Fraudster Keshe: credibility zero

As predicted long ago, Keshe keeps destroying the Keshe Foundation from the inside all by himself.

On Facebook, the KF had made an announcement for the 156th KSW, which prompted some comments that show what people really think of the Keshe Foundation.


So the KF once again claimed “new beginnings in plasma science”, in order to distract from Keshe’s traditional slander (which didn’t bring the desired result). So Keshe distracts from his failures by using slander, and then he distracts from his slander by making new announcements about fake breakthroughs, which will lead to new failures. The old donkey & carrot trick. Keshe is the rider (the controller), his followers are the donkey, and his ever-changing scams (free energy, plasma technology, health products, space travel, “breakthroughs”) are the carrot. However, the promised goals can never be reached, because the controller (Keshe) keeps them out of reach by using “bait and switch” (the carrot). And this is the real “blueprint” of his scam, during which Keshe, Caroline, and their followers become the laughing stock of the universe, but also make a lot of money in the process. The KF is nothing but a fraudulent greed machine. So as an example, Keshe switched from his ALLEGED collaboration with the Italian Civil Defence to another slander session, and then to the next subject. Everytime it gets too hot or it doesn’t work out, they come up with a new subject to “bait and switch”.

Why is Keshe still free ? How can he get away with his perpetual scam ?

Well, as usual, he mirrors everything, as he is a narcissist who is specialized in turning things upside down. So the KF portrays their critics as criminals, when in fact, the KF is the criminal organization, and that’s a proven fact. We should ask them to release their tax information, if they are so open and transparent.

NONE of the people who were accused by Keshe are running a scam. ALL of the KF’s claims about them are FALSE. Keshe uses the old trick “blame the victim”. So after Keshe damaged people, he points his finger at them and blames them, in order to distract from his own crimes. This is shown in the latest article posted by Keshe’s anonymous cowards on their bogus “facts about dirk” website, again using fallacies, insinuations and simple inversions of the truth. Again showing the picture of Sterling Allan, but WHO is standing next to him ? Dirk ? No, KESHE, who is now afraid that Sterling will talk more about him, because it was Keshe, and Rick Crammond, who had LONG conversations, phone calls and email exchanges with Sterling Allan, not me.

Next Keshe claimed that I accuse everyone of being a pathological liar. Well, some people I had to deal with really fit that description. Maybe Keshe’s “security people” should ask WHY I call certain people pathological liars. The answer is simple: because they ARE. So what was that past conflict about, which was mentioned on the “not-facts about dirk” website ?

The answer: Jean-Pierre Van Rossem is a convicted fraudster who had a stock exchange scam called MoneyTron. See his Wikipedia entry here. Quote: “In 1991, he was sentenced to 5 years in jail for scams”. That is the reason why I had a conflict with him. He was dishonest like Keshe. So even back then, I was already exposing scammers, and Keshe is the same type of person like Van Rossem. Short of money and begging for money. It’s not about MoneyTron, but about Money-GONE! If the KF puts themselves on the side of Van Rossem, it shows their own fraud mentality. So if Keshe’s “Security People” support fraudster Van Rossem, then it explains why they also support fraudster Keshe.

To the author(s) of “not-facts about dirk”: You better think before you write, because now you have made your position even clearer. You are easy to manipulate by Keshe, and you manipulate others yourself, spinning facts around. The moment we reported about Keshe’s use of NLP, it took only a few days for you to accuse ME of using NLP. WRONG. Stop blaming the victim!

But thank you to Keshe’s “security people” for promoting my toys, and for showing the world that scammers need to be exposed! Appreciate! Also thank you to all the KF followers who gave copies of Keshe’s slander to the police. This way we didn’t have to do it ourselves. Keshe delivered evidence of his own crime to the police himself via his slaves and “security people”.

