Keshe agrees to collaborate with Romanian pedophile cult

Obviously, KF followers are now celebrating Keshe’s Romanian TV appearance, but as usual, they haven’t done their homework. The great “investigator” Sandor Kakasi (Vodka Sandor) and his godless collaborators, who excel at producing disinformation by connecting irrelevant dots, fail to investigate the REAL criminals, especially their own paymaster Keshe.

In an article published by in Romania, it is reported that Keshe spoke at an event which was organized by MISA “yoga school”. Keshe spoke not only about his fake technology, but also collectively smeared Belgians again and called them Illuminati.

But Keshe, the man who slanders and smears everyone else to be a pedophile, is now PROVEN to be supported by people who are part of a pedophile cult themselves, as the above article quotes a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE to back up Keshe’s claims.

The founder of that MISA cult, Gregorian Bivolaru, seems to be yet another heavy criminal, cult leader and pedophile who has been charged and arrested for several crimes, as you can read for yourself on Wikipedia.


You can see on Wikipedia that Bivolaru, like Keshe, tried many ways and deceptions to make prosecutors believe that HE is the victim, when in fact, he is the criminal. Keshe is the same kind of deceiver.

Bivolaru was on the criminal “Most Wanted” list before he got arrested

As you can see, Keshe now gathers more of his criminal kind around him, while continuing to deceive gullibles and slander those who act truly correct, including police forces, media and law enforcement.

So because Keshe has lost most followers, he just infiltrated another already existing cult, in an attempt to become the new pedophile MISA cult leader, to fill in for Bivolaru, who is still imprisoned ? A criminal parasite on the back of another criminal parasite – a symbiosis from hell. Hopefully they will suck the life force out of each other until nothing is left of them. If only one child is spared from being raped by these deranged psychopaths, our work was worth it.

“I keep the Foundation very clean.”
– Hypocrite M.T. Keshe, 164th KSW

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE LIAR! Being supported by pedophiles, while blaming pedophilia on everyone else, is what Keshe calls “clean” ? That’s more than just hypocrisy, it’s pure Luciferian evil.

Message to people like Emanuel Spiteri (KF Malta), Giovanni Lapadula, KF Bulgaria and everyone else who reposted the Romanian article: if you are so opposed to pedophiles, then you should report Keshe to the police NOW, otherwise you show your SUPPORT for a pedophile cult, and that means you are complicit. The FBI should also take a closer look at the illegal activities of the Keshe Foundation.

Keshe only knows how to deceive and commit crimes, but he has NO IDEA about science, as his latest KSW 164 has proven. He demonstrated his total lack of knowledge of mathematics, chemistry and physics, when he mixed all these sciences up by writing Einstein’s formula in an incorrect way:


when it should be like this:
E = mC²

There is NOTHING scientific about the KF, it is just one big DECEPTION – a cover operation for ORGANIZED CRIME. Everyone who still supports the KF, also supports the CRIMES Keshe PRETENDS to oppose!

Keshe Foundation Romania is now fully run and supported by more pedophiles, and with this post, it is PROVEN AND DOCUMENTED. Hence, the logical conclusion must be that ALL of the KF is a pedophile children trafficking organization. Who collects email accounts of children? Who asks for all personal information (under the disguise of “security checks”) of parents? Who started Keshe workshops for children?





To disclose the TRUTH, I, Dirk LAUREYSSENS, CHALLENGE Mehran Tavakoli KESHE in a PUBLIC BET OF 25,000 EURO:


The conditions of the bet:

1) Each party can show their “evidence” to an international, independent medical team that will examine coma patient Anna.

2) Each party deposits 25,000 euro in a notary bank account.

3) The international, independent medical team declares to the notary at the end which party has won the bet.


Solid evidence of Keshe’s manipulation

First of all we want to thank MT Keshe for confirming our previous post by providing more empty talk, and more severe slander during KSW 162. After yet another outburst of Keshe’s narcissistic rage, this workshop provided even more REAL evidence of Keshe’s criminality and lack of scientific understanding. His talks have long gone beyond insanity.

Interesting how he always switches personalities. First he sounds so broken that we almost feel sorry for him, and then he suddenly turns into this slandering monster again and comes up with the most bizarre accusations. The Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. Keshe also mirrored many of the things we mentioned in our last post, again pointing his finger at others, so that nobody considers Keshe to be guilty. Keshe plays with the emotions of his followers, but he himself has NO emotions at all, he only learned how to fake them well, for example by showing crocodile tears. To Keshe, humans are just pawns, objects, puppets on a string, which he can manipulate and steer around to do things for him.

