COVID-19 “cures” being used in Iran

There are plenty of false and even ridiculous COVID-19 “cures” being used in Iran. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Wikipedia has a list of unproven methods against COVID-19.

Please note that on that list there is also the notorious “MMS” by Jim Humble, another one of Project Camelot’s darlings. This “MMS” is as dangerous and poisonous for the human body as “GANS” (see here, here and here). Yet many people still fall for both substances.

Someone on said it very well: Keshe is just a symptom of stupidity. People like him only thrive due to the stupidity and lack of knowledge of their followers. How ironic that Keshe’s workshops are then called “Knowledge Seekers Workshops”. They may SEEK the knowledge, but definitely won’t find it in the KF.

It’s all one huge brown mess (“brown” referring to the far right propaganda scene, which includes ufology cult groups (represented for example by wannabe cult leader Kerry Cassidy), the free energy / world peace scam scene (of which Keshe is a prominent member), racist movements of any kind, disinfo media such as Veterans Today (also called “fake news” for obvious reasons), as well as pretty much anything that defies logic and common sense).

How come all the “free energy” and “ufology” related groups are all about “love and peace”, but have never shown any working free energy devices ? Instead they run endless scams, and instead of spreading love they slander those who won’t worship them. How come most of their leaders end up in prison ? (We might dedicate a whole new post to that subject at some point)

How come Gordon Duff claims that for Keshe’s technology, no money is being asked for, while his non-working merchandise toys never get delivered, BUT the KF won’t ever get tired of asking for donations ?

Maybe Keshe’s followers should smarten up a little bit, and make those donations in plasma form. This way, they won’t risk losing all their savings, the way many others did. Let’s take Keshe’s darling Armen for example. He lost $200.000 because of Keshe, but STILL follows him!

Oh well. Sit back, enjoy a cup of tea, and read some VT. Does it really matter where the disinformation comes from ? As long as you BELIEVE whatever your cult leader says, everything will be fine, right ?

Isn’t it about time for all those blind followers to wake up and to use their own brains (if available), rather than believing that ANYTHING has been “made great again”, when the FACTS show a completely different picture ?

Enjoy the GANS and the camel piss everyone! According to Iranian “experts” the like of Keshe, both will protect you from COVID-19 as well as from the dangers in deep space.

So… Cheers!



(Disclaimer: We do NOT encourage the intake of either GANS or camel urine, as both are harmful to the human body. The above statements are merely meant as a parody.)