Keshe’s new enemy: Carolina De Roose

In the 338th KSW, Keshe confirmed the satanic nature of the Keshe Foundation, by reporting that he got divorced from his wife Carolina De Roose, and that she is part of a satanic sisterhood. Seriously, didn’t he know that already, when he himself explained satanic hand signs to his followers ?


So, Keshe has been married to a satanic and crazy woman for years, and yet he continues to pretend to be the real Messiah ? He pretended to work for the good of Humanity while he was with her ? Wow, that must have been a very dysfunctional marriage.

Thanks to the genius who created this image! How appropriate!

Doesn’t Keshe recall how much he was in love with Carolina? He even named part of the Earth’s core after her – the Caroline Core !! Because she was the core of his being! And now she suddenly is satanic ? Is the Earth’s core also satanic now ?? LOL !! Does it mean that the Earth’s core will be called “the satanic core” ? This must be Keshe’s wet dream!

This strange divorce announcement comes after YEARS of them both running their scam together as close allies. It seems that now that his favourite Belgian scapegoat is no longer around, Keshe needed a new enemy, because he cannot be at peace with himself and with the world around him. And since he always hated Carolina (as we have learned long ago), it was probably very easy for Keshe to dump her, as he has always dumped each and everyone who criticized him in the past, and even those who supported him the most!

It might also have been another distraction, pointing fingers at Carolina, so that Keshe himself doesn’t get blamed. Keshe even called his ex-wife “worse than Sterling (Allan)”, indicating that she is involved in pedophilia. But is Keshe himself not involved in it, after having been married to her for so long ? In the past he often rambled on about the fact that in some countries it’s legal to have sex with underage girls, as if he was jealous of it. Heck, he even got involved in a pedophile cult himself. (see here, here and here)

Keshe doesn’t look too happy, does he ?

These days not many KF followers know that Keshe was already going to dump Carolina a few years ago, when he was in love with another woman. But since that person didn’t play along, Keshe remained stuck with Carolina… until now. So much for Keshe’s love and loyalty to the Caroline / Core / Team !

Happy Caroline. Got a good deal out of the divorce ?

When Caroline asked people to dump poisonous GANS into rivers and oceans, it should already have been clear that her intentions were evil. Keshefacts pointed it out when it happened, but KF followers ignored all warnings, and continued to consume GANS. One of the results of this insanity was the death of Sandor Kakasi, who poisoned himself with GANS over several years and therefore developed cancer.

Now Keshe even asked the members of the “Golden Age of GANS” Facebook group to completely block Carolina, because according to Keshe, she will try to ruin all of the members’ families. In doing so, he tries to prevent Carolina from dividing the Keshe Foundation community and from receiving the money donations that he usually receives. We wouldn’t be surprised if next time Keshe declared that Caroline has always been a satanic pedophile who runs a pedophile network in association with Sterling Allan, the King of Belgium and Jeffrey Epstein. Inside Keshe’s disturbed mind, everyone who disagrees with him is a pedophile. Everyone – except himself. What’s the cure ? A tablespoon of GANS a day keeps the Pedobear away ? LOL! Or does GANS attract the pedophiles ? After all of Keshe’s talk about this subject, one has to wonder.

But seriously, who will now receive all the donations ? And who will run the manufacturing arm of the KF ?

Will fake medical doctor Klaus Priller believe the satanic story ? Or will he work for Caroline ?


Carolina’s “satanic” message, shown in the 338th KSW. Check the purple part.


The equally satanic Covid-19 scam letter put out by the KF. Similar purple parts. Same author ?


If this satanic divorce story is true, it also means that KF followers have been under a satanic influence all these years – but only now it’s official, admitted by Keshe himself in the 338th KSW. KF followers ran after Carolina the same way they ran after Keshe, even the same way they run after Trump, rejecting masks, and dropping like flies, the same way people will be dropping like flies when they trust in Keshe’s fake Corona cure.

Doesn’t Keshe realize that by making such claims, he completely destroys his own credibility ? Is this not being seen by his followers ? Wake up SHEEPLE !!! What is the REAL nature of the Keshe Foundation ??? Come on, EVERYONE should realize the truth by now!

Anyone who has been in touch with Caroline on Facebook or via any other social network is now doomed forever. Who knew that Caroline’s intentions were evil ? (Well we did, but then again we also knew that Keshe’s intentions were equally evil)

Does anyone remember the image that Dirk had put on the last page of his KesheFacts e-book in 2017 ? A modified KF logo, saying “Keshe Satanic Foundation – I take thy soul”. Dirk was right on the spot, even 3 years ago!


So the main question is: Is this divorce story even real ? Did they really get divorced ? And if so, what was the real reason behind it ? Is it just another set up to fool their followers ? Did Keshe need a new enemy, since cults only thrive as long as they have enemies ? Who is the satanist in this game – or rather: who isn’t ?? Or did Carolina just notice that Keshe can no longer provide her with enough financial (and other…) support ? Stay tuned for the next episode of this soap opera!

And DON’T EVER blindly believe what Keshe or Caroline or any of their greedy merchandise clowns tell you. They haven’t been honest so far, why would they start now ?