KF insider Duff confirms Keshe’s mental state

As you have heard in many of Keshe’s workshops, he has been slandering, harassing and threatening me and many others for a long time, yet he claims that myself and others did all these things to HIM, when in reality, they only told the truth. And Keshe repeats over and over again that people like myself, Sheri and others will be arrested soon, but it never happened. That’s wishful thinking of Jesus Keshe. The same way he wants to make people believe that Magravs will work if you kiss them or get intimate with them…

None of the KF newcomers will even know what this nonsense is all about, but those who have been witnessing the KF fraud for the past 10 years, will know exactly that Keshe has NEVER delivered anything he promised. And if he does so in the future, then only because someone else helps him, or he again steals someone else’s ideas. But hopefully then the current KF followers will realize that they have been wasting years of their lifetime with all this false “knowledge” and amateurish experiments. Keshe is mentally not well, as we pointed out in a previous post. Recently, our analysis was confirmed (even if indirectly) by KF insider Gordon Duff. Read on to see the proof. But first let’s see what Keshe really has achieved over the past few years. Aside from Jesus Keshe’s empty talk, let’s ask some important questions:

QUESTION: Where is the KF free energy that was promised for October 2015 ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the Mars landing that was promised for 2016 ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the flying car that is STILL being promoted on some KF websites ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is a working device that removes CO2 from the atmosphere ?
CORRECT ANSWER: It is being built, BUT NOT BY THE KESHE FOUNDATION. The KF CO2-Kit does NOT remove any CO2 from the air!
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the water and radiation decontamination system ?
CORRECT ANSWER: It was built and used, BUT NOT BY THE KESHE FOUNDATION. The KF never did any clean-up in Fukushima!
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the Oasis system ?
CORRECT ANSWER: IT DOESN’T EXIST (and by the way, it was my idea, not Keshe’s).
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the long promised flight system ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the WORLD PEACE as promised in 2014 ?
CORRECT ANSWER: IT WAS NEVER ACHIEVED, instead WE MIGHT BE HEADED FOR WORLD WAR, thanks to the “president” that was supported by Keshe.
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Why are people all over the world still sick, poor, or not on a spaceship, even though the (imaginary) ship was shown by Jon Bliven in a video ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

So what do people actually pay or donate for ? Just to hear a man boast about things he never achieved, and to finance the luxury lifestyle of a fraudster couple ?

Keshe does not deliver facts. You need to do FACT-CHECKING, not blindly believe him. To point out some parallels: Look at how Trump lies, and how he recently wanted to start a war with China. Keshe is the same way, he constantly starts conflicts. But KF followers run from facts and blindly believe Keshe’s lies, no matter how many times they have been exposed as such. This is why society is divided, this is why there are conflicts, and this is why politicians have such an easy game with the population. People are lacking the desire to know the TRUTH. Instead, they prefer fantasy stories. The term “sheeple” is appropriate. This is NOT “higher consciousness”, but only bigger ignorance. KF followers LOVE to be fooled. But once things turn sour for them, at least they can’t say we didn’t warn them. As Keshe once said to his followers: “You’re the most stupid lot I’ve ever seen.”

If any of the statements made by Keshe or any of his supporters were true or lawful, then why does Keshe defend and justify himself in every workshop, while coming up with new attacks and false accusations against innocents every time ? One would think that after 3 years of talking BS and receiving criticism and arrest warrants, he would have learned a lesson. But no, he goes on and on. Just like Sandor Kakasi goes on and on. The reason: they are narcissists, they can’t be impressed by criticism, and they do not care if someone is a friend or an enemy. Everyone gets attacked at some point, because all they care for is themselves.

If Keshe was right about me being guilty of any crimes, then why does he always say “If anything happens to me, I have given the information to enough people” ? If Keshe hasn’t done anything wrong, then why would anything happen to him ? Nobody is interested in suppressing a non-working technology anyway, so what’s all that empty talk about ?

“Keshe had ever told to me Soheil (the one who designed and produced the magnet pain pad with Doc Eliya) was gonna be arrested in 2015, for he was a drug dealer, and Keshe said he had the proofs, had already called the police and in no time Soheil would be arrested exactly the same as you described up here. Of course I didn’t believe him even a bit then, because he (Keshe) will always be lying.” – Kearl Lee, former head of KF China

Now on to the actual topic. And please forgive us for going political for a while.

Remember, not long ago, an article by Veterans Today was spread by KF followers all over the place. KF followers are very fond of Veterans Today.

But we wonder why most KF followers read said article, but not this one, or this one, or this one, or this one, to connect the dots ? You cannot draw a conclusion if you only have part of the information. Read what is said about Keshe, and what is said about Trump. The parallels are striking, and so is the severe danger to humanity.