But Keshe can’t impress us, because we know whenever he slanders, he really talks about himself and his own crimes. He only uses psychological projection (mirroring) to blame everyone else. And since he has already blamed all the crimes in the world on everyone else, he is running out of ideas. He can only repeat and invert what we post. A true, empty KOPYKAT. Of course he must be very upset by now, because what will happen once all his followers realize that EVERYTHING Keshe has said in all his workshops was nothing but lies ?

He said the police is waiting for me and for Mr. Belso in several countries, but in reality the police is waiting for Keshe. He also made a clear threat against Belso by saying “One more call to the governments, and you will be arrested.”  His voice was shaking as he said this, showing that he was bluffing again, trying to intimidate.

Again he said “They will knock on his door very soon”, the same wording he used against me in the past. This is nothing but a criminal threat and will lead to more investigations into the KF. But his followers STILL support him. Do they have a conscience at all, or are they just empty sheeple ? Do they not realize that they are complicit in the KF’s crimes ?

Keshe repeated his usual pedophile talk about Sterling Allan, but forgot that only a few minutes earlier he said about his situation in Ghana: “We appointed a very young girl.”  Really, Mr. Pedophile??

More contradictions followed when Keshe said “We need massive support to build the spaceship within the next few months”, but he forgot that earlier in the same workshop he had asked again “Do we NEED to build spaceships ?”  And then: “Don’t look at what they put on the internet”, followed by “Go on the facts about MT Keshe”. A truly confused madman at work. His talks lack logic and rationality. He talks like a robot or a MKULTRA candidate under the hypnosis of an artifical intelligence, almost as if a diabolical entity was speaking through him. Do we need to call an exorcist ?

And then, after Empty Keshe repeated his murder fallacy against me about Arsenicum, it was obvious that Keshe has NO IDEA about homeopathy. He has no idea about polychrests (broad remedies with a large spectrum). Arsenicum Album is a polychrest used when no other product can be advised as a remedy. So when I suggested to Dr. Eliya Kostova to use Arsenicum, it was because it is a polychrest, not because I considered it as a product to poison him. It was just another one of his fake paranoid accusations. Poor Empty Keshe is so paranoid that he can’t see normal dots, but mixes them into lunatic stories! Here is a link to the most commonly used polychrests in homeopathic medicine. Empty Keshe can’t even remember the correct names of homeopathic remedies, because he talked about “Donnabella”, when it’s in fact “Belladonna” (another polychrest), but he uses his made up words to accuse me. This alone should show his oh so knowledgeable followers that he is totally lost and only invents random BS on the fly.

He then twisted things around again, claiming that all his victims did all the damage to themselves, while Jesus Keshe remained victorious in his story as the one and only GLORY of the universe.

Keshe also described how he probably instructed Albanian truck drivers to kill Fabio, by mirroring facts (?) and blaming them on me… again. Yes, we owe it to Fabio, Naomi and their families, to find Fabio’s murderer. But that is for the police to investigate, not for Keshe’s delusional hypocrites, spin doctors, alcoholics and drug addicts. One thing is for sure: I have no Albanian contacts, but Keshe has some. He proudly announced the Keshe Foundation Albania for the Bari event in 2015. So if anyone could have arranged such a murder via Albanians, who has the contacts ? Go look up the promotional KF flyer for the Bari event in 2015, the Albanian KF address was printed on it.

Furthermore, Keshe encouraged his “security people” to publish more fake evidence, which is another criminal act. So Keshe gets himself into more and more trouble with every workshop. Of course Jesus Keshe has greedy Mother Earth Caroline asking every day: “Where is the money? I need to send our three kids in Manchester their monthly £ 1,500!”

Finally, Keshe said “The Knights of Malta told us who you are”, which shows that Keshe himself talks to the Knights of Malta, so he can’t point his finger at organizations like the Illuminati when he is friends with them himself.

Keshe also prepared his followers for his coming arrest, but lied about it by saying “Once we finish this situation in Ghana in the coming time, I go back to the lab. You will hardly hear from me except on Thursdays.”  Are pathological liars and internet scammers allowed to have internet access in prison ? Not sure about that.

