Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: From fraud in Belgium to claiming to have discovered a Corona cure

Some local or national KF groups have been re-publishing an article by Iran Press, called “Research on Plasma therapy for COVID-19 patients kicks off”, falsely indicating that the KF has anything to do with this plasma therapy.

Of course this article is about BLOOD PLASMA, not about the non-existent fake plasma that Keshe keeps promoting. His so-called “technology” has nothing to do with any kind of plasma. Therefore, he is not in a position to offer any kind of “cure” at all.

To show what Iran really thinks about Keshe, here is a very well researched article by an Iranian fact-checking website.

We are publishing the full translation of this article (minus some of the embedded audio/video, which you can look up on the original Iranian site). It shows that Keshe is not only perpetually lying even to his followers everytime he brags about his alleged collaboration with Iranian officials, but it also shows that basically NOTHING Keshe ever told is true. AND IRAN IS AWARE OF IT.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: From fraud in Belgium to claiming to have discovered a Corona cure

Scientists and researchers around the world are working to develop an effective vaccine or drug for the treatment of Covid-19, but efforts have not yet yielded a definitive and reliable result.

In the meantime, there are various claims about the discovery and manufacture of a Corona cure. So far, we have validated several of these claims. This time, we turn to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, who claims that his fake “Liquid Gans” is a cure for the new Coronavirus.

In this report, we take a look to see who this person is, what his background is, and how accurate and valid his claims are.

We got to know him and his recent activities in Iran through an audience member of the faculty. We joined the telegram group of his supporters. The group has more than 29,000 members at the time of writing. The number of members of this group and local channels related to Mr. Keshe is increasing day by day.


Who is Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and what is his account?

He describes himself as a “nuclear reactor expert in space plasma.” He claims to have obtained a combined version of what he calls “spatial” knowledge of “plasma” and “nano.” The name of this achievement is “Gans Water” or “One Cup, One Life”.

A Grammy-based telegram channel mentioned Gans by saying, “Professor Keshe has been able to solidify the single-atomic nanoparticle gas with [nanotechnology] and, of course, at room temperature, and call it GaNs.”

Gans or GaNS (abbreviated to Gas in a Nano Solid State) allegedly is a new type of state (solid, liquid, gas). In a video, Joshua Vojtisek, director of the New Energy Industry website , proves that no such thing exists at all, and that what is called Gans is just zinc carbonate.

Regardless of the fact that Gans is a fake concept and substance, Mr. Keshe claims that drinking the liquid is a cure for Covid-19. This liquid is made using two copper spiral wires, a piece of zinc and a little salt water. Mr. Keshe advises that by drinking it and spraying it around the house and breathing in a handkerchief, the Coronaviruses will be eliminated.

Of course, this claim is not true and has no scientific basis. No scientific reference has confirmed this, and Mr. Keshe himself has not provided scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of this drug.

In a video message, he thanked the “government” and the “office of the Supreme Leader” of Iran for their “help” and said it had coordinated with high-ranking authorities to distribute his products in Iran. He claims to have already given his knowledge to the Chinese, and that the Chinese government and army have used the findings of the Keshe Foundation to clear Wuhan of the virus.

The image below is an excerpt from the video above, in which Mr. Keshe says, “These devices must have been seen behind the Chinese president.” We have never seen such a thing. We even asked the admins several times in the Telegram group to give us this photo, but we did not receive a response.



Claimed records

According to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s personal website , he graduated from Queen Mary University of London in 1981 with a degree in nuclear engineering. A previous group has sought to validate his academic credentials and apparently asked Queen Mary University whether his bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering has been approved.

With this in mind, the first question is what does the assumption of Mr. Keshe’s claim of “nuclear expertise” or even “space” have to do with medicine and biology?

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s records have been set on his website as a timeline. This calendar-chronology dates back to 1958, the year of his birth. His birthday is known at the Keshe Foundation and it is a special event for the fans to the extent that videos are made to praise him on this occasion.

He allegedly graduated from Queen Mary University in 1981. Then there is no news until 2002. But Mr. Keshe’s activities began in 2002 with “discovering how gravity works” and “creating a black hole.” We do not know exactly what Mr. Keshe means by these two statements.

