Fake News: the false ethos of criminal beggar Keshe

In the 154th KSW, highly malicious criminal M.T. Keshe once again induced fear in his followers by announcing terrible earthquakes around the world. Later even snake Caroline started fearmongering and told people to stock up on food, make a lot of GANS water, and find a safe place to hide from future “turbulences”. They keep doing that every few months, and every time a few naive people buy it. Obviously they keep living in fear and enjoy it. Such earthquake predictions are easy to make, since there are constantly some minor tremors happening around the globe. So you can always say “the Earth will shake” and it will always be true, as there exists a mathematical possibility that within two months from any given date, a larger earthquake will happen. The same way, anyone could “predict” that a storm will happen for example in the USA or in Indonesia. It’s just normal. But Keshe and Caroline were wrong about their predictions of large disasters before, but that is exactly the reason why they keep doing it. Keshe LOVES repeating his mistakes for the sake of scaring and controlling people and squeezing money out of their pockets. He LOVES punching the authorities and the good people in the face, by repeating exactly the bad things he has been criticized for. So he is basically saying “I am the Messiah, I do what I want, and you can’t do anything about it.” This is “what we call” an oversized ego. Here is what workshop followers had to say:


So even Keshe’s followers are sick of his constant fearmongering. The only purpose of this is for Keshe to abuse earthquake victims for his own personal profit.

Here is the reality about Keshe’s claimed collaboration with the Italian Civil Defense: Today, an article was published in the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”. We publish the translation:

“Earthquake, Civil Defence apologizes for the publicity given to the foundation that promotes the patches scam

In recent days, a brochure of the so-called Keshe Foundation had been distributed in the tray table of some hotels hosting displaced people, arousing their indignation. The foundation, run by a self-proclaimed Iranian engineer, is promoting pain relief patches.

ROME – “A mistake happened”. The addition of the self-styled Keshe Foundation flyer that was somehow added to the advertising material for earthquake victims in central Italy was a “misunderstanding”. It is known to the Civil Defense. The foundation leader, Iranian Mehran Tavakoli Keshe who presents himself as a nuclear engineer and claims to have invented free energy is not part of the associations accredited by the Civil Defence. After the allegations were reported in La Repubblica, the direct authority of the Director Fabrizio Curcio has commenced an internal investigation that ended with a series of emails for clarification and a public apology.

The internal investigation of the Civil Protection. At the moment it was concluded that the Civil Protection is not responsible. The mistake happened – according to sources close to the director – due to poor examination of the material. In essence, among the many initiatives that have been concentrated in the past weeks during the holidays in favor of displaced persons, through a “misunderstanding” the Keshe Foundation was given the same advertising offer as other associations. In short, they were not specifically examined. And in the general confusion the somewhat anomalous contents of the Iranian engineer’s initiative slipped through the controls.

About email “excuses”. Today, therefore, the Civil Defence has written two e-mails: one to the Keshe Foundation to inform them that it provides its own initiative. A the second to hotels – and through them to the displaced – to clarify what happened. And about the “excuses”. Here is the text: “Given the private type of the initiative that can not be considered among intra Civil Protection System, one must consider that the appointment was canceled within our structures and we apologize for the misunderstanding, hoping it has not created you excessive drawbacks.”

The record. In the leaflet – delivered to displaced people in the tray table as a kind of brochure – it was announced that next Saturday and Sunday the central Italy earthquake victims who are still homeless could test patches (“containing gas in a liquid state”) which – according to the advertising and promotional material – “create gravitational fields and stop the pain”. Patches were supplied by the Keshe Foundation “to find comfort” at the conference rooms of two hotels on the Adriatic coast: Relax in San Benedetto del Tronto and the Village Holiday Porto Sant’Elpidio. All this, tells Giovanna Lapadula, contact person for the Italian association, is for free. But the way the Civil Defence explained this initiative of questionable scientific reliability has created confusion among the earthquake victims. “Now we have become guinea pigs for the experiments of a fake foundation ?”

Advertising (“misunderstanding”) of the Civil Protection. In recent days the head of institutional relations of the Civil Protection, Lorenzo Alessandrini (the man who takes care of displaced persons) had sent an email to the 250 affiliated structures including the Keshe flyer and writing at the bottom: “We were asked to encourage the widest possible dissemination of this initiative to the guests of the structures.” Required by whom? It’s the same Keshe Foundation that had posted on their Facebook page: “Dr. Alessandrini has taken responsibility for distributing the posters in all hotels and camping sites.”  