Let’s see what Veterans Today published:

Description of Trump by Veterans Today

Very clear words about Trump by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today

This article was spread by KF followers worldwide on Facebook. Words by Gordon Duff

Mind you, these are the words of Gordon Duff and other VT authors, not ours, as you can see on Veterans Today. We provide these screenshots as proof, in case they remove or alter their articles.

Veterans Today also used THE SAME Goering quote that we posted here on keshefacts.org in one of our previous posts – different image, but the same quote:


Look at how Duff writes about Trump. He basically portrays him as the ultimate evil, an unstoppable doomsday machine.

So Veterans Today is AWARE that Trump acts like Hitler, like Mussolini, and like a killer psychopath, AND Duff admitted that Keshe has “a bit” of Trump in him. Even if it was true that Keshe has only “a bit” of Trump in him, wouldn’t that be scary enough, considering that some brainwashed people still follow every word he says ?

If you apply simple logic (looking at the above screenshots), you get the following:


And that sheds new light on the death of Fabio Alfonso, which happened not far from Keshe’s house in Italy. That is the proverbial elephant in the room that nobody dares to talk about. Investigators should consider Keshe’s brutal and violent temper. While Keshe was in Tehran a few years ago, even Caroline complained to me on the phone about Keshe’s dictatorial attitude at home, and about how he humiliated her son. Keshe called Caroline’s son “imbicile, schizophrenic, a black magic worshipper, and a drug addict”. All those things might actually be true for Keshe himself. But in the KF, ignorance is bliss, and blind belief in Keshe’s false claims is the credo. “Knowledge seekers workshops” should be based on scientific facts, not on dangerous, amateurish home experiments, fearmongering, slander and crazy fantasies of a megalomaniac.

Not any fake free energy “technology” is being suppressed, but the truth about the Keshe Foundation is being suppressed. The main KF Facebook page has been cleaned up, and some evidence of the KF’s crimes was removed in the past few days, only “proper” Keshe propaganda is now shown, with Keshe being presented as flawless, well educated and perfect. They try to hide their tracks and make themselves look like an innocent, legitimate organization. Visitor comments were removed as well. This is the same kind of censorship we have seen in suppressive, dictatorial governments of the past and present.

We see extreme fear, paranoia, and tight controls in the KF. Keshe wants to know who does what, he wants to control the whole world, but nobody is allowed to see what he himself is doing. But this is NOT freedom, it is NOT open sharing, and it is NOT world peace. It is a mind-controlled dictatorship. What kind of secret is Keshe hiding so desperately from the world ? The fact that KF technology doesn’t work is already known, so it must be something else. Or is it just Keshe’s fear of losing his last bit of income, and with it, the attention he gets from the lost souls in the core team ?

The parallels between Keshe and Trump are indeed obvious. Keshe’s message (like Trump’s message) is: Be afraid. And if something goes wrong, blame KF followers for being stupid, the imaginary “Red Circle” for being pedophiles, TEPCO for not needing the KF, world leaders for being warmongers, or whomever else for just having been born.

Evil seems to be taking over this planet. Fear, paranoia and aggression are starting to dominate this world more and more. The KF is the perfect example to show how sneaky devils try to manipulate and control the masses. What kind of world are we living in, where people with good reputation and positive intentions are being slandered, while a proven scammer presents himself as a “Messiah” and abuses earthquake victims, uneducated people and coma patients ?

Like Trump, Keshe is waging war on science, by rejecting scientific facts, and trying to replace them with “alternative facts” – lies and fantasies that have never been confirmed.

And like Trump (or any other dictator), Keshe declares the media and free press as enemies and tries to intimidate them. That’s why he attacked the Italian newspaper when they wrote the truth about him. Only KF-controlled publishing of alternative facts (lies) is allowed, as we have seen on the “not-facts about Dirk” website, which is full of fabrications based on old, unrelated newspaper articles.

But no, the article about the KF scam has NOT been removed as Keshe claimed, it’s still there and the whole world can read it on the website of one of the largest newspapers in Italy. So all those big words only reach Keshe’s cult, but everytime the KF cult clashes with the REAL WORLD, it is immediately exposed by the REAL media, not by controlled opposition websites or the conspiracy/ufology media.

What a fake world this has become, where liars are being worshipped, and sincere people are being accused. Please oppose the spreading of FAKE NEWS. La Repubblica reported the truth, that’s why the article is still there, but Keshe only spreads FAKE NEWS, that’s why he never reaches the mass media, except with negative headlines about his attempted scams.

There is always this talk about a peaceful (R)evolution, but it seems humanity has become a mass of sheeple. Nobody cares anymore, and now that the USA has one of the worst presidents ever, only a small percentage is taking back their sovereinity, when in fact, THE WHOLE PLANET SHOULD BE IN THE HAND OF THE PEOPLE. And for sure we are not talking about spin doctors like Keshe or Sandor Kakasi. We are talking about good, sincere, honest people. People who CARE about the future of humanity, not just about their own pocket and fame.

