The Keshe SCAM Blueprint

The Keshe “Cancer Blueprint Day” was basically like a normal workshop. No sensation, no new info, just the same old bluff. No breakthrough, but just repeating old claims that Empty MT Keshe made already years ago, back in 2010 (see the price list on the KF website). So the new “Cancer Blueprint Day” of April 18, 2017 was just another hyped event to get the attention of people with medical problems. And as usual the title contained the word “BLUEPRINT”, to give it more scientific “weight” and “seriousness”.

It was just another big announcement to attract new cult followers, but no new technology was shown. What an empty scam again. And the first 15 minutes are always filled with promo videos, which promote empty fantasies, and try to make up for the lack of meaningful, scientific talks during the rest of each workshop. This so-called blueprint workshop wasn’t any different.

Although Dr. Rodrigo sounds like a very nice person, the problem is that he only parrots Keshe’s BS such as “With this technology we can repair anything”. He was hard to listen to, despite of his passion. No doubt, he is probably a good medical doctor, but his alternative adventures are nothing short of dangerous to human health.

He said for example: “Mr. Keshe created this technology, he patented it”, which is a manifest lie. Keshe never created anything, and never had any official, active patents. We told the true story several times before. But the MESSiah hides that truth from his (new) followers and admirers.

Of course he had to show disturbing images of open cancer wounds, because “…this is the only way to show what we do.”   Dr. Rodrigo even recommended to eat and drink GANS products, seemingly without realizing that they are poisonous.

Then Mr. Kan (not a medical doctor as far as we know) from Tokyo explained how to create “pharma grade GANS powder”, in attempt to convince and infiltrate the pharma industry. We saw lots of images that might impress uneducated people and desperate individuals who want to believe, heard lots of talk, and saw Mr. Kan juggling lots of numbers, but there was no proof whatsoever that any “KF technology” cured anything. Stories of shrinking tumors were reported before, but nobody mentioned that afterwards the tumors came back and grew even larger than before.

So far there is no proof that the presented information is connected to any experiments conducted by the KF. All the text shown on screen, or parts of it, could have been taken from someone else’s research. Knowing how Keshe works, this wouldn’t surprise us at all.

Besides, even IF something worked well on mice, or didn’t cause direct harm to them, it is not supposed to be used by humans without CORRECT, OFFICIALLY MONITORED further clinical trials. That’s why clinical trials are needed, to check the effect on humans, and to be SURE that volunteers don’t take serious risks, and are protected by insurance. But BECAUSE Keshe thought he can do such trials on humans himself, he got himself in trouble. So selling GANS products is STILL illegal, and consuming GANS at home will still have negative effects, even if they are not being noticed right away.

Before going to human trials, it would have to be proven OFFICIALLY that oxide is not toxic, and that’s not possible, since it is already proven that copper oxide GANS IS toxic. As far as CO2 GANS goes, it first needs to be determined what that substance really is. CO2 oxide would be CO3. But Keshe doesn’t like real science, yet he invites scientists to join him. The living contradiction! There is no real science in the Keshe Foundation. It’s all pseudo-science, with the purpose to confuse naive believers. People need to use their brains again, and get interested in REAL science that shows proven results, rather than blindly believing unsubstantiated claims. Even Veterans Today says so.

A link was given to the website of Tokyo University, but Keshe is not mentioned there at all, he is just trying to create credibility on the back of others again. We also got very suspicious when Mr. Kan said several times “I am not going into details here”, when it came to explaining the actual scientific data. There was no documentation whatsoever about peer-reviews or proper citations.

And when Keshe asked Mr. Kan how long it will take until a solution for humans is ready (if not toxic!), Mr. Kan said: “20 years”. So NO big breakthrough now, and it is illegal to consume any GANS product at least until then. So maybe in 20 years there might be a cure, but only for stomach cancer, according to Keshe himself (KSW 168). Empty announcements with no real proof to support it. Mr. Kan also admitted that some kinds of GANS give energy to cancer cells, which confirms the OFFICIAL tests made by professionals: the material CAUSES cancer.

It sounded very much like Mr. Kan was heavily manipulated by Keshe to “bend” the experiments to Keshe’s liking. Keshe said: “This test has taken just about 3 weeks, usually it takes 5 to 10 years. It shows the beauty and the perfection of the technology.”  So rushing a test through is legitimate ?

Are health professionals (such as WHO and US FDA) aware that MT Keshe is organizing such tests worldwide ? I doubt it. But Keshe won’t wait, he already announced that GANS products will be sold in Africa. So please warn everyone in Africa, especially in Ghana, not to consume any KF products!

Keshe further claimed we are scaremongering: “That is scaremongering, we know where it comes from.”  Yes, we know it too. The scaremongering comes from Keshe, talking about earthquakes, second suns, imaginary enemies, and constant mayhem.

In reality, medical journals and university websites have published the REAL test results long before the KF did, and they are based on OFFICIAL tests, not on tests done by one person in another country which cannot be verified, but as usual, the KF thinks they must contradict and replace reality with their own. Of course Empty MT Keshe will say that Wikipedia is rubbish (because they removed his personal promotional page and the 129 Tesla page), but strangely even KF followers look at Wikipedia for information, but don’t you dare to contradict the MESSiah! And for God’s sake, even if those original test results were wrong, the KF would STILL be a scam, it has been all those years.

The tragedy is that probably some pharma people watched, and those with no morals might manufacture a product based on GANS, which will harm people. Again we have to warn of using this material at all, since it is toxic, although Mr. Kan claimed that it is “practically non-toxic”. “Practically” is the key word here. According to PROPER tests, metal oxides LEAD to cancer and dementia.

The worst part of it all is that KF cult followers worldwide are trying to make money by poisoning people on e-commerce platforms like

Keshe later made some alarming and arrogant comments:
“We did the human trials before the animal trials, that’s how it should be. Those who have a cancer will volunteer their life.”

“GANS CO2 is safe, we are not talking about copper.”  So what does that proof? Nothing. Who knows which kind of GANS Keshe injected into people’s bloodstream in the past. They now use GANS made of all kinds of substances and even mix it into toothpaste, if that untested material causes health problems, it is grave body injury.


So if that is the new way to go, humanity is in big trouble. Medicine practiced by the chief quack MT Keshe and his wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, who both enjoy doing things the wrong way, while calling it “correct”. Inversion at its finest. If Mr. Kan really found a way to cure cancer, he can approach pharma officials anytime himself and let them check everything. But for sure Keshe shouldn’t take credits for someone else’s work, the way he has done until now.

With pharma (and legal?) people allegedly being present in the audience, Keshe tried once again to convince them that schizophrenia cannot be helped by taking medication, when in fact the opposite is true. The reason why he said that is that he hopes to make schizophrenia become the accepted norm, and to divert attention away from his own schizophrenia. But schizophrenia is a disease with obvious symptoms, and medication is a good way to control them. It DOES work.

Keshe also referred again to Fukushima, where again he had no part in cleaning up the radiation. It’s all fake, we reported about it before. In reality this session was only used to sell the pain pads again (as can be seen on the new website), because a REAL cancer solution does not yet officially exist, and will certainly not be developped by the Keshe Foundation.

So all in all it was yet another disappointing (but alarming) blueprint session, which only impressed KF cult followers without a scientific background (kindergarten science), who might do really stupid things to themselves using GANS. The “breakthrough” became a breakdown. And again there was slander against Belgium, the police and the former king. Keshe’s hatred against Belgium became even clearer when he claimed that scientists are arrested in Belgium. Let the MESSiah give only ONE NAME of such an arrested scientist!

Again no proof, just empty talk. “The data you GONNA see is so effective.”  The eternal donkey & carrot. All we saw was a presentation that was hard to follow by the targetted audience, but the promised cancer “breakthrough solution” was not offered. Why are we not surprised ?

Please look at this video, called: Keshe foundation: “We now have the global cure for cancer and much, much more.” and then look at when it was published. So even back in May 2015, Keshe claimed the same thing as during the latest “blueprint day” on April 18, 2017. He made the same promises, and gave the same empty talk. And everytime, some paid fellow scammers support him to fool the rest of the KF cult members into believing that there is any “proof”. But there never is.

But it was another good lesson to show how easily people can be manipulated and become brainwashed slaves, and how Facebook users and fake news parrots repeat the Keshe BS. It showed how some, including myself, would be right now, if they had stayed in the KF. The lucky ones are those who realized that the KF is a scam and a cult, and left. Those who are still supporting Keshe, have become perfect slaves who only repeat and spread the nonsense he puts into their heads, in order to confirm their existence and to make money by scamming others.

In the 168th KSW, Keshe advertised the Mozhan program again in a very contradictory way. After he explained that at the Ghana space center they will also have launch pads for lift, the following was written in the chat:


So why build a “space center” in Ghana at all, if it’s all irrelevant ? Somehow the chaos in the KF seems to be increasing. And after preaching for years that vaccines are dangerous and “cause mayhem”, Keshe said “Make sure you have all the vaccinations completed before you come to Ghana.”

The business strategy of the KF was also explained very well in the chat…


… as well as the real foundation of the Keshe Foundation…


… as well as the real intention of the teachings, even if denied. Look how aggressive Rick Crammond (“KFSSI Workshops”) gets when the obvious is being pointed out.

See Keshe’s quotes as proof

Keshe said they will “educate the youngsters” in Ghana, but children should not be “educated” by the KF at all. In fact, children should be kept far away from the KF. There are much better alternatives to teach children the idea of REAL world peace, such as the World Peace Game.

Keshe’s threats, slander and intimidation of the past cannot be wiped away by just another fake blueprint day. He shares his narcissism with other disinfo agents such as Alex Jones. All has been recorded, and the ones who are not in touch with their souls and with reality are not the critics, but the leaders and supporters of the Keshe Foundation. Yet they always talk about the soul as if they had any knowledge of it.

So does Keshe in reality need the 250 million for the soul elevation center? A center that is non-physical? Or does he need the money to establish his own fraudulent banks in collaboration with the criminal, right-wing extremist Reichsbürger/Freemen conspiracy movement ?


MESSiah Keshe loves to use the word “blueprint”. We have seen this in the past years where the MESSiah taught about the building of the spaceship. Of course all BS, since his Magrav theory is wrong.

Shifts in SpaceShip design

So EMPTY MT KESHE made fake videos for NASA to “prove” weight reduction of his reactors, positioned on an electronic weight scale. He used nylon wires to manipulate the result, thus showing a change on the electronic scale. We now show the video Keshe sent to NASA in 2009.

