Keshe denies his PROVEN pedophile contacts – how many other cults are involved ?

As reported in our previous post, Keshe has agreed to collaborate with a Romanian pedophile cult. He obviously has no choice, because no legitimate, professional and ethically correct organization will accept this swindler MESS-iah Keshe, so he can only collaborate with crooks and criminals, even though he continues to blame all his criminality on others in order to maintain his imaginary, flawless self-image, which is nothing but an empty facade.


M.T. Keshe and Giovanni Lapadula at the MISA cult meeting

That cult, which calls itself “MISA”, pretends to be a yoga school on the outside, the same way the Keshe Foundation presents itself as a scientific organization on the outside. But the hideous truth is hidden deep inside, behind several layers of deception. In the 165th KSW, Keshe of course denied his NOW PROVEN pedophile contacts and blamed others of pedophilia again.

If you have read all of, and followed all the links and video links, you will see that we are not the only ones who have exposed the Keshe Foundation over the past two years.

There are too many individuals who can see the truth, so if Keshe claims that we are “Illuminati” who want to stop him (because allegedly he is soooo important), he only makes a fool out of himself, as he has done so many times before, using the usual conspiracy theories that work so well with cult followers. Chances are that Keshe himself is a REAL Illuminati, as he lies as soon as he opens his mouth. Perpetual lying is their trademark.

Just look at what has been promised and what has been delivered. NOTHING has been delivered, except years of empty talk. MESS-iah Keshe promised a flying car, a spaceship, a cure for all diseases, shielding, instant communication, and so many other things, but look at what they are really selling: t-shirts, water, soap, and expensive blue plastic boxes filled with rusty coils. What does this have to do with plasma or space technology ?

Misleading advertisements printed on t-shirts

Problem: There is no plasma and no real peace in the KF.
It is just one big, criminal deception. A dictatorship.

Keshe’s KSW’s seem more like a do-it-yourself class for toddlers than a space organization. In addition to that, claims of certification are made about all the products made in Africa, which can never be validated by customers in the EU or in America. So they will continue to transfer their money to Keshe, only to find out that they never receive the products they ordered. Plus the water and the soap are either contaminated with oxide (“GANS”) and therefore toxic, or the water is really just water, but then it is still criminal and illegal to sell it at such a high price as a “special health product”. So no matter how you twist and turn it, the KF remains a huge scam.

And yet Keshe continues his megalomaniac talk about wanting to build a launch platform for space travel, in collaboration with the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission. But such a launch platform contradicts Keshe’s own fantasy spaceship concept. That Keshe spaceship only needs an open space somewhere on Earth that is large enough for the ship to take off and land. An open space on a farm field is sufficient. Thus this “LAUNCH PLATFORM” is a fake project to collect 250 million $! It’s another spin to mislead his followers and simple-minded, retarded investors. So the 250 millions $ are needed for something else! There is a secret reason.

And by the way, the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission is in heavy debt, they can’t even afford to pay their electricity bills or have light in their labs, so they had to shut them down, as this article shows. Is that why Keshe wants 250 million dollars, so he can BUY the GAEC and play the big boss in a black nation ? Is that the decoy project MESS-iah Keshe designed during his 6 months stay in Iran, together with Iran’s Republic Guards? A decoy project to fool the USA, Europe and Russia, and to promote an Islamic NWO? One Islamic World controlled by Iran ?

But even playing the big boss won’t turn a fake technology into a working spaceship. The whole KF scam is SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE, it’s impossible not to see that! Sure, Keshe might come up with some lunatic story, saying that if you slip on one of his GANS soaps, stumble, and hit your head on a rock, you might dream of going to space. To KF followers, that is probably the same as real space travel. It’s sad but true.

And who else, if not an Illuminati/Satanist/Luciferian/Zionist/Wahhabist, would say things like
(1) “(…) you find out that your soul has become bigger than the soul of Christ”,
(2) “You understand, you’re all puppets”, or
(3) “Your soul is a banking system” ?

These are sick statements to the ears of a normal person, but to the average KF follower, these are expressions of DEEP wisdom! So this shows once again Keshe’s blasphemy, greed and control addiction. The above quotes were taken from the 165th KSW.

