King Slander: Empty Keshe and NLP

In the 153rd Keshe pedophile workshop, Keshe once again couldn’t resist slandering me heavily, even though in the 140th KSW he admitted that I kept my good ethos and did nothing wrong. But today Keshe once again called me a pedophile (he enjoys speaking this word) and came up with more delusional stories and faulty logic to accuse me. Keshe must be even more insane than we thought, because people who talk about pedophiles all the time must have a severe mental disorder, so they project their own desires and fantasies onto others.

Keshe told some nonsense story, probably inspired by KF Mammy Caroline, saying I put children into a cube and take naked pictures of them. Incredible! You see when Keshe says “cube”, he really means “cage”. So he himself fantasizes about putting children into cages. It is clear that this zerotic Keshe is crazy and never wants peace, he ALWAYS needs conflicts to keep his cult going. Divide and rule! And so criminal Keshe accuses innocents and blames his crimes and dirty fantasies on others, the same way he has been doing for years, in order to make up for not being able to achieve any scientific breakthrough. He is heavily frustrated by his impotence to reach real lift with his failing science-fiction reactors.

Here is the real story of the children’s photos:

Keshe had invented a crazy story about a sinister honeypot, connected to the 2D/3D puzzles that I created in 1986. This is again a sick fallacy that Empty Keshe and his team of devils made up.

My Happy Cube puzzles were given in 1991 for production / commercial license to a new company. At that time, I was CEO and major shareholder of that company. In 2002 I left the company, thus there was a switch of CEO. I no longer have shares in that company, and I am no longer involved businesswise, not even involved in any marketing, but only in some aspects of R&D.

In 2015-2016 the CEO and the Marketing Manager decided to organize a marketing photo shoot for new promotional materials and packaging. For these photos, some children playing with the cube puzzles were needed. My youngest daughter (Marketing Manager) connected via Facebook with her friends (parents of young children) and asked for help.

Free cinema tickets were promised to the parents, when they let the puzzle company take pictures of their kids with my puzzles, and the kids’ parents were of course always present, whereas I was not present at all.

Now in the 153rd KPW Keshe twisted this around again to fit his own insane, perverted pedophile fantasies. He already mentioned this story a few months ago and twisted it around, now he repeats it again because he is running out of time and ideas, and probably because Keshe himself is being questioned by Ghanese police/Interpol… for child abuse, and for medical fraud/experiments. It seems the African heat is on Keshe, that’s why he attacked me today so heavily. So according to Keshe’s logic, those kids’s parents would now be pedophiles too and would be involved in a pedophile network, offering their own children for abuse. Insane!

Some KF cult followers with brains the size of a pea, who love any conspiracy theory, will believe Keshe’s nonsense anyway. We don’t care. With his slander, Keshe gets himself into more and more trouble. Of course all “agencies” know that this crazy story is one more heavy fallacy of the plasma lunatic Messiah. In the summer of 2016, Empty Keshe claimed to have given 2 Terrabyte proof to CIA, FBI and Interpol, and that my arrest was imminent! Now in the 153rd KPW spoke about only 1 Terrabyte of evidence! And he said proudly: “Good morning Mr. Laureyssens, you are caught!”  Mr. Keshe, FYI: I am still a free man, I will stay free. But whether Empty Keshe will stay free – out of jail or out of a mental institute – that is not so sure!

But this brings us to an interesting subject, which we have been wanting to explain for some time: How do Keshe and his team manipulate the thinking of KF followers ?

As we have seen in the KF workshops, Keshe uses some major NLP techniques:

1) Quickly switch between predator mentality and victim mentality in order to distract the listener/opponent. (Keshe: first slandering innocents and then saying “I am the victim”)

2) Distract the listener/opponent during a factual discussion by making personal, degrading statements. (Keshe: “Monkey see, monkey do” or “You never understood”)

3) Preach a simple message (“a new technology”, world peace)

4) Make up scapegoats (“them”)

5) Define “us” (the KF, “the common man”) as “under threat” (by world leaders, by earthquakes, and so on)

6) Define “them” (the elite, people who don’t follow the KF, former followers) as “the threat”

7) Invent fake facts (lying)

8) Threaten and slander “them”

9) Link subjects that originally have no connection

10) Propagate conspiracy theories

11) Propagate forced action (“you must”, “we must”, “they can’t”)

12) Contradict yourself

13) Give negative things a positive meaning (such as calling crimes “the ethos of the KF”, as if they were an accomplishment)

14) Confirm and promise to fulfill the conscious and/or unconscious dreams and hopes of the targeted audience

Using these methods makes it impossible to continue a discussion based on facts, but rather the dialogue turns into a battle of words and causes division. Therefore we can say that NLP can be used to destroy a conversation. Not only for Keshe, but also for right-wing nationalists, this is the preferred method of dominating a discussion (or workshop).