But no matter how much they dig up about me, they will not find anything illegal or criminal. That’s what causes Keshe’s frustration. ONLY THE KESHE FOUNDATION COMMITS FRAUD. AND ONLY THE KESHE FOUNDATION CONDUCTS ILLEGAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, while pointing their finger at everyone else! Keshe lets his slaves publish harmless information about honest people, puts a sinister spin on it, and uses that as an excuse to say “These are our enemies who want to stop us”. And as expected of predators like Keshe and his “security people”, they don’t even respect age. Exposing “Sheri Holmes”, who is older than Keshe or any of his followers and for sure has more integrity and love for justice in his little finger than Keshe and his “security people” have in their whole body, only shows what kind of shady people Keshe gathers around him. If Keshe’s team was a team of angels who have nothing to hide, they would oppose the KF, not support it. Because if you support a criminal organization, you might be held accountable as well. What Keshe and his “security people” don’t realize is that messing with Sheri is probably not a good idea. It might backfire, because Sheri knows the law and defends it.

It is not a crime to expose fraudsters like Keshe, on the contrary. It is not a crime to make fun of frauds, because EVERY fraud is being made fun of. Trump and Keshe are no exceptions. If you behave like a clown, you will be portrayed as a clown.

So at the beginning of the 156th KSW, Keshe also started slandering Sheri, another one of Keshe’s victims, connecting him to Sterling Allan (as usual), and accusing him of being a pedophile, of threatening children and of hacking websites and computers. So just because Sheri is a computer expert, Keshe projects his own malevolence on him and says he is a cybercriminal. And on top of that, Keshe’s “security people” published Sheri’s name and address, while Keshe’s address is not available ANYWHERE. This is real cyberterrorism done by a malicious coward who hides from law enforcement. Yet Keshe recently always asks people to inform the police about the alleged crimes of innocents. Why ?

Because the police (just like Interpol, CIA, FBI, etc.) don’t take Keshe seriously, since they never found any evidence that “DL” or “Sheri” or anyone else is involved in any crimes. So Keshe now hopes to convince the authorities by quantity, not by quality. But the Keshe Foundation has neither quality nor quantity, plus the authorities know that Keshe is mentally unstable and insane, and that has been reported to them by professional profilers. So the truth is: SLANDER AND CRIME ARE PART OF THE SO-CALLED “ETHOS” OF THE KESHE FOUNDATION.

Some more “highlights” of KSW 156:

Rick showed an image of the University of Ghana and Keshe said: “This is the home of the KF for many years to come in Africa.”


So now Keshe uses the University of Ghana the same way he used LUM University in Italy. But everyone knows how this turned out.

Remember, not long ago, Keshe announced that they use mice for animal trials.

But in this workshop he said: “Why do you kill animals for humans ? We are sick, why should we harm animals for animal tests ? We nourish it, then we inject it to make it sick. Animals tests have to stop.”

So there is an incredible, direct contradiction even within one sentence.

Keshe also said: “Til we are not ready, the spaceship shall not be there.”

And that comes after he announced not long ago, while Jon Bliven showed a video, that “Now you can see the spaceship.”  What KUKU reality does Keshe live in THIS TIME ? Haha! The spaceship will never be ready! Promised and officially announced in 2009, in Keshe’s 2014 roadmap, in 2016, and in his 2016 Mozhan program – as proof for his grandiose Gravitational Theory – was never reached, not even ONE millimeter lift.

And when Keshe said “They downloaded all your hardware”, it was clear that Keshe has no idea what falls out of his mouth. He IS the living random bullshit generator. Proven and certified by everyone who listens to him.

So let’s analyze Keshe’s scam and slander a bit more, to show who REALLY tries to get close to children, not only via Sterling Allan, not only via “Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshops”, but also via other ways.

Everything Keshe has been accusing me of over the past two years is in fact true for himself. He only mirrored his own crimes over and over again. He mirrors EVERYTHING, like any true satanist or narcissist would do. Simply put: In narcissists, hearing the truth about themselves triggers slander. So when the truth about the patches scam was published in the Italian news, Keshe felt the need to attack someone. And because he cannot accuse the Italian press of being pedophiles, he just used me as a scapegoat again. Keshe proves his unstable mental state in every workshop himself.

The reason for all his pedophile talk is not that there is any substance to it, but that narcissists MUST slander, they can’t help it. They are nasty, evil people who only go for fame, attention, money and control. We see it in politics everywhere. Keshe is the same way, he just PRETENDS to be different. So anything negative narcissists say about others is true for themselves. Please see our post about narcissism with links to expert websites.

