Keshe’s satanic Christmas message

In the 151st KSW, Keshe continued his satanic teachings by denying God. Keshe asked: “Is there a God ?”  He then went on and on about how there is no God and humanity only made God up “because they never understood”.

Keshe said: “If you have accepted there is a God, there is nothing wrong with it, because you brought the limitation for yourself.”  However, Keshe himself does not accept any limitations. He slanders and abuses whoever he likes, we have seen it many times before. Every word he speaks in his workshops is meant to abuse, as nothing he speaks about is true. It is one huge deception.

Keshe continued: “I always say this to the priests, now it’s the first time I put it to the public: Where is the church of the dog ? Which temple does it pray to ?”  So according to Keshe’s logic, there is no God because dogs don’t go to the church to pray. This is the kindergarten level that all KF “teachings” are based on.

Then Keshe, who made millions by abusing naive followers, went on his usual rant about correct ethos and abuse, and about how the police creates terror and mayhem. And soon he will propose that the only real god is Satan.

Keshe said: “Many people are celebrating Christmas, but is the truth about Christ ? It’s Christmas, but it’s really a big mess.”  So we see that Keshe’s blasphemy never ends.

At the end of the workshop, Keshe claimed: “I am the creator, I am the light. So are you.”

No Mehran, unlike you, we are no false lights and no satanists.

While Keshe claimed that he doesn’t preach religion, he said 10 minutes later: “We open the KF temple in the soul of your body.”

Then he insulted his followers once more by calling them stupid and by saying: “I let for you to learn how you abuse yourself. I allowed you to suffer more because of your own greed. Let’s see how many of you have any soul left.”  This was followed by a hypocritical “It’s Christmas.”


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And as usual, whenever Keshe goes on with his religious brainwashing, he always adds at the end: “We don’t preach.”  It’s like a pedophile who calls other people pedophiles all the time. Oh wait… Keshe has already been doing that. 😦

Keshe even justified pedophilia from an islamic point of view by saying: “We call it an abuse in the western world. In the islamic world, a 9 year old girl can marry”.  Every psychiatrist knows that if a person talks about pedophiles all the time, it shows that they have severe mental issues.

And because his world peace roadmap failed to “enforce peace on the 21st of December 2016”, Keshe said:  “I gave time until today for the world peace to become completed. You ignored it, I will serve it, and you will not like it.”  But these were just more empty words, as both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin announced that they will expand their nuclear arsenal. Does that sound like world peace ? Certainly not to us. MEHRAN YOU FAILED.



SO KESHE MADE MORE THREATS AGAINST HUMANITY! We hope the police and Interpol will act soon, it’s about time!

Somehow Keshe seems to live in a parallel reality in which right is wrong and wrong is right. This 151st KSW once again revealed a lot about Keshe’s own criminal mindset, when he talked again so much about children and abuse. We wonder how much longer it will take the authorities to arrest Keshe, so this insanity finally comes to an end.

We give Keshe the Tarot FOOL card for this performance!

Please also watch this important video extract, and this spanish Keshe cartoon.


After Keshe’s long delusional monologue, we have to inform you that the false Messiah entered the state of conscious coma. Amen! LOL