Keshe: the end of open sharing

The KF always boasted about how they share their “knowledge” so freely and openly. Even in the 147th KSW Keshe said: “We are so open that it (the technology) will never be conquered.”

But now the content of the Keshe workshops became so empty, ridiculous, absurd and childish that they no longer want them to be public, so they decided to run most of their workshops privately, so nobody can listen to them without registering and paying. M.T. Keshe doesn’t want his nonsense to become public anymore, so it can’t be ridiculed or examined scientifically.

Even the new website is private and can only be used by registered members. Remember the phrase “open source and patent free” from the first KFSSI promo video ? Not much is open anymore, the KF went underground for the most part.

Now doctors, agriculture people and even children are being brainwashed privately and will continue Keshe’s dark agenda secretly, while his “technology” is still based on absolutely NOTHING but empty talk. The children’s good ethos and common sense is being destroyed from an early age on, which is exactly what Keshe and Caroline De Roose want to achieve.

Like with all cults, the guru decides what is “reality” and “truth”. And nobody is allowed to ask realistic questions or even give minor criticism. Thus even independent, informal confirmation by peers is no longer possible.

And so-called “doctors” with no morals abuse their patients to please cult leader Keshe. The KF turns people into mindless zombies and then calls that “correct ethos”. The regular public Thursday teachings (KSW) only still exist to drag newcomers into Keshe’s criminal cult net.

Loyal members of the Keshe Foundation are selected to promote vital points, fabricate fake stories and/or deliver manifest lies via open channels of the social media, such as Facebook groups. Via such fake success stories about “real” Plasma tests done by members, “proven” by videos and photos, a superficial aura of credibility is created. A manifest example is the so-called “Keshe Arizona experiment” done by Jon Bliven.



Jon Bliven tries to give some credibility to building the Keshe (plasma = invisible) spaceship. Due to the fact that it’s an invisible spaceship, Jon Bliven determines the Magnetic-Gravitational contours – even the door – by a special Keshe dowsing tool. And as you can guess, the KF followers are in pure admiration of this miracle of plasma engineering. This way Keshe can go on with his fantasies among his brainwashed followers.

Even Hillary Clinton recently pointed out that fake news can put lives at risk. Keshe and Caroline not only spread fake news (such as fake claims about their “technology”, fake claims about their connection to governments, or other esoteric fantasy stories), Keshe also brought up his followers against his critics in a very deceitful and violent way not long ago. And Gordon Duff of Veterans Today copied these fake news and blew them up even more. Now there might soon be new laws which will result in dire consequences for such slander. Obviously all this sinister drama caused many people to report Keshe to the authorities, so now the KF runs most of their illegal scam business underground.

So we have to ask ourselves what good Keshe’s teachings are, when they have to be held in secret ? How truthful can this information be, when only a few are allowed to hear it ? Isn’t that exactly what the elite does ?

The KF has now become yet another secret underground organization, exactly like the ones Keshe claims to be working against. Now we see once again that the KF is exactly like them. Sinister cowards, liars and scam artists who try to run the show from the background. It shows they have secret goals which can not be discussed openly.

John Thomas Sluten writes:

“From my research, most of the core members were scammers before they joined Keshe. All these new ager groups like new earth nation, and many others are CIA disinfo groups. They are land grab organizations for the UN. A lot of the Keshe members are also part of these other organizations.”

Now the KF can hide extreme viewpoints, talk about unreal pseudo-science more openly, spread dangerous “health” ideas to damage even more people, and impress weak minds. There will be no counter-reactions as all the members have already been brainwashed.

With this move, the KF has become an obvious, secretive cult that does NOT serve humanity, but only Keshe and Caroline, and their dark, perverted financial and mind-altering agenda.

Maybe it was all planned this way. Maybe Keshe has always been working underground, and he only went public to fish for gullible followers, so he can expand his satanic network. Keshe therefore creates a parallel society of “believers” to divide humanity.

We will never know what happens to these people. Some might become guinea pigs for Keshe’s “health” experiments. Some might disappear forever. But all of them have become mind-control victims and cult followers, who are no longer able to tell truth from fiction.

Will some of them commit suicide like in the Peoples Temple of Jim Jones (More info here) or like the infamous Heaven’s Gate cult ? Will the KF also have “White GANS Nights” ?

We urge KF followers as well as everyone else to read Hopegirl’s latest blog entry and watch her latest video about the danger of cults. The parallels between those old and new cults and the KF are obvious.

Hopefully all KF followers will wake up soon and realize that such cult movements are ALWAYS headed towards destruction, as that is the narcissistic attitude that cult leaders carry inside.