Keshe Foundation defends convicted pedophile AGAIN – while accusing others of pedophilia, and using their past manipulations to justify their present scams

First of all, sorry for the silence, but I was busy in Manchester, UK, during the past few days.

As you can see in the following images, I was not arrested as Keshe announced when he claimed that I would go to prison if I tried to enter another country like the UK – it was just his usual empty talk – his big talk of influence in MI6 and MI5, as traditionally practiced by the false MESSiah. So in the past few days I was driving on the highways on which Keshe is no longer allowed to drive, due to his criminal record in the UK.


In fact KESHE FEARS to enter the UK. Even when his own mother died, the MESSiah refused to attend her funeral out of fear, so the coward sent his complicit wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose to the UK.

Here is a photo of the building (in the background on the left, behind the trees) where the SSI (School of Security Intelligence) started during World War 2, as part of the RAF. That’s probably the reason why Keshe now uses “KF SSI” as a name. As usual he stole someone else’s name to mock them. Officers of MI6 and MI5 were kind enough to show me around inside that historic building.


And here a photo of a pub where MI5 and MI6 agents frequently meet:


It was a nice trip around Manchester. And thanks to the support of more and more aware KF followers, I was meanwhile provided with all the latest info about Keshe’s insane claims.

The Keshe Foundation proved us right once again, when they posted for the n-th time their false “I offer you peace…” on the KF Facebook page, immediately followed by another attack on us on the “fakefactsaboutdirk” website. So much for their “peaceful” intentions. They are warmongering HYPOCRITES. Take that as an insult if you like, it’s simply the truth. Keshe is nothing but an egocentric bully with a twisted mind, and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and Sandor Kakasi could be his (black) soul mates. Keshe expects donations and everything else from others for free, but he himself has never served anyone in his whole life. The only thing he ever served was endless BS talk to naive listeners.

KF hypocrisy²

In that article posted on the “fakefactsaboutdirk” website, the KF goes to great lengths to come up with excuses and explanations why pedophilia is okay, as long as it is practiced in the Keshe Foundation, especially by MESSIE Keshe and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose.

They come up with references to communist regimes of the past and their outdated legal practices, but we are living in the NOW. Our previous post has shown enough REAL PROOF, so they can only come up with more spinning and fallacies. They connect the laws of a past communist regime to the Illuminati, and then they connect this mess to me, in order to slander me AGAIN. It is a FACT that the European yoga association has kicked the MISA cult out, due to illegal practices and organized crime, so any reference to a “communist regime” is misleading and outdated.

It is interesting how they focus on defending a convicted pedophile, one of Europe’s MOST WANTED, calling him innocent, while not long ago they kept attacking Sterling Allan for committing the same crime. So according to Keshe and his minions, Sterling Allan is a bad pedophile, while Gregorian Bivolaru is a good pedophile. This is what we call TWO-FACED. This is yet another trademark of NWO agents, or “Illuminati”. So again, they use multiple psychological projections to get their falsified points across. Their goal is to create chaos, and then to create “order out of chaos”, to set up their Islamic “One dictatorship” new world order.

But while defending the pedophile and their collaboration with his cult, they totally ignored all the other things we had mentioned, most importantly, the fact that none of the KF products work, and haven’t been working for the past 10+ years. So again, the KF distracts from their failures and scams by committing yet another crime: siding with a convicted pedophile.

They write: “Unlike Dirk Laureyssens, who invents false stories and writes blatant lies in the worst insulting manner, we limit our post to to the facts posted in publicly available references, which we believe they are reliable”, which is of course a giant fallacy in itself. WHO accused on the public fakefactsaboutdirk website that the Happy Cube company organized the collecting of children for abuse? WHO told that Dirk raped his two daughters? On what ground and “FACTS” was such dirt claimed and published? Based on a public police report or on an official conviction? NO. The REAL FACT: Dirk was never convicted of any crime. If such official conviction existed, you can be sure Vodka Sandor and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose would have published it. The LACK of a conviction is the reason why Vodka Kakasi, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and the Empty MESSiah, these three original sources of all imaginable dirt, were forced to desperately search for public information on the Internet, where they only found irrelevant dots that I had published myself. However that dirty little group turned these irrelevant dots into a dirty MESS, to accuse me of imaginary crimes which never took place.

The key words of their inverted slander are:

1) “lies”, another false accusation.

2) “invents false stories”? Another lie. What false stories have I invented? That the spaceship doesn’t fly? That Anna is still in coma? That GANS is dangerous stuff to eat or drink? That the Keshe 3KW-5KW generators were never delivered or even made? Are these false stories? NO. These are PROVEN FACTS.