The main problem arises when the listener (or in our case: Keshe’s followers) believes in all the conspiracy theories, and when they also believe that the speaker (Keshe) has the means to actually do what he claims, which he does not. KF followers want to change the system, and they believe Keshe wants the same. But this is their fundamental mistake. Ending politics, religion and social structures the way Keshe promoted it would only lead to anarchy, and nobody would enjoy that. No demagogue will ever have a positive and peaceful solution to the world’s problems, no matter what he tells you.

So there is a huge gap between thought and action and between theory and reality. Unlike what Keshe’s followers believe, KESHE DOES NOT HAVE A SOLUTION TO THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS. Yes he WANTS to dominate the world, but no, he does not want to help humanity, but only fill his own pocket. Very few followers are aware of this, but they still support the KF, driven by irrational anger or disappointment towards the current rulers, or by the possibility to become wealthy (i.e. Ali Sharifzadeh, Richard Presser, Kevin Blundell, Klaus Priller, Mark House, Cary Kirastar Ellis, …) to keep the dream alive.

We see that Keshe and his followers will not allow factual, scientific questions or questions about “proof” that the technology works. Whenever someone asks such direct questions, Keshe will either divert attention away from the subject and instead talk about other things, which have nothing to do with the original intention of the person who asked the question, or Keshe attacks “them” and calls “them” enemies. So Keshe is basically filling his workshop time with talking, but his talks never get to the point. Instead, people are constantly being told that “in the coming time” or “in the next few weeks” something big (a “cliffhanger”) will be shown. However, this has been going on for many years, and nothing has ever been shown working. This is because Keshe always follows his 4F doctrine: “Frenetically Fabricating Fantastic Fallacies”.

So Keshe uses NLP to create constant chaos in his followers’ brains. He keeps them interested and excited about something which is supposed to be ready “soon”, and that excitement is so huge, that those followers still believe him, even after weeks have passed and nothing was shown. Keshe makes so many promises that his followers don’t even have time to think, so they forget to realize that they have been betrayed.

Using NLP in a cult-like environment such as the Keshe Foundation can turn people into mindless zombies, who then only repeat the words of their cult leader.

As you can see, Keshe is full of tricks, but he has nothing real to show.

To see, how “real, free and effective” Keshe’s free energy technology is, read Kearl Lee’s comment. He was the former head of KF China:

“It’s hard to get even 1 watt with Keshe chemical battery, you need to make thousands of batteries in parallel and serial to get 1 watt, and it’s not permanent…. You waste lots of zn and cu just to make 1 watt, and not an unlimited source. How expensive they are!”

Recently the philosophy in the KF has become: “It doesn’t matter if it works or not, it’s about the community.”  So KF followers actually only get together to have a good time, and whether people get ripped off or damaged in other ways doesn’t matter. In other words, the KF is indeed a criminal cult.

So it REALLY isn’t about free energy or world peace or anything useful, it’s ONLY about getting more people to pay money to Keshe for his empty teachings and fake council meetings in Rome and in other places. And in order to gain more attention, he won’t even refrain from slandering his own friends.

If you want to know what people really get for paying Keshe so much money, read former knowledge seeker Marek’s brand new and very balanced open letter, in which he describes his experience in the KFSSI in 2014. It is people like Marek who truly live peace. Keshe could learn a lot from them, but because he refuses to do so, and knows that he is not peaceful inside, he just attacks everyone who doesn’t agree with his own level of greed and dishonesty.

A final quote from today’s Livestream:

When Keshe said that there is a reorganization going on in the KF, longtime KF supporter Don Graham wrote in the Livestream chat:

“I sure hope that this reorganization will happen to customer service at the online Keshe web store, so I can get my $950.00 back that has been stolen from me.”

Of course this comment was immediately deleted from the Livestream chat, so nobody can ever read the truth. This is typical cult behaviour. No truth or criticism allowed, only lies, slander, and brainwashing. And Don will never get his money back again, like so many others before him. The KF is about greed, lies and harming others.

To all KF followers: Is this really what you want to represent ?