Click here to open the video externally

And now – FINALLY – we show to the world the amazing BLUEPRINT VIDEO of the FLYING CAR! EMPTY MT KESHE shot that video himself with the camera of Mad-ame Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose. That video shows the chaotic mind of a 3 year old toddler, and how he tries to convince people of his great fantasies. At that time, EMPTY KESHE instructed me to put that video on the website of KF, but I refused. It was just too ridiculous.

Click here to open the video externally

Very interesting. Keshe has been fooling everyone from the start, and now he tries again with his new cancer blueprint scam. For those who are interested in a real flying car, you can read here, here or here. But in the real world, nobody will get to fly without a pilot’s license. Keshe’s fairy tales are for kids and naive people only.

Is anyone still impressed by Keshe’s “knowledge” ?

Summary of Keshe’s SCAM blueprint

1) Come up with anything useless or ridiculous (for example: a) an old, demolished car, b) non-replicable experiments, c) unconfirmed claims)

2) Present it as something special or as a new invention (“this is the flying car”, “we can cure cancer”), and present things that are not working as something that is not needed (“as you can see, the engine is not needed”).

3) Tell doubters: “You didn’t understand. If you look more closely, there is some secret hidden behind it. Look at the (false!) knowledge I have given you. That’s why it is being suppressed by the authoritites.”

4) Keep people interested by giving them false theories to investigate further (the whole KF “technology” and the hype around it)

5) Keep misleading them in that direction until they are fully brainwashed and live in another reality (“we have no choice”)

6) Never show any real, verified proof, but let paid supporters fool everyone else

7) Attack and accuse those who ask for proof and label them as enemies of humanity

8) When caught, deny all allegations and attack the ones who demand justice

9) Present yourself as the victim

10) Intimidate doubters, authorities, law enforcement and press

11) Before you get arrested, tell the believers that you are a victim of the authorities who don’t want humanity to be “free”. Try to shift the blame on those who called you out, and also try to fool the law enforcement.

12) Most important to the KF: “Give money to receive” brainwashing sessions which make you give even more money!

13) If/when released from prison, go back to 1) and show that you haven’t learned anything.


Please see the truth of the Keshe deception and learn from it. Keshe is not here to teach, he is here to deceive and to grab people’s time, energy and money, while organizing a world takeover under the false pretense of a FAKE “world peace”.

The Keshe Foundation is nothing but an extremist mind-control cult.

Can any good person still support this scam without feeling really bad about it?

A minute of silence for the mice

After MESSiah Keshe had made Rick Crammond announce that Keshe’s wife, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, will teach in the 167th KSW, while Keshe himself will “step down”, Keshe of course was the main “teacher” again, which means that he lied to everyone AGAIN, including to his close supporter Rick. Keshe fooled everyone as usual. He IS a master deceiver.

However, towards the end of the workshop, Keshe claimed that we “insulted the teaching of the women”, and then Caroline said “I am not taking over teaching, I only want to be part of it”, which sounded as if anyone had claimed that women are not welcome to teach, when in fact we criticized what the KF (regardless of gender) offers as “teachings”: slander, harassment, inciting the poisoning of water, and fake science. So like Keshe, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose was using spins and fallacies to distract from the actual issue and to twist our words around, and delivered some empty talk to brainwash especially the women, not different from Keshe’s talks. So Keshe now “allows” Caroline to target women, while pretending to support their rights. In reality Caroline wants to turn more women into brainwashed zombies, which is a crime in itself.

The problem is that neither Keshe, nor Caroline, are teachers. Neither are ANY members of the KF. They are wannabe students at best, who should get some proper education. When students try to teach, it can only create chaos. None of them have anything of value to “teach”, they are just amateurs, cultists and scammers who pretend to have something which they don’t have. Their whole talk is based on NOTHING. And they only repeat what the Guru told them, or their interpretation of it. We have seen over the years how some students of the KF were asked to lecture. Remember Marko when he was trying to teach? A disaster! He was so nervous and couldn’t explain most of what the Guru wanted him to teach: How they set up the experiments of the flying reactors during the night, and how these KF plasma geniuses measured the alleged 129 Tesla magnetic field using a set of ping-pong balls, filled with plasma. Yet Keshe insisted that Marko must teach, because Keshe himself has no understanding of science.

Then the KF posted on Wikipedia that 129 Tesla is a new world record, however it was a software fault in the measuring device that led to this result, hence Keshe’s Wikipedia page was removed. Then you had other guys like Armen who disclosed great progress with the large $400 crystals (now hidden in one the closets of KF). Rick Crammond was allowed to have his weekly teachings in his plasma group… more of a social club of self-proclaimed plasma geniuses talking about earthquakes, weapons and magnets. Thus the teachings in the KF are not that impressive, although the MESSiah claims to give plasma PhD’s to his students. The reasons are obvious: There is nothing to tell or say. The Keshe KSW’s are self-promoting, time-consuming events on a Jerry Springer level, where the main focus is not on real science but on lessons about the fake “correct ethos”, donations, pedophiles and fairy tales in Jules Vernes’ style.

Yet Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose (we need: “ONE LOVE!”) again pretended to be wiser than Mother Teresa, right after she encouraged everyone to poison water supplies. From a legal point, dumping strange stuff into the water is considered to be an act of terrorism.

Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose perfectly described what is going on in her and Keshe’s minds when she said “We can make a great SOUP, which is a plasma soup of knowledge.”  Indeed their thoughts are messed up like a soup, and it shows in every workshop. Carolina is always looking for weak, sick people, just like these USA ambulance chasing lawyers do, offering “solutions” (in exchange for money, of course), and then the MESSiah comes in, a holy man straight from space (Saturn). The MESSiah will look at the blood test and with the sharp eyes of a Saturn hawk he will know instantly what to do. His standard advice is: “Break up with your partner, he/she is the cause of your illness… break up now with your partner, or you will die… VERY SOON!”

Just as a clarification: Our opinion is that women are wise and should not only be “part of it”, but they should be TRULY equal, and in leadership positions should hold AT LEAST 50%, in all countries worldwide.

So all those regimes (like Saudi-Arabia, Iran,…), as well as certain cult leaders, who suppress or abuse women, have to change. We consider women wiser than men. I consider women to be energetically different from men, since they have a womb, a symbolic “natural house”. An internal house in which children grow up. That gives women a different psychological behaviour and attitude in life, different from the male perspective. Women want to have a real house, a shelter, and in exchange they take care, feed and protect the family members. Women are not at all the weak half of the human race, they are not made to surrender. Women carry the essence of human logic and empathy, as we can see in some African countries where, with small loans, the women create local businesses.

But since the KF is not a legitimate organization but a huge scam, this is the wrong subject to discuss in the first place. The reason for our sharp words: We don’t want to see ANY scammer take over any leadership position (that goes for politics as well as for any other organization). In other words, whoever leads the KF, is guilty of running a scam. Whether man or woman doesn’t matter. A scam remains a scam, no matter who runs or spreads it.

So let us be clear: Of course we support women (and men) wherever we can, except if they are dishonest, greedy scammers with questionable ethics, intentionally speaking with a forked tongue (Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose said to my daughter: “Your father abused you when you were 3 years old”), who only want to do harm and make profit. In that case we will call them out, regardless of their gender, race or nationality. We oppose sexism, racism, cultism, nationalism, false ethos and discrimination of ANY kind.

We are extremely worried about what has been going on in the Keshe Foundation during the past few years, where regular attacks on honest people have become the norm, in order to defend the crooked ethos and the crimes of the KF cult, which are carried out under the false pretense of “saving humanity”. We are always hoping for the KF to change or stop, but so far, they show no sign of remorse. Not even during the Easter holidays they refrain from marketting and promoting their scams. And nobody can call public workshops that have 70% slander in them “scientific”.

So in this 167th KSW, MESSiah Keshe, who now permanently travels around in a desperate attempt to escape law enforcement, unrelentlessly continued his cancer scam, as if nobody had objected to it.

In another bait&switch move, Keshe distracted AGAIN from the failure of his “Magrav” unit, by announcing the “cancer blueprint” for “PROCESSING cancer” (which can mean ANYTHING, even “making it worse”), again using someone else’s research results (“Tokyo University”) in an attempt to fool more doctors into joining the KF and to cause more damage to people. By doing so, the MESSiah consciously gives FALSE HOPE to people who desperately look for a solution. But in reality, this will finally give people the blueprint on how to CREATE cancer in healthy people. But tell that to KF believers, they won’t listen anyway. They can easily be impressed. How many more times will the same people fall for this endless scam ? In 2015 there was a similar hype around the “free energy” blueprint which up to this day doesn’t work, but it was announced in a similar manner (“… which will change the course…”) for $200 and many people watched the event, now the unit is being sold at over 2,200 Euro although it doesn’t work and everyone who had high hopes in 2015 is now disappointed.

After the announcement, AGAIN some KF followers immediately jumped to the conclusion that cancer is now conquered, even before anything was shown. And these KF followers will spread that scam over the internet via fake news websites, and they will also inform their FB friends. So some words from the false MESSiah immediately become reality, but only in his followers’ minds.


IF anything that comes from the KF ever works, it was certainly not based on Keshe’s ideas and theories as they don’t work, and therefore all the KF cult followers who worked on ANY Keshe-related things in the past, wasted their time for nothing. And Keshe exposes himself as a thief who uses other people’s ideas, while calling everyone else a thief.

And just like Jim Humble tries with his “MMS”, KF quack Dr. Rodrigo (the new medical KF “superstar”) now also uses poisonous Gans materials to offer a solution for autism. Why is such a “doctor” even allowed to practice medicine, when he puts people’s lives at risk? Like Dr. Klaus (Austria), Dr. Rodrigo (Mexico) should be reported to the authorities for practicing quack medicine that has no base in scientific research, but poses a risk to public health.


Unlike what has been claimed among conspiracy circles, autism is not caused by vaccines or heavy metals. According to proper scientific research, autism is a neurological spectrum disorder and has no known cure. In the esoteric scene, some call children with autism “star children” or “indigo children”, because they have qualities that other children don’t have (such as a strong sense of justice), so that makes them special. Like any other minority, people with autism should be accepted the way they are, not patronized and tortured with quack medicine, as NONE of it will cure autism. As we said earlier, we are against any kind of discrimination, especially by people who have NO CLUE about what they are talking about.

Keshe usually seduces people by using phrases like “The beauty with this technology is…” or “Carry it to every doctor… It’s your right”, so they think they get something which they normally can’t get. But there is no beauty in it, and there is no working technology. In reality, they cause damage to themselves and others, and eventually kill people with GANS, because… it’s their right ?? Nobody can be THAT stupid. But yet it always seems to work. Keshe is supported by people who have given up their lives, their partners or their jobs to be part of a scam, so they cannot go back. And always this hypocritical “We have to change the course, we have no choice”. It’s really a tragedy 😦

“The link we will provide for the blueprint, go and send it directly to the doctors and pharmaceuticals.”  And between the lines: “Send it to your friends who have cancer.”