Now, on top of all that, we can add DOCUMENT FRAUD to the list of crimes committed by the Keshe Foundation. On the fake “not-facts about dirk” website, Keshe’s “security” published falsified documents with my name on them, to make people believe I am involved in tax havens in Panama. What a bunch of crooks! They sure go to great lengths to desperately produce a huge bluff to keep their cult going! And everytime they come up with new crimes which I did NOT commit! So who faked these documents ? These must be criminals of the worst kind. Here is the link to check the REAL information about the Panama offshore accounts. Check for yourself! Search for my name! As you can see, there is no mention of my name there, so the KF is now also guilty of document fraud. But feel free to look up other names, such as “Duff” or “Foote”, because they do show up. Might be just a coincidence, but who knows. Anyway, well done KF! You guys are in deep sh*t now.

REAL EVIDENCE: My name does NOT show up in the Panama Papers


This is a FALSIFIED (!) document created by KF spin doctors


Giving false information like this to the police is a criminal act, that’s why Keshe asks his followers to inform the police themselves, so Keshe himself cannot be held accountable. He incites his followers to unknowingly commit a criminal act, based on his fallacies.

Now they claim that the company was shut down by me in 1991. But how can they get such info ? Even if they used the internet archive, they couldn’t have found it, because in 1991, the Panama Papers didn’t exist, so they can’t be in the internet archive from that time. So it is clear that those images were fabricated and my name was intentionally added for the purpose of deception and false accusation.


All these criminal attempts show that Keshe REALLY doesn’t like the truth. He REALLY does NOT represent the slightest bit of positive ethos, but exactly the opposite.

There is something that Keshe hasn’t understood: when we asked for EVIDENCE that his technology works, all he was able to show was EVIDENCE OF HIS OWN CRIMES, and he even continues to provide more of that. But we still haven’t seen any working KF product. Fake evidence is the same as no evidence.

Let’s look at how Jesus Keshe, the self-proclaimed holy protector of humanity and correct ethos, manipulates and spins reality in dirty ways. As you can hear for yourself, at around 28 minutes into our latest video, Jesus Keshe says: “We could not find a track” (referring to criminal evidence about “DL”)

However, Empty Keshe has been slandering me since 2015, accusing me of being the head of the imaginary worldwide “Red Circle” of pedophiles. But by saying “We could not find a track”, he actually admitted that all his heavy slander about me during his KSW’s since 2015 were SHAMELESS FALLACIES.

Then Empty Keshe continued by claiming that I fell into his clever trap, which he set up in KSW 153, by speaking in a non-personal way about photos of children. However, the KSW 153 accusations were absolutely personal, as you can hear and read for yourself:

“You have to be six years old to get a free ticket to a cinema. In which nation do you need a free ticket to cinema, and give the picture of your child, your daughter, and cannot be more than six years old. Because when they are hypnotized, they can’t remember anything. Now you see the truth Mister D.L.”  (…)  “If you are desperate for a cinema, you take your daughter there, or to be taken a picture by Mr. D.L.”  (…)  “Because we informed him that we have found the website and the pages looking for children, with his companies’ names on it. The companies he owns, and run by his own family. And the picture of his own daughter used on it.”

Non-personal, Mr. Spinning Keshe??

We reacted to KSW 153 in our post “King Slander: Empty Keshe and NLP”. Then Empty Keshe presented my response as a confirmation of guilt: “He ran into our trap!”  Now Jesus Keshe thinks he has his alleged proof! Serious wishful thinking – he believes that is a solid proof of criminality! Police forces will laugh about such childish, manipulative fallacies.

So the fact that Keshe admitted that he could not find any tracks, while still accusing me, shows his malicious intent to do character assassination. Keshe himself delivered solid proof of his own manipulations. He showed that he is intentionally doing harm to an innocent person. But because he couldn’t find anything negative about me, he now resorts to document fraud. This just adds another brick to his prison wall.

Now we show some more parallels between Keshe and Trump.

KF members seem to be obsessed with pedophilia now, after Keshe has been talking about this subject for almost two years. For example, they glorify Trump by posting things like this:



Let’s see what Veterans Today has to say on that matter. They recently posted an article called “Have we forgotten we have an accused child rapist in the White House?”

Let’s remember what happened to Fabio, Naomi, coma patient “Anna”, Dr. Eliya, John, Marek, and others who were around Keshe. Then read the following quotes from the above article:

“Reputations are a fragile thing. You rape a child, perhaps a few, perhaps have one murdered and pretty soon you run the free world. Ain’t America great?”