Following this resume, Mr. Keshe was invited to Belgium in 2004 at the invitation of a semi-formal institute that works in the field of technology evaluation. Mentioned then are “Inventions,” “Discoveries,” “Books,” and “Articles,” as well as publishing the “KF Plasma Times.” These are just about claims and do not prove anything. There is no need for a license to publish a book or magazine outside of Iran, and simply publishing a book or magazine is not a reason for the author’s credibility. For example, online magazines have 14 issues in English that are broken and full of typographical errors, which is a sign of the publisher’s lack of literacy.

He claims to have played a key role in the 2012 US-Iranian drone confrontation, and that the US drone taken down by Iran using his technology.

According to the calendar, after 2014, his activities accelerate and accelerate, with international exhibitions and the publication of “Books and Articles” and, most importantly, the launch of affiliate branches in other countries, from Italy to Ghana. All of this is Mr. Keshe’s claim.

He has been working in the field of health and pharmacy since 2016. In the same year, he entered the field of agriculture and its education. In this resume, Mr. Keshe wrote a letter to Donald Trump on August 9, 2019, calling for peace between Iran and the United States.

As it turns out, there are a variety of claims in this resume, sometimes subject to a specific report. But does any of these claims have scientific or documentary support?


Scientific validity and conviction in a Belgian court

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s page has been removed from the Persian Wikipedia, but in Rational Wiki, Mr. Keshe still has a special page. This site presents those who do anti-scientific and quasi-scientific activities.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has been prosecuted for “fraud” due to his unscientific activities. is a free site founded by Mr. Keshe’s victims. This site presents facts that show that Mr. Keshe is not only an alleged scientific figure, but also a professional scammer.

The website published the news of the conviction as well as the picture of the sentence of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his wife Caroline in the criminal court of the city of Kortrijk in Belgium in 2017. Mr. Keshe’s crime was “medical fraud, illegal activities in the field of health, forgery and medical practice without the necessary certification and deception of the people.”

According to the verdict, Mr. Keshe and his wife endangered the life of a young girl in a coma by unscientific methods. So if it hadn’t been for the timely intervention of doctors, the patient would have lost their life. Keshe had convinced the young girl’s mother that he could wake her from the coma.

We found an audio file of Mr. Keshe saying that the whole case of the “King of Belgium” court “show” was for him and his wife.

According to the story described by Keshe, the King and Queen of Belgium went to his house and asked him to give them his knowledge. After the request was denied, the King asked him to leave the country. Police later raided his home, but did not find the drawer, but beat his wife. Mr. Keshe returns home at midnight and secretly escapes to Italy with his wife.

Mr. Keshe’s account ends with the International Court of Justice interceding, and the Belgian government apologizes and Mr. Keshe refuses to accept it. He is determined to overthrow the Kingdom of Belgium because “there are so many problems with the Kingdom of Belgium.”

It’s hard to believe this story. To do this, we have to accept the strange assumptions that, for example, in European courts, witnesses are threatened with guns. Women and children are beaten, Mr. Keshe easily escapes from police at night, and most interestingly, the King of Belgium, the conspirator, and the police, under his command, sue Mr. Keshe in international courts. And…


$ 21 million investment in Ghana

Another one of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s adventures in the press is the story of the Keshe Foundation’s cooperation agreement with the Ghanian government. Ghana Business News reported on May 24, 2017 / June 3, 2017 that the Ghanian government has agreed with the Keshe Foundation to invest $ 21 million in the construction of a space launch pad. The report said the Foundation met with the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission in the fall of 2016, when an agreement was reached to build a space launch pad.

The news provoked reactions from the government. Until, almost a year later, the Ghana nuclear institute canceled its agreement with Mr Keshe due to a lack of scientific evidence. “They (the Keshe Foundation) gave us proposals to check that we came to this conclusion,” the head of the organization told the media.

Shortly afterwards, the incident became a widespread scandal for the Atomic Energy Commission and the Minister of the Environment in Ghana. On August 10, 2017, Ghana Business News published a report about the conviction of Keshe and his wife in Belgium. About a month later, in the latest report on the site, it is written that despite the conviction and scandal, this person is still active in Ghana and is engaged in medical work.


Building a flying saucer and work with the IRGC

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s name first appeared in the Western media nine years ago. He claimed to have shot down a US RQ-170 drone in southern Iran.