“It’s the responsibility of the people who use it on themselves.”

Doesn’t that sound fishy ? “Send the link (to HARASS!) to doctors and pharmaceuticals”, the same way they have done with the USB stick BS, but although allegedly the material has been tested and is non-toxic, “It’s the responsibility of the people who use it on themselves.”

“We are not telling you to do this and that, that you come and sue us. We are telling you to do it yourself, do it at home.”

So first Keshe says he is not responsible, but in the same sentence he tells people to harm themselves, so he IS responsible. Endless, hypocritical contradictions.

Then the usual trick:

“We’re dealing with a bunch of criminals, but the good thing is these criminals won’t tell you when they get a cancer, they took the tablets from Keshe Foundation. We wish them all the best, we give them the best soul we can, that sooner or later, some of them will take this tablet” (“…AND DIE FROM IT!”… that’s the part he didn’t say, but that’s what he hopes for!)

MESSiah Keshe then called scientists and pharma companies “enemies”. It seems over time, EVERYONE becomes an enemy to the KF. Without enemies, there would be no drama. And without drama, people would not give narcissists Keshe and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose the attention they need to survive. So they CREATE their own enemies through slander.

And at the end of the workshop: “One of the reasons why I am in a hurry to RELEASE THE CANCER…” (!) RED ALERT!

Incredible hypocrisy and inversion from one of the biggest fraudsters in history! Followed by another contradiction: “Those who take the tablets and the Ganses understand: you haven’t learned anything yet.”  So Keshe indirectly admitted that it is NOT advisable to take KF tablets. Let this be a warning to everyone who listens to the coming workshops. Your health is at serious risk when you consume ANYTHING from the Keshe Foundation!

“So we welcome you to the second blueprint day of the Keshe Foundation. This time we call it ‘Cancer in exchange for peace’. And it’s our responsibility to deliver this technology the correct way.”

So from now on, the game has changed indeed. From now on, you only get peace when you also accept cancer, by taking the KF tablets. And this is the “correct” way ? Disgusting! And STILL nobody notices the fallacies ?

Then the same old donkey&carrot trick: “Hopefully in a short time, we will release the full program.”   Always bait, always switch, but never deliver. And the Ca$h goes where ? Right, into the pockets of the false MESSiah! Indeed Keshe HAS to harm humanity, he has no choice, as he has been ordered by the devil himself to carry out his mission. One must be really cold-blooded to repeat this terrible health scam that is potentially deadly to any living being.

We see more and more people getting really angry and upset at what the KF has been doing in such a two-faced way: pretending to save humanity, while in reality harming as many people as possible, and grabbing money from anywhere possible. Because that’s the essence of the KF: Fake stories for money.

Please report the Keshe Foundation to the WHO (World Health Organization) for continuing and constantly renewing their health scam! The KF poses a HIGH RISK to public health!

Next time it will be agriculture again, then back to free energy, then medical again, and so on. And everytime a few naive people will pay to see the monkeys jump, only to find out later that Keshe still hasn’t delivered anything of value. Obviously all this is an attempt by Keshe to be the Elon Musk of plasma, but without investing any money. Just fooling and deceiving people to receive money without really doing anything, except talking big.

Keshe said “Where we will be we don’t know. Wherever we are, we carry on with the teaching”, so he is now permanently on the run from the authorities.

The most ridiculous thing from KSW 167 was Keshe’s suggestion to keep a minute of silence for the mice they SACRIFICED for their fake “cancer trials”. First they kill, and then their hypocrisy shows again. All that is missing now is a “Mouse Sergeant” who will fire 10 little nano-shots in order to salute the “fallen” mice. And then a speech by his holy MESSiah in memory of all the brave souls who gave their live to save humanity. What will be next? The transformation of Keshology into the “Church of Mice”? Incredible kukuness which swims on the thought soup of knowledge of the Keshe Foundation! Maybe all KF “thought groups” should be renamed to “thought soups”. 😉

We would like to clarify something important:

Should the KF ever show anything that REALLY can cure cancer, then of course we will not oppose it. But in this case, we will insist that it is properly researched and tested by OFFICIAL authorities, and that the ORIGINAL inventor, not the Keshe Foundation, receives all the credits for his/her work. It’s time that the KF stops making money on the back of other people.

By the way, up until now, Keshe STILL hasn’t accepted my bet challenge of 25,000 Euro about the 2010 coma case of Anna. Instead he now uses his new “cancer blueprint” as a distraction. Let the MESSiah speak about Anna, his Belgian coma patient, in the medical blueprint workshop on Tuesday.

But we have something to disclose too. We will show REAL PROOF, something which KF followers have been waiting for since Day 1. Tell it to everyone you know, invite everyone who has been following Keshe. Bring as much people as possible to see our DISCLOSURE in the coming days, or what we call the ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING! Stay tuned! Oh wait, that already was the announcement. Sorry, we almost went Keshe! 😉

We wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER! 🙂


To everyone who can still think straight after this year-long KF fiasco:
These are real, edible Easter Eggs, not plasma-filled ping-pong balls 😉
And believe it or not, they don’t have these anywhere else in the universe!

Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose – false Mother Teresa or “Madame” of Babylon?

This article is a continuation of our previous post, “Keshe Foundation defends convicted pedophile AGAIN – while accusing others of pedophilia, and using their past manipulations to justify their present scams”. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so. It’s a must read to explain Keshe’s strategy, fallacies, and inversions.

The following is not easy for us to write, as we respect women. But if a woman behaves more like a soulless criminal rather than a real woman, people need to be made aware of it. Real women are caretakers, loving mothers, intelligent, mindful leaders, and strong defenders of justice. However, Keshe’s wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose is anything but that.

The CONTROVERSIAL (according to Keshe himself) Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, the dark witch with a tainted past, the KF hyena and professional ambulance chaser, known to only a few, but playing Mother Teresa to boost her ego and greed, wrote:


This is the same woman who harassed my daughter and wrote to her: “You don’t WANT to be part of a pedophile network.”  We posted about Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose’s stalking and spam before. So Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose threatened my daughter to be ADDED to a pedophile network and to become the shame of Belgium. How would Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose be able do that, if she is not part of a pedophile network herself ?

We have seen during the past years the VERY limited intellectual capacity of Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose. Her contact with reality is limited to coffee set analysis, daily consumption of kilos of custom-made “Weed” GANS, throwing Chinese I-Ching sticks, reading tabloids, consulting her dog (esoteric dog urine analysis in the garden), and consulting Chinese fortune cookies. This is how Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose figured out that I allegedly abused my two daughters when they were three years old. This is what SHE calls “science”. Since she has a low IQ, she has tremendous respect for Keshe. And since some KF followers also have a low IQ, they even have respect for Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, who is playing Keshe’s KOPYKAT in the KF plan to start their “One Love One Planet” Islamic New World Order Caliphate, with IS (Islamic State) as the “world police force”.

Carolina Maria Noella De Roose: the new delusional, greedy, criminal superstar?

Maybe YOU, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, should start removing pain from humanity by NOT STALKING AND THREATENING INNOCENTS, and by NOT spreading HYPOCRITICAL peace messages in public, while consciously spreading false accusations in the background. We have the screenshots of YOUR HARASSMENT. And so does the police.

Spam robot Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose further wrote:


“No longer serving nobody” is a double negation, so Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose actually says that fear and pain are serving the KF very well, because that’s how they control their followers.

And finally Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose asked KF followers to urgently poison the environment, clearly in an attempt to cause as much damage as possible, before they are brought to justice.


Such poisoning of rivers, oceans and fountains is not only extremely dangerous to human health, but also highly criminal, and can lead to prison sentences of several years. But of course, several stupid, careless egomaniacs reposted this criminal “request” on Facebook, and so they become complicit. Due to the incompetence of the KF, some of their followers will not only put “GANS water” into water supplies, but actual oxide. Well done, cruel woman!

We ask our readers around the world to report MT Keshe and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose to the authorities for inciting the illegal mass poisoning of water supplies. We also ask our readers to report everyone who reposted this dangerous “request”, or carried out the actual poisoning.

Note that Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose wrote “mush Co2”. Is that a new kind of KF Co2 based on mushrooms? Can mush Co2 take humanity to a new level of delusion? We are sure this wasn’t just a normal typo, but a typo based on subconscious impulses. What connects Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose to mushrooms ?

The Madame of Babylon… smoking mushrooms??

Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, like MESSiah Keshe, IS part of the pain in the back side of humanity. They both represent the personified hatred against humanity. They ARE the evil twinity. And yet, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose plays the wise mother of the Earth, pretending to be much wiser than the real Mother Teresa.

In the next KSW Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose will “teach”. We look forward to seeing her chaotic mind trying to formulate pseudo-scientific sentences.

The latest “fakefactsaboutdirk” article shows my speech in Ninove and several of my older Facebook posts from years ago, from a time when I still believed and defended Keshe, the same way his close supporters do now. But when Keshe suddenly attacked me, it was clear that there was something very wrong in the KF, and that woke me up. Obviously the KF core team and other KF supporters need to go through the same experience first, before they realize they have been fooled by a con artist. I have to admit I was wrong back then, when I supported Keshe. I was MADE to defend his lies, which he put into my head, through his psychological, narcissistic manipulations. And I naturally always assume that people are good, but in this case I was wrong. I defended Keshe in good faith, assuming he was honest.

I am sorry to say I fell for a scam artist. But unlike now, there was no out there to warn me of this giant KF scam. I had to go through the process myself first to realize the truth, so now I am able to inform others about it. Now Keshe wants to make people believe that I am complicit in his crimes, but that would only be the case if I still supported him.

Keshe asked: “Did Dirk lie then, or does he lie now ?”  The answer is: Neither nor. I have always been honest. But Keshe lied to me, and he manipulated me to believe him, to make me repeat HIS lies. If the KF refers to my old posts on Facebook, it shows most of them were written based on fake info given by Keshe himself, like his half-truth about Hans Bracquené. So Keshe abused me on several levels, like he does with everyone else. His supporters believe him due to mind-control, that is the main problem of the KF.

Keshe argues that I voluntarily supported him. Yes, but I also voluntarily decided to quit my support for him, once I found out that he is a hypocrite and a criminal, who only lives to use, abuse and manipulate innocent people. Only those who still support Keshe, despite of the vast public evidence against him, must be considered complicit in Empty Keshe’s and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose’s long list of crimes. They are indeed the Bonnie&Clyde of the free energy scene. The really think they can take people’s souls, but they don’t realize that humans have free will, and so we can change our minds and end any agreement.