Keshe went from his original “I am the Messiah” (which he has been reaffirming for years), to his recent “You all are Messiahs”, and now to his latest interpretation of his own fantastic claims “We are not Messiahs” (in the 165th KSW). So another 180 degree turn. Again, this shows that the information in Keshe’s workshops is zero. If he could just shut up, people would learn the same thing: nothing. Instead they would gain something: less confusion. AND they would save a lot of money. Just ask yourself why Keshe says (4) “Physicality has no meaning”, while he begs for 250 million $ in the same workshop. Then ask yourself why anyone with a brain would still believe him. The answer: naivity and cultic mind-control.

Keshe also slandered again and said:
(5) “They accuse one of the top scientists of pedophilia and then they take him to prison.”

First of all, WE took nobody to prison, as we don’t have the power to do so. We only report about the Keshe Foundation’s crimes. Reporting the truth is not a crime, it is a necessity if we want to free humanity from the liars, deceivers and oppressors. Secondly, we don’t “accuse” anyone, but our report is based on OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION by the OFFICIAL LEGAL AUTHORITIES, which is easy to see. Please check for yourself and you will find all the evidence on the internet. There is however also a number of websites that defend the MISA founder, but they were all set up by MISA followers. Given the overwhelming publicly available evidence, we must conclude that those who defend Bivolaru are either also involved in pedophilia or fully dependent on him (emotionally or financially). So their situation is similar to the KF: the followers protect the criminal cult leader. However, the legal system still works, and so the criminals do eventually get arrested.

We are dealing with reality here, not with fantasy stories of KF followers. Unfortunately, disinformation spreads like a disease and so it can mislead many people into thinking that any claims made by such cult leaders are valid. What KF followers and cult leaders and followers in general have to realize that there are enough people out there who uphold the law… REAL law, not the crooked law of narcissistic cult leaders, where everything is upside down. When Keshe speaks, you need to assume the opposite to get to the truth.

MESSiah Keshe is not a fully graduated scientist, who finished the complete university education of a nuclear engineer. MESSiah Keshe is a bachelor, not a Master, not a Ph.D., not a professor. That is why he had added to his image his divine source: “I am the Messiah”, and “I am a descendant of Moses” (his popular Jewish family scam that has been going for hundreds of years).

So let’s take a closer look at this Romanian MISA “yoga school” and their “top scientist”. He is as much of a “top scientist” as Keshe is: both are FRAUDSTERS and have NOTHING to do with science. The following quotes are taken from this source, which lists many of the new age conspiracy scams.

“Gregorian Bivolaru (born March 12, 1952, aka Yogacharya Grieg, Atma, nickname Grieg or Grig) is an author from Romania, a conspiracy theorist, and founder of the cult “Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute” (MISA). Bivolaru currently lives in Sweden where he was granted asylum, because he sees himself treated unfairly by Romanian authorities. He further feels he is prosecuted by a giant satanic conspiracy of Freemasons, Illuminati and reptiloids.”

Delusional fantasies… David Icke would be proud (or jealous?)

“Bivolaru calls himself a ‘Professor for Yoga'” (Notice the similarity: Keshe is called “Professor” too, although he is only an engineer. In the KF reality, pedophiles are called “professors”, while smart people are being called “pedophiles”)

“Bivolaru spreads Doomsday Visions” (Keshe does the same. Remember earthquake announcements, “Second Sun” fearmongering, and so on)

“Bivolaru affirms he has read a great many books, which led him to invent his own version of yoga in 1978. However, he first worked as a plumber, and only later became interested in yoga. In 1977 he was sentenced to one year in prison for spreading pornographic material, but profited from an amnesty by dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. In 1984 he was sentenced again for conspiring against Ceaucescu.”

“Together with 20 other “yoga-teachers”, Bivolaru was accused of trafficking in human beings, sexual assault, and sexual abuse of minors, which caused him to make a secret escape to Sweden. Furthermore, a lawyer formerly representing Bivolaru sued him for the amount of 666.666 Euro.”  (Interesting number. 666 is the number of the Beast/Antichrist. So WHO has Illuminati connections?)

