Keshe’s injections CONFIRMED as toxic

According to several studies, the injection of zinc/copper/metal oxide nano-particles (“GANS”), as advertised by Keshe as “cancer processing”, is not only toxic, but most likely leads to liver and kidney disease. We can therefore assume that those “injection trials” CAUSE cancer, rather than curing it.

A study conducted in 2014 confirms that injected zinc oxide nano-particles are absorbed in the liver and the kidneys. Another study conducted in 2015 found that zinc oxide nano-particles induce neurotoxicity and systemic inflammation in the brain, which can potentially lead to dementia.

So these are only two of many more independent studies which confirm the toxicity and negative effects on memory and internal organs, whereas Keshe and Caroline, the eternal criminal liars, claimed exactly the opposite, namely “non-toxicity” and “healing effects”.


Everyone can see that Keshe, Caroline, Rick, Armen and other KF people (and even Rubeen, Keshe’s and Caroline’s little son) look sick or have dark rings around their eyes. Are they heavy GANS addicts ? By choice or by force ? We can see how their faces changed in the past two years, and Keshe keeps talking about his own health and liver problems. Armen always wears dark sunglasses to hide his addiction. Rick uses his age as an excuse. Keshe blames others for poisoning him. But in reality, they all cause their own health problems by dealing with GANS. And as everybody knows, Keshe wanted earthquake victims to be treated with GANS too!

We therefore have to conclude that the goal of Keshe’s “cancer injection trials” is to turn humans into sick, mindless and demented zombies, who can then be used and abused at his will. This is what Keshe really means when he says “My wish is my command.” And this guy calls OTHERS “black magic worshippers” ??

Were Fabio Alfonso and Naomi Lapadula (voluntarily or forcefully) injected with oxide, before they had this accident ? That would explain why Fabio was unable to avert the accident, and why Naomi is now no longer conscious. What did Fabio (who was very close to Keshe) and Naomi (who studied criminology) find out about Keshe ? We cannot know for sure, but the police has to look into it.

What is certain is that Keshe intentionally harms people, in order to have victims whom he can then abuse again by asking them to pay him money for an alleged “cure”. This is disgusting, criminal and unacceptable. And his close supporters support this insanity! Where is the public outcry??

“I think we need to have more clinical trials.”
– Rick Crammond, plasma reactor group meeting, February 22nd 2017

We hereby ask all our readers to immediately report the Keshe Foundation to all local and international health authorities such as the WHO (World Health Organization) and to the police and Interpol for investigation of the Keshe Foundation’s illegal human trials. Criminal complaints should be filed especially in Italy, Ghana, Austria, and the USA. This insanity must be stopped immediately. Again, anyone who conducts, supports or promotes these dangerous KF injection trials, such as Klaus Priller (Austria) or Cary Ellis (USA), is automatically guilty by association.

Is Keshe’s GANS program a Tavistock project to reduce humanity down to 200 million?

Remember, Keshe said “You walked into the slaughterhouse of the soul, not me. I just guided you” and “I’ve given you the worst nightmare you could have imagined. I got your soul, and I got your physicality. You can hang yourself, I’ve given you the tool.”