We also saw Keshe’s greed in the 155th KSW when he warned another manufacturer not to look better than him:

“It comes from the KF, don’t mess us up because you want to look better. You steal, you shall pay for it. I didn’t ask you to sell a unit. I respect you for it, BUT… do not go to destroy us for you to look better.” – MT Keshe

Keshe still uses my Horn of Plenty logo without my permission, he sells the books with my illustrations in them, and yet he never paid me for my work. Instead, he sent me an invoice of 360,000 Euro, as if I had stolen the logo from HIM, do you remember? I even lent Keshe and Caroline money so they could pay their bills and buy food, but they never paid me back. So Mr. FAKE Messiah, who steals from whom ?

And again there was big talk about healing success in Ghana, but let’s ask: what about Naomi Lapadula ? Is she fully conscious again, or still in a vegetative state ? In that case, we would have to conclude once again that KF technology DOES NOT WORK. We already discussed the failed Belgian KF coma case of Anna (2010), a woman who is still in coma… in 2017! Even though Keshe falsely claims that Anna was healed (!)

Keshe also said: “We can link the KF to the Ghana oil industry.”

Oil industry ? Isn’t that exactly what the KF claims to oppose ? Fuel-less energy without burning or fumes ? Didn’t they claim to want to replace fossil fuels ? Isn’t Rick Crammond in the KF because he is allergic to oil and hopes for cleaner energy ? Keshe is indeed insane, and relies on the weak memory of his followers about what he said over the years. He turns with the wind, there is no consistency to his talks whatsoever.

But he already found a solution to mitigate the effects of his own contradictions: he said in the 156th KSW: “We see oil in a different way in the KF. Oil is not a fossil fuel, oil is a protein-based product.”

Then he said: “I used to be in the oil business for a very long time.”  Strangely he has been saying the same about the diamond business for years! And about the secret service. So Keshe gives the impression of being extremely busy, he runs billions of businesses all over the world, he has his fingers everywhere, when in reality… he is just an unemployed, bored narcissist, who talks so much nonsense to get people’s money and attention.

His talks are so delusional that he has to repeat them several times in each workshop. Everytime you think he is done, he starts repeating what he just told again and again and again, talking about condoms and murder and pedophiles. Truly scientific…

Keshe only gets away with this because of his followers who support him. But everyone who assists Keshe in his slander is complicit of his crimes and will also be investigated.

When Keshe said “The biggest problem with the humanity is 7 billion humans”, it was clear that Keshe promotes population reduction. Keshe HATES humans. And then this insane accusation about “phallic shapes”. They showed blurred (!) images of bananas and an image of one of my holon paintings and said I show “phallic shapes” everywhere.

Well, so let’s have a look at the Keshe Foundation, a corrupted organization that holds pedophile workshops and slander sessions, and even SELLS phallic shaped “healing devices”. We could even claim that the wires inside were produced by child slave workers in Ghana, Romania, and other countries. You think we are making this stuff up ? We think KESHE makes stuff up. He has no proof, but we do! Just read on and see for yourself!

The original phallic shaped KF “toy”, disguised as “Pain Pen”
Another phallic shaped “toy”, you will see who produces the coil inside. Read on!
A slightly different model with a close-up of the coil


Children used for producing coils, which are later used in Keshe’s phallic “toys”!


Mass production of “toy” components, carried out by children!

Here you have REAL proof! It says “Mass production in Romania”… done by children! Here you can see with your own eyes how children are abused to produce the phallic shaped devices that Keshe calls “pain pen”. You see how the KF’s share these images with each other between all the local and national Keshe Foundations. Keshe also plans to open a KF hospital in Ghana, where he can perform seemingly legal body checks on women and children. Daily controls by Prof. Dr. Coffee Desk Manager Keshe!

We are not making any accusations, but…

Are KF members using their children for slave work or not ? YOU JUDGE.
Is Keshe therefore a child abuser or not ? YOU JUDGE.
Are the children manipulated too, or just their parents ? YOU JUDGE.