Keshe said: “From now on, put all his (Dirk’s) praises on”, so indeed he wants to make it look like I still support him. But everything he told in the 166th KSW are old stories and old lies. Anyone who watched the Bari conference in 2015 knows that we talked about all this before, and I confirmed that Hans Bracquené was not honest. But unlike what Keshe told, I never worked with Bracquené or even met him. But as usual, Keshe digs up old info, spins it around, and uses it to fit his agenda and to fool newcomers. Why are they publishing my old posts at all ? Everyone knows already that I supported Keshe in the past, it is well described on, yet Keshe now sells this information as something new. Totally kuku!

So because Keshe couldn’t find any criminal evidence about me, he now posts proof that I am innocent, and thinks that will make me guilty. LOL! Keshe demonstrates over and over again that the KF is all about ABUSING, DECEIVING and HARASSING people for no reason, using that Roy Cohn strategy.

But Keshe is even more sinister than that. He has been breeding a lot of little Keshe bastard clones, who are now trolling the web and slandering me in Keshe’s name. The KF is doing harm whenever and wherever they can, and then they use that Cohn strategy again to deny everything. If only there was any reality to Keshe’s claims, but it’s all based on fantasies.

Trump and Keshe in KukuLand

Keshe is a malignant narcissist who lets his puppets dance. He uses double negation and double or triple mirroring to deceive people. He tells them 1% truth to grab their attention, and 99% fabricated, manifest lies to confuse them and keep them busy, to make sure they don’t get a chance to see through his scams. But lies cannot win over truth in the long run.

In that Ninove video, you can also hear that the KF Wiki was originally my idea. However it was not my idea to fill it with lies and BS, the way the KF has done now. There are more and more websites and reports appearing on the internet, that show that Keshe has delivered nothing and that he is a scam artist. Every new KF member must sign the fake world peace treaty, but Keshe and his minions themselves are allowed to use and repost Keshe’s aggression against non-members. That is what we call high level hypocrisy.

To make everyone even more aware of Keshe’s deception games, especially those who cannot imagine how deeply evil Keshe is behind his nice MESSiah facade, we refer to some articles that were written for Veterans Today by Preston James and Mike Harris (whom I had met in Bari in 2015). Unlike Gordon Duff’s slander, these three articles seem truthful, and should open the eyes of anyone who is interested in the truth, and in a good relationship with our true Creator.

These articles, which explain how the Satanists were able to enslave Humanity for so long, show the similarities between the Satanists and Keshe.

While I am not a “fanatic” Christian (I consider myself rather a Buddhist), Christ is for sure much higher in my hierarchy than Satan or his old pal Keshe (or his minions like Vodka Sandor).

The articles, which mostly target the American audience, are also valid worldwide. In case Veterans Today gets taken down because of Duff’s extensive bullying and slander, we post some of the quotes from these articles, so they are preserved.

Time to start defending Christianity, Part 1

“These very powerful Babylonian Talmudics run a very large but secret worldwide satanic cult network today and are also best referred to the Synagogue of Satan. But let us be clear that this is a very small group of evil cult leaders who have enormous power and influence over many governments of the world, including the US Government.”

“Anyone who studies the facts will quickly conclude this is an enormous lie and a crafty deception originating from Satan himself, designed to deceive.”

Time to start defending Christianity, Part 2

“Christianity is now under attack by an age-old plan to infiltrate it, to hijack it, neutralize it, use it to further a Zionist Global NWO Agenda and then to destroy it.”

“The Babylonian Talmudic control group at the top of the Pyramid runs a process on behalf of their Satanic cult. That process is to infiltrate all religions and nations, hijack them, pervert them and transform them into a war machine to bring mass death, horrific mass suffering, illness and/or disabilities and destruction on all humankind — group by group, nation by nation.”

“The age old BT plan has been to take over and dominate the world. This is being done by the small number of Babylonian Talmudic secret world leaders, who run a large secret worldwide BT Satanic Cult Network based on Baal worship, child sacrifice, mass death and human suffering.”

“They practiced Judaism on the outside and pretended to be servants of the community and righteous religious leaders, while secretly practicing Babylonian Talmudic Satanism on the inside.”

Time to start defending Christianity, Part 3

“The Babylonian Talmudic process inflicted on society is basically a parasitical Tribalist process and its end-state is massive unemployment, homelessness, societal collapse, rampant deviance and crime, death by violence, starvation or disease, or all of these. All good Christians need to become aware of it so they can intercede and stop this malignancy before it consumes everything they ever worked for and destroys them, their families and their Christian Culture.”

“In this four part series, we show that a small select group of hardcore Babylonian Talmudics, also known as the Khazarian Mafia Chieftains, the secret Synagogue of Satan, have created and run a worldwide satanic hierarchy and various groups and causes, especially the various types of Judaics including both Khazarian converts and sometimes even real Hebrew types, as cover.”

“Thus you will find a history of these Babylonian Talmudics (BTs) hiding behind the causes of persecuted Jews, Blacks and others, always the very folks whose persecutions they are responsible for in the first place.”

“It is the covert asset stripping of hard earned assets and fruits of one’s labor. It is the sacrificial mass-murder of non-cult members to appease their god Satan in order to maintain his anointing to gain and maintain power, unending riches and status.”

“At some time, each of them has made a blood contract to Satan to sell their soul to him in exchange for endless wealth, power and status.”  (who gave their blood to Keshe?)

They do periodic child sacrifice to Baal in secret black-Magick rituals that usually involve vivisection, blood drinking and cannibalism for which they receive more personal power, more wealth and more status.”

They are deeply committed to destroying the current social order, the family, normal sex roles and everything that God Almighty (they call God the Father) created. They believe that Lucifer (Satan) was misjudged and mistreated by God the Father and cast down wrongly to planet Earth in exile and that this is all now being rectified as Lucifer (Satan) rises to take the throne of God and himself to finally become god.”

“Their motto is “Order ab Chaos”, translated to plain English, order from chaos. Their operating philosophy is that non-cult members are merely useless eaters there to serve them, to be used, abused and disposed of in order to purify the human race and to give them power. This is why they promote opposites, regarding good as bad and bad as good, and declare incredibly obvious lies as the truth over and over again until their non-cult subjects are mind-kontrolled and filled with their big lies, false narratives and propaganda and actually believe them.

“They are deeply committed to maintaining a secret two-faced life, acting good on the outside for appearances by supporting certain philanthropies (which they often misuse financially) while being filled with Psychopathology and narcissistic selfishness and hate for mankind and everything God Almighty created on their inside.”

Christ gives an excellent moral guideline, but Luciferians like Keshe, who think they need to replace it with something else, obviously don’t have humanity’s best interest in mind! Be wise, and don’t fall for such deceivers! Oppose them!

And aside from the KF’s endless distractions, don’t forget the central questions:

1) Why does the KF still write against us, when everybody knows they only do so to distract from the Keshe Foundation’s broken promises and their failure to deliver anything of importance ?

2) Have all the customers, who paid money but received nothing in return, been refunded by the KF ?

3) Has the Keshe Foundation apologized to all the innocent people they slandered and falsely accused ?

4) WHERE IS THE WORKING FREE ENERGY DEVICE ? Since there is none, what have KF followers been working on or paid for during the past years ?

5) WHERE ARE THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MAGRAV UNITS which have allegedly been given to “the governments” ?



Did all those wonderful scam products get lost in Ufology cult space ? Too many of these little blue pills ? Too distracted by sex cult virgins, to care for the truth ?

Mehran, Carolina, Sandor and minions: you are defending a cause which doesn’t exist, and you know it. You are running a criminal scam. You built all the things and the structure around it, but the thing itself, which COULD give a reason for all those smoke and mirrors operations IF IT WAS REAL, does not exist. So what are you defending, if not your own ego and greed ? Selling water, soap, t-shirts and expensive, useless blue boxes requires “security people”, worldwide “workshops”, and the involvement of all major world leaders and religious leaders ? Don’t be ridiculous.

Here is the coming REALITY of space travel: Visitors to Mars Will Die in Under 68 Days.

So again, we see Keshe’s REAL agenda: abuse and harm as many people as possible. And no, “GANS” is not going to save the passengers, it’s only going to make them sicker, as CuO GANS is extremely toxic. Has Keshe promised a Mars colony to convicted pedophile Bivolaru: “MARS 4 MISA” ? Will the KF and MISA be on Mars in 2017/18, to escape law enforcement?

Reality: There is no working technology in the KF, so abusing KF victims again has become the central topic and the main focus of Keshe’s empty talks. Drama and more drama, chaos and slander, mixed with lies upon lies, and then blamed on KF victims or former KF supporters. But that’s a bad substitute for “free energy”.

Nobody can heat their home or fuel their car with slander. One must be seriously bored to still listen to this endless BS. Thankfully more and more KF followers report to me all the crazy stuff that Keshe is telling them in the background, so this shows not everyone is as stupid as his handful of complicit, paid hardcore scammers. Obviously some people are only still in the KF because they are afraid of leaving, due to Keshe’s and soon Carolina’s constant horror talks, threats and intimidation.

Meanwhile the Magrav scam goes on. Magravs Italia posted: “Plasma Power Unit in pre-sale. Will start production at the end of April.”  Incredible! If anyone still pays for something that hasn’t even been produced, they must be mentally EMPTY.

New information brought to us by Jason Verbelli shows that Keshe is now trying to pull another stunt in a collaboration with scammer Sacha Stone (see the link on, to promote a new magrav fraud unit called “QT-Pi”, pronounced “cutie-pie”, which very obviously is another code word for little children abused for pedophilia. Is there anything left to say about that subject? The KF not only keeps using other people’s ideas, but also proves over and over again its pedophile connections. Sacha Stone apparently supported Gaddafi, but there is no mention of Gaddafi’s minions, who organized the mass raping and killing of thousands of women and children. Is that the ideology that all these parasitic scammers support ? If so, Keshe is again complicit if he works with such people. So again: How many more scammers and fake “disclosure” or fake “world saver” cults are involved in this criminal scandal ?

John Thomas Sluten commented: “Sacha Stone is also a con man, he talks up the world peace game too but they try to get people to authorize their land to be part of some group preserve the forest type program but in reality it’s a land grab scheme where you use the right to use your own land but you still get to pay the tax liability on it.”

So the MESSiah now has two new apostles: Greg Bivolaru and Sacha Stone. We can see Keshe’s strategy to increase his number of followers by forming alliances with other cults, exactly as we predicted. This is what we call “The gathering of the crooks”.

