives a nice explanation about how Keshe is keeping his followers under control.

Let’s see for how much longer Keshe can “get away with it”.