Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose – false Mother Teresa or “Madame” of Babylon?

This article is a continuation of our previous post, “Keshe Foundation defends convicted pedophile AGAIN – while accusing others of pedophilia, and using their past manipulations to justify their present scams”. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so. It’s a must read to explain Keshe’s strategy, fallacies, and inversions.

The following is not easy for us to write, as we respect women. But if a woman behaves more like a soulless criminal rather than a real woman, people need to be made aware of it. Real women are caretakers, loving mothers, intelligent, mindful leaders, and strong defenders of justice. However, Keshe’s wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose is anything but that.

The CONTROVERSIAL (according to Keshe himself) Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, the dark witch with a tainted past, the KF hyena and professional ambulance chaser, known to only a few, but playing Mother Teresa to boost her ego and greed, wrote:


This is the same woman who harassed my daughter and wrote to her: “You don’t WANT to be part of a pedophile network.”  We posted about Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose’s stalking and spam before. So Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose threatened my daughter to be ADDED to a pedophile network and to become the shame of Belgium. How would Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose be able do that, if she is not part of a pedophile network herself ?

We have seen during the past years the VERY limited intellectual capacity of Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose. Her contact with reality is limited to coffee set analysis, daily consumption of kilos of custom-made “Weed” GANS, throwing Chinese I-Ching sticks, reading tabloids, consulting her dog (esoteric dog urine analysis in the garden), and consulting Chinese fortune cookies. This is how Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose figured out that I allegedly abused my two daughters when they were three years old. This is what SHE calls “science”. Since she has a low IQ, she has tremendous respect for Keshe. And since some KF followers also have a low IQ, they even have respect for Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, who is playing Keshe’s KOPYKAT in the KF plan to start their “One Love One Planet” Islamic New World Order Caliphate, with IS (Islamic State) as the “world police force”.

Carolina Maria Noella De Roose: the new delusional, greedy, criminal superstar?

Maybe YOU, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, should start removing pain from humanity by NOT STALKING AND THREATENING INNOCENTS, and by NOT spreading HYPOCRITICAL peace messages in public, while consciously spreading false accusations in the background. We have the screenshots of YOUR HARASSMENT. And so does the police.

Spam robot Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose further wrote:


“No longer serving nobody” is a double negation, so Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose actually says that fear and pain are serving the KF very well, because that’s how they control their followers.

And finally Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose asked KF followers to urgently poison the environment, clearly in an attempt to cause as much damage as possible, before they are brought to justice.


Such poisoning of rivers, oceans and fountains is not only extremely dangerous to human health, but also highly criminal, and can lead to prison sentences of several years. But of course, several stupid, careless egomaniacs reposted this criminal “request” on Facebook, and so they become complicit. Due to the incompetence of the KF, some of their followers will not only put “GANS water” into water supplies, but actual oxide. Well done, cruel woman!

We ask our readers around the world to report MT Keshe and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose to the authorities for inciting the illegal mass poisoning of water supplies. We also ask our readers to report everyone who reposted this dangerous “request”, or carried out the actual poisoning.

Note that Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose wrote “mush Co2”. Is that a new kind of KF Co2 based on mushrooms? Can mush Co2 take humanity to a new level of delusion? We are sure this wasn’t just a normal typo, but a typo based on subconscious impulses. What connects Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose to mushrooms ?

The Madame of Babylon… smoking mushrooms??

Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, like MESSiah Keshe, IS part of the pain in the back side of humanity. They both represent the personified hatred against humanity. They ARE the evil twinity. And yet, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose plays the wise mother of the Earth, pretending to be much wiser than the real Mother Teresa.

In the next KSW Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose will “teach”. We look forward to seeing her chaotic mind trying to formulate pseudo-scientific sentences.

