Carolina De Roose breaks the silence: The shocking truth about M.T. Keshe !!!

As many of you know, the coming divorce of professional con artist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his wife Carolina De Roose has been lingering for a few months, and was announced (as usual by using slander) in several of the “knowledge seekers workshops”. This matter has divided the Keshe Foundation, in which Carolina used to be a very active member, since Keshe has publicly started defaming his wife the same way he usually defames his critics and adversaries, by using words like “satanic”, “witch”, “pedophile”, “spy”, “murderer”, etc.

Keshe’s virulent attacks on Carolina have caused her to begin revealing the mistreatment and abuse she has been suffering from Keshe over the years, as well as the most secret plans of this false Messiah. In order to defend herself, Carolina made sure to get some evidence from Keshe’s hard drive. She collected many documents which prove that the old scammer shows no loyalty other than to his own greed.

Carolina now reveals that since they arrived in Belgium, Keshe began to mistreat her systematically and for no apparent reason, because her husband has long believed to be the true Messiah, the true redeemer of humanity, its true creator, and therefore its destroyer, due to the contempt he feels for human beings.

Carolina says that Keshe always harbored the secret plan to have 2 other wives. From each one a child of his would be born, who would become the true heir apparents of his messianic work (which would possibly imply the destruction of humanity, since Keshe was no longer satisfied with his alleged own creation). Apparently, Keshe was no longer pleased with his current wife and was looking for other women with whom to mate and carry out his Messianic (or rather satanic) plan, hence the constant mistreatment of Carolina and her child.

Recently, an interview was published in several parts, in which Carolina shares a lot of secrets which have been withheld from the public until now. Please listen to the interview below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Additional info by interviewer Brandon Dey (including a document written by Keshe in 2006)

In short, these are some of the things we learned from the interview with Carolina De Roose:

  1. When asked: “When do you know that an Illuminati is lying ?”, a wise man once replied: “Whenever he opens his mouth.” Carolina said that Keshe is full of big lies. Indeed Keshe talks like an Illuminati, he acts like an Illuminati, so he probably IS an Illuminati. He has already stated in the past that he has contacted them, so why would he hesitate to work for them, if his goals obviously are the same as theirs ? And Keshe, like the Illuminati, always tells publicly what he is going to do. Since his claims are so far out, nobody paid attention, but hopefully now Keshe will get in the crosshairs of law enforcement.
  2. He seems to be a (former?) spy (for Israel ?) with the plan to destroy Iran and the whole of humanity. In the fifth video (see above), a document written and signed by Keshe himself in 2006 reveals that he offered his war technology to Israel in order to attack and neutralize Iran!! After all the pro-Iranian propaganda in his workshops, and after all the support he received from his Iranian fans, it now turns out that Keshe had secretly offered his support to Israel to defeat Iran, after calling it a dangerous country!! This is called treason. Keshe is a traitor to his own homeland. He is a traitor to humanity. He is only loyal to his own greed.
  3. KF “technology” does not cure people, it makes them sick. There are plenty of testimonials about that, whereas the “positive” KF testimonials are fake and were written by the KF’s own people.
  4. Whatever Keshe does intentionally wrong, he blames it on others and plays the victim. (Malignant narcissistic behaviour)
  5. Keshe is a narcissist and satanist.
  6. Keshe is 700.000 Euro in debt, although he keeps boasting about his endless funds and imaginary future plans.
  7. Product orders have not been delivered for years, which proves that Keshe has been ripping people off.
  8. There is no peace in the KF anywhere, but Keshe constantly talks about his “world peace treaty”. What he really means is world domination, under his control. KESHE IS EVIL AND INSANE, PERIOD!
  9. Keshe had several extra-marital affairs, but kept accusing Carolina of being unfaithful. The typical mirroring of a narcissist. Over several years, he has told several of his lovers that he wants to have a child with them, a special girl who would carry the soul of the future world leader. The antichrist theme again! But what is behind it ? Probably just the simple desire of a sex maniac to have sex with younger women.
  10. Klaus Priller’s wife Caroline Priller (who seems to be a public political figure in Austria) attacked Carolina De Roose physically. She should be investigated and persecuted as well, rather than hold a political office, because how can you publicly and politically work in the interest of the public, while privately supporting a death cult like the Keshe Foundation ??
  11. Everyone above the age of 60 was kicked out of the Universal Council. Probably because none of them were sexually appealing to Keshe. His councils and other little private clubs are probably nothing but prey for the predator Keshe really is. Kicking people out is what Keshe calls “unity”, “correct ethos”, “world peace”, etc.
  12. THE BOMBSHELL: Keshe abused his own children (!!!) So WHO is the REAL pedophile ???

You can find more information on Carolina’s Instagram page.

All this info confirms what has been published on over the past few years. It also implies that supporters of Keshe, such as Gordon Duff (who frequently supported and repeated Keshe’s slander against innocent individuals), Rick Crammond (Keshe’s long-time workshop host), Klaus Priller (who runs KF Manufacturing Austria and conducted illegal medical experiments on humans) and many many others are complicit in Keshe’s crimes and should be persecuted as well.

Dirk, the founder and main author of, who sadly is no longer with us, was right from the start, and THAT is the real reason why Keshe kept attacking him so mercilessly over many years.

To us, none of the above information has been a secret. We see through Keshe like through glass. He is what we expected him to be, and much worse. He is an evil entity, who is, like all malignant narcissists, indeed not human. Meaning he is empty, that’s why some people call him Empty Keshe. Keshe has no conscience, no way of telling what is right or wrong. Then how can such a monster speak of “correct ethos” ???

Despite of all the info presented in the interview, we disagree with Carolina’s and Brandon’s continued belief that the KF “plasma technology” has any effect. In fact, there is no technology, it’s just cheap chemistry, and it’s poisonous.

The whole interview seems to be an attempt by Carolina to promote herself and to take over the KF, only to continue the horror that Keshe started. When looking at the comments below each video, you can see that all the former KF followers salute Carolina by stating “I am present”, so they once again learned NOTHING, they just go from one cult to another, because they obviously aren’t able to think for themselves.

First of all, everyone should realize that there has never been a new technology. The “GANS” was just a means to an end – to create a personal messianic religion around Keshe.

However, now that the ugly truth has been exposed, people will hopefully no longer be as blind as they used to be. Following an evil person like Keshe can only create an “antichrist” situation, and isn’t that exactly what certain political/religious factions have been planning for a very long time ? Just a coincidence ? We really don’t think so.

Law enforcement should act IMMEDIATELY, instead of continuing to turn a blind eye on the horrific crimes Keshe has committed.

Those who call themselves “Keshe knowledge seekers” are in fact the most ignorant sheeple of all who really seek NOTHING, they just blindly hang on to the lips of their alleged MESSiah, who created nothing but a huge MESS. Wake up you BLIND CULT FOLLOWERS! You have been had! You have been used and abused by the person YOU worship! A tyrant, a dictator, a diabolical person full of hatred! Turn away from him, stop supporting evil, and START LIVING YOUR LIVES FOR GOOD!!!