In April 2008, the “European Yoga Council” excluded MISA from their list. MISA and all its international branches were banned from the International Yoga Federation and the European Yoga Aliance. Shri Yogacharya Ajita, president of the European Yoga Council of the European Yoga Alliance, explained:

“My official resolution as president of the European Yoga Council of the European Yoga Alliance is that Mihai Stoian, Grieg Bivolaru and all people linked to the MISA/NATHA organization are immediately expelled from our organization and that we stop their membership, because it has been proven that they are not busy with Yoga in whatever form, that they even use Yoga as a cover for illegal practices, that they do not respect the rules and standards of our organization, that they show an unheard lack of moral integrity, and cannot be convinced to change their attitude.

Mind you, these are people who call others “Illuminati”, while claiming “correct” ethos for themselves, exactly like Keshe has been doing. So like the Keshe Foundation, MISA is only a front organization for organized crime. That’s why they work together. These are criminals supporting each other. It now also makes sense that Sousan Alexander saw many trucks going in and out while Keshe was at LUM University: those trucks were probably full of children – an undercover child trafficking operation.

Screenshot of the MISA porn website, in 2011 still called “yogaesoteric” (sexist, exploitive Yoga???)

“Porn videos (e.g. “To pee or not to pee”) of a “secret test” of MISA appeared on the internet. This “spiritual test” concerned “urine orgasms” of MISA adepts during an annual MISA competition for “Miss Shakti”. The adepts had not given their consent to these recordings. In 2009, there where reports in Denmark regarding pornography and prostitution in the local branch.”   (Remember who talked frequently about “Pissing in the garden”? Right, Keshe.)

So we see the incredible similarity between Keshe and this extremely criminal individual Gregorian Bivolaru. We see how cults work, and what kind of deceptions they use. And if you have been reading our website, you will see that we have been describing and analyzing these cult deceptions for the past two years.

Both Keshe and Bivolaru mentioned on the MISA cult website

KF Romania has already been collaborating with the MISA cult for quite some time, as you can see in this article from 2016, so Keshe’s pedophile connections were obviously PLANNED, KNOWN and SUPPORTED by KF Romania. Did Keshe, by accusing everyone else of pedophilia by using psychological projection, unintentionally uncover that the Keshe Foundation is part of the global satanic pedophile mafia ? For sure KF Romania has been infiltrated by this pedophile MISA cult for a long time, and now recently Keshe tried to make some more connections to spread his criminal pedophile network to other countries, while distracting from it by accusing me and other critics of his own crimes.

An article about Bivolaru’s pedophilia was posted in the Daily Mail, called “Yoga guru who tried to have sex with 1,000 virgins so he could reach ‘a higher spiritual level’ is arrested in Paris after spending years on the run for sleeping with an underage girl”.

Keshe called this pedophile a “top scientist”

Another article: “Famous Romanian guru, one of Europe’s most wanted, captured in Paris”

And another one: “The dark side of a tantric cult”

Keshe voluntarily decided to work with MISA, the cult of this heavily criminal pedophile, which shows that Keshe’s “ethos” is worth as much as a pile of dog sh*t. Keshe’s real ethos is related to the crimes of his forefathers, based on terrible karma that is stored in his DNA. Over the years, Keshe’s ancestors falsified their family history, more specifically, as mentioned earlier, Keshe claims that he is a descendant of Moses. Additionally, little Mehran was sitting in the X-Ray machines of his father, which damaged his brain cells and their wiring. So basically that explains in a nutshell how Keshe became that crazy, and why he thinks he is the MESS-iah, although he now contradicts himself again, as usual. It’s never-ending insanity, partly inherited, partly self-made.

Yes, of course corruption and denial can and do occur at the highest level, but that doesn’t mean that the whole system is corrupted. We still have good people in law enforcement and in politics, and the bad ones are now being removed one by one. Keshe made up a lot of unsubstantiated claims and fantasy stories, which only conspiracy theorists or cult followers would believe. In the real world, things work a bit differently. If someone is arrested, there is usually a very good reason for it. And in the case of Bivolaru and Keshe, there is too much evidence, it just can’t be ignored.

