Will Keshe’s ex-wife release more evidence, along with more fake news ?

For several months, Keshe has been promoting another one of his fake products: The egg-shaped miracle chamber, which supposedly cures any disease and even produces materials such as gold! An exhibition to promote the miracle egg was set up in Linz, Austria. Of course, after some initial interest, it ended up being a total failure, and the exhibition failed to impress potential investors, who are tired of the false promises of the Iranian Messiah. Except for the delusional few who keep Keshe’s cult movement alive, while the rest of the world is disillusioned with the false hopes and empty promises of this perpetual liar.

Meanwhile the divorce process between Keshe and his now ex-wife Carolina De Roose, whose name Keshe had given to the Earth’s inner core, has been kept secret, and the actual ruling of the agreement between the two parties hasn’t been revealed to the public. However, it seems that Carolina has not received everything she wanted, as she has continued to publish evidence of Keshe’s lies and deception.

Carolina has stated that she has in her possession several articles from Science Magazine, even going back to the 1980’s, from which Keshe stole and copied most of his ideas, which confirms what we have always said: Keshe got his crazy theories from a variety of sources and then merged them into a strange and incoherent mess, without any scientific basis. It is not the first time we have heard about this. Dr. Konstantin Meyl, one of the first scientists to denounce the Keshe scam, had already stated in an interview years ago, that Keshe had taken part of his ideas from someone else’s patent written in Persian, and incorporated it into his crazy ideas.

After the failure of the miracle egg exhibition in Austria, there even have been new claims that the KF Magravs do not work, to which the swindler has replied that it is only because they were stolen from him. Although they were manufactured to the exact specifications published by him in his KSW’s, the products did not work, perhaps because the Iranian Messiah did not receive a share of the sales, so they did not have his blessing, which seems to be necessary for the correct functioning of this “science of the New Age”. And all this is the so-called “what we call knowledge” that was to be freely given to the whole world and to be freely replicated by all for the next evolutionary advancement of mankind? That is what Keshe proclaimed in Belgium in the early days to attract the gullible. Up until now there has not been one single working Keshe Foundation product. Whatever they sell is just cheap merchandise, fancy constructs of useless toys, or other nice looking nonsense that only attracts superstitious New Agers who can easily be manipulated and abused, while still worshipping their master. Where else have we seen this? Oh yes, Trump, “the chosen one”, a.k.a. “the former guy”. So ridiculous. He is like a child talking to children, exactly like Keshe.

Here is an example of a REAL flying car. Real science. Do you see Keshe’s name in that article ? Of course not.

Here is Keshe’s version. Nothing left to say about that. Here is another flashback, to show that Keshe never keeps his empty promises. Further claims of madman Keshe include his alleged memories of being crucified around 2000 years ago(!), as well as his repetitive claims that Einstein got it all wrong, when in fact REAL science proves the exact opposite.

Anyway, faced with the desperation of not being able to advance with his scam and because of the scarcity of new funds, Keshe once again set up a conference in Romania, with the backing of the local KF group. We hear that despite of Keshe’s usual avalanche of praises, the conference has been nothing short of embarassing.

Did Keshe meet again with MISA cult members in Romania, whose leader is a convicted pedophile, as reported in some of our previous posts? (see here, here and here)

Regardless of whether they met again or not, a blog created by ex-MISA members has posted about Keshe’s lies in Romanian, in which they publicly denounce the meeting of the two pedophile wanna-be Messiahs, Gregorian Bivolaru and Mehran Keshe. But the union of two rotten things will only give birth to something equally rotten, and nothing good will come of it. Maybe this latest conference in Romania will turn the eyes of the authorities on the Keshe Foundation, and make them decide to issue a long overdue international arrest warrant against Keshe. But even if he escaped again, the remains of his “fame” will crumble to dust, because malignant narcissists are never popular for a long time. The end of evil is near.

Going back to Carolina De Roose:

Carolina made this post today, in which she (once again) expresses her opinion that the Covid vaccination campaign is mass murder, when in fact the REJECTION of the vaccine leads to millions of unnecessary deaths. In her post, Carolina quoted this video source. A quick check reveals “Red Voice Media” as a fake news site.

Note: Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence.

So in reality Carolina publicly promotes the killing of millions of people, for the purpose of her own profit or influence, and therefore doesn’t distinguish herself from what Keshe keeps doing with his “Gans” scam. She is basically trying to set up her own cult. We have zero tolerance for cult leaders or cult enablers. We just tell it like it is.

While Carolina’s exposure of Keshe’s scam is helpful to humanity, her right-wing conspiracy theories, which sound a lot like those of the Trump-related QAnon cult, clearly are not. On the contrary: soon those who reject the Covid vaccines, which are the ONLY solution to stop this pandemic, will receive much more attention by authorities than they ever wanted, just in a different way. People like Carolina will be made responsible for the many unnecessary Covid deaths around the world, if they keep telling people to reject the vaccine. It isn’t the vaccine that kills people, it’s the virus. But tell that to someone who desperately wants to be right, even when they are wrong, such as “Proud Boys” or “KF followers”.

We therefore state that we clearly distance ourselves from the views of Carolina De Roose, with the exception of what she has revealed regarding the wrongdoings of M.T. Keshe.