Debunking the debunker of the debunker

Once again, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe showed his cruel nature by slandering me, Dirk Laureyssens, for almost two hours. During that session, he gave the URL of a website that allegedly shows “facts” about me. However, as we have seen many times before, Keshe uses publicly available information about me and then adds his own speculations and insinuations to create another fantasy story. This has nothing to do with “facts”. It is pure slander, which Keshe uses to intimidate me, like the true bully that he is. Not only that, he blames me exactly for what he does himself: bashing other people. This is the reason why this conflict started. Keshe started it in Bari in 2015, not me. He started it by bashing me for no reason, and it’s well documented. But spin doctor Keshe knows how to mirror reality so that it fits his needs.

What Keshe shows are parts of what I have reached or have done at different stages of my life, information which has been available on the internet for years. Keshe manipulates that information to turn it into a monologue, a dirty mess, which sometimes becomes so chaotic that nobody can follow it anymore. This is the way the medieval inquisition used to persecute sorcery. Non-relevant points are joined together to crucify me, as Keshe in his endless paranoia sees me as his “enemy”.

But Empty Keshe goes even further, since he keeps repeating: “We don’t make accusations”, even when he just blatantly and falsely accused me publicly of pedophilia and murder of 60 children.

In this 155th KSW, Keshe spoke about me as if I was part of a scientific problem. Indeed his KSW’s (“Knowledge Seekers Workshops”) are supposed to be about science, but in reality they are mainly about cult talk and Keshe’s dirty sexual fantasies about children. Keshe was going to give hard evidence of my criminal mind and actions. But of course he did not! Keshe only gave a number of personal, anecdotal facts about my art, inventions, previous businesses, previous conflicts that happened on forums, and then he mixed all these together and presented them as if they were HARD evidence, but in reality it was EMPTY EVIDENCE. So Keshe didn’t give any evidence at all, he just created dirty insinuations, and made up a false image of them. That is the purest form of slander and character assassination. In a criminal case, Keshe’s spin doctoring of evidence would be called circumstancial evidence. Circumstantial evidence allows for more than one explanation or interpretation. Different pieces of circumstantial evidence may be required, so that each corroborates the conclusions drawn from the others.

Yes I have created puzzles. And yes I paint. But what could be more innocent than that ? To turn that into a story about condoms, fetish and pedophiles is simply insane, and shows Keshe’s malevolence. Only a perverted, mentally sick person can compare my holon paintings to condoms. It shows the thoughts of Keshe and his close supporters when they think about children. And then they hypocritically claim to make no accusations and that everything is in my own writing. I did not put pictures of condoms in any of my writings, only KF people can be so manipulative. Yes the cleanup that Keshe mentioned is necessary. But Keshe and his partners in crime are the garbage, not me or anyone else.



With almost 100% certainty this slander website about me was not set up by Keshe himself, although the lack of logic behind the slander is clearly Keshe’s. Yet Keshe said that he has nothing to do with the site, even though he has been announcing it for weeks (!) So this is planned and artificially constructed slander, and as usual, Keshe is lying.

So we ask a simple question: if this fake website is about “facts”, then why was it registered anonymously ? Check the WHOIS data! Who is the coward hiding behind that site, who makes fantastic accusations, but shows no proof whatsoever ? The Keshe Foundation is a fake organization and a money making machine, headed by a cruel, paranoid sadist, nothing more. There is no science and no peace. There is only lies, deceptions and slander. They put pictures of condoms on THEIR website and make false connections to me. They even sent pedophile pictures to people in my Facebook group as a bait. Where does the KF get pedophile pictures and pictures of condoms from ? Is that what a “scientific” organization is all about ?

What upsets MT Keshe is that we have been asking for years in several Facebook groups and on this website for HARD EVIDENCE that the technology he claims to be real and existing works. If you claim extraordinary developments and results, you need to give extraordinary proof! That’s the essence of science. If you refuse to give evidence, there must be something wrong. Empty Keshe only gives empty and aggressive evasions when we request proof, acting as if our simple questions were hostile attacks.

Here is some advice for you lying cowards: if you have anything of value to say to me, grow up first and rise to my level of sincerity. Don’t speak to me or about me again unless you have the guts to show yourself and your true agenda, without hiding behind anonymous websites. Nobody cares for your insane stories and claims, not even your own followers, as everyone could see in the live chat.

To Empty Keshe: Your game is over, that’s why you are lashing out against good people. But we all know that whatever claims you make, they are only about yourself and your own lack of ethos. You not only steal other people’s ideas and achievements to run your fraud, you even steal their good morals and claim them your own. You are a true parasite, sucking energy and money out of other people.

Let us ask: is the person who set up this slander website against me paid by Keshe ? If so, it means that this person can be bribed and bought and is therefore corrupt. And does this person nevertheless publicly claim to represent the “good ethos” of the KF ? If so, then that person is also a liar and pretender with no morals.