The latest “fakefactsaboutdirk” article shows my speech in Ninove and several of my older Facebook posts from years ago, from a time when I still believed and defended Keshe, the same way his close supporters do now. But when Keshe suddenly attacked me, it was clear that there was something very wrong in the KF, and that woke me up. Obviously the KF core team and other KF supporters need to go through the same experience first, before they realize they have been fooled by a con artist. I have to admit I was wrong back then, when I supported Keshe. I was MADE to defend his lies, which he put into my head, through his psychological, narcissistic manipulations. And I naturally always assume that people are good, but in this case I was wrong. I defended Keshe in good faith, assuming he was honest.

I am sorry to say I fell for a scam artist. But unlike now, there was no out there to warn me of this giant KF scam. I had to go through the process myself first to realize the truth, so now I am able to inform others about it. Now Keshe wants to make people believe that I am complicit in his crimes, but that would only be the case if I still supported him.

Keshe asked: “Did Dirk lie then, or does he lie now ?”  The answer is: Neither nor. I have always been honest. But Keshe lied to me, and he manipulated me to believe him, to make me repeat HIS lies. If the KF refers to my old posts on Facebook, it shows most of them were written based on fake info given by Keshe himself, like his half-truth about Hans Bracquené. So Keshe abused me on several levels, like he does with everyone else. His supporters believe him due to mind-control, that is the main problem of the KF.

Keshe argues that I voluntarily supported him. Yes, but I also voluntarily decided to quit my support for him, once I found out that he is a hypocrite and a criminal, who only lives to use, abuse and manipulate innocent people. Only those who still support Keshe, despite of the vast public evidence against him, must be considered complicit in Empty Keshe’s and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose’s long list of crimes. They are indeed the Bonnie&Clyde of the free energy scene. The really think they can take people’s souls, but they don’t realize that humans have free will, and so we can change our minds and end any agreement.

Keshe said: “From now on, put all his (Dirk’s) praises on”, so indeed he wants to make it look like I still support him. But everything he told in the 166th KSW are old stories and old lies. Anyone who watched the Bari conference in 2015 knows that we talked about all this before, and I confirmed that Hans Bracquené was not honest. But unlike what Keshe told, I never worked with Bracquené or even met him. But as usual, Keshe digs up old info, spins it around, and uses it to fit his agenda and to fool newcomers. Why are they publishing my old posts at all ? Everyone knows already that I supported Keshe in the past, it is well described on, yet Keshe now sells this information as something new. Totally kuku!

So because Keshe couldn’t find any criminal evidence about me, he now posts proof that I am innocent, and thinks that will make me guilty. LOL! Keshe demonstrates over and over again that the KF is all about ABUSING, DECEIVING and HARASSING people for no reason, using that Roy Cohn strategy.

But Keshe is even more sinister than that. He has been breeding a lot of little Keshe bastard clones, who are now trolling the web and slandering me in Keshe’s name. The KF is doing harm whenever and wherever they can, and then they use that Cohn strategy again to deny everything. If only there was any reality to Keshe’s claims, but it’s all based on fantasies.

Trump and Keshe in KukuLand

Keshe is a malignant narcissist who lets his puppets dance. He uses double negation and double or triple mirroring to deceive people. He tells them 1% truth to grab their attention, and 99% fabricated, manifest lies to confuse them and keep them busy, to make sure they don’t get a chance to see through his scams. But lies cannot win over truth in the long run.

In that Ninove video, you can also hear that the KF Wiki was originally my idea. However it was not my idea to fill it with lies and BS, the way the KF has done now. There are more and more websites and reports appearing on the internet, that show that Keshe has delivered nothing and that he is a scam artist. Every new KF member must sign the fake world peace treaty, but Keshe and his minions themselves are allowed to use and repost Keshe’s aggression against non-members. That is what we call high level hypocrisy.

To make everyone even more aware of Keshe’s deception games, especially those who cannot imagine how deeply evil Keshe is behind his nice MESSiah facade, we refer to some articles that were written for Veterans Today by Preston James and Mike Harris (whom I had met in Bari in 2015). Unlike Gordon Duff’s slander, these three articles seem truthful, and should open the eyes of anyone who is interested in the truth, and in a good relationship with our true Creator.