Keshe’s and Sandor’s favorite deception method

Will ego, greed and lies win over truth and justice, under the disguise of a false peace (Keshe’s “One World Government” or “New World Order”) ? It seems this way.

Keshe already announced he will move to Haifa, Israel, where the Bahá’í World Centre is located, to seek refuge from international prosecution, and to start the “One World Government”. As some of you might know, Keshe is a Bahá’í (or at least he pretends to be, even though he acts like a true Satanist), and their plan is to create such a New World Order. The problem with this seemingly peaceful plan is that when it’s influenced or (God forbid) headed by a narcissist deceiver, it will go terribly wrong and turn into a global dictatorship, as mentioned in the prophecies. Just a conspiracy theory ? Strangely, some KF followers are aware of the NWO and oppose it, while at the same time supporting the KF. This shows how schizophrenic they have become themselves, after listening to all the “knowledge”. Like for example Sandor criticizes Keshe’s peace policy by saying that using shotguns for hunting and killing animals is acceptable, yet at the same time he still supports the enforcement(!) of Keshe’s peace plan. Schizophrenia at its best.

But how will that work out, when Keshe wants to escape to Israel on one hand, while constantly demanding the destruction of Israel on the other hand, and also constantly blaming Mossad for allegedly wanting to kill him. It sounds like Keshe puts himself into a position where he makes sure that his own demise MUST happen, due to his own words and actions. Planned self-destruction ?

Whatever the plan behind Keshe’s craziness might be, keep in mind that we the people need to take our power back. The Earth is our planet, it’s not the planet of ANY dictator or unified government. We can and must participate in the decision-making. Just watching things happen on TV will allow people like Keshe to do whatever they want. Remember:

“If you sleep in a democracy, you wake up in a dictatorship.”


Now look at the petition against Trump, vs. the petition against Keshe:

Incredible parallels!

If you oppose the undermining of law and correct ethos, the way Trump or Keshe are trying to do, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. Watch this short video, read the stories here, here, and here, and sign the petition here. There also is a new petition against the fusion of large corporations to be signed here. And then reject Keshe and every other demagogue and populist the same way. Get off your bottoms and ACT! Vote! Protest! Speak your mind! It’s WE THE PEOPLE who should govern this planet, not anyone else!


Everyone knows by now that the KF has nothing to offer, and that scientologist Sandor Kakasi is helping Keshe in applying cult tactics to make their deception work better, but it doesn’t work because the truth is out and all over the internet, spread by MANY people, not just by us. Many independent researchers have shown that there is NOTHING OF VALUE in the Keshe Foundation, and that Keshe is just a rude scammer.

The fake 129 Tesla claim contributed to the removal of Keshe’s Wikipedia page

So please everyone, speak out against the Keshe Foundation. Do not support them and their constant fraud and slander any longer, otherwise you become complicit.

Pope Francis also warned about entering into a dialogue with the devil. “There are so many corrupt people, corrupt ‘big fish’ in the world, whose lives we read about in the papers. Perhaps they began with a small thing, I don’t know, maybe not adjusting the scales well. What was a kilo… no, let’s make it 900 grams, but that will seem like a kilo. Corruption begins in small things like this, with dialogue: ‘No, it’s not true that this fruit [the KF cult] will harm you. Eat it, it’s good! It’s a little thing, no one will notice. Do it! Do it!’ And little by little, little by little, you fall into sin, you fall into corruption.”

And indeed, many people are now making money with fake KF technology via online shops, after they sold their soul to the devil. And they get angry when they are being reminded of it, because their financial existence now depends on income generated through deception.

Pope Francis is a humble man. He has been humble before he became the Pope, and he hasn’t changed since. He has shown several times that he is determined to fight corruption and abuse even in the Church itself, to take the garbage out and clean up the mess, so he is credible.

So wake up KF believers!

The KF is empty (MT), just like Keshe is empty (MT). The devil has nothing to offer, he can only deceive and spit big empty words. In reality, Keshe is a coward, operating underground, while his loyal sheeple do all the work for him and therefore become guilty and corrupted themselves.

As Dr. Eliya, who knows how Keshe’s and Trump’s minds work, said it so eloquently: “If you have small balls, you can only do small things.”

Consequently, “If your balls are MT, you are also MT.”

Thus nothing works, except in the minds of Keshe’s deceived sheeple. These sheeple believe to be protected by the good forces, deceived by the sweet words about peace, which the devil whispered into their ears during his workshops. In reality, Keshe has nothing to say and nothing to show. Nada. Zero. Zerotic. Kuku. Schizophrenic. Psychopathic.

Thanks to Gordon Duff for pointing out the obvious.