Here we see how children are always kept around KF followers to be abused by dangerous electro-magnetic devices that have never been certified or tested by independent third parties. What happens to these children if they become unconscious from being exposed to these devices? Do they fall into a coma? Nobody knows. Keshe TALKED about certificates, but has never shown any, BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE.

So who is blatantly mass producing (using children!) and advertising “phallic shapes” and even MAKING PROFIT, EVEN THOUGH THE TECHNOLOGY IS FAKE AND THE KF CLAIMS TO BE A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION ?

Now you see WE have been correct. Now you know where the true pedophiles sit. NOW you know the truth.

Next subject: stealing.

Keshe (via Caroline) once again complained that his books are being shared on the internet for free (meaning he can’t make any profit from the work that was partly done by me). Look at how he expresses himself: “For their own benefit”… when in reality, the only one who benefits is Keshe himself. But as usual, he has to invert that and blame everyone else. And he uses this opporunity as an excuse for the fact that no new books have been written. In reality, nobody cares for his bogus theory now that he has been exposed dozens of times by many different people, but he still talks about his books to make people think that they have any scientific value. (Keep in mind I thought that his theory was correct, when I helped him write the books. I no longer think so.)

Interesting comments. Could it be that people are fed up with the KF ?

Keshe and Caroline complain, however, there is no mention in their post that:

1) I helped Keshe write those books

2) He still uses my logo on them without my permission

3) He never rewarded me for my work, since I was motivated by the original (more noble) KF goals, but Keshe now claims all ownership for himself

Yet he keeps complaining about the LACK of income, although without my help, those books wouldn’t even exist. Yet all he does is slander me. What a hypocrite. Indeed what a pity that Keshe and Caroline never learn from their misunderstandings and mistakes of the past. This is the greed of the man.

Keshe always likes to speak about Prophet Muhammad, so let’s see what he had to say:


Speaking of Keshe’s broken promises. For example, where is the free energy that was promised by Keshe as a breakthrough in October 2015 ? Why does the world still run on fossil fuel ? Because of an imaginary pedophile ring ? Or could it be that Keshe’s big announcement was fake, like ALL his other announcements ? Keshe is empty. Big mouth, no substance. What about Washington ? Keshe wasn’t even able to do a presentation. Not that it would have worked out. But even that presentation was fake. So please Mr. FAKE Messiah:


Caroline was also begging for donations again, using that old “give back for what you have received” trick. They must be really greedy when the money they make by selling overpriced cult conferences and overpriced non-working products to “hundreds of millions of people around the world” isn’t enough to survive in Africa. And funny how she asks people to “open their books”, so Keshe and Caroline should lead by example and show how much they earned from the people they scammed.


Keshe’s coffee mug. Good morning!

Next subject: sharing.

How was this Keshe Foundation cult able to grow and spread to several countries, despite of all their fake news, their fake technology, and Keshe’s endless pedophile slander talks ?

The trick of Keshe and Caroline is to make their followers believe that the KF is the only organization that “shares freely”. The fact that THERE SIMPLY IS NOTHING OF VALUE IN THE KF TO SHARE doesn’t matter, as long as they SHARE IT. And naive people fall for this trick. The same way, populists split society by creating anger against foreigners. In the case of the KF, the anger is created against non-KF-members or people who speak the truth about Keshe.

The grave mistake that almost all KF followers make is that they fall for this “sharing” scam. They do not think, they just share, without evaluating WHAT they actually share. And for all their “sharing”, Keshe receives the money. Physical money, not invisible plasma money. No soul love, but hard cash.

Platforms like Facebook make sharing easy, so they contribute to the spreading of false information. This great video explains this grave “sharing” fallacy in a very nice way. So again, think before you write or share.

To everyone who STILL supports the CROOKED, CRIMINAL and ABUSIVE Keshe Foundation, everyone who voted for Trump, everyone who likes “alternative facts” (lies), and everyone who supports populists in Europe and elsewhere: educate yourself by reading the book “1984” by George Orwell. It describes the kind of future that is created by intelligence-free and mentally unarmed people like YOU. You have been had once again. You do not promote peace but anarchy, and so those lying narcissists can continue to take away your rights, enslave you, and build their NWO prison around you.