Over the years, Empty Keshe has created his personal conspiracy theory in which he is the center of the universe. Via other conspiracy theorists and websites, Keshe promotes his own conspiracy. MT Keshe uses the Nazi logic Of Hermann Goering: Pointing to external enemies. Herman Goering said at the Nuremberg Trials: “Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”



Why is Empty Keshe doing all that ? What is his motivation ?

Again, MT (Empty) Keshe uses this way of unfair slander because he wants to divert attention away from his own failures of his so-called “technology”. He can’t show any working device, despite of many years of testing and big empty talks, during which he collected money for all the things that didn’t work. This explains his giant, enormous disappointment and frustration. For years he has been explaining his failures by referring to external and internal forces that allegedly want to “block” him by all means.

However the reality is that Keshe’s “theory” is bogus, it even lacks any mathematics. He was never able to prove anything, except his ability to use his dirty mouth to bluff and spit out words of hatred and self-admiration. See all the comedy Keshe presented with his spaceship project, claiming that 2009, 2014, 2016… would be the years of the final SSI result. Reality check: Not even a 1 mm lift was achieved… according to Keshe clearly a sabotage caused by external pedophiles. Does that sound realistic ?

Thus Empty Keshe has a serious problem with EVIDENCE! No evidence whatsoever about his so-called knowledge about the secrets of space flight, but constantly blaming me based on non-evidence.

Years ago I put on my Facebook page: “I am part of the J* haplogroup, after the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis done by the Genographic Project“, since I have no problem putting DNA information on the internet. So FBI, CIA and Interpol can contact the Genographic Project to check my criminal record (or rather the lack thereof, as I have none). Is Keshe prepared to give his DNA to Interpol as well ?

Because it is very strange that nowhere on the web you can find the meaning of the name “Keshe”. Well, we finally found a reference to it in this article about gold mining in Africa (!)  If you click the footnote “5” on that website, you get the following information:


KF conspiracy theorists might be familiar with the Anunnaki stories. So what is Keshe’s real origin ? The greed connection ? The reptilian connection ? Why is he in Africa now, and why does his name show up in connection with gold mining in Africa, which according to the old tales was done by human slaves for the Anunnaki ? And why does the name Keshe mean “kill it” ? And why is there no other reference to Keshe’s name on the internet ? Just “kill it” ?

Remember, Keshe is THE man who knows everything. He has the knowledge of the universe. And his name means “kill it”. And he made a lot of threats against humanity. So everyone can draw their own conclusions as to what his real intentions are.

We warn everyone against populist demagogues like Keshe. Pope Francis recently also warned against them:

Asked about populist-style political leaders emerging in the United States and Europe, Francis warned against seeking a savior in times of crisis.

He said Adolf Hitler in the 1930s’ Germany “was voted for by the people and then he destroyed the people.”

Francis laments that in crises “we look for a savior to give us back identity, and we defend ourselves with walls, barbed-wire fences, from other peoples.”

And indeed we see how Keshe also tries to destroy people, with the help of those few attention seekers who support him. ALL of them will be held accountable, even if they now consider themselves superior due to their belief in a fake Messiah and a fake technology.


The result of Keshe’s slander may be different than what Keshe hopes for. God’s mill works slowly. But it works, even for an atheist like Keshe. He will not escape God’s Court.


To all KF followers: Lies told with LOVE are still LIES.

“When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change. The devil changes you.”

And now Keshe and his slandering slaves (SS) can write another article called “Debunking the debunker of the debunker of the debunker…”, and they can go on mirroring and manipulating like that until they grow old. But no matter what they do or say or write to veil the truth, it only proves that they are actually distracting from the obvious lack of success and proper science in the Keshe Foundation. They should stop their evil charade and turn themselves in to the police, before Keshe’s bosses, the Anunnaki, arrive with Planet X and turn Ghana to dust, because Keshe failed to carry out his mission to enslave humanity.

(Yes, we can make up crazy stories too, based on most KF followers’ beliefs)  😉

Most importantly, let’s not forget what was posted by the Italian media.

Keshe claimed that ONE newspaper wrote a “rogue” story, and ONE “rogue” journalist was warned and will be fired for writing it. Keshe also claimed that I planned the article to discredit the KF, which of course is another lie. I found the link and so we reported about it, because after all, the people have a right to know the truth.

And the truth is of course different from what Keshe told. We only post the first 10 links to Italian websites that tell the truth about the KF scam. All of Italy (and of course other countries) now knows that the Keshe Foundation is a fake organization. That’s why Giovanni cancelled his recent KF meeting “because of technical problems” 😉


The links to the truth about the KF scam:

Here once again the english translation of the main article.

“Earthquake, Civil Defence apologizes for the publicity given to the foundation that promotes the patches scam“

In recent days, a brochure of the so-called Keshe Foundation had been distributed in the tray table of some hotels hosting displaced people, arousing their indignation. The foundation, run by a self-proclaimed Iranian engineer, is promoting pain relief patches.

