Obedience to Authority

In the 1960’s, a social experiment, called the “Milgram Experiment”, was conducted at Yale University, an experiment designed by Prof. Stanley Milgram.

People were told to anonymously punish strangers, by giving them electro-shocks at different strengths when a wrong answer was given. See this video.

At some point, when some participants had doubts, they were told:

“It is absolutely essential that you continue. You have no other choice, you must go on.”

(Remember that Keshe also always says: “You have no choice.”)

The result:
It was shown that around 65% of the participants continued to even give “deadly” electro-shocks, just like KF followers continue to give GANS and fake health devices to sick people without questioning. So humans can be made to show extremely cruel behavior against other humans, in a certain setup controlled by authority. Thus, “respect” for authority seems to be more important than personal ethics.

We see the same with ISIS followers and other extremists. The same thing happened in the German Reich. And the excuse of the war criminals was: “We only followed orders.”

We also see how people like Rick Crammond, Sandor Kakasi and many others obey Keshe without questioning him. Sandor even once read a disgusting and brutal pedophile story to the KF audience (which might include children), and then blamed the described horrible actions on innocents, including myself, because Keshe claimed that I was a pedophile. Sandor didn’t question Keshe, neither did he question himself. Sandor and Rick already are obedient slaves who think that Keshe has their and humanity’s best interest in mind, when in reality the opposite is true.

Now in the recent 148th KSW, Keshe even announced that they SACRIFICE animals for their fake medical trials. And afterwards Keshe said: “We bless the souls of the animals which were used for these trials. This should not be done.” So Keshe knows that killing animals is wrong, but if there is a chance of making some money, then why not, right ? 😦

Keshe’s hypocrisy can’t get any worse than that, because he usually says “Do we need to kill animals to feed ourselves ?” And now he “sacrifices” them, only to fake another so-called “health product” to fill his own pockets.

Keshe also talked again about injecting GANS into the bloodstream, even though the consumption of it already leads to internal bleedings. How much more damage will be done, before the KF is rounded up ? Are KF followers empty bodies without a conscience, who only go after false idealism, money and fame ? Do they just blindly obey anyone, without being able to think for themselves or to make ethically correct decisions ? It seems the answer is yes 😦

Thus, what is going on with the Keshe Foundation ? Is there a larger hidden agenda behind it ?

It is legitimate to ask: Is the Keshe Foundation a modern internet version of the Milgram experiment in social psychology ? Is it part of a new behavioural experiment in cooperation with the Tavistock Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation ?

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has created around him a type of scientific sounding language (a mumbojumbo of fake concepts, symbols, principles, and religious claims), we could call it a “Keshe sub-culture slang”, that gives him virtual authority over his followers and students. This Keshe slang is used and embedded in media broadcasts (internet workshops, books, facebook groups, video). This way his followers believe to understand his esoteric and enigmatic messages, however Keshe just repeats his main Keshe code words, like “GANS”, “plasma”, “gravitational”, “conditions”, “peace”, “ethos”, etc.

This is in my opinion the first part of the Keshe Experiment in social psychology. The second part is about “Facts”. Keshe followers mentally deny facts when they are under group pressure. We see such behavior in the lines experiment of Prof. Asch. (Also see this video) In Facebook groups, KF followers find others of the Keshe sub-culture that speak the same Keshe slang and code words. Their communication is not about reality, but about confirmation of an alleged cult/group truth. This is similar to the length of the lines in the Asch experiment: Reality is denied.  KF followers therefore “suffer” from confirmation bias.

“Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities.”

So whatever we publish, KF followers prefer to listen to what other KF followers tell them, even if it’s not true. And cognitive dissonance prevents them from accepting the truth. Even if some KF followers know that Keshe lies to them, they still follow him.

Using all his cult techniques, Keshe traps everyone who thought they could break out of the old system in yet another authority structure. He makes them believe that they are improving the situation for society, when in reality he makes them produce things that harm the environment and their fellow humans. The KF is therefore a destructive cult.

In our previous posts here on keshefacts.org we already touched on “cults”. More on that might be posted “in the coming time”.

So is the KF a social experiment run by the Tavistock Institute (which, like Gordon Duff, is funded by Rockefeller), similar to the Milgram experiment, to show the (lack of) maturity of mankind ?

Is Keshe testing how far his followers will go ? Will followers set up their own prison and their own demise, by enslaving and harming themselves and each other ?

Do the “dark forces” run the KF via Keshe to see if they can divide and enslave humanity without even having to start a major global war ?

If Keshe’s followers don’t wake up, it might well go that way.

What should we learn from this ?

Well, civil courage is important. If your conscience tells you something is wrong, then it probably IS wrong. And then you shouldn’t continue to obey an authority figure. Always question everything, especially when you call yourself a “knowledge seeker” !

But why do “knowledge seekers” believe everything Keshe tells them ? Do they have a very low IQ ? Are they evil ? Or is it their lack of awareness that makes them continue to support Keshe ? In this case, it explains why KF followers think that they are the aware, chosen ones who should be council members. The KF shows how people can fool themselves, because their wish to conform to the group is extremely strong.

Or is this an experiment in social psychology about HOPE ? In my opinion, hope is a tricky word because it has no meaning in today’s sense. Hope is about a “dream” of a better future. It has nothing to do with today’s reality. At the end of the tunnel, there is a great happy future waiting for you, there is heaven of the horn of plenty. And isn’t Keshe doing that? He sells dreams and fantasies, like Baron Munchhausen did. Indeed it’s a true story, but the content is not! Hope is always focused on a distant point in the future, to divert your attention away from the NOW. Hope keeps you from living your life now, by making you think and dream about the future. Like Keshe always says: “We will announce this in the coming time”, even though he already announced it! But in doing so, he keeps his followers looking to the future, to prevent them from looking at the harsh truth: Keshe has nothing to offer. He only fooled a lot of people.

For sure we see a lot of confusion and lack of ethics in the KF, and it might still take a while until all those longtime followers wake up. But if it takes too long, the police and Interpol might be faster in helping them reach that goal.

Meanwhile all that KF members can do is to repost old articles, videos and interviews from “better days”, when Keshe’s scam was still working.

Caroline should know that reposting a “breakthrough” video from 2015 doesn’t work anymore in 2016, especially when that “breakthrough”, just like all the blueprint breakthroughs before, turned out to be yet another lame duck 😉

As it is now clear that no breakthrough in energy, health, transportation, agriculture, space travel, or in any other field will ever come from the Keshe Foundation, we hope that Keshe can at least deliver a breakthrough in truth, when he finally admits that the KF has been nothing but a giant social experiment to show how easily naive people can be manipulated.

Or we are totally wrong, and Keshe is really just a small criminal ? But even in this case, Keshe’s followers have not only shown terrible naivity, but also a lot of ignorance and criminal intent. For sure they cannot say they didn’t know about Keshe’s crimes. The internet is full of documentation about his fake claims and criminal deals. But whether the KF is a social experiment or not, Keshe uses it to make a living either way, as he has no other way to buy his Mercedes.