As it appears on the Facebook page of the NGO. The Keshe Foundation presents itself on Facebook as an NGO non-profit and non-religious organization “with the goal of bringing new scientific knowledge and new technologies for mankind. And new solutions for major global problems, such as hunger, lack of water, lack of power supply, climate change, disease, with the use of new types of plasma reactors. And to give man true freedom to travel in space.”

So unlike what Keshe claimed, the KF does NOT collaborate with the Italian Civil Defense, and thank God for that! They were briefly fooled, but finally they saw through Keshe’s lies. Keshe is just a very low-life parasite who harms people who have already been harmed! He made his Italian followers mix in with genuine organizations who wanted to help the earthquake victims, so he could make money on the back of those poor people. What a despicable parasite Keshe is!

Will Giovanni finally wake up now and see what Keshe has been doing to him and his daughter ? Keshe is as fake as it gets. Now Giovanni can even read it in his national press.

In the workshop, Keshe also said: “The more you become detached from your physicality, the closer you become to your soul.”  The reaction in the chat:


Yes exactly Trevor! That’s what Keshe expects from all of his followers: to kill themselves for him! Because remember, Messiah Keshe claimed to be able to take people’s lives. But because in reality he can’t do it, he manipulates people long enough until they do it to themselves. And that is almost like a copy of Jim Jones’ “white nights” teachings. THE KESHE FOUNDATION IS A TRUE CULT!

Keshe continued: “Releasing the technology unconditionally creates a lot of problems for those who were hoping to make money out of it.”

In reality, KESHE HIMSELF makes money through his cult. He just doesn’t like it when anyone else makes money, due to his greed. That’s why sometimes he asks people to start manufacturing so he can have his income through his 51% shares, and the next time he says people are not allowed to make money with KF technology. Keshe is a living contradiction.

And since no Keshe pedophile workshop would be complete without a spontaneous outburst of hatred, Keshe had to slander me again, repeating the same nonsense from the previous workshop. Keshe said: “You have seen what this man has done in the name of art.”  This is just Keshe’s manipulative way of speaking again, to make his followers believe that what he says is true. In reality, his only talent is to talk BS.

Yes, many people informed the authorities already (but about Keshe!) and we hope that Keshe and Caroline will be arrested soon, before they can escape to the next country.

Please read one of our previous posts about narcissism. It explains that people like Keshe MUST slander others, it’s a mental illness. It means Keshe is crazy, kuku. Nothing he speaks about has any truth to it. Most people know this already, we only repeat it for the newcomers.

But such people like Keshe or Trump, BECAUSE of their talent to make delusions sound real, are often used by agencies as paid actors for Cointelpro purposes. So is Keshe a paid actor, or a real bad crook of unknown proportions ?

There are all these contradictions that seem to go unnoticed by most of Keshe’s brainwashed slaves:

“In a very short time, in 2 or 3 weeks, we give you the blueprint.”“I don’t want to give you the blueprint.”

“We are here to inspire, we are not here to teach.”“In the coming time, we will teach more.”

“We are not preachers, we are teachers.”“We don’t teach, teaching gets you nowhere.”

After so many contradictions, how can anyone still believe anything Keshe says ? Half of his followers believe one thing, the other half believes the opposite. This is how Keshe creates a schizophrenic, divided society that fights itself. People who wage war against each other while screaming “One Planet, One Nation, One Race!” Which is exactly what NWO agents have been planning for humanity – an artificial worldwide conflict in all countries.

In another outburst of hypocrisy, Caroline posted on Facebook: “A view of the ETHOS OF THE KESHE FOUNDATION ON HOW you can donate back to the KESHE FOUNDATION”

Can you imagine that ?? So the ethos of the KF is not only to steal money, no, it’s about stealing TWICE! First people need to buy non-working products, and then they need to give back to the KF!

Caroline is in fact BEGGING for people to donate, by making them feel bad if they haven’t donated yet. She tells people to “do what your heart tells you”, a trick to appeal to the goodness in people who still think that they received something from the KF.

So people need to give back for having been scammed, lied to, slandered, and having their time and money stolen. The greed and falsehood of Keshe and Caroline seems to know no boundaries.

We will try to contact and gather EVERY SINGLE PERSON who had their money stolen by Keshe in the past 10+ years through his deceptions, and then it will indeed be time FOR KESHE AND CAROLINE to give back TO THEIR VICTIMS.