ROME – “A mistake happened”. The addition of the self-styled Keshe Foundation flyer that was somehow added to the advertising material for earthquake victims in central Italy was a “misunderstanding”. It is known to the Civil Defense. The foundation leader, Iranian Mehran Tavakoli Keshe who presents himself as a nuclear engineer and claims to have invented free energy is not part of the associations accredited by the Civil Defence. After the allegations were reported in La Repubblica, the direct authority of the Director Fabrizio Curcio has commenced an internal investigation that ended with a series of emails for clarification and a public apology.

The internal investigation of the Civil Protection. At the moment it was concluded that the Civil Protection is not responsible. The mistake happened – according to sources close to the director – due to poor examination of the material. In essence, among the many initiatives that have been concentrated in the past weeks during the holidays in favor of displaced persons, through a “misunderstanding” the Keshe Foundation was given the same advertising offer as other associations. In short, they were not specifically examined. And in the general confusion the somewhat anomalous contents of the Iranian engineer’s initiative slipped through the controls.

About email “excuses”. Today, therefore, the Civil Defence has written two e-mails: one to the Keshe Foundation to inform them that it provides its own initiative. A the second to hotels – and through them to the displaced – to clarify what happened. And about the “excuses”. Here is the text: “Given the private type of the initiative that can not be considered among intra Civil Protection System, one must consider that the appointment was canceled within our structures and we apologize for the misunderstanding, hoping it has not created you excessive drawbacks.”

The record. In the leaflet – delivered to displaced people in the tray table as a kind of brochure – it was announced that next Saturday and Sunday the central Italy earthquake victims who are still homeless could test patches (“containing gas in a liquid state”) which – according to the advertising and promotional material – “create gravitational fields and stop the pain”. Patches were supplied by the Keshe Foundation “to find comfort” at the conference rooms of two hotels on the Adriatic coast: Relax in San Benedetto del Tronto and the Village Holiday Porto Sant’Elpidio. All this, tells Giovanna Lapadula, contact person for the Italian association, is for free. But the way the Civil Defence explained this initiative of questionable scientific reliability has created confusion among the earthquake victims. “Now we have become guinea pigs for the experiments of a fake foundation ?”

Advertising (“misunderstanding”) of the Civil Protection. In recent days the head of institutional relations of the Civil Protection, Lorenzo Alessandrini (the man who takes care of displaced persons) had sent an email to the 250 affiliated structures including the Keshe flyer and writing at the bottom: “We were asked to encourage the widest possible dissemination of this initiative to the guests of the structures.” Required by whom? It’s the same Keshe Foundation that had posted on their Facebook page: “Dr. Alessandrini has taken responsibility for distributing the posters in all hotels and camping sites.”  

As it appears on the Facebook page of the NGO. The Keshe Foundation presents itself on Facebook as an NGO non-profit and non-religious organization “with the goal of bringing new scientific knowledge and new technologies for mankind. And new solutions for major global problems, such as hunger, lack of water, lack of power supply, climate change, disease, with the use of new types of plasma reactors. And to give man true freedom to travel in space.”

Remember Keshe’s words ?

“Italy is our home.” – MT Keshe

Is that why he is in Ghana now ?  😉

Have a nice day. And most importantly, be kind to each other and don’t slander innocent people. Speak the truth, because the truth will set you free.

P.S.: For all the KF earthquake lovers, doomsday sayers, and Keshe bottom kissers: read this. It’s time for a reality check, don’t you think ?

Addendum, January 23, 2017:

Some people asked me: “Why did you publish the link to that slander website about yourself ?”

Well, Keshe’s website certainly is nothing but heavy slander and full of fallacies, but there is no truth to the conclusions and connections made on that site. I have no problem showing what kind of crazy stuff Keshe and his loyal servants make up.

Keshe thought he could hurt and intimidate me with his false “facts about dirk”, claiming all kinds of perverted things about me which are no facts at all. He believed I would hide and cry in a corner, and justify myself for each accusation he made.

For sure his website was created with the purpose to slander me, that’s why it was registered anonymously. Keshe prefers to act out of the dark, like a guerilla messiah, washing his hands in innocence. But setting up this site is a criminal act, as everything that was insinuated is false and aimed at damaging me. But I prefer to fight openly and with dignity. Fighting for the truth is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it’s our duty as humans.

I am proud of what I achieved in life. My creations are real, my puzzles are real, my holistic paintings are real, all materialized ideas born out of human creativity.

Keshe believed he could make me deny and justify myself, to make it look like his accusations were true. But I prefer to be out in the open, letting people know the truth about me, so they are fully informed and therefore can draw their own conclusions.

Keshe’s goal is to destroy the good spirit and reputation of anyone who speaks the truth, so he can play his game, pretending, deceiving, lying, trying to gain attention as a (fake) moral crusader, a (fake) messiah, full of a (fake) ethos.

But anyone with minimal knowledge of human and social psychology can see through Keshe’s deceptions. His approach and his behaviour during the 155th KSW and during previous slander sessions tell a lot about who Keshe really is.

He is an adult with the mind of a toddler, wanting to play Santa Claus, Baron Munchhausen and Texas Ranger all at the same time. He imagines himself as the powerful “K-MAN”, stronger than Superman, Captain America and Spiderman combined. But as everyone knows, pride comes before a fall.