3) “worst insulting manner”… so Keshe has not insulted me ? He FIRST called me an agent, a pedophile, a murderer, a drug trafficker, an Illuminati, he told me to go to hell and to get lost… after all the hard work I have done for him in good faith… is that the “polite” way the KF slander team pretends to stand for ? Did Keshe ever apologize ? NO. So to all in the KF slander team: You fake “politically correct” hypocrites can go to hell yourselves, you should feel very welcome and home there.

4) “we limit our post to the facts (…) which we BELIEVE they are reliable”… really ? Facts ? Facts which you BELIEVE are reliable ? That is a contradiction in itself. When Keshe BELIEVERS write about “facts”, then they are as true as any cultish mind-control talk. The sources they BELIEVE to be credible are propaganda sites such as RT, or some of those amateurish, childish conspiracy sites. Some people even still BELIEVE in Santa Claus and in Mickey Mouse.


A quick interlude about FACTS:
FACTS require proof, not sources which you BELIEVE in. has SHOWN FACTS and EVIDENCE, while the KF only connects random dots to fit their agenda, and uses fabricated evidence. But fabricated evidence is EVIDENCE OF THE FABRICATOR’S CRIMES. Didn’t you read the article in the Daily Mail that says that Bivolaru tried to have sex with MANY virgins ? So quoting only ONE person is not exactly “proof”. That one person, a young girl, CLAIMS she was forced to speak out against Bivolaru. But if such methods are used, it is also possible that she was FORCED TO MAKE THIS CLAIM UP to veil the truth! Maybe she was forced to claim that she was forced to speak out against Bivolaru? Forced by whom ? By the satanic mafia, which the KF is part of. Remember that Keshe and his minions always use DOUBLE or TRIPLE mirroring, so it’s not just simple psychological projection, but it is mirrored several times. And those with a lower IQ can’t follow this manipulation and then blindly believe Keshe.

By putting almost ALL the lies Keshe ever used against me together in KSW 166, he showed that he lives to blame and accuse, while he hypocritically claimed “We don’t punch, we elevate their souls.”

Remember the Keshe article on “Before it’s news” (BIN), a proven fake news site ?


Click here for a screenshot of the full article, which was deleted right after I pointed to it. Obviously Keshe wants to hide his past lies, so he can get away with his new ones.

That same fake news site (BIN) publishes fairy tales like this one: Adele Caught Shapeshifting Into Eight-Foot Reptilian In New Zealand. Look at the first picture! LOL! THIS is what impresses KF followers and other cult followers, and this is just ONE of countless, baseless fairy tales on one of many disinfo websites. Total nonsense and insanity. So it’s no surprise they still follow Kuku Keshe.

The KF lackeys also write: “With his latest desperate and rabid articles Mr. Laureyssens joined the tactics of the international masons and Illuminati in their games to harass and push in exile whistle-blowers, who expose the hidden truth, but their tentative character assassinations fail miserably.”

The key words here are:

1) “desperate”… interesting. I am not at all desperate, since unlike Keshe, I haven’t sold any fake products, and I also haven’t conducted any illegal human trials.

2) “joined the tactics of the international masons and Illuminati”… another psychological projection.

3) “harass”… who started the harassment in Bari in 2015 against me and blew it up with more slander until it became this big ? Bring that guy to justice first, before you slander others.

4) “whistle-blowers”… you mean like Project Camelot ? So-called “whistle-blowers”, who like you and your boss fabricate one insane lie after another ? Get real guys, you are living in a fantasy world created by the very Illuminati you CLAIM to oppose. Me thinks your whistle needs an urgent repair!

They further write: “Or he believes us so stupid, that we can’t find the truth?”

To the KF slander team: Stop asking trick questions! You guys aren’t even interested in the truth, so you are not trying to find it! You are only interested in spinning, fallacies and fake news, by using Roy Cohn‘s strategy to “deny and lie”, “bullying and intimidation” and “using attack as a defense” to get your way, the same way Trump has done. Your zionist bully connections become clearer and clearer!

Keshe drawing from the 144th KSW, showing “COHN” and “ZUUL” with an inverted “Z”

Zuul is a folklore reference to Baal (Beelzebub/Satan), the “prince of demons”.
Ufologists love folklore and movie references,
since that is the reality they live in.
Remember Kerry Cassidy and her “Jedi Warriors”?
The same way, KF followers consider themselves “bringers of light”,
but they are not aware that they are bringing Lucifer’s FALSE light.

So this COHN strategy is what Keshe really means, when he talks about Carbon-Oxygen-Hydrogen-Nitrogen. Keshe loves to send coded messages, and they ALWAYS have a negative meaning. That’s how he tries to intimidate and impress people. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help him in reducing his criminal baggage.