This story is sometimes mentioned as one of the scientific achievements on the personal website of Keshe. However, the Revolutionary Guards announced a month before the drone’s alleged plot to infiltrate the drone’s communications system by landing it safely. No official or unofficial Iranian website has mentioned Mehran Tavakoli Keshe at that time.

In a report published on January 10, 2012 / January 20, 2011, the American magazine Wired published the news of Keshe’s claim, and of course, with a bit of humor, they considered his claims unscientific. Experts report that the US drone simulated a ground-based navigation system, not a flying saucer!

One month ago, the dropping of a US drone in Iran was reported in the Iranian and Western media. Earlier, the news of the construction of a “flying saucer” in Iran was the subject of satirical reports in some Western publications.


Business and economic activities

The Keshe Foundation online store features a variety of products, from gin to “plasma disinfectant” and even energy generator parts and products for € 10 to € 1 million.

For example, the image below is a device that claims to be spacecraft technology to “strengthen the human body,” which costs between € 150 million and € 1 million plus postage.




This is a plasma slipper for 20 euros.


In addition, as stated on the official website of the Keshe Foundation, the Foundation is active in the field of financial transactions. On the Foundation’s website, coins called “Keshe coins” are traded. The total number of these coins is one million coins and the price of each is one thousand euros. If the number of coins and their base price are true, the depth and value of the financial market for cash transactions is one billion euros. We don’t know how many of these coins were made and how many were sold.



Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s belief and his unscientific claims about Coronavirus treatment mean that we accept that all independent scientists and researchers in the world’s most advanced laboratories are pumping water into the mortar, while he can solve all problems with a pan of salt water and two copper wires! Believing in the rest of his unscientific and unreliable claims is also a refutation of all human scientific experience that is not going to accept any claim without empirical and scientific evidence.

As our research shows, Mr. Mehran Tavakoli has no other university degree than an (alleged!) bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from a university in London. His allegations have so far not been confirmed by any scientific sources, and even some of his actions have been so damaging that they have reached the courts of Europe and led to the juridial conviction of Mr. Keshe.

But strangely, our research shows that Mr. Keshe’s business shop and economic activities are booming. From selling reactors to spaceships to face masks and coins sold as investment in science to God’s people.

As our research shows, he has created a network of loyal fans who act like loopholes. He even claimed to be a savior once and told his audience during a speech , “You have been asking for the promised Messiah for years, now I stand in front of you.”

Among Mr. Keshe’s supporters, asking him questions is considered a blasphemy. Recently, when someone in the Keshe Farsi Corona Team asked about the validity of the “Professor”, one of the group’s admins (quoted in the text) confronted him with this angry reaction: “It is not necessary to prove it to everyone scientifically. Be. “Whoever wants to believe can stay, and if anyone argues, they will be expelled from the group.”


Another admin of this group, in his faith in Mr. Keshe’s knowledge, goes even further and says that with “plasma science, even a severed finger, hand and foot can grow again”!

But the point here is that the story is not only limited to the beliefs of a group of people, but also implicates public health risk fraud.


We declare with confidence:

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is not a “professor”. A professor is literally a university professor. Mr. Keshe (allegedly!) holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from 40 years ago, from a university in London and does not teach at any university.

There is no cure for coronary heart disease or any other disease by Mr. Keshe. He certainly made no scientific discovery or invention in the field of health and treatment. Instead, he has a history of convictions in European courts for fraud and illicit health care. His version of a Corona cure is nothing but zinc carbonate and salt water. It is not a cure for Covid-19 and does not prevent it.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has no expertise in the field of space science, but instead his name is mentioned in a political, administrative and scientific scandal in Ghana; the $ 21 million investment agreement of the Keshe Foundation in this African country, which after a few months due to lack of his academic credentials was cancelled, and he became a nuisance to the Ghana nuclear energy association and the country’s environment minister.

The Keshefacts website assures all audiences that none of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s alleged claims have any basis. It also urges his supporters to stay away from his bigotry with skepticism, and not to be fooled by his vulgar and pseudo-scientific terms.



We thank the great nation of Iran for exposing Keshe for what he is. We wonder… Does the Supreme Leader not think that Keshe should be publicly hung for bringing shame upon his own nation ?