Now of course Keshe once again accuses ME and other former KF members of being Illuminati and pedophiles, when Keshe himself has already gotten himself into deep trouble, and it is PROVEN in several police reports. His brainwashing might still work on a few leftover idiots, but 7 billion people can see that Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, Sandor Kakasi, Dr. Klaus Priller, and several others have caused damage and keep doing it. Not only once, but many times. The police knows the truth, and no, the police are not Illuminati, they don’t work for the ex-King of Belgium, and they are not pedophiles. Keshe and Carolina themselves are all the scum they blame on others, and they prove it over and over again by working with the worst of the worst criminals. And maybe in the near future, we will find out why Carolina was digging deep holes in their garden in Tiegem, allegedly adding more space for their chicken. What were those holes really made for ?

So… Bivolaru a “top scientist” ? Hardly. If Bivolaru is called a “top scientist”, then Keshe must be the the person who is desperately trying to unite all cults worldwide to achieve his beloved Luciferian, Islamic “New World Order” (aka “One planet, one nation, one race”). But unfortunately, that won’t happen, because not everyone is an idiot, and more importantly, some people are able to say NO to false Messiahs and to other power-hungry attention seekers.

As Keshe has done several times in the past, he might try to get away, or seek asylum the same way Bivolaru has done, but that doesn’t change the FACT that he is guilty of multiple crimes, including internet fraud, illegal medical trials, slander, insane threats, document fraud and identity theft, among other things. Defending such criminals the way their followers do only makes the followers complicit. That goes for both KF followers and MISA followers. An investigation into possible pedophile associations should be conducted immediately. We therefore ask our truth-loving readers to inform their local police and Interpol to look into this matter, so Keshe and his minions get arrested as soon as possible, before more children are harmed.

No matter what kind of excuses and deceptions Keshe comes up with, we agree that NOBODY should be pardonned for raping underage girls or boys. The reality of abuse, as committed by Bivolaru and other cult leaders, is horrific, and justice must be served to these predators.

Keshe called pedophile Bivolaru a “top scientist”. So in reality Keshe was trying to make his followers slowly accept pedophilia, to legitimize it and to make people accept lawlessness as the norm by calling it “correct ethos”, while at the same time calling innocents “pedophiles”. What a MESS! MESSiah Keshe also calls his uneducated, brainwashed followers “scientists” for no reason. So how many KF followers are involved in pedophilia and child trafficking themselves ? We have seen loyal KF followers from Canada (like Alain B., an Ufology member) trying to promote pornography on Facebook. How much are KF Arizona and other national KF’s involved in it ? If they do not oppose Keshe, we have to assume they support him and his crimes.

Now the even bigger question is: if the KF cult has started to collaborate with the MISA pedophile cult, HOW MANY MORE CULTS ARE INVOLVED ? IS THE WHOLE NEW AGE MOVEMENT PART OF IT ? IS SCIENTOLOGY PART OF IT ? IS UFOLOGY PART OF IT ?

If so, what are they trying to distract from with all their disinformation and brainwashing? The REAL truth about extra-terrestrials ? The REAL truth about our origin and our Creator ?

We are looking forward to the collapse of all these criminal cults, so that the TRUTH can finally be revealed. None of these cult followers are interested in the truth, they are only interested in money and fairy tales. Say NO to the deceivers, say NO to the promotion of a FALSE world peace!

Most humans are good, sincere people, therefore they DESERVE to know the truth. About everything. No self-proclaimed “enlightened” deceiver shall fool us any longer. We are done with those idiotic stories about fake universal councils, galactic federations of false light, stories of Camelot cult members claiming to have travelled to Mars, flat earthers, dracos or shape-shifting reptilian politicians. And we’ve had enough of the lies, the deceptions, the greed, and the power games of the puppet masters.

And about ET’s… we cannot exclude the possibility that they exist, but in any case we want the TRUTH about the extra-terrestrial REALITY, and we want proof, not fairy tales coming from narcissistic bigmouths like Keshe. And we are SURE the truth will come. We the people will prevail. The truth will prevail!

By the way, my bet challenge to Keshe for 25,000 Euro is still on. I am still waiting for Keshe’s response. NO CHEATS ALLOWED. Tic toc… does Keshe fear that the public might finally wake up to the REAL unknown truth about the Keshe Foundation and its criminal, pedophile history of predatory abuse ?