“The documents and excerpts below are from the civil lawsuit alleging Donald Trump raped and beat a 13 year old girl, silencing her with threats and then later making her civil suit “disappear.”  Did she “disappear” also, as she feared she might?  We don’t know.”

So Trump is an angel ?

Then we have an article by ABC News, summarized as “Exxon announces expansion program, Trump takes credit.”

This too reminds us of the way Keshe operates. (Read: “Fukushima announces clean-up program, Keshe takes credit.”)

In another article published by The Guardian, we can read the following quotes, that once again show the similarities between Trump and Keshe:

“Trump lashes out by creating a chaos of conflicting claims to distract attention away from real allegations. It is all too effective.”

(Replace Trump’s name with Keshe’s, and the statement is still 100% valid!)

“For all his inconstancy of character, Donald Trump is a master manipulator. He rose to political prominence by slandering Barack Obama.”

(Read: “For all his inconstancy of character, Mehran Keshe is a master manipulator. He rose to questionable fame by slandering Dirk Laureyssens.”)

The parallels are indeed all too obvious. WHO are the slanderers, the pedophiles, and the murderers ? And why do KF followers defend and glorify Keshe, and now Trump as well, although both seem to be greedy, power-hungry attention seekers with dictatorial tendencies of bullying and agression ?

It’s amazing to see that people like Rick Crammond still don’t realize that they are supporting and helping a heavy criminal, and that they give him an online platform to slander. THEY ARE SUPPORTING A HEAVY CRIMINAL. Any other public platform would immediately cut the stream, but in the KF, crime is allowed, while truly correct behaviour gets punished. And everytime at the end, Rick THANKS Keshe… almost like saying “Thank you Mr. Keshe for all the wonderful slander. Finally we have reached world peace.” Crazy! And why do Rick, Caroline and others post hypocritical messages of peace on Facebook, while some KF stalkers prepare falsified documents, only to stab me in the back AGAIN ? You guys are all heavy hypocritical criminals at the Keshe Foundation!

And also neither Youtube, nor Livestream, nor Facebook do anything against this heavy, weekly slander. So it’s up to us to defend ourselves against all these false accusations. WE THE PEOPLE have to bring down those malicious few who try to harm and destroy humanity.

Anyway – In the 162nd KSW, we also picked up Keshe’s words about his brother, along with his sadness, and for a moment we thought he was sincerely sorry, but after he showed his ugly face again in the second half of the workshop, it was clear that Keshe will never change. Keshe once again tried to push me to “jump”, thinking he can get rid of me by forcing me to commit suicide. But this was once again nothing but projection, as Keshe himself is probably suicidal now, due to being cornered from all sides. Authorities from several countries want to get him.

Now what to do ? We are in a difficult position. If we just turn away, Keshe will continue to harm and exploit more and more people. If we continue to tell the truth, Keshe might kill himself or others.

We will not allow ourselves to be emotionally blackmailed or threatened by Keshe’s suicidal sounding remarks. We do not want him to be harmed in any way, but if he harms himself, that is his choice, not ours. Again, we do NOT want this to happen. Our intention from the start was to HARM NO-ONE, not Keshe, not his followers, not ourselves. But as we wrote before: Keshe is a man with serious mental problems, so he cannot tell right from wrong, even if he talks about “correct ethos” all the time.

What we see in Keshe is the final stages of severe control addiction. We see a man who has been so obsessed with controlling everything around him, that he cannot allow himself to feel or show any emotions, even though he talks about emotions all the time.

Mehran, your behaviour is unacceptable, your words and actions are highly criminal, and the way you pretend to “teach” is an insult to human intelligence. So, Mehran, why don’t you do what you always advise others of: “Hand yourself over to the police, Mr. MTK!”

It would be the best for everyone involved. It would give Keshe free housing, food and protection, so he no longer needs to be afraid of imaginary enemies. At the same time, these constant slander attacks would come to an end, which is a major requirement for real peace.

To be honest, we would prefer a possible third option, namely that the KF immediately stops its malicious activities and deceptions, and that MT Keshe, Caroline de Roose, and some of their most persistant supporters consider psychotherapy, to help them defeat their demons, and to help them realize they are involved in a criminal mind-control cult. Because we are certainly nobody’s enemies, so Keshe’s eternal fight against non-existent opponents only creates drama and conflicts where there could be peace instead. And that peace would also help their little son Rubeen, who has been living with paranoid, aggressive, narcissistic parents. A real HELL ON EARTH for him. How damaged must he be by now ? We pray for this poor little boy.