Strangely, the KF accuses ME of being an Illuminati, but look WHO is showing satanic Illuminati handsigns ?


To the authors of the fakefactsaboutdirk website: Do you not recognize your satanic master in the above picture ? WHO is an Illuminati ? YOU and YOUR MASTER are the ones who demonstrate over and over again that you are part of an occult, shadowy group, who keeps smearing the names of former, innocent KF supporters, only to get attention and cover the lack of honesty of your paymaster MESSiah Keshe. But in doing so, you keep doing wrong. You are the criminals, no matter how many times you mirror reality.

You corrupted spin doctors still haven’t learned an important lesson: God, not Satan, provides the right way. If you continue to lie for your false “MESSiah”, you will face the same common destiny and karma.

So yes, we consider you stupid. Feel insulted if you wish. You just can’t hide your stupidity. Someone who follows and supports Keshe for so long, even after he has been debunked so many times by so many people, can only be stupid, or morally depraved, or both. There is no other explanation for it. You only see the part of truth that you WANT to see, and you think if you find ONE dot, you can explain everything with it, but that’s not the case. And don’t forget, while you indeed have to FIND the truth about Keshe (if you were even interested), I KNOW it, because I have been next to him for a long time, due to his manipulations. What makes it even harder for you is the FACT that Keshe will NOT tell you the truth, no matter how loyal you are to him. You have fallen for a pathological liar and his tainted wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose.

You have fallen for his bribe of monthly Euro’s earned by fraud and meaningless conferences, but you probably enjoy it, being fraudsters yourself. Maybe I’m wrong, and you are only being used, the same way I have been used. The difference is that at one point I realized that Keshe is an abuser, while you continue to support him no matter what. So what are you trying to prove, you slandering bunch? That the truth is not the truth, but the opposite of itself? Then your soul belongs indeed to MESSiah Keshe, you are excellent students of his satanic teachings, and your soul is forever lost. Congratulations! However, you might have an incentive to sell your souls to the devil: Keshe pays you to attack people who left or refuse to join your cult. And if you accept such a deal, it makes your actions even more despicable.

I have seen comments on YOUR fakefacts website that threatened me, I reposted them on Keshevictims before you deleted them, everyone can see what kind of aggressive criminals support the KF… those were comments that YOU allowed, so you are COMPLICIT in making or allowing death threats against the lives of honest people. And now you allow comments again! You never learn, do you ? Encouraging people to make more threats, to please your satanic master? This adds another crime to your list. So don’t play smart, “Mr. Security”! Dive deeper into the criminal MESS of your MESSiah until you finally see the false brown “LIGHT”!

People need to look at how, after each one of our posts, the KF mirrors what we wrote, sometimes even using the same wording. That’s how parasites work, they use other people’s ideas as input, but pervert it for their own agenda. The goal is confuse KF followers, and they reaffirm their lies and slander against us. But this is not an ego battle, at least not for us. It is not us trying to say we are smarter or better. We are only pointing out the deceptions of the Keshe Foundation. And yes of course, they will claim the same, but pointing in the opposite direction – that is how Satanists/Illuminati work. They can only copy and mirror. Hence their use of the inverted christian cross, the inverted pagan pentacle, the satanic handsigns, and so on. It’s all upside down in their world view. The less Keshe has shown, the more they believe him. It is PROVEN that Keshe started this conflict based on a lie, Armen was the one who informed me about it, but now the KF STILL denies that fact. The real Judas in the core team is the Satanic twinity itself: Keshe and Carolina!

Keshe also seems to be jealous of my masters degree, as they keep mentioning it over and over again, as if it was a crime to have a higher degree than the holy MESSiah himself.  So the KF feels insulted when we speak the truth? We are very sorry that there is no nice way to describe crooks, so we just tell it like it is. There are enough witnesses who saw Keshe’s villa and the luxury that surrounds him, while they, the guests, had to sleep on the floor. So this is luxury which Keshe did NOT deserve, when he even treats his own followers like that. Luxury which he gained by BETRAYING other people. Keshe is not the Maitreya, he is the BETRAYA !

Also keep in mind that while Keshe regularly attacks Belgium, he used to live there for years himself. And who else is Belgian ? Right, his wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose. Is she the driving Illuminati force behind the evil Keshe Foundation cult ? Broken, brainwashed and used as a puppet on a string ? Is she Keshe’s handler ?