Here is one of the testimonials that Caroline asked for, taken from Livestream:


Success! It does not really show anything! And for that, people have to “give back”. What an incredible double scam!

Rick Crammond talked in his plasma group about car manufacturers like VW, and how they cheated on their customers and on each other, just to make profit.

He pointed out how those companies asked their customers to do their own tests, to show if there are any problems and to report back to the companies. Rick left no doubt that such methods are despicable, because car customers can of course get injured or even killed during such self-trials.

So why doesn’t Rick see that Keshe is doing EXACTLY the same ? When people ask him questions he can’t answer, Keshe always says: “You try, and then you let us know.”


So basically Keshe lets everyone else do the work that HE was supposed to do. But as we all know, even in more than 10 years, Keshe was not able to show any real science, because he has no clue. He is just a great carpet seller and criminal beggar.

Over the years we have seen the emptiness of Keshe’s messages. It’s all just big words, not backed by any kind of science, not proven by anyone. Just a lot of rubbish and contradictions to impress “believers”, new age hippies and conspiracy theorists with a very short attention span.

What has Keshe brought to mankind ? Nothing but empty talk. The big change which he promised years ago has not come and will not come from the KF.

For over 6 years, Keshe has been in a hopeless quest to prove his magrav theory. Before that, he didn’t have the intellectual capabilities to reach his goal. He created some kind of open source model, inviting good souls to participate in the research. However, this brought anarchy of knowledge and claims of superiority on behalf of Keshe.

Keshe has given the world nothing but infantile scribbles on a white board or on websites, calling them “blueprints”. The KF is nothing but a low-standard money-making cult for Keshe and Caroline.

How boring and disappointing! What is today’s KF “knowledge” about ? Nothing but empty concepts and random shots in the dark.

Who is Keshe ? Just a scammer, a man without a job. Hopelessly trying to make money by telling false stories and insulting pepople, homeless, cruising the Earth like a wanderer. A beggar in a suit with a funny moustache, claiming to be God, Christ, Buddha and the Mehdi in one person.

While his followers are people with simple minds, searching for a new post-2000 religion, a new spiritual model in this post-truth era, in which right-wing populists get away with telling the most outrageous nonsense. Confused and naive people are therefore running around like headless chicken, since they have lost their spiritual roots and are now looking in all the wrong places. And cults like the KF will happily “take care” of these people by finishing what others like Project Camelot couldn’t complete. This way, Keshe creates his dark army of zombies, which unlike what he claims, is not enlightened, but blinded.

Don’t forget, KF technology is very advanced.


This pile of crap will take you into deep space if you smoke enough weed and believe in it hard enough.

Finally, we publish part of a nice letter we received from a former KF follower. (Name withheld for his security)

“Dirk, I wish I had found your site a few months ago, I spent so much time studying the three main aspects of the Keshe Foundation. Though I believe it is possible to build anti-gravity devices, I don’t believe Keshe has a clue, or the ability to build a craft or any meaningful device. Then I studied the Magrav systems, I poured through hours of YouTube videos, FB groups, and the Keshe site. This stuff is so much like the Wild West, there is no scientific process, or blind studies, or test/build protocols. Out of frustration I decided to back-burner the Magrav systems until someone could prove a demonstrable process. By now I was highly skeptical, but thought there could be something to the Health Pens. Plus, I have some experience in alternative healing. In the end, a health pen, built with the best of intentions (assuming the person has good intentions) works like homeopathy. The coils, to me, act more as an amplifier.
The benefit, if any, is the same as any other healing done with intention, which is tied to the placebo effect (IMJ). The GANs seems to be a glorified homeopathic elixir. What I fear most is people drinking the GANs without weighing in the toxicity risks, and the people building these big electromagnetic machines with no knowledge of the field its creating or its impact on the human body and systems.

As for Mark House and his House of Merry Gans, I’m not sure what is motivating him. I did meet a few interesting people, but also witnessed some of the most immature behavior I’ve ever seen on a health-related site. (…)

In summary, I’ve not been convinced Keshe has done anything to advance science, other than organized a group of like-minded thinkers, or philosophers. (…)

The difference with Keshe, his is ostensibly more of a cross between Jim Jones of Jonestown and Marshall Applewhite of the Heaven’s Gate/Hale-Bopp worshipers. It will be interesting to see if this plays out as other cultists.”