To all KF followers: if you REALLY want to help humanity, do it locally and based on REALITY. Find homeless people and buy them a meal or two. Rescue a stray cat from certain death. Donate to the poor, not to scammers like Keshe. Or maybe get some REAL education. Do whatever you like to help, but let it be REAL, not based on fantasy stories, rusty coils and plasma-filled ping-pong balls. It’s little things that make a difference. There is no need for delusional scams, you do not need to follow Keshe, he is bad news. It IS possible to do good without feeding sinister parasites.

Keshe has been acting like a parasite with EVERYTHING I have done. First he used my work to become famous, then he accused ME of stealing “his” logo and even wanted to make me pay for it, when in fact HE has been using MY logo, even after I had withdrawn my permission. The KF Wiki was my idea too, now years later they finally got it going, but only because someone was naive enough to set it up and fill it with false, meaningless information. And after I set up, the KF copied that too by setting up “fakefactsaboutdirk”, mirroring Keshe’s crimes and blaming them on me. Then, after I created the Facebook group “Keshevictims” for everyone who was harmed by the KF, Keshe of course started playing the victim. Keshe is a true parasite, constantly on the back of other people, using their ideas and their energy to his advantage. But beneath all that, there is just emptiness. No scientific knowledge, no good intentions, no compassion, nothing.

Admit it, the KF is built on an EMPTY FOUNDATION, which is as EMPTY as their cult leader EMPTY KESHE. And therefore, like any house of cards, it is bound to collapse. It is a fake organization that protects criminals.

The bottom line of all this is: the Keshe Foundation is a bunch of crooks, works with crooks, and supports crooks. Their purpose is to smear honest people, in order to distract from their failed free energy scams and the rest of their crimes, and then to destroy the morals of naive innocents, in order to brainwash them and make them become part of their evil agenda. This hardly sounds like an organization that intends to bring peace or anything else useful. The KF only exists to defend evil as the truth, while exploiting humanity. It is one of many cults, set up by the very dark forces they claim to oppose.

Keshe said “Be correct the way we are.”  Well thanks, but no thanks. We refuse to be “correct liars, scammers and hypocrites”. It would take too much energy to be a “correct” living contradiction like Keshe. The only reason why he got that far is because he has been running his scam online, in real life it would have ended quickly. But that’s typical for Keshe. Give him a new technology (in this case the internet), and he will abuse it. Can you imagine what he would do if he really had a new weapon technology ?

Keshe and slander team: better focus on refunding all the people you scammed, instead of coming up with new sensational BS claims every few days, while committing one crime after another.

“Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished
– Proverbs 11:21

P.S.: Baby Keshe still hasn’t accepted my bet challenge of 25,000 € about his fake coma solution claims. Probably Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose is too busy changing his diapers every 5 seconds, with some insane babbling in between. Nothing new there.

I will add another bet challenge to it:
In the 165th KSW, Keshe said that with the right body posture, you no longer need to drink, because the lung produces water (or Vodka for Sandor Kakasi?) by itself. So I challenge Keshe, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and Vodka Sandor to go to the desert immediately for 40 days and to demonstrate that ability to the world. How about a KSW 167 live from the GOBI Desert?
Mehran, you liar, I bet you can’t do it, you bet against it. If you refuse to accept my challenge, you confirm that you are lying non-stop. Or have you disappeared, only to hide behind your CONTROVERSIAL wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose ?

Keshe Foundation defends convicted pedophile AGAIN – while accusing others of pedophilia, and using their past manipulations to justify their present scams

First of all, sorry for the silence, but I was busy in Manchester, UK, during the past few days.

As you can see in the following images, I was not arrested as Keshe announced when he claimed that I would go to prison if I tried to enter another country like the UK – it was just his usual empty talk – his big talk of influence in MI6 and MI5, as traditionally practiced by the false MESSiah. So in the past few days I was driving on the highways on which Keshe is no longer allowed to drive, due to his criminal record in the UK.


In fact KESHE FEARS to enter the UK. Even when his own mother died, the MESSiah refused to attend her funeral out of fear, so the coward sent his complicit wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose to the UK.

Here is a photo of the building (in the background on the left, behind the trees) where the SSI (School of Security Intelligence) started during World War 2, as part of the RAF. That’s probably the reason why Keshe now uses “KF SSI” as a name. As usual he stole someone else’s name to mock them. Officers of MI6 and MI5 were kind enough to show me around inside that historic building.


And here a photo of a pub where MI5 and MI6 agents frequently meet:


It was a nice trip around Manchester. And thanks to the support of more and more aware KF followers, I was meanwhile provided with all the latest info about Keshe’s insane claims.

The Keshe Foundation proved us right once again, when they posted for the n-th time their false “I offer you peace…” on the KF Facebook page, immediately followed by another attack on us on the “fakefactsaboutdirk” website. So much for their “peaceful” intentions. They are warmongering HYPOCRITES. Take that as an insult if you like, it’s simply the truth. Keshe is nothing but an egocentric bully with a twisted mind, and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and Sandor Kakasi could be his (black) soul mates. Keshe expects donations and everything else from others for free, but he himself has never served anyone in his whole life. The only thing he ever served was endless BS talk to naive listeners.

KF hypocrisy²

In that article posted on the “fakefactsaboutdirk” website, the KF goes to great lengths to come up with excuses and explanations why pedophilia is okay, as long as it is practiced in the Keshe Foundation, especially by MESSIE Keshe and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose.

They come up with references to communist regimes of the past and their outdated legal practices, but we are living in the NOW. Our previous post has shown enough REAL PROOF, so they can only come up with more spinning and fallacies. They connect the laws of a past communist regime to the Illuminati, and then they connect this mess to me, in order to slander me AGAIN. It is a FACT that the European yoga association has kicked the MISA cult out, due to illegal practices and organized crime, so any reference to a “communist regime” is misleading and outdated.

It is interesting how they focus on defending a convicted pedophile, one of Europe’s MOST WANTED, calling him innocent, while not long ago they kept attacking Sterling Allan for committing the same crime. So according to Keshe and his minions, Sterling Allan is a bad pedophile, while Gregorian Bivolaru is a good pedophile. This is what we call TWO-FACED. This is yet another trademark of NWO agents, or “Illuminati”. So again, they use multiple psychological projections to get their falsified points across. Their goal is to create chaos, and then to create “order out of chaos”, to set up their Islamic “One dictatorship” new world order.

But while defending the pedophile and their collaboration with his cult, they totally ignored all the other things we had mentioned, most importantly, the fact that none of the KF products work, and haven’t been working for the past 10+ years. So again, the KF distracts from their failures and scams by committing yet another crime: siding with a convicted pedophile.

They write: “Unlike Dirk Laureyssens, who invents false stories and writes blatant lies in the worst insulting manner, we limit our post to to the facts posted in publicly available references, which we believe they are reliable”, which is of course a giant fallacy in itself. WHO accused on the public fakefactsaboutdirk website that the Happy Cube company organized the collecting of children for abuse? WHO told that Dirk raped his two daughters? On what ground and “FACTS” was such dirt claimed and published? Based on a public police report or on an official conviction? NO. The REAL FACT: Dirk was never convicted of any crime. If such official conviction existed, you can be sure Vodka Sandor and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose would have published it. The LACK of a conviction is the reason why Vodka Kakasi, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and the Empty MESSiah, these three original sources of all imaginable dirt, were forced to desperately search for public information on the Internet, where they only found irrelevant dots that I had published myself. However that dirty little group turned these irrelevant dots into a dirty MESS, to accuse me of imaginary crimes which never took place.

The key words of their inverted slander are:

1) “lies”, another false accusation.

2) “invents false stories”? Another lie. What false stories have I invented? That the spaceship doesn’t fly? That Anna is still in coma? That GANS is dangerous stuff to eat or drink? That the Keshe 3KW-5KW generators were never delivered or even made? Are these false stories? NO. These are PROVEN FACTS.

3) “worst insulting manner”… so Keshe has not insulted me ? He FIRST called me an agent, a pedophile, a murderer, a drug trafficker, an Illuminati, he told me to go to hell and to get lost… after all the hard work I have done for him in good faith… is that the “polite” way the KF slander team pretends to stand for ? Did Keshe ever apologize ? NO. So to all in the KF slander team: You fake “politically correct” hypocrites can go to hell yourselves, you should feel very welcome and home there.

4) “we limit our post to the facts (…) which we BELIEVE they are reliable”… really ? Facts ? Facts which you BELIEVE are reliable ? That is a contradiction in itself. When Keshe BELIEVERS write about “facts”, then they are as true as any cultish mind-control talk. The sources they BELIEVE to be credible are propaganda sites such as RT, or some of those amateurish, childish conspiracy sites. Some people even still BELIEVE in Santa Claus and in Mickey Mouse.


A quick interlude about FACTS:
FACTS require proof, not sources which you BELIEVE in. has SHOWN FACTS and EVIDENCE, while the KF only connects random dots to fit their agenda, and uses fabricated evidence. But fabricated evidence is EVIDENCE OF THE FABRICATOR’S CRIMES. Didn’t you read the article in the Daily Mail that says that Bivolaru tried to have sex with MANY virgins ? So quoting only ONE person is not exactly “proof”. That one person, a young girl, CLAIMS she was forced to speak out against Bivolaru. But if such methods are used, it is also possible that she was FORCED TO MAKE THIS CLAIM UP to veil the truth! Maybe she was forced to claim that she was forced to speak out against Bivolaru? Forced by whom ? By the satanic mafia, which the KF is part of. Remember that Keshe and his minions always use DOUBLE or TRIPLE mirroring, so it’s not just simple psychological projection, but it is mirrored several times. And those with a lower IQ can’t follow this manipulation and then blindly believe Keshe.

By putting almost ALL the lies Keshe ever used against me together in KSW 166, he showed that he lives to blame and accuse, while he hypocritically claimed “We don’t punch, we elevate their souls.”

Remember the Keshe article on “Before it’s news” (BIN), a proven fake news site ?


Click here for a screenshot of the full article, which was deleted right after I pointed to it. Obviously Keshe wants to hide his past lies, so he can get away with his new ones.

That same fake news site (BIN) publishes fairy tales like this one: Adele Caught Shapeshifting Into Eight-Foot Reptilian In New Zealand. Look at the first picture! LOL! THIS is what impresses KF followers and other cult followers, and this is just ONE of countless, baseless fairy tales on one of many disinfo websites. Total nonsense and insanity. So it’s no surprise they still follow Kuku Keshe.

