Kings and Queens of a Satanic Pedophile Cult

Just a reminder: The Keshe Foundation claims to be a scientific organisation, which allegedly developed a technology that can basically do ANYTHING, from healing every disease to producing gold, and from creating any kind of food to taking people into deep space. However, Keshe has never shown any proof whatsoever that his “technology” works, he only has been talking about it for too many years. Whatever he called “proof” always turned out to be ridiculous, childish nonsense, like his “flying car”.

With this in mind, let’s ask ourselves: Why, aside from this “technology”, is the other main recurring topic in the Keshe Foundation always pedophilia ? We will come to that later on.

Now on to the main reason for this post. The notorious disinfo site Veterans Today, or rather, their senior editor Gordon Duff, one of Keshe’s partners in crime, found it once again necessary to slander Dirk, the truth teller and creator of That’s not new, Dirk has been Keshe’s main target for years, until recently, when suddenly Keshe’s ex-wife Carolina De Roose became his center of attention. No surprise though, as Dirk sadly passed away in April this year, due to Covid-19. So cult leader Keshe needed a new enemy, and of course it all needs to be about sex again. Sex sells. It doesn’t matter what kind of sex, as long as Keshe can indulge in his drama.

However, Dirk still gets slandered by Keshe or Duff once in a while, although Dirk is no longer alive, and therefore can’t even defend himself. Slandering a deceased person is not only despicable, it is also a serious crime. What kind of low-life would do such a thing ? Only people without any ethos whatsoever, or what we call “the ethos of the Keshe Foundation”.

Gordon Duff recently posted this article. In this article, totally unrelated to the headline, Duff once again slanders Dirk, even now that he is no longer alive. Keshe has done the same in his what he calls “workshops”.

It is interesting that Duff uses the phrase “Queen of a Satanic Pedophile Cult” as part of the headline, a phrase that Keshe also used to describe his ex-wife Carolina De Roose. If Carolina is the Queen of a pedophile cult, and Keshe is/was her husband, doesn’t that make him the King of the same cult ?

Furthermore, it seems Keshe and Duff give each other ideas on how to deceive KF followers. They play mentally deranged ping-pong, so to speak. They must have a lot of fun while making up fake stories just for the sake of it. However, as mentioned before, slander, especially slander of a deceased person, is a serious crime, which both Keshe and Duff are now guilty of, and as usual they delivered the evidence themselves.

Isn’t it ironic that Keshe claimed in the 347th KSW that he is “not” mentally ill, while at the same time he keeps spitting out this endless rubbish about his non-working “technology”, about the soul and the universe, and about pedophiles in almost every what we call “workshop” ?

In the same KSW Keshe explained that Carolina is now sueing him for 14 million Euro, which she charges for her “personal professional services to KF followers”. Is Keshe saying that in all those years, Caroline has been paid by KF followers to have sex with them ? If so, Keshe must have been present, or did he stay away, according to the -cough- “ethos” of the KF, looking the other way like a noble monk ? In the past, Keshe also kept fantasizing about having sex with minors, complaining that in most countries it is illegal to have sex with young children. It’s all recorded.

Now look at Duff’s description of (rightfully arrested) Sterling Allan:

Sterling Allan claimed to be God in the flesh. And Keshe claims to be the Messiah. Notice the similarity ?

Allan is now in prison because he is a pedophile. Keshe worked with a pedophile cult but is still free. Notice the similarity, but the different outcome ? What’s wrong with law enforcement ?

The parallels between Keshe and Allan are way too obvious. They even met in person, as you can see for yourself:

Everyone reading this article, aside from Trump supporters, will notice that something is not right here. Even Rick Crammond, who by now must be about 99,9% keshified, should be able to see that something doesn’t add up, but he remains silent about it, so he can continue to receive payment from Keshe and his own YouTube channel.

Fact: Both Keshe and Duff can’t stop talking and writing about pedophiles. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Conclusion ?

When someone is that obsessed with a certain subject, it is usually because they have interest in the subject themselves, or rather, they try to point their fingers at others to disguise the fact that they are involved themselves.

Question: Are Keshe and Duff therefore pedophiles ? After all, Keshe has been married to former prostitute Carolina De Roose (her “profession” was admitted by Keshe himself), whom he now connects to pedophiles in his ramblings as well. He also calls his ex-wife “satanic”, although Keshe himself uses satanic hand signs and even teaches them to his KF cult followers.

But Duff protects Keshe as “chief of security”, while STILL attacking Dirk, who has done NOTHING wrong! That justifies a TRIPLE WTF!

We post here for everyone to see Dirk’s BLANK criminal record (in Dutch/Flemish: “Blanco Strafregister”), which was previously posted on Facebook by Dirk himself, so the document is authentic.

Proof of Dirk’s innocence – no criminal record

This shows that all of Keshe’s and Duff’s slander over the past few years has been worthless and completely made up. The often quoted “Red Circle” never existed, except in some crime novels like “Sherlock Holmes”.

So for us this chapter is finished. Dirk’s innocence has been proven, and therefore anyone who continues to slander him, even after his passing, not only makes a fool out of themselves, but also proves that they are very delusional and malicious characters.

The above quote from Duff’s article claims Keshe went to war against a cult. LOL! If only Keshe had the “marbles” to go to war. Narcissists are cowards. He can’t even talk about the lawsuit of his ex-wife without crying like a baby. AND HE IS THE CULT LEADER HIMSELF.

Indeed he went to a (verbal!) war against his then best friend and co-founder of the KF, because he was jealous! So he made up this story about Dirk being an agent, a murderer, a pedophile, a drug trafficker… you name it. Again, no proof of Dirk’s alleged crimes has ever been shown, aside from childish, made-up fake stories with manipulated images that strangely resemble those used on the website of Veterans Today.

But how about Keshe ? He can’t go to several countries because the authorities are already after him. There is a total media blackout as well. Nobody wants anything to do with him. His two older sons laugh at him and know he is kuku. And his youngest son has been taken away by Carolina. Karma is a bitch, isn’t it ?

Now in his recent article, just look how Duff twists things around to fit his and Keshe’s needs. He starts with the Catholic Church, then calls it a pedophile cult, only to connect the dots with Keshe and Dirk again.

BIG MISTAKE DUFFY DUCK! You slandered an innocent person once too many times, and we the people (as opposed to “you the fraudsters”) are no longer going to take it!

We will now expose Duff alias Bob Foote alias Keshe’s puppet(-master?) some more.

Question: How accurate are reports by Gordon Duff ?

All you really need to know about Gordon Duff is written in one sentence in this article:

“I will personally act as intermediary for Keshe [Note by Keshe is a convicted criminal] on this issue. I am not offering a personal guarantee as to efficacy but…”

In other words: It doesn’t work, it isn’t true, but… Duff supports Keshe’s scam anyway, because he’s a scammer himself. Let’s see… who is Gordon Duff REALLY ?

This article tells a lot about him, just like this one and this one. Fake news, fake products, fake promises, fake everything. And fake followers. As Dirk would say: EMPTY. (“M.T.”)

So it’s easy to see why Keshe chose “The Veterans” (as he calls VT) as “the media” that reports his nonsense. No credible news outlet would ever ruin their own reputation by publishing pseudo-scientific claims the way Gordon Duff does.

See a pattern there ?

Keshe – NOT graduated from Queen Mary College, he only ATTENDED (confirmed by Queen Mary College, but NO confirmation of his graduation was given!) So he PRETENDS to be a nuclear engineer, and earns his living by scamming people.

Duff – NOT a marine special operations veteran, he only spent a few days in the army. So he PRETENDS to be a marine expert, and earns his living by telling lies.

It’s easy to see: “Birds of a feather flock together.”

We are almost certain that Keshe’s hardcore followers will never understand that they are running after a deceiver. It is also very puzzling that on one hand Duff sees the connection between Sterling Allan’s God complex and his pedophile tendencies, but on the other hand he doesn’t see that he (Duff) supports someone (Keshe) with apparently the same connection. Narcissists are finger-pointers. They mirror, they blame others, they distract, they divide, only in order to divert attention away from their own crimes.

So maybe longtime KF followers are too blinded by the false light. But maybe some of the newcomers will see what the KF really is. At least we tried to open their eyes. If they really WANT to destroy themselves, nothing and nobody can stop them. Narcissists always need to be right, even if they are wrong and stupid. So they won’t ever change their mind. They will continue to think that Covid-19 is a hoax, that vaccines cause autism, that QAnon is Trump and Trump will save them, or that Keshe is the Messiah and will save them. It’s all the same brainwashed, nonsensical mess. Flat Earthers and Freemen included. Far from reality, but too far progressed to be corrected. So if they want to continue banging their heads against steel walls, they will sooner or later find out that the steel walls are much more stubborn than they could ever be.

Another article about Duff can be found here.