So, let’s hope for the best possible outcome. For sure we will not sacrifice the truth or the well-being of humanity because of one person’s mental issues, by staying quiet and letting Keshe get away with poisoning people with GANS, which has been proven to be toxic.

Again: the Keshe Foundation is NOT a scientific organization. The Keshe Foundation is a mind-control CULT. Keshe is a cult leader par excellence, all the red flags are there, and it’s time for KF followers to wake up from this absolute lack of common sense! Keshe fires off one piece of BS after another, only to confirm his own GRANDEUR and to keep his followers busy, so they have no time to think about the insanity they have been supporting.

Reporting continues, and investigations continue, until all the criminality of the KF has been brought to light. Stay tuned!


How to become KUKU

In the 161st KSW, Keshe started out peacefully, and said that he will no longer talk about me, claiming that investigations are ongoing and he was told to stay quiet. But of course, Keshe is not able to keep quiet, and so after some time, and also at the end of the workshop, he had to slander me again.

Whenever Jesus Keshe is not sure whether he convinced his audience enough, he needs to add new additional stuff… more slander, more lies. Don’t forget, Jesus Keshe has very low self-esteem, so over the years he developed a bluff attitude, a giant super-ego. He is extremely brutal, to scare nay-sayers. It’s pure intimidation. But that never worked with me. Jesus Keshe was never successful in trying to close my mouth, despite of his hypnotic attempts. The truth needs to be told, and I am not the only one who think so. If I don’t do it, others will.

This time, Keshe claimed I have hidden bank accounts on the Cayman Islands and in Australia, but later he claimed I have them in Panama. But in fact, the fake “not-facts about dirk” slander website is registered in Panama. We can therefore assume that Keshe himself has hidden bank accounts in these locations. Keshe just used his inversion again to blame his crimes on me. But regardless, Keshe announced that more fabricated “alternative facts” or what we call slander will be published on that same website, by Vodka Sandor.

Jesus Keshe also attacked former students like John and Yvan again and accused them of murder, although they haven’t been around for a very long time. So we see that it doesn’t matter if you agree with Jesus Keshe, or contradict him, or even stay away. He will stab you in the back anyway. Anyone is considered an enemy and a murderer, just not Keshe himself.

So… We see that Keshe has not listened to our warning. He just continues his attacks on innocent people. We will see where that leads him. Who needs Keshe’s non-working plasma tech “to see the soul of the man”, when his intentions and crimes are all too clear even to blindfold people ?

The real goal of the KF is to reach the Keshe Universal Kouncil Unity (K.U.K.U.), a very special state of mind in which everything is the opposite of what it seems to be. A world of projection, where everything is upside down, similar to Keshe’s state of mind. Jesus Keshe said that “The journey of the man into space is going to be horrendous” and yet he keeps insisting that he must take man into space. In other words, the goal is to make all humans sick and insane.

To reach that goal, Keshe put another fake goal first, namely the building of the golden KF temple in Ghana, where he is hoping to be worshipped for achieving exactly nothing.


The Hero Keshe Square in Accra

Keshe’s plan to build a 250 million Euro complex on a giant areal illustrates his narcissism, his vanity and his grotesque and unlimited self-admiration. Even more so because he has not achieved anything. There is no scientific result to show, there is no working energy reactor or flight demonstration to show! Nothing to show at all, but still Keshe acts as if he had giant success.

In fact, Keshe is delivering a tragic show of human self-deception. So it was not enough for him to ridicule Tesla and Einstein, he even needed to dress himself in divine clothes. That Messiah claim in 2014 was the ultimate demonstration of Keshe’s uniqueness and confirmation of existence.

So we see a tragic personality who struggles with his own being, stuck in one of the basic Freudian stages (oral, genital, anal), the beginning stages of childhood. Keshe did not grow up in a normal way. He was stuck in a dichotome family of Jewism and Islamism. That gave Keshe the need to create his own split personality and his own dream world, full of fairy tales and fantasies. Keshe was able to fly. Keshe would become the king, the ruler of Earth and the master of the stars!

