Empty Keshe’s final talk of 2016

In the 152nd KSW, Keshe announced again that he will do “cancer trials” in Ghana.

After fooling the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (the same way he tried to fool the US military, Searl Technologies, LUM University and many others, who all found out that the KF is a scam), he claims to be working with them and says that according to a report (which was never shown), “GANS is non-toxic”. This is of course false, and those trials are ILLEGAL.

Another doomed KF collaboration. (Logo presented under “fair use”/news)

So after telling his followers for months that vaccines and injections are dangerous, Keshe now expects them to take vaccinations against yellow fever before they travel to Africa, only to have GANS injected directly into their cancer tumours! And for that he asks 5000 Euro per person, even though charging money for clinical trials is illegal! Keshe insists that what he does is “the correct way”. THIS IS PURE INSANITY AND MUST BE STOPPED!

In his incredible arrogance, Keshe then invited the Norwegian authorities to take part in the trials, despite of knowing that Norway already launched an investigation into the KF for fraud and illegal medical practices.

Keshe even claimed that the cancer disappears after several hours, which is of course false! Maybe some cells disappear due to the disinfectant properties of the oxide, but the cancer that grows back afterwards might be even more aggressive, so Keshe once again plays with the lives of already sick people. We ask everyone to inform the police everywhere, to contact the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and let them know that they have been fooled by a con artist. Because if they are not being told by officials, they probably will continue to believe that Keshe is telling the truth, since in many parts of Africa, the belief in Voodoo is very strong, and so many people will have high hopes that Keshe can solve all their problems.

The usual contradictions followed, and some of the other nonsense was explained by “We have a habit to write in riddles, because otherwise it becomes too simple.”  So this shows the real philosophy behind the teachings: confuse people as much as possible.

We call Keshe’s way of teaching “CDT”: coffee desk talk. He is a layman who pretends to be an expert, and in doing so, he fools and scams everyone.

And even after Caroline’s big announcement (“Be in Tommorow teaching please very important topic inform the knowledge seekers please. Thanks Carolina De Roose”) only around 200 people watched this workshop, as everyone is getting tired of pointless talks and empty announcements. Keshe has nothing to say and nothing to show. It’s all just big words. There seems to be an inverse relationship between Keshe’s bank account and his language: the emptier his bank account, the bigger his words, fake success stories and fantastic tales.

Seriously, who wants to pay 5000 Euro only to be poisoned ? This is gross negligence. Just please use your BRAIN and stay safe. Keshe hasn’t been able to heal anyone in 10 years, he only damaged a lot of people. Why would it be any different now ? When something is built on lies, it will not work, no matter how you twist it. Hopefully there will be laws against such FAKE NEWS soon, so that no scammer can claim to have a “cure” or “healing” or “remedy” or “processing” for any disease, when it’s not true.

We wish you all the best, and a happy new year 2017. Lots of positive changes are coming! (while Keshe’s emptiness will increase as usual)

Peace everyone!