The KF lackeys also write: “With his latest desperate and rabid articles Mr. Laureyssens joined the tactics of the international masons and Illuminati in their games to harass and push in exile whistle-blowers, who expose the hidden truth, but their tentative character assassinations fail miserably.”

The key words here are:

1) “desperate”… interesting. I am not at all desperate, since unlike Keshe, I haven’t sold any fake products, and I also haven’t conducted any illegal human trials.

2) “joined the tactics of the international masons and Illuminati”… another psychological projection.

3) “harass”… who started the harassment in Bari in 2015 against me and blew it up with more slander until it became this big ? Bring that guy to justice first, before you slander others.

4) “whistle-blowers”… you mean like Project Camelot ? So-called “whistle-blowers”, who like you and your boss fabricate one insane lie after another ? Get real guys, you are living in a fantasy world created by the very Illuminati you CLAIM to oppose. Me thinks your whistle needs an urgent repair!

They further write: “Or he believes us so stupid, that we can’t find the truth?”

To the KF slander team: Stop asking trick questions! You guys aren’t even interested in the truth, so you are not trying to find it! You are only interested in spinning, fallacies and fake news, by using Roy Cohn‘s strategy to “deny and lie”, “bullying and intimidation” and “using attack as a defense” to get your way, the same way Trump has done. Your zionist bully connections become clearer and clearer!

Keshe drawing from the 144th KSW, showing “COHN” and “ZUUL” with an inverted “Z”

Zuul is a folklore reference to Baal (Beelzebub/Satan), the “prince of demons”.
Ufologists love folklore and movie references,
since that is the reality they live in.
Remember Kerry Cassidy and her “Jedi Warriors”?
The same way, KF followers consider themselves “bringers of light”,
but they are not aware that they are bringing Lucifer’s FALSE light.

So this COHN strategy is what Keshe really means, when he talks about Carbon-Oxygen-Hydrogen-Nitrogen. Keshe loves to send coded messages, and they ALWAYS have a negative meaning. That’s how he tries to intimidate and impress people. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help him in reducing his criminal baggage.

Strangely, the KF accuses ME of being an Illuminati, but look WHO is showing satanic Illuminati handsigns ?


To the authors of the fakefactsaboutdirk website: Do you not recognize your satanic master in the above picture ? WHO is an Illuminati ? YOU and YOUR MASTER are the ones who demonstrate over and over again that you are part of an occult, shadowy group, who keeps smearing the names of former, innocent KF supporters, only to get attention and cover the lack of honesty of your paymaster MESSiah Keshe. But in doing so, you keep doing wrong. You are the criminals, no matter how many times you mirror reality.

You corrupted spin doctors still haven’t learned an important lesson: God, not Satan, provides the right way. If you continue to lie for your false “MESSiah”, you will face the same common destiny and karma.

So yes, we consider you stupid. Feel insulted if you wish. You just can’t hide your stupidity. Someone who follows and supports Keshe for so long, even after he has been debunked so many times by so many people, can only be stupid, or morally depraved, or both. There is no other explanation for it. You only see the part of truth that you WANT to see, and you think if you find ONE dot, you can explain everything with it, but that’s not the case. And don’t forget, while you indeed have to FIND the truth about Keshe (if you were even interested), I KNOW it, because I have been next to him for a long time, due to his manipulations. What makes it even harder for you is the FACT that Keshe will NOT tell you the truth, no matter how loyal you are to him. You have fallen for a pathological liar and his tainted wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose.

You have fallen for his bribe of monthly Euro’s earned by fraud and meaningless conferences, but you probably enjoy it, being fraudsters yourself. Maybe I’m wrong, and you are only being used, the same way I have been used. The difference is that at one point I realized that Keshe is an abuser, while you continue to support him no matter what. So what are you trying to prove, you slandering bunch? That the truth is not the truth, but the opposite of itself? Then your soul belongs indeed to MESSiah Keshe, you are excellent students of his satanic teachings, and your soul is forever lost. Congratulations! However, you might have an incentive to sell your souls to the devil: Keshe pays you to attack people who left or refuse to join your cult. And if you accept such a deal, it makes your actions even more despicable.

I have seen comments on YOUR fakefacts website that threatened me, I reposted them on Keshevictims before you deleted them, everyone can see what kind of aggressive criminals support the KF… those were comments that YOU allowed, so you are COMPLICIT in making or allowing death threats against the lives of honest people. And now you allow comments again! You never learn, do you ? Encouraging people to make more threats, to please your satanic master? This adds another crime to your list. So don’t play smart, “Mr. Security”! Dive deeper into the criminal MESS of your MESSiah until you finally see the false brown “LIGHT”!

People need to look at how, after each one of our posts, the KF mirrors what we wrote, sometimes even using the same wording. That’s how parasites work, they use other people’s ideas as input, but pervert it for their own agenda. The goal is confuse KF followers, and they reaffirm their lies and slander against us. But this is not an ego battle, at least not for us. It is not us trying to say we are smarter or better. We are only pointing out the deceptions of the Keshe Foundation. And yes of course, they will claim the same, but pointing in the opposite direction – that is how Satanists/Illuminati work. They can only copy and mirror. Hence their use of the inverted christian cross, the inverted pagan pentacle, the satanic handsigns, and so on. It’s all upside down in their world view. The less Keshe has shown, the more they believe him. It is PROVEN that Keshe started this conflict based on a lie, Armen was the one who informed me about it, but now the KF STILL denies that fact. The real Judas in the core team is the Satanic twinity itself: Keshe and Carolina!

Keshe also seems to be jealous of my masters degree, as they keep mentioning it over and over again, as if it was a crime to have a higher degree than the holy MESSiah himself.  So the KF feels insulted when we speak the truth? We are very sorry that there is no nice way to describe crooks, so we just tell it like it is. There are enough witnesses who saw Keshe’s villa and the luxury that surrounds him, while they, the guests, had to sleep on the floor. So this is luxury which Keshe did NOT deserve, when he even treats his own followers like that. Luxury which he gained by BETRAYING other people. Keshe is not the Maitreya, he is the BETRAYA !

Also keep in mind that while Keshe regularly attacks Belgium, he used to live there for years himself. And who else is Belgian ? Right, his wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose. Is she the driving Illuminati force behind the evil Keshe Foundation cult ? Broken, brainwashed and used as a puppet on a string ? Is she Keshe’s handler ?

So even the spinning of reality, which the KF is able to do so well, is being blamed on their victims. This is pure (but poor) satanic magic. Keshe, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and Vodka Sandor seem to be waiting all day for new impulses from the outside, and when they can steal and use them, they do, but when they are not in their favour, they mirror them and blame them on others.

They talk about apologies. Nobody gets arrested several times for no reason. And why did Bivolaru have to change his name, if he is innocent ? Fact: cult followers believe in conspiracy theories. Let the authorities find out the truth. We are 100% sure the ULTIMATE authority will make a judgement at the end.

Talking about apologies: will Keshe ever apologize to me for his hundreds of FALSE accusations against me ? If not, then the KF cannot expect any apology from anyone else. Again, Keshe started this conflict, and he refuses to confess his guilt. Instead, he goes on and on, adding more slander, while pretending to want peace. Like the MISA cult, the KF cult refuses to change their attitude, that’s why nobody with good reputation wants to work with them, so they are stuck with other criminals.

Quote from our previous post:

“(…) Grieg Bivolaru and all people linked to the MISA/NATHA organization are immediately expelled from our organization and that we stop their membership, because (…) it has been proven that they are not busy with Yoga in whatever form, that they even use Yoga as a cover for illegal practices, that they do not respect the rules and standards of our organization, that they show an unheard lack of moral integrity, and cannot be convinced to change their attitude.”

Focus on: “(…) cannot be convinced to change their attitude”… so they still continue after they have been caught over and over again, exactly like MESSiah Keshe. That is the definition of a predatory abuser. This kind of abuser is being defended by the Keshe Foundation. Why ? Because Keshe has the same kind of mentality, and the MISA cult might bring new members into the now highly criminal KF.

You all need to realize the purpose of this “fakefactsaboutdirk” article. They posted it for only two reasons:

1) They try to distract from the FACTS about Keshe’s insanity and frauds, they attack the whistleblowers, and try to stop them from disclosing the truth

2) If Keshe gets arrested, he will play the victim, and he and his followers will use the same false reasoning to claim that Keshe is an innocent victim of the “Illuminati”, because they allegedly want to silence “scientists”. If only Keshe had any idea about science! Science is about correctness of facts, not about turning false or unrelated “facts” into a conclusion that fits a desired outcome. Like I wrote before, MESSiah Keshe created his own CONSPIRACY THEORY: “The bad people want to kill me (MT Keshe), because my inventions and theory could bring Humanity a kind of freedom, the horn of plenty, and the tree of knowledge.”

The KF relies on their followers’ belief in such conspiracy theories, frequently using the usual conspiracy theory dealing with suppression by authorities, which is used by basically ANY scam artist and “free energy” inventor in the world. These are ridiculous claims that only naive people still believe in. Keshe is simply not in a position to save the world, or to boast about technologies, because he doesn’t have any working ones. If some naive person gives him a working technology, you can be sure Keshe WILL abuse it and use it to HIS advantage only. And it will expose everyone who claimed that the Magrav works as another greedy scam artist. And those who worked on replicating Magravs will get very mad at Keshe for having been fooled.

Keshe already announced in the 166th KSW that from now on, he will no longer teach, so his arrest is probably imminent. But of course he lied about it by coming up with all kinds of BS reasons, so he didn’t have to admit he is guilty.

Keshe also confirmed: “We defend our case on the ground that we’ve been the victims, not the attackers.”  So indeed Keshe confirms he is a narcissist who DID attack for many years, but once he gets caught, he will play the victim. A typical “poor me me me” BS artist. A bullying coward who plays strong as long as he is allowed, but once the legal system steps in, he shits his pants. Keshe even admitted: “We have organized with the biggest state organized mafia in the state of Belgium.”  So this is the final proof of Keshe’s criminality. And this guy boasts about working with the international court of justice ? Incredible.

He said about Bivolaru: “The man has been jailed by pedophiles who accused him of being a pedophile.”  Really? Where is the proof? If Keshe’s words are true, then even his own slander team, who writes the “fakefactsaboutdirk”, contradicted him, as they told the story quite differently. According to Keshe, communist regimes are pedophiles too ? That means he insulted several nations in this workshop, and that will mean more trouble for the KF. Obviously in the KF, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand does. Indeed Keshe said “I put a request out: do not give us money”, while at the end of the workshop, Rick persistantly mentioned all the ways to donate to the KF, so people can continue to finance this huge scam. So officially, Keshe denies collecting donations so nobody can blame him for defrauding people, while behind the back of the authorities the KF still continues the fraud. TWO-FACED. Evil is as evil does.