But Keshe is suffering, due to his denial of reality. Oh God! Please help this man in deep trouble and pain. Keshe suffers, we all can see it, in every workshop we can see and hear it!

But apparently, the first donations already came in. We heard that Jacky, one of the most naive KF followers, a true blind believer, collected 7000 Euro during his workshop in Lyon, and will send that amount to Keshe in Ghana, because he is so “correct”. Poor Jacky! How naive! Jacky still believes in Mickey Mouse too!

But as Keshe would say: “Caroline and I, we are SHOCKED that Jacky is so greedy! We advise Jacky to give more! 7000 Euro is peanuts! KF followers should transfer all their family savings and learn that unconditional giving has no limits! Shame on you! We have seen such self-centered ego like the one of Jacky throughout all human history. Jacky is a shame to humanity! This is the greed of the man!”

Actually that money should go to the medical victims of the KF, not to the scammer who harmed them! But explain that to Jacky, a guy who says things like “We have received so much from the foundation. I do quite nothing. It is so beautiful”, and then he sends the money he scammed out of clueless people to Keshe, because everything is “so beautiful”.


At least Jesus Keshe made one honest remark when he said: “It’s a amazing, the mayhem we have created in the world of commerce and science. And those who want to understand it are in more confusion than anybody else.”

How true. Because there simply is nothing to understand. Nothing has been taught by Jesus Keshe, yet this “nothing” provides enough KF addicts with their quick fix every week. And again we see how Iran is testing new Russian defense technology. Why would Iran do that, if they had any working KF plasma technology, as Keshe always claims ? It’s time for Keshe to stop the BS talks. Getting paid for lying by “beautiful” people like Jacky isn’t exactly what we call “correct ethos”. And when we hear KF followers parrot Keshe’s empty words, it only proves that they are not able to think for themselves.

How was Jesus Keshe able to become so successful despite of his constant lies ? Well, consider the first rule of disinformation: The key is to “lie first”. His initial strategy was to create credibility:

1) “I am a fully graduated nuclear engineer”, which is a manifest LIE. Empty Keshe is a BSc (Bachelor of Science) at best, so not even a Master;

2) “I have patents”, which is another LIE. Empty Keshe only has patent applications, which were never granted by the patent authorities due to lack of payments;

3) “I have working plasma reactor prototypes”, but they were never shown to operate giving energy or gravitational effects. Every request to demonstrate was refused by MT Keshe;

4) “I am a scientist”, but without knowledge in mathematics. MT Keshe is not able to prove his “theory” in equations, like Einstein did, or other real scientist do;

5) “I have divine knowledge of the universe”. Yeah right;

6) “I am the Messiah everybody was waiting for”. Sure;

7) “I was a billionaire”;

8) “We have 200 million followers”, and more similar blablabla… big EMPTY words. That’s the true reality about Keshe: emptiness and chaos. In Trump’s words: “Keshe is a total disaster.”

Keshe started his lies years ago, and when his victims or real scientists contradicted him, he called THEM liars and falsely accused them of being this and that.

This is how disinformation is always being spread, so that the public gets to hear the lie first, and then they don’t believe the truth when they hear it. But writing the truth, the way we do, is not a crime. However, making up crazy stories and slandering and harassing innocents, the way Sandor, Keshe and Caroline do, IS a crime.

Here is a new video which proves that I was Keshe’s “dearest friend”, before he suddenly attacked me in spring 2015, and portrayed me as the biggest “enemy” of the KF. Keshe told in the past how I wrote his patents and did all the work to write his books, and now he constantly accuses me of so many crimes. And some KF followers believe him! So KUKU!


So the only solution to this problem is that people have to do fact-checking themselves, instead of blindly believing any source. It really means that people need to become active. They need to stop being servants. They need to become active participants. KF followers are still slaves, because they do exactly what Keshe tells them to do. Even though some cheat on him, but that too shows how they copy Keshe’s behaviour. Betrayal is the ethos of the KF. Monkey see, monkey do. Remember when Keshe said some years ago: “When we call for help, there will be no nation left.”  Does this sound like someone who stands for peace ?

So… to all the KF supporters and the members of the Universal Kouncil, or what we call the KUKU-KLAN: maybe you should re-evaluate what Keshe’s plan really stands for. You all have gotten yourselves into quite a criminal mess. Maybe it’s time to get out of it, before it’s too late.

No more deceptions, hypocrites or megalomaniacs. We want an honest, sincere and peaceful world.