So even the spinning of reality, which the KF is able to do so well, is being blamed on their victims. This is pure (but poor) satanic magic. Keshe, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and Vodka Sandor seem to be waiting all day for new impulses from the outside, and when they can steal and use them, they do, but when they are not in their favour, they mirror them and blame them on others.

They talk about apologies. Nobody gets arrested several times for no reason. And why did Bivolaru have to change his name, if he is innocent ? Fact: cult followers believe in conspiracy theories. Let the authorities find out the truth. We are 100% sure the ULTIMATE authority will make a judgement at the end.

Talking about apologies: will Keshe ever apologize to me for his hundreds of FALSE accusations against me ? If not, then the KF cannot expect any apology from anyone else. Again, Keshe started this conflict, and he refuses to confess his guilt. Instead, he goes on and on, adding more slander, while pretending to want peace. Like the MISA cult, the KF cult refuses to change their attitude, that’s why nobody with good reputation wants to work with them, so they are stuck with other criminals.

Quote from our previous post:

“(…) Grieg Bivolaru and all people linked to the MISA/NATHA organization are immediately expelled from our organization and that we stop their membership, because (…) it has been proven that they are not busy with Yoga in whatever form, that they even use Yoga as a cover for illegal practices, that they do not respect the rules and standards of our organization, that they show an unheard lack of moral integrity, and cannot be convinced to change their attitude.”

Focus on: “(…) cannot be convinced to change their attitude”… so they still continue after they have been caught over and over again, exactly like MESSiah Keshe. That is the definition of a predatory abuser. This kind of abuser is being defended by the Keshe Foundation. Why ? Because Keshe has the same kind of mentality, and the MISA cult might bring new members into the now highly criminal KF.

You all need to realize the purpose of this “fakefactsaboutdirk” article. They posted it for only two reasons:

1) They try to distract from the FACTS about Keshe’s insanity and frauds, they attack the whistleblowers, and try to stop them from disclosing the truth

2) If Keshe gets arrested, he will play the victim, and he and his followers will use the same false reasoning to claim that Keshe is an innocent victim of the “Illuminati”, because they allegedly want to silence “scientists”. If only Keshe had any idea about science! Science is about correctness of facts, not about turning false or unrelated “facts” into a conclusion that fits a desired outcome. Like I wrote before, MESSiah Keshe created his own CONSPIRACY THEORY: “The bad people want to kill me (MT Keshe), because my inventions and theory could bring Humanity a kind of freedom, the horn of plenty, and the tree of knowledge.”

The KF relies on their followers’ belief in such conspiracy theories, frequently using the usual conspiracy theory dealing with suppression by authorities, which is used by basically ANY scam artist and “free energy” inventor in the world. These are ridiculous claims that only naive people still believe in. Keshe is simply not in a position to save the world, or to boast about technologies, because he doesn’t have any working ones. If some naive person gives him a working technology, you can be sure Keshe WILL abuse it and use it to HIS advantage only. And it will expose everyone who claimed that the Magrav works as another greedy scam artist. And those who worked on replicating Magravs will get very mad at Keshe for having been fooled.

Keshe already announced in the 166th KSW that from now on, he will no longer teach, so his arrest is probably imminent. But of course he lied about it by coming up with all kinds of BS reasons, so he didn’t have to admit he is guilty.

Keshe also confirmed: “We defend our case on the ground that we’ve been the victims, not the attackers.”  So indeed Keshe confirms he is a narcissist who DID attack for many years, but once he gets caught, he will play the victim. A typical “poor me me me” BS artist. A bullying coward who plays strong as long as he is allowed, but once the legal system steps in, he shits his pants. Keshe even admitted: “We have organized with the biggest state organized mafia in the state of Belgium.”  So this is the final proof of Keshe’s criminality. And this guy boasts about working with the international court of justice ? Incredible.

He said about Bivolaru: “The man has been jailed by pedophiles who accused him of being a pedophile.”  Really? Where is the proof? If Keshe’s words are true, then even his own slander team, who writes the “fakefactsaboutdirk”, contradicted him, as they told the story quite differently. According to Keshe, communist regimes are pedophiles too ? That means he insulted several nations in this workshop, and that will mean more trouble for the KF. Obviously in the KF, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand does. Indeed Keshe said “I put a request out: do not give us money”, while at the end of the workshop, Rick persistantly mentioned all the ways to donate to the KF, so people can continue to finance this huge scam. So officially, Keshe denies collecting donations so nobody can blame him for defrauding people, while behind the back of the authorities the KF still continues the fraud. TWO-FACED. Evil is as evil does.

Further Keshe mentioned that “A number of people in the KF will be moved out, we are very clear about it (…) Their souls have not elevated”, which translates in the real world to: “They started questioning Keshe.”

Keshe’s scariest egocentric quote from KSW 166 was: “From now on we teach as masters and not as humans.”  Does that mean that Keshe is not human, but a negative ET hybrid… or a Reptilian 😉 ? That would explain his ability to ENTRAIN the minds of his followers… an ability which is not native to humans (yet)!

Keshe also claimed that from now on, the KF will support people who have “illegally” been arrested although they are “innocent”, so the KF now becomes an official supporter of criminals, and this will also make KF followers believe that Keshe is innocent, even if he gets arrested. Then as usual, the correct people will be portrayed as the “criminals” who took the “correct KF people” to prison. This is non-stop psychological projection, to accuse others of Keshe’s own crimes. It must take a lot of energy to lie non-stop… and that is probably the reason why he is getting tired of it, and claiming to “step down”, because sucking the energy out of his followers is no longer enough to satisfy parasite Keshe’s hunger for attention. The greed is slowly draining him.

Maybe the KF is just mirroring the situation, calling Bivolaru innocent although he is guilty, but in reality, they are planning to do to me, what they claimed has been done to Bivolaru: they want to get me to prison under a false pretense, using forged documents and website databases, as they seem to be very skilled at using such illegal methods. That’s probably what Keshe meant when he said “Governments can fabricate anything in court”, so that is what he plans to do himself, and what might be his defense when he gets arrested. Probably he also got advice from his convicted pedophile friend Bivolaru, who is experienced in misleading the authorities.

To the KF slander team: If you are so truthful, then why did you remove some of your older “fakefacts” articles ? Is your truth not valid for more than just a few days ? Why don’t YOU tell the REAL truth: LEGAL ACTION or legal advise of your own lawyers has brought those posts down, because they were full of fallacies, slander and insinuations. But you corrupted bunch will do anything to keep your cult going, because outside of it, you are NOBODY, and that is your biggest fear. Without attention, you feel miserable, because all you care for is YOURSELF. ME ME ME!

With Keshe we are dealing with one of the biggest criminals, who talks openly about his plans because as all you KF conspiracy theorists know, the Illuminati always announce their crimes in advance. So before Illuminati agent Keshe gets fully exposed, he retires and tries to escape from law enforcement by using more lies and by playing the victim of his own lies.

Keshe reminds us more and more of a character out of Grimm’s fairy tale “Rumpelstiltskin“, a little devil who promises all kinds of miracles in exchange for little children. But the ultimate motive behind this deal, according to psychologists, is narcissistic self-admiration. So playing the superior boss, the MESSiah, while using deceptions… exactly like Keshe. But at the end, the little devil gets exposed and disappears to hell. In the 166th KSW (Numerology 616/666), Keshe acted exactly like that, and maybe soon he will go back to where he came from. That’s why he spoke about a punishment of 6000 years.

Narcissists and demagogues like Keshe, Trump, Erdogan or Kim Jong-un will always keep bullying, but they cannot win. Eventually they will get caught, and then, even if their lies and cults continue for a while longer, those who know the truth will move on without them, while the cults continue their lies and mind-control as long as it works. Only real, public disclosure of the truth can put an end to this insanity.

The whole KF situation also reminds us of a weird joke that was made a few years ago.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like Keshe ?

Everyone knows that Keshe is the criminal, thus they have to use all their efforts to discredit me, because I have been telling the truth. Keshe, not me, is the one who does illegal medical trials, similar to people like Jim Humble (another Camelot/Ufology guy), who has been selling an inefficient and probably even harmful substance for years, and even created a cult around it, exactly like Keshe has done. And where do his trials allegedly take place ? In Africa. So again, Keshe used someone else’s scam and copied it.

Here another one of the many “world saver” scams, the meanwhile famous Rosch AG (famous not for any accomplishment, but for running a scam):


Look at how the writing on the car says “$aveThePlanet AG”… the dollar sign clearly shows what these scammers (including Ke$he) are trying to save: their scammed money and their own a$$es – not the planet. You can read more about the Rosch case here.

There are too many scammers out there, they partly work together, or they steal from each other or copy each other. And when it goes wrong, they blame it on others and use that old “we are being suppressed by whoever” trick. They are always the victims, always innocent, always the saviours… but only in their twisted minds. It’s a kind of fake news syndication and scam network of… Masons and Illuminati. WE exposed this scam network. Not Bivolaru, the convicted pedophile guru, who is being defended by his close friend and colleague MESSiah Keshe and his panicking bunch of liars, exposed this scam network, but WE did, here on Accept no imitations!  🙂

Since this article is already quite long, we will publish part 2 in the next post. Stay tuned!