Further Keshe mentioned that “A number of people in the KF will be moved out, we are very clear about it (…) Their souls have not elevated”, which translates in the real world to: “They started questioning Keshe.”

Keshe’s scariest egocentric quote from KSW 166 was: “From now on we teach as masters and not as humans.”  Does that mean that Keshe is not human, but a negative ET hybrid… or a Reptilian 😉 ? That would explain his ability to ENTRAIN the minds of his followers… an ability which is not native to humans (yet)!

Keshe also claimed that from now on, the KF will support people who have “illegally” been arrested although they are “innocent”, so the KF now becomes an official supporter of criminals, and this will also make KF followers believe that Keshe is innocent, even if he gets arrested. Then as usual, the correct people will be portrayed as the “criminals” who took the “correct KF people” to prison. This is non-stop psychological projection, to accuse others of Keshe’s own crimes. It must take a lot of energy to lie non-stop… and that is probably the reason why he is getting tired of it, and claiming to “step down”, because sucking the energy out of his followers is no longer enough to satisfy parasite Keshe’s hunger for attention. The greed is slowly draining him.

Maybe the KF is just mirroring the situation, calling Bivolaru innocent although he is guilty, but in reality, they are planning to do to me, what they claimed has been done to Bivolaru: they want to get me to prison under a false pretense, using forged documents and website databases, as they seem to be very skilled at using such illegal methods. That’s probably what Keshe meant when he said “Governments can fabricate anything in court”, so that is what he plans to do himself, and what might be his defense when he gets arrested. Probably he also got advice from his convicted pedophile friend Bivolaru, who is experienced in misleading the authorities.

To the KF slander team: If you are so truthful, then why did you remove some of your older “fakefacts” articles ? Is your truth not valid for more than just a few days ? Why don’t YOU tell the REAL truth: LEGAL ACTION or legal advise of your own lawyers has brought those posts down, because they were full of fallacies, slander and insinuations. But you corrupted bunch will do anything to keep your cult going, because outside of it, you are NOBODY, and that is your biggest fear. Without attention, you feel miserable, because all you care for is YOURSELF. ME ME ME!

With Keshe we are dealing with one of the biggest criminals, who talks openly about his plans because as all you KF conspiracy theorists know, the Illuminati always announce their crimes in advance. So before Illuminati agent Keshe gets fully exposed, he retires and tries to escape from law enforcement by using more lies and by playing the victim of his own lies.

Keshe reminds us more and more of a character out of Grimm’s fairy tale “Rumpelstiltskin“, a little devil who promises all kinds of miracles in exchange for little children. But the ultimate motive behind this deal, according to psychologists, is narcissistic self-admiration. So playing the superior boss, the MESSiah, while using deceptions… exactly like Keshe. But at the end, the little devil gets exposed and disappears to hell. In the 166th KSW (Numerology 616/666), Keshe acted exactly like that, and maybe soon he will go back to where he came from. That’s why he spoke about a punishment of 6000 years.

Narcissists and demagogues like Keshe, Trump, Erdogan or Kim Jong-un will always keep bullying, but they cannot win. Eventually they will get caught, and then, even if their lies and cults continue for a while longer, those who know the truth will move on without them, while the cults continue their lies and mind-control as long as it works. Only real, public disclosure of the truth can put an end to this insanity.

The whole KF situation also reminds us of a weird joke that was made a few years ago.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like Keshe ?

Everyone knows that Keshe is the criminal, thus they have to use all their efforts to discredit me, because I have been telling the truth. Keshe, not me, is the one who does illegal medical trials, similar to people like Jim Humble (another Camelot/Ufology guy), who has been selling an inefficient and probably even harmful substance for years, and even created a cult around it, exactly like Keshe has done. And where do his trials allegedly take place ? In Africa. So again, Keshe used someone else’s scam and copied it.

Here another one of the many “world saver” scams, the meanwhile famous Rosch AG (famous not for any accomplishment, but for running a scam):


Look at how the writing on the car says “$aveThePlanet AG”… the dollar sign clearly shows what these scammers (including Ke$he) are trying to save: their scammed money and their own a$$es – not the planet. You can read more about the Rosch case here.

There are too many scammers out there, they partly work together, or they steal from each other or copy each other. And when it goes wrong, they blame it on others and use that old “we are being suppressed by whoever” trick. They are always the victims, always innocent, always the saviours… but only in their twisted minds. It’s a kind of fake news syndication and scam network of… Masons and Illuminati. WE exposed this scam network. Not Bivolaru, the convicted pedophile guru, who is being defended by his close friend and colleague MESSiah Keshe and his panicking bunch of liars, exposed this scam network, but WE did, here on Accept no imitations!  🙂

Since this article is already quite long, we will publish part 2 in the next post. Stay tuned!


Keshe denies his PROVEN pedophile contacts – how many other cults are involved ?

As reported in our previous post, Keshe has agreed to collaborate with a Romanian pedophile cult. He obviously has no choice, because no legitimate, professional and ethically correct organization will accept this swindler MESS-iah Keshe, so he can only collaborate with crooks and criminals, even though he continues to blame all his criminality on others in order to maintain his imaginary, flawless self-image, which is nothing but an empty facade.


M.T. Keshe and Giovanni Lapadula at the MISA cult meeting

That cult, which calls itself “MISA”, pretends to be a yoga school on the outside, the same way the Keshe Foundation presents itself as a scientific organization on the outside. But the hideous truth is hidden deep inside, behind several layers of deception. In the 165th KSW, Keshe of course denied his NOW PROVEN pedophile contacts and blamed others of pedophilia again.

If you have read all of, and followed all the links and video links, you will see that we are not the only ones who have exposed the Keshe Foundation over the past two years.

There are too many individuals who can see the truth, so if Keshe claims that we are “Illuminati” who want to stop him (because allegedly he is soooo important), he only makes a fool out of himself, as he has done so many times before, using the usual conspiracy theories that work so well with cult followers. Chances are that Keshe himself is a REAL Illuminati, as he lies as soon as he opens his mouth. Perpetual lying is their trademark.

Just look at what has been promised and what has been delivered. NOTHING has been delivered, except years of empty talk. MESS-iah Keshe promised a flying car, a spaceship, a cure for all diseases, shielding, instant communication, and so many other things, but look at what they are really selling: t-shirts, water, soap, and expensive blue plastic boxes filled with rusty coils. What does this have to do with plasma or space technology ?

Misleading advertisements printed on t-shirts

Problem: There is no plasma and no real peace in the KF.
It is just one big, criminal deception. A dictatorship.

Keshe’s KSW’s seem more like a do-it-yourself class for toddlers than a space organization. In addition to that, claims of certification are made about all the products made in Africa, which can never be validated by customers in the EU or in America. So they will continue to transfer their money to Keshe, only to find out that they never receive the products they ordered. Plus the water and the soap are either contaminated with oxide (“GANS”) and therefore toxic, or the water is really just water, but then it is still criminal and illegal to sell it at such a high price as a “special health product”. So no matter how you twist and turn it, the KF remains a huge scam.

And yet Keshe continues his megalomaniac talk about wanting to build a launch platform for space travel, in collaboration with the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission. But such a launch platform contradicts Keshe’s own fantasy spaceship concept. That Keshe spaceship only needs an open space somewhere on Earth that is large enough for the ship to take off and land. An open space on a farm field is sufficient. Thus this “LAUNCH PLATFORM” is a fake project to collect 250 million $! It’s another spin to mislead his followers and simple-minded, retarded investors. So the 250 millions $ are needed for something else! There is a secret reason.

And by the way, the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission is in heavy debt, they can’t even afford to pay their electricity bills or have light in their labs, so they had to shut them down, as this article shows. Is that why Keshe wants 250 million dollars, so he can BUY the GAEC and play the big boss in a black nation ? Is that the decoy project MESS-iah Keshe designed during his 6 months stay in Iran, together with Iran’s Republic Guards? A decoy project to fool the USA, Europe and Russia, and to promote an Islamic NWO? One Islamic World controlled by Iran ?

But even playing the big boss won’t turn a fake technology into a working spaceship. The whole KF scam is SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE, it’s impossible not to see that! Sure, Keshe might come up with some lunatic story, saying that if you slip on one of his GANS soaps, stumble, and hit your head on a rock, you might dream of going to space. To KF followers, that is probably the same as real space travel. It’s sad but true.

And who else, if not an Illuminati/Satanist/Luciferian/Zionist/Wahhabist, would say things like
(1) “(…) you find out that your soul has become bigger than the soul of Christ”,
(2) “You understand, you’re all puppets”, or
(3) “Your soul is a banking system” ?

These are sick statements to the ears of a normal person, but to the average KF follower, these are expressions of DEEP wisdom! So this shows once again Keshe’s blasphemy, greed and control addiction. The above quotes were taken from the 165th KSW.

Keshe went from his original “I am the Messiah” (which he has been reaffirming for years), to his recent “You all are Messiahs”, and now to his latest interpretation of his own fantastic claims “We are not Messiahs” (in the 165th KSW). So another 180 degree turn. Again, this shows that the information in Keshe’s workshops is zero. If he could just shut up, people would learn the same thing: nothing. Instead they would gain something: less confusion. AND they would save a lot of money. Just ask yourself why Keshe says (4) “Physicality has no meaning”, while he begs for 250 million $ in the same workshop. Then ask yourself why anyone with a brain would still believe him. The answer: naivity and cultic mind-control.

Keshe also slandered again and said:
(5) “They accuse one of the top scientists of pedophilia and then they take him to prison.”

First of all, WE took nobody to prison, as we don’t have the power to do so. We only report about the Keshe Foundation’s crimes. Reporting the truth is not a crime, it is a necessity if we want to free humanity from the liars, deceivers and oppressors. Secondly, we don’t “accuse” anyone, but our report is based on OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION by the OFFICIAL LEGAL AUTHORITIES, which is easy to see. Please check for yourself and you will find all the evidence on the internet. There is however also a number of websites that defend the MISA founder, but they were all set up by MISA followers. Given the overwhelming publicly available evidence, we must conclude that those who defend Bivolaru are either also involved in pedophilia or fully dependent on him (emotionally or financially). So their situation is similar to the KF: the followers protect the criminal cult leader. However, the legal system still works, and so the criminals do eventually get arrested.

We are dealing with reality here, not with fantasy stories of KF followers. Unfortunately, disinformation spreads like a disease and so it can mislead many people into thinking that any claims made by such cult leaders are valid. What KF followers and cult leaders and followers in general have to realize that there are enough people out there who uphold the law… REAL law, not the crooked law of narcissistic cult leaders, where everything is upside down. When Keshe speaks, you need to assume the opposite to get to the truth.