We have seen how Keshe tried to scam the US military, the Italian Civil Defense, and many others, but all the stories he told were lies, because as everyone can now see, the Washington event was a failure, the earthquake “help” in Italy was a failure, and Keshe no longer has a place in LUM University.

So if all these stories were lies, does anyone still believe that Keshe works with a “Tokyo University” ? Or in Fukushima ? Or on any other scientific project ? Or with other non-existent partners, or governments ? Only a fool would believe his empty claims, after more than 10 years of empty and broken promises.

And yet, some naive followers still repeat Keshe’s nonsense like parrots, they write lengthy articles that are full of empty CLAIMS, but there has never been one single proof that anything Keshe said is true.

Despite of having been caught by the Italians (see video), the KF *still* promotes their guinea pig patches scam on their website. Look how phony Keshe formulates his scam: “We are responding…”, as if anyone had called him for help. Such arrogance!

Then Keshe, via Giovanni, even had the nerve to write an intimidating letter to La Repubblica, the Italian newspaper which reported about the attempted abuse of earthquake victims by the Keshe Foundation.



Notice how the second part of the letter calls the KF technology “alternative”, and how Keshe/Giovanni threatens the newspaper with legal action. In that same letter they talk about “respect” for people, when Keshe has NEVER shown respect for anyone, except as long as there was a chance for him to suck their energy and money.

Alt-Science, Alt-News, Alt-Facts. In other words: LIES.

So again we see how Keshe and his predators attack those who report the truth, while accusing others of making “twists and turns”. We are about 100% sure that this letter will not be sent to the newspaper though, because then Keshe would have to PROVE to the Italian court that the patches work, which he can’t do. So that letter was only written to impress KF followers. But everyone else will only laugh about it. The same goes for Keshe’s letter to Obama, Putin, Bugs Bunny, the Flat Earth government, and his uncle from Mars.

The list of countries in which Keshe is not welcome keeps growing. Iran, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, USA, UAE… that’s a lame performance for a Messiah who allegedly liberated humanity. Let’s guess which country will be the next to ban Keshe… Japan ? Or are we behind on things and Keshe is already banned from going to ANY other country ? If you read this story, you will see why Keshe is in Ghana now. It shows that scammers have an easy game there.

We said it many times before and we will say it again, because it’s the truth:

Keshe lies when he opens his mouth.

At least he was honest ONCE when he said “Soon I will no longer be here”. Because he knows that his arrest is drawing closer. But even then, his followers will think that he went to the next planet to “bring peace”…



You will need assistance from a professional scammer to even unbox this beautifully wound copper wire! Unboxing this free, incomplete component only costs 15.000 Euro, plus an incredibly affordable 30.000 Euro for having it connected to the grid. In the coming time you will (maybe) receive the missing components to complete this free unit!

Finally a nice comment by former long-time KF follower Keith Metz:


We have to say thank you to all the truly ethical people for their support, especially the ones in the Keshevictims group. You guys are the living proof that humanity isn’t totally lost yet. But it will be difficult for KF people to realize that Keshe actually has NO plasma technology at all. Then some of them might need massive psychological support to find their way back to reality.

If Keshe’s plasma world was real, then why would he sell physical products in an online shop for physical money, when matter is no longer of interest ? We should all be floating happily on plasma cloud 7 by now, but no, for Keshe it’s all about profit and damaging those who tell the truth.

Right now the KF followers are sitting there, supporting warmonger HH Lord Prof. Dr. K-MAN Keshe, when in fact they should be crying out loud AGAINST him, if they really are as peace-loving as they claim to be. But they are under severe cult mind control, so they let Keshe get away with all his slander and attacks on innocent people. And like Trump, he makes emptry promises, but breaks them everytime.


But we have no doubt that once all those narcissists and parasites have been kicked from their imaginary thrones, there will be a renaissance of humanity. Let’s make Earth beautiful again. Let’s KEEP Earth beautiful! And let’s make the love for truth great again!