These articles, which explain how the Satanists were able to enslave Humanity for so long, show the similarities between the Satanists and Keshe.

While I am not a “fanatic” Christian (I consider myself rather a Buddhist), Christ is for sure much higher in my hierarchy than Satan or his old pal Keshe (or his minions like Vodka Sandor).

The articles, which mostly target the American audience, are also valid worldwide. In case Veterans Today gets taken down because of Duff’s extensive bullying and slander, we post some of the quotes from these articles, so they are preserved.

Time to start defending Christianity, Part 1

“These very powerful Babylonian Talmudics run a very large but secret worldwide satanic cult network today and are also best referred to the Synagogue of Satan. But let us be clear that this is a very small group of evil cult leaders who have enormous power and influence over many governments of the world, including the US Government.”

“Anyone who studies the facts will quickly conclude this is an enormous lie and a crafty deception originating from Satan himself, designed to deceive.”

Time to start defending Christianity, Part 2

“Christianity is now under attack by an age-old plan to infiltrate it, to hijack it, neutralize it, use it to further a Zionist Global NWO Agenda and then to destroy it.”

“The Babylonian Talmudic control group at the top of the Pyramid runs a process on behalf of their Satanic cult. That process is to infiltrate all religions and nations, hijack them, pervert them and transform them into a war machine to bring mass death, horrific mass suffering, illness and/or disabilities and destruction on all humankind — group by group, nation by nation.”

“The age old BT plan has been to take over and dominate the world. This is being done by the small number of Babylonian Talmudic secret world leaders, who run a large secret worldwide BT Satanic Cult Network based on Baal worship, child sacrifice, mass death and human suffering.”

“They practiced Judaism on the outside and pretended to be servants of the community and righteous religious leaders, while secretly practicing Babylonian Talmudic Satanism on the inside.”

Time to start defending Christianity, Part 3

“The Babylonian Talmudic process inflicted on society is basically a parasitical Tribalist process and its end-state is massive unemployment, homelessness, societal collapse, rampant deviance and crime, death by violence, starvation or disease, or all of these. All good Christians need to become aware of it so they can intercede and stop this malignancy before it consumes everything they ever worked for and destroys them, their families and their Christian Culture.”

“In this four part series, we show that a small select group of hardcore Babylonian Talmudics, also known as the Khazarian Mafia Chieftains, the secret Synagogue of Satan, have created and run a worldwide satanic hierarchy and various groups and causes, especially the various types of Judaics including both Khazarian converts and sometimes even real Hebrew types, as cover.”

“Thus you will find a history of these Babylonian Talmudics (BTs) hiding behind the causes of persecuted Jews, Blacks and others, always the very folks whose persecutions they are responsible for in the first place.”

“It is the covert asset stripping of hard earned assets and fruits of one’s labor. It is the sacrificial mass-murder of non-cult members to appease their god Satan in order to maintain his anointing to gain and maintain power, unending riches and status.”

“At some time, each of them has made a blood contract to Satan to sell their soul to him in exchange for endless wealth, power and status.”  (who gave their blood to Keshe?)

They do periodic child sacrifice to Baal in secret black-Magick rituals that usually involve vivisection, blood drinking and cannibalism for which they receive more personal power, more wealth and more status.”

They are deeply committed to destroying the current social order, the family, normal sex roles and everything that God Almighty (they call God the Father) created. They believe that Lucifer (Satan) was misjudged and mistreated by God the Father and cast down wrongly to planet Earth in exile and that this is all now being rectified as Lucifer (Satan) rises to take the throne of God and himself to finally become god.”

“Their motto is “Order ab Chaos”, translated to plain English, order from chaos. Their operating philosophy is that non-cult members are merely useless eaters there to serve them, to be used, abused and disposed of in order to purify the human race and to give them power. This is why they promote opposites, regarding good as bad and bad as good, and declare incredibly obvious lies as the truth over and over again until their non-cult subjects are mind-kontrolled and filled with their big lies, false narratives and propaganda and actually believe them.

