Keshe’s Attacks On Me

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, who pretended for years to be my friend and brother, attacked me many times in several of his workshops.

When being made aware of it, some of his supporters defended him by saying “Just because Mr. Keshe made a mistake, we cannot dismiss the technology. We have to forgive him.”

That is easy for them to say, because they are not affected. But if THEY had been attacked and slandered, would they still have this opinion ? We also need to ask ourselves if it was really “a mistake”.

There is a saying:

“If it happens once, it is a mistake.
If it happens twice, it is stupidity.
If if happens three times, it is malicious intent.”

Well, Keshe attacked me not only three times, but dozens of times, even though I did nothing wrong, but on the contrary, I co-founded the KF and supported him for 10 years to promote his ideas by writing his three patent applications, helping in writing and illustrating his three books, making the first websites, making various PDF’s, creating many Facebook groups, indeed I was the one who created credibility for Keshe. The Keshe Foundation would not have the famous position it has today without my marketing work.

Over the past months Keshe publicly accused me of being a secret Belgian government agent, a potential killer, a pedophile, a terrorist, a thief, a money launderer and a drug trafficker. He accused me of blocking his progress in Belgium, of planning his arrest in Canada, of blocking his online workshops, and he suspected that I have an affair with a woman HE desired. He has been using the logo I created years ago, and now he claims I stole the logo from him so I must pay.

Remarkable is that before his public attacks (which started in April/May 2015) on Livestream KFSSI teachings, Keshe spoke very positive about me. In several Keshe workshops on Youtube you can see and hear that for yourself.

Keshe’s attacks on me in person show his aggressive and hostile mindset towards me, which contradicts the words of peace he uses as the Messiah God who was sent in 1958 to Earth. How can a real spiritual higher being speak with false and deceiving words ? How can a real spiritual higher being collect money by selling non-existing products ? How can a real spiritual higher being promise to heal sick people by giving them false hope for recovery by selling them non-functioning health reactors ? How can a higher spiritual being send out messages of hate ?

Keshe uses me as an imaginary enemy to create a hype around his technology, and threatens my life by bringing up all his followers against me. And then he even has the nerve to claim that *I* am threatening and intimidating people. I never threatened anyone, I only tell the truth about Keshe, and for that he calls me a terrorist. He realized that it was a big mistake to falsely accuse me of so many things, and now he does everything he condemns in other people to get out of this mess HE created himself. So the self-proclaimed Messiah uses incorrect methods to abuse people, and yet he calls himself correct.

If I had known how evil he is, I would never have gotten involved in the Keshe Foundation. He goes on and on, slandering, blaming and accusing me and others during public broadcasts, and none of his followers seems to notice or care. Do they support such behaviour ? If so, is this what Keshe wants to enforce as “world peace” ?

And then Keshe says we are one nation, one family, one race. What a hypocrite.