MESSiah Keshe is not a fully graduated scientist, who finished the complete university education of a nuclear engineer. MESSiah Keshe is a bachelor, not a Master, not a Ph.D., not a professor. That is why he had added to his image his divine source: “I am the Messiah”, and “I am a descendant of Moses” (his popular Jewish family scam that has been going for hundreds of years).

So let’s take a closer look at this Romanian MISA “yoga school” and their “top scientist”. He is as much of a “top scientist” as Keshe is: both are FRAUDSTERS and have NOTHING to do with science. The following quotes are taken from this source, which lists many of the new age conspiracy scams.

“Gregorian Bivolaru (born March 12, 1952, aka Yogacharya Grieg, Atma, nickname Grieg or Grig) is an author from Romania, a conspiracy theorist, and founder of the cult “Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute” (MISA). Bivolaru currently lives in Sweden where he was granted asylum, because he sees himself treated unfairly by Romanian authorities. He further feels he is prosecuted by a giant satanic conspiracy of Freemasons, Illuminati and reptiloids.”

Delusional fantasies… David Icke would be proud (or jealous?)

“Bivolaru calls himself a ‘Professor for Yoga'” (Notice the similarity: Keshe is called “Professor” too, although he is only an engineer. In the KF reality, pedophiles are called “professors”, while smart people are being called “pedophiles”)

“Bivolaru spreads Doomsday Visions” (Keshe does the same. Remember earthquake announcements, “Second Sun” fearmongering, and so on)

“Bivolaru affirms he has read a great many books, which led him to invent his own version of yoga in 1978. However, he first worked as a plumber, and only later became interested in yoga. In 1977 he was sentenced to one year in prison for spreading pornographic material, but profited from an amnesty by dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. In 1984 he was sentenced again for conspiring against Ceaucescu.”

“Together with 20 other “yoga-teachers”, Bivolaru was accused of trafficking in human beings, sexual assault, and sexual abuse of minors, which caused him to make a secret escape to Sweden. Furthermore, a lawyer formerly representing Bivolaru sued him for the amount of 666.666 Euro.”  (Interesting number. 666 is the number of the Beast/Antichrist. So WHO has Illuminati connections?)

In April 2008, the “European Yoga Council” excluded MISA from their list. MISA and all its international branches were banned from the International Yoga Federation and the European Yoga Aliance. Shri Yogacharya Ajita, president of the European Yoga Council of the European Yoga Alliance, explained:

“My official resolution as president of the European Yoga Council of the European Yoga Alliance is that Mihai Stoian, Grieg Bivolaru and all people linked to the MISA/NATHA organization are immediately expelled from our organization and that we stop their membership, because it has been proven that they are not busy with Yoga in whatever form, that they even use Yoga as a cover for illegal practices, that they do not respect the rules and standards of our organization, that they show an unheard lack of moral integrity, and cannot be convinced to change their attitude.

Mind you, these are people who call others “Illuminati”, while claiming “correct” ethos for themselves, exactly like Keshe has been doing. So like the Keshe Foundation, MISA is only a front organization for organized crime. That’s why they work together. These are criminals supporting each other. It now also makes sense that Sousan Alexander saw many trucks going in and out while Keshe was at LUM University: those trucks were probably full of children – an undercover child trafficking operation.

Screenshot of the MISA porn website, in 2011 still called “yogaesoteric” (sexist, exploitive Yoga???)

“Porn videos (e.g. “To pee or not to pee”) of a “secret test” of MISA appeared on the internet. This “spiritual test” concerned “urine orgasms” of MISA adepts during an annual MISA competition for “Miss Shakti”. The adepts had not given their consent to these recordings. In 2009, there where reports in Denmark regarding pornography and prostitution in the local branch.”   (Remember who talked frequently about “Pissing in the garden”? Right, Keshe.)

So we see the incredible similarity between Keshe and this extremely criminal individual Gregorian Bivolaru. We see how cults work, and what kind of deceptions they use. And if you have been reading our website, you will see that we have been describing and analyzing these cult deceptions for the past two years.

Both Keshe and Bivolaru mentioned on the MISA cult website

KF Romania has already been collaborating with the MISA cult for quite some time, as you can see in this article from 2016, so Keshe’s pedophile connections were obviously PLANNED, KNOWN and SUPPORTED by KF Romania. Did Keshe, by accusing everyone else of pedophilia by using psychological projection, unintentionally uncover that the Keshe Foundation is part of the global satanic pedophile mafia ? For sure KF Romania has been infiltrated by this pedophile MISA cult for a long time, and now recently Keshe tried to make some more connections to spread his criminal pedophile network to other countries, while distracting from it by accusing me and other critics of his own crimes.

An article about Bivolaru’s pedophilia was posted in the Daily Mail, called “Yoga guru who tried to have sex with 1,000 virgins so he could reach ‘a higher spiritual level’ is arrested in Paris after spending years on the run for sleeping with an underage girl”.

Keshe called this pedophile a “top scientist”

Another article: “Famous Romanian guru, one of Europe’s most wanted, captured in Paris”

And another one: “The dark side of a tantric cult”

Keshe voluntarily decided to work with MISA, the cult of this heavily criminal pedophile, which shows that Keshe’s “ethos” is worth as much as a pile of dog sh*t. Keshe’s real ethos is related to the crimes of his forefathers, based on terrible karma that is stored in his DNA. Over the years, Keshe’s ancestors falsified their family history, more specifically, as mentioned earlier, Keshe claims that he is a descendant of Moses. Additionally, little Mehran was sitting in the X-Ray machines of his father, which damaged his brain cells and their wiring. So basically that explains in a nutshell how Keshe became that crazy, and why he thinks he is the MESS-iah, although he now contradicts himself again, as usual. It’s never-ending insanity, partly inherited, partly self-made.

Yes, of course corruption and denial can and do occur at the highest level, but that doesn’t mean that the whole system is corrupted. We still have good people in law enforcement and in politics, and the bad ones are now being removed one by one. Keshe made up a lot of unsubstantiated claims and fantasy stories, which only conspiracy theorists or cult followers would believe. In the real world, things work a bit differently. If someone is arrested, there is usually a very good reason for it. And in the case of Bivolaru and Keshe, there is too much evidence, it just can’t be ignored.

Now of course Keshe once again accuses ME and other former KF members of being Illuminati and pedophiles, when Keshe himself has already gotten himself into deep trouble, and it is PROVEN in several police reports. His brainwashing might still work on a few leftover idiots, but 7 billion people can see that Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, Sandor Kakasi, Dr. Klaus Priller, and several others have caused damage and keep doing it. Not only once, but many times. The police knows the truth, and no, the police are not Illuminati, they don’t work for the ex-King of Belgium, and they are not pedophiles. Keshe and Carolina themselves are all the scum they blame on others, and they prove it over and over again by working with the worst of the worst criminals. And maybe in the near future, we will find out why Carolina was digging deep holes in their garden in Tiegem, allegedly adding more space for their chicken. What were those holes really made for ?

So… Bivolaru a “top scientist” ? Hardly. If Bivolaru is called a “top scientist”, then Keshe must be the the person who is desperately trying to unite all cults worldwide to achieve his beloved Luciferian, Islamic “New World Order” (aka “One planet, one nation, one race”). But unfortunately, that won’t happen, because not everyone is an idiot, and more importantly, some people are able to say NO to false Messiahs and to other power-hungry attention seekers.

As Keshe has done several times in the past, he might try to get away, or seek asylum the same way Bivolaru has done, but that doesn’t change the FACT that he is guilty of multiple crimes, including internet fraud, illegal medical trials, slander, insane threats, document fraud and identity theft, among other things. Defending such criminals the way their followers do only makes the followers complicit. That goes for both KF followers and MISA followers. An investigation into possible pedophile associations should be conducted immediately. We therefore ask our truth-loving readers to inform their local police and Interpol to look into this matter, so Keshe and his minions get arrested as soon as possible, before more children are harmed.

No matter what kind of excuses and deceptions Keshe comes up with, we agree that NOBODY should be pardonned for raping underage girls or boys. The reality of abuse, as committed by Bivolaru and other cult leaders, is horrific, and justice must be served to these predators.

Keshe called pedophile Bivolaru a “top scientist”. So in reality Keshe was trying to make his followers slowly accept pedophilia, to legitimize it and to make people accept lawlessness as the norm by calling it “correct ethos”, while at the same time calling innocents “pedophiles”. What a MESS! MESSiah Keshe also calls his uneducated, brainwashed followers “scientists” for no reason. So how many KF followers are involved in pedophilia and child trafficking themselves ? We have seen loyal KF followers from Canada (like Alain B., an Ufology member) trying to promote pornography on Facebook. How much are KF Arizona and other national KF’s involved in it ? If they do not oppose Keshe, we have to assume they support him and his crimes.

Now the even bigger question is: if the KF cult has started to collaborate with the MISA pedophile cult, HOW MANY MORE CULTS ARE INVOLVED ? IS THE WHOLE NEW AGE MOVEMENT PART OF IT ? IS SCIENTOLOGY PART OF IT ? IS UFOLOGY PART OF IT ?

If so, what are they trying to distract from with all their disinformation and brainwashing? The REAL truth about extra-terrestrials ? The REAL truth about our origin and our Creator ?

We are looking forward to the collapse of all these criminal cults, so that the TRUTH can finally be revealed. None of these cult followers are interested in the truth, they are only interested in money and fairy tales. Say NO to the deceivers, say NO to the promotion of a FALSE world peace!

Most humans are good, sincere people, therefore they DESERVE to know the truth. About everything. No self-proclaimed “enlightened” deceiver shall fool us any longer. We are done with those idiotic stories about fake universal councils, galactic federations of false light, stories of Camelot cult members claiming to have travelled to Mars, flat earthers, dracos or shape-shifting reptilian politicians. And we’ve had enough of the lies, the deceptions, the greed, and the power games of the puppet masters.

And about ET’s… we cannot exclude the possibility that they exist, but in any case we want the TRUTH about the extra-terrestrial REALITY, and we want proof, not fairy tales coming from narcissistic bigmouths like Keshe. And we are SURE the truth will come. We the people will prevail. The truth will prevail!

By the way, my bet challenge to Keshe for 25,000 Euro is still on. I am still waiting for Keshe’s response. NO CHEATS ALLOWED. Tic toc… does Keshe fear that the public might finally wake up to the REAL unknown truth about the Keshe Foundation and its criminal, pedophile history of predatory abuse ?