“They are deeply committed to maintaining a secret two-faced life, acting good on the outside for appearances by supporting certain philanthropies (which they often misuse financially) while being filled with Psychopathology and narcissistic selfishness and hate for mankind and everything God Almighty created on their inside.”

Christ gives an excellent moral guideline, but Luciferians like Keshe, who think they need to replace it with something else, obviously don’t have humanity’s best interest in mind! Be wise, and don’t fall for such deceivers! Oppose them!

And aside from the KF’s endless distractions, don’t forget the central questions:

1) Why does the KF still write against us, when everybody knows they only do so to distract from the Keshe Foundation’s broken promises and their failure to deliver anything of importance ?

2) Have all the customers, who paid money but received nothing in return, been refunded by the KF ?

3) Has the Keshe Foundation apologized to all the innocent people they slandered and falsely accused ?

4) WHERE IS THE WORKING FREE ENERGY DEVICE ? Since there is none, what have KF followers been working on or paid for during the past years ?

5) WHERE ARE THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MAGRAV UNITS which have allegedly been given to “the governments” ?



Did all those wonderful scam products get lost in Ufology cult space ? Too many of these little blue pills ? Too distracted by sex cult virgins, to care for the truth ?

Mehran, Carolina, Sandor and minions: you are defending a cause which doesn’t exist, and you know it. You are running a criminal scam. You built all the things and the structure around it, but the thing itself, which COULD give a reason for all those smoke and mirrors operations IF IT WAS REAL, does not exist. So what are you defending, if not your own ego and greed ? Selling water, soap, t-shirts and expensive, useless blue boxes requires “security people”, worldwide “workshops”, and the involvement of all major world leaders and religious leaders ? Don’t be ridiculous.

Here is the coming REALITY of space travel: Visitors to Mars Will Die in Under 68 Days.

So again, we see Keshe’s REAL agenda: abuse and harm as many people as possible. And no, “GANS” is not going to save the passengers, it’s only going to make them sicker, as CuO GANS is extremely toxic. Has Keshe promised a Mars colony to convicted pedophile Bivolaru: “MARS 4 MISA” ? Will the KF and MISA be on Mars in 2017/18, to escape law enforcement?

Reality: There is no working technology in the KF, so abusing KF victims again has become the central topic and the main focus of Keshe’s empty talks. Drama and more drama, chaos and slander, mixed with lies upon lies, and then blamed on KF victims or former KF supporters. But that’s a bad substitute for “free energy”.

Nobody can heat their home or fuel their car with slander. One must be seriously bored to still listen to this endless BS. Thankfully more and more KF followers report to me all the crazy stuff that Keshe is telling them in the background, so this shows not everyone is as stupid as his handful of complicit, paid hardcore scammers. Obviously some people are only still in the KF because they are afraid of leaving, due to Keshe’s and soon Carolina’s constant horror talks, threats and intimidation.

Meanwhile the Magrav scam goes on. Magravs Italia posted: “Plasma Power Unit in pre-sale. Will start production at the end of April.”  Incredible! If anyone still pays for something that hasn’t even been produced, they must be mentally EMPTY.

New information brought to us by Jason Verbelli shows that Keshe is now trying to pull another stunt in a collaboration with scammer Sacha Stone (see the link on, to promote a new magrav fraud unit called “QT-Pi”, pronounced “cutie-pie”, which very obviously is another code word for little children abused for pedophilia. Is there anything left to say about that subject? The KF not only keeps using other people’s ideas, but also proves over and over again its pedophile connections. Sacha Stone apparently supported Gaddafi, but there is no mention of Gaddafi’s minions, who organized the mass raping and killing of thousands of women and children. Is that the ideology that all these parasitic scammers support ? If so, Keshe is again complicit if he works with such people. So again: How many more scammers and fake “disclosure” or fake “world saver” cults are involved in this criminal scandal ?

