Scientology, the Keshe Foundation and the Illuminati

For those of you who haven’t yet realized that the Keshe Foundation is not a scientific organization but a cult, we are going to compare it to Scientology. You will see the similarities for yourself.

As we all know very well, the Keshe Foundation is a small but very aggressive cult, whose founder and leader Mehran T. Keshe can not contain himself at the time of slandering critics and skeptics, attributing to them all kinds of barbarities and nonsense, to the extent of inventing criminal charges without providing any evidence. We have previously compared the KF to Scientology, but former Scientologist Chris Shelton, with 27 years of experience, clarifies the reason for this maniacal behavior, thus demonstrating in the following video that the Keshe Foundation and the Cult of Scientology are very similar:

Quote: “…that’s right, the idea is that you’re spreading this black PR (Negative Press) or saying these nasty things about Scientology (in our case the KF) for only one reason: because you did something bad just before you saw what you saw (or wrote what you wrote). Stay with me because it only gets worse from here… You see, Hubbard wrote that the reason why the person is spreading the black PR (Negative Press) is because they must have not seen what they think they saw; the fact that they committed an OVERT Moral Transgression, did something bad just before their observation has caused a mental shift where they’re deluding themselves about what they saw and it didn’t really happen the way they think it did. In effect, Hubbard (in our case Keshe) is accusing anyone who says anything bad about Scientology (in our case the KF) of either being a liar or worse, having false memory syndrome. People in Scientology (in our case in the KF) go along with this because they’re in a destructive cult and part of being in a destructive cult is that the cult leaders and the cult itself can never be at fault or be the ones to blame for anything. In Scientology, especially if something goes wrong or is an error, it is always YOUR fault, it’s never L Ron Hubbard (in our case Keshe), David Miscavige or Scientology that is at fault. Not ever …”

As we can see, the explanation applies perfectly to the KF. Chris Shelton breaks down every Scientology gear on his channel, and guess what? Much of what he explains is applicable to the KF, thus demonstrating to the followers of Keshe, that they are in a true sect. To see what else cults like Scientology are capable of, read this article.

Years ago, when it became clear that the Keshe Foundation is a similar cult, Keshe immediately denied it – which is one of the major signs that the KF is indeed a cult. No cult leader would ever admit to it.

What all cults have in common is the fact that because of the unconditional obedience of cult followers, they will end up where their leader wants them to end up, and ultimately, that will be their own demise. Thus, KF followers who do not get out of their cult will sooner or later face self-destruction.

Because narcissistic cult leaders ALWAYS commit abuse, which is disguised as love and care. Every cult leader is a two-face. That’s why KF followers fall for Keshe, while failing to realize that they are constantly being abused until they are completely worn out, sick, or dead.

“Technology is another name for religion.” Prof. Sam Vaknin, expert on malignant narcissism

What does Keshe promote ? His “TECHNOLOGY”. In reality, he only promotes himself and his own personal religion. The Keshe Foundation is a malicious cult.

What exactly does the KF cult stand for ?

Well, “Universal Council” member Caroline Priller, wife of Klaus Priller (KF Manufacturing Austria), described it perfectly during the 352nd KSW:

“As a reaction of your last week’s teaching, the Universal Council wanted to say something, wanted to make a wish concerning the collaboration with the Rothschild family, and if you like to, I can make this (re)presentative wish now, on behalf of the Universal Council. We, the Universal Council, welcome the Rothschild family and any other organisation who are committing to peace, and we support with our soul every soul who is here to serve. We, the Universal Council, wish the Rothschild family to sign the world peace treaty, and to act in peace. We, the Universal Council, invite the Rothschild family to elevate the Universal Council’s soul. We are present. The Universal Council.”

Although Keshe and his followers always described “the Rothschilds” and the Illuminati as evil, they are now openly INVITING them. This is a 180 degree turn, but the motivation behind it is clear: Hope for MONEY and POWER. (What else ?) So in reality, the Keshe Foundation now publicly shows that they have the same materialistic and luciferian ethos they always pretended to oppose.

Now there is talk that the Rothschilds are changing and trying to work FOR humanity rather than against it, but we’d like to see proof of that. Talk is cheap.

Keep in mind that the Illuminati are also a cult: a several thousand year old death cult (that both Trump and Keshe are part of) that started in ancient Babylon. Up to this day, many well-known political figures worship their “God” Baal, who in reality is the biblical devil.

When KF followers (or Trump followers) refer to the “Deep State”, they are actually referring to this ancient death cult, pretending to oppose them, but now, as we were able to hear in the 352nd KSW, openly SUPPORTING them. How desperate must Keshe be to violate his own “ethos” (which he never had anyway) ?

Before we forget: Weren’t there rumors of another Keshe follower dying from cancer, after Keshe “treated” her with his “technology” ?

The false Messiah did it again. And he will try again. His anti-vaxxer talk in the 353rd KSW revealed once again Keshe’s love for dangerous conspiracy theories. Those who refuse to get vaccinated, permanently expose themselves to COVID-19, and that’s exactly what Keshe wants.

“It (the new Magrav system) will bring the end of man’s dependence on physicality.” – Empty Keshe, 353rd KSW

In other words: it will bring the death of humanity.

“We don’t punish, we elevate.” – Empty Keshe, 353rd KSW

The truth ? Keshe doesn’t run a scientific organisation, he runs a cult. Trump doesn’t run a country or nation, he runs a cult. Whatever Trump touches, dies. Whatever Keshe touches, dies. Malignant narcissism is destructive. A malignant narcissist is a self-centered parasite, not a people’s leader. That’s why such people should never have any power, and nobody should ever listen to them, because they will ALWAYS tell you the opposite of the truth, then abuse you, and then dump you. When Keshe claims that “they” want to control you, HE wants to control you. When Keshe claims that “others” are evil… (complete the sentence here). What a circus. Only if Trump and Keshe lose, it will be a major defeat for the enemies of humanity, who wish nothing but death and destruction on every human being, under the disguise of “love and care” and “technology”. Needless to say, such tactics only work on brainwashed, delusional and uneducated cult followers.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the craziest of them all ?