John Thomas Sluten commented: “Sacha Stone is also a con man, he talks up the world peace game too but they try to get people to authorize their land to be part of some group preserve the forest type program but in reality it’s a land grab scheme where you use the right to use your own land but you still get to pay the tax liability on it.”

So the MESSiah now has two new apostles: Greg Bivolaru and Sacha Stone. We can see Keshe’s strategy to increase his number of followers by forming alliances with other cults, exactly as we predicted. This is what we call “The gathering of the crooks”.

To all KF followers: if you REALLY want to help humanity, do it locally and based on REALITY. Find homeless people and buy them a meal or two. Rescue a stray cat from certain death. Donate to the poor, not to scammers like Keshe. Or maybe get some REAL education. Do whatever you like to help, but let it be REAL, not based on fantasy stories, rusty coils and plasma-filled ping-pong balls. It’s little things that make a difference. There is no need for delusional scams, you do not need to follow Keshe, he is bad news. It IS possible to do good without feeding sinister parasites.

Keshe has been acting like a parasite with EVERYTHING I have done. First he used my work to become famous, then he accused ME of stealing “his” logo and even wanted to make me pay for it, when in fact HE has been using MY logo, even after I had withdrawn my permission. The KF Wiki was my idea too, now years later they finally got it going, but only because someone was naive enough to set it up and fill it with false, meaningless information. And after I set up, the KF copied that too by setting up “fakefactsaboutdirk”, mirroring Keshe’s crimes and blaming them on me. Then, after I created the Facebook group “Keshevictims” for everyone who was harmed by the KF, Keshe of course started playing the victim. Keshe is a true parasite, constantly on the back of other people, using their ideas and their energy to his advantage. But beneath all that, there is just emptiness. No scientific knowledge, no good intentions, no compassion, nothing.

Admit it, the KF is built on an EMPTY FOUNDATION, which is as EMPTY as their cult leader EMPTY KESHE. And therefore, like any house of cards, it is bound to collapse. It is a fake organization that protects criminals.

The bottom line of all this is: the Keshe Foundation is a bunch of crooks, works with crooks, and supports crooks. Their purpose is to smear honest people, in order to distract from their failed free energy scams and the rest of their crimes, and then to destroy the morals of naive innocents, in order to brainwash them and make them become part of their evil agenda. This hardly sounds like an organization that intends to bring peace or anything else useful. The KF only exists to defend evil as the truth, while exploiting humanity. It is one of many cults, set up by the very dark forces they claim to oppose.

Keshe said “Be correct the way we are.”  Well thanks, but no thanks. We refuse to be “correct liars, scammers and hypocrites”. It would take too much energy to be a “correct” living contradiction like Keshe. The only reason why he got that far is because he has been running his scam online, in real life it would have ended quickly. But that’s typical for Keshe. Give him a new technology (in this case the internet), and he will abuse it. Can you imagine what he would do if he really had a new weapon technology ?

Keshe and slander team: better focus on refunding all the people you scammed, instead of coming up with new sensational BS claims every few days, while committing one crime after another.

“Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished
– Proverbs 11:21

P.S.: Baby Keshe still hasn’t accepted my bet challenge of 25,000 € about his fake coma solution claims. Probably Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose is too busy changing his diapers every 5 seconds, with some insane babbling in between. Nothing new there.

I will add another bet challenge to it:
In the 165th KSW, Keshe said that with the right body posture, you no longer need to drink, because the lung produces water (or Vodka for Sandor Kakasi?) by itself. So I challenge Keshe, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and Vodka Sandor to go to the desert immediately for 40 days and to demonstrate that ability to the world. How about a KSW 167 live from the GOBI Desert?
Mehran, you liar, I bet you can’t do it, you bet against it. If you refuse to accept my challenge, you confirm that you are lying non-stop. Or have you disappeared, only to hide behind your CONTROVERSIAL wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose ?