Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: From fraud in Belgium to claiming to have discovered a Corona cure

Some local or national KF groups have been re-publishing an article by Iran Press, called “Research on Plasma therapy for COVID-19 patients kicks off”, falsely indicating that the KF has anything to do with this plasma therapy.

Of course this article is about BLOOD PLASMA, not about the non-existent fake plasma that Keshe keeps promoting. His so-called “technology” has nothing to do with any kind of plasma. Therefore, he is not in a position to offer any kind of “cure” at all.

To show what Iran really thinks about Keshe, here is a very well researched article by an Iranian fact-checking website.

We are publishing the full translation of this article (minus some of the embedded audio/video, which you can look up on the original Iranian site). It shows that Keshe is not only perpetually lying even to his followers everytime he brags about his alleged collaboration with Iranian officials, but it also shows that basically NOTHING Keshe ever told is true. AND IRAN IS AWARE OF IT.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: From fraud in Belgium to claiming to have discovered a Corona cure

Scientists and researchers around the world are working to develop an effective vaccine or drug for the treatment of Covid-19, but efforts have not yet yielded a definitive and reliable result.

In the meantime, there are various claims about the discovery and manufacture of a Corona cure. So far, we have validated several of these claims. This time, we turn to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, who claims that his fake “Liquid Gans” is a cure for the new Coronavirus.

In this report, we take a look to see who this person is, what his background is, and how accurate and valid his claims are.

We got to know him and his recent activities in Iran through an audience member of the faculty. We joined the telegram group of his supporters. The group has more than 29,000 members at the time of writing. The number of members of this group and local channels related to Mr. Keshe is increasing day by day.


Who is Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and what is his account?

He describes himself as a “nuclear reactor expert in space plasma.” He claims to have obtained a combined version of what he calls “spatial” knowledge of “plasma” and “nano.” The name of this achievement is “Gans Water” or “One Cup, One Life”.

A Grammy-based telegram channel mentioned Gans by saying, “Professor Keshe has been able to solidify the single-atomic nanoparticle gas with [nanotechnology] and, of course, at room temperature, and call it GaNs.”

Gans or GaNS (abbreviated to Gas in a Nano Solid State) allegedly is a new type of state (solid, liquid, gas). In a video, Joshua Vojtisek, director of the New Energy Industry website , proves that no such thing exists at all, and that what is called Gans is just zinc carbonate.

Regardless of the fact that Gans is a fake concept and substance, Mr. Keshe claims that drinking the liquid is a cure for Covid-19. This liquid is made using two copper spiral wires, a piece of zinc and a little salt water. Mr. Keshe advises that by drinking it and spraying it around the house and breathing in a handkerchief, the Coronaviruses will be eliminated.

Of course, this claim is not true and has no scientific basis. No scientific reference has confirmed this, and Mr. Keshe himself has not provided scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of this drug.

In a video message, he thanked the “government” and the “office of the Supreme Leader” of Iran for their “help” and said it had coordinated with high-ranking authorities to distribute his products in Iran. He claims to have already given his knowledge to the Chinese, and that the Chinese government and army have used the findings of the Keshe Foundation to clear Wuhan of the virus.

The image below is an excerpt from the video above, in which Mr. Keshe says, “These devices must have been seen behind the Chinese president.” We have never seen such a thing. We even asked the admins several times in the Telegram group to give us this photo, but we did not receive a response.



Claimed records

According to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s personal website , he graduated from Queen Mary University of London in 1981 with a degree in nuclear engineering. A previous group has sought to validate his academic credentials and apparently asked Queen Mary University whether his bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering has been approved.

With this in mind, the first question is what does the assumption of Mr. Keshe’s claim of “nuclear expertise” or even “space” have to do with medicine and biology?

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s records have been set on his website as a timeline. This calendar-chronology dates back to 1958, the year of his birth. His birthday is known at the Keshe Foundation and it is a special event for the fans to the extent that videos are made to praise him on this occasion.

He allegedly graduated from Queen Mary University in 1981. Then there is no news until 2002. But Mr. Keshe’s activities began in 2002 with “discovering how gravity works” and “creating a black hole.” We do not know exactly what Mr. Keshe means by these two statements.

Following this resume, Mr. Keshe was invited to Belgium in 2004 at the invitation of a semi-formal institute that works in the field of technology evaluation. Mentioned then are “Inventions,” “Discoveries,” “Books,” and “Articles,” as well as publishing the “KF Plasma Times.” These are just about claims and do not prove anything. There is no need for a license to publish a book or magazine outside of Iran, and simply publishing a book or magazine is not a reason for the author’s credibility. For example, online magazines have 14 issues in English that are broken and full of typographical errors, which is a sign of the publisher’s lack of literacy.

He claims to have played a key role in the 2012 US-Iranian drone confrontation, and that the US drone taken down by Iran using his technology.

According to the calendar, after 2014, his activities accelerate and accelerate, with international exhibitions and the publication of “Books and Articles” and, most importantly, the launch of affiliate branches in other countries, from Italy to Ghana. All of this is Mr. Keshe’s claim.

He has been working in the field of health and pharmacy since 2016. In the same year, he entered the field of agriculture and its education. In this resume, Mr. Keshe wrote a letter to Donald Trump on August 9, 2019, calling for peace between Iran and the United States.

As it turns out, there are a variety of claims in this resume, sometimes subject to a specific report. But does any of these claims have scientific or documentary support?


Scientific validity and conviction in a Belgian court

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s page has been removed from the Persian Wikipedia, but in Rational Wiki, Mr. Keshe still has a special page. This site presents those who do anti-scientific and quasi-scientific activities.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has been prosecuted for “fraud” due to his unscientific activities. is a free site founded by Mr. Keshe’s victims. This site presents facts that show that Mr. Keshe is not only an alleged scientific figure, but also a professional scammer.

The website published the news of the conviction as well as the picture of the sentence of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his wife Caroline in the criminal court of the city of Kortrijk in Belgium in 2017. Mr. Keshe’s crime was “medical fraud, illegal activities in the field of health, forgery and medical practice without the necessary certification and deception of the people.”

According to the verdict, Mr. Keshe and his wife endangered the life of a young girl in a coma by unscientific methods. So if it hadn’t been for the timely intervention of doctors, the patient would have lost their life. Keshe had convinced the young girl’s mother that he could wake her from the coma.

We found an audio file of Mr. Keshe saying that the whole case of the “King of Belgium” court “show” was for him and his wife.

According to the story described by Keshe, the King and Queen of Belgium went to his house and asked him to give them his knowledge. After the request was denied, the King asked him to leave the country. Police later raided his home, but did not find the drawer, but beat his wife. Mr. Keshe returns home at midnight and secretly escapes to Italy with his wife.

Mr. Keshe’s account ends with the International Court of Justice interceding, and the Belgian government apologizes and Mr. Keshe refuses to accept it. He is determined to overthrow the Kingdom of Belgium because “there are so many problems with the Kingdom of Belgium.”

It’s hard to believe this story. To do this, we have to accept the strange assumptions that, for example, in European courts, witnesses are threatened with guns. Women and children are beaten, Mr. Keshe easily escapes from police at night, and most interestingly, the King of Belgium, the conspirator, and the police, under his command, sue Mr. Keshe in international courts. And…


$ 21 million investment in Ghana

Another one of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s adventures in the press is the story of the Keshe Foundation’s cooperation agreement with the Ghanian government. Ghana Business News reported on May 24, 2017 / June 3, 2017 that the Ghanian government has agreed with the Keshe Foundation to invest $ 21 million in the construction of a space launch pad. The report said the Foundation met with the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission in the fall of 2016, when an agreement was reached to build a space launch pad.

The news provoked reactions from the government. Until, almost a year later, the Ghana nuclear institute canceled its agreement with Mr Keshe due to a lack of scientific evidence. “They (the Keshe Foundation) gave us proposals to check that we came to this conclusion,” the head of the organization told the media.

Shortly afterwards, the incident became a widespread scandal for the Atomic Energy Commission and the Minister of the Environment in Ghana. On August 10, 2017, Ghana Business News published a report about the conviction of Keshe and his wife in Belgium. About a month later, in the latest report on the site, it is written that despite the conviction and scandal, this person is still active in Ghana and is engaged in medical work.


Building a flying saucer and work with the IRGC

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s name first appeared in the Western media nine years ago. He claimed to have shot down a US RQ-170 drone in southern Iran.

This story is sometimes mentioned as one of the scientific achievements on the personal website of Keshe. However, the Revolutionary Guards announced a month before the drone’s alleged plot to infiltrate the drone’s communications system by landing it safely. No official or unofficial Iranian website has mentioned Mehran Tavakoli Keshe at that time.

In a report published on January 10, 2012 / January 20, 2011, the American magazine Wired published the news of Keshe’s claim, and of course, with a bit of humor, they considered his claims unscientific. Experts report that the US drone simulated a ground-based navigation system, not a flying saucer!

One month ago, the dropping of a US drone in Iran was reported in the Iranian and Western media. Earlier, the news of the construction of a “flying saucer” in Iran was the subject of satirical reports in some Western publications.


Business and economic activities

The Keshe Foundation online store features a variety of products, from gin to “plasma disinfectant” and even energy generator parts and products for € 10 to € 1 million.

For example, the image below is a device that claims to be spacecraft technology to “strengthen the human body,” which costs between € 150 million and € 1 million plus postage.




This is a plasma slipper for 20 euros.


In addition, as stated on the official website of the Keshe Foundation, the Foundation is active in the field of financial transactions. On the Foundation’s website, coins called “Keshe coins” are traded. The total number of these coins is one million coins and the price of each is one thousand euros. If the number of coins and their base price are true, the depth and value of the financial market for cash transactions is one billion euros. We don’t know how many of these coins were made and how many were sold.



Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s belief and his unscientific claims about Coronavirus treatment mean that we accept that all independent scientists and researchers in the world’s most advanced laboratories are pumping water into the mortar, while he can solve all problems with a pan of salt water and two copper wires! Believing in the rest of his unscientific and unreliable claims is also a refutation of all human scientific experience that is not going to accept any claim without empirical and scientific evidence.

As our research shows, Mr. Mehran Tavakoli has no other university degree than an (alleged!) bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from a university in London. His allegations have so far not been confirmed by any scientific sources, and even some of his actions have been so damaging that they have reached the courts of Europe and led to the juridial conviction of Mr. Keshe.

But strangely, our research shows that Mr. Keshe’s business shop and economic activities are booming. From selling reactors to spaceships to face masks and coins sold as investment in science to God’s people.

As our research shows, he has created a network of loyal fans who act like loopholes. He even claimed to be a savior once and told his audience during a speech , “You have been asking for the promised Messiah for years, now I stand in front of you.”

Among Mr. Keshe’s supporters, asking him questions is considered a blasphemy. Recently, when someone in the Keshe Farsi Corona Team asked about the validity of the “Professor”, one of the group’s admins (quoted in the text) confronted him with this angry reaction: “It is not necessary to prove it to everyone scientifically. Be. “Whoever wants to believe can stay, and if anyone argues, they will be expelled from the group.”


Another admin of this group, in his faith in Mr. Keshe’s knowledge, goes even further and says that with “plasma science, even a severed finger, hand and foot can grow again”!

But the point here is that the story is not only limited to the beliefs of a group of people, but also implicates public health risk fraud.


We declare with confidence:

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is not a “professor”. A professor is literally a university professor. Mr. Keshe (allegedly!) holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from 40 years ago, from a university in London and does not teach at any university.

There is no cure for coronary heart disease or any other disease by Mr. Keshe. He certainly made no scientific discovery or invention in the field of health and treatment. Instead, he has a history of convictions in European courts for fraud and illicit health care. His version of a Corona cure is nothing but zinc carbonate and salt water. It is not a cure for Covid-19 and does not prevent it.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has no expertise in the field of space science, but instead his name is mentioned in a political, administrative and scientific scandal in Ghana; the $ 21 million investment agreement of the Keshe Foundation in this African country, which after a few months due to lack of his academic credentials was cancelled, and he became a nuisance to the Ghana nuclear energy association and the country’s environment minister.

The Keshefacts website assures all audiences that none of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s alleged claims have any basis. It also urges his supporters to stay away from his bigotry with skepticism, and not to be fooled by his vulgar and pseudo-scientific terms.



We thank the great nation of Iran for exposing Keshe for what he is. We wonder… Does the Supreme Leader not think that Keshe should be publicly hung for bringing shame upon his own nation ?


Operation Preserve Legacy

Hello. We are the new owners of KesheFacts.

Did anyone claim this site would be shut down ? It must have been an error. You didn’t believe that yourself, did you ? Dirk’s body might be gone, but his spirit is very much alive!

In honour of the great founder and former owner of this website, a creative genius and a true friend, who sadly passed away in early April 2020, this website will be CONTINUED, as he himself would never have closed it down.

The reason ?

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” – John Stuart Mill

also often quoted as:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


A new team

A brand new team of writers, investigators, REAL scientists and truth fighters from all over the world will be running this site from now on.

Keshe WILL be brought to justice. Hypocritically creating a memorial video and then claiming the deceased person was evil is not exactly “the correct ethos.”  It’s the typical mirroring of a narcissistic nobody, who blames his own crimes on his imaginary enemies.

This website will continue to expose Keshe’s scam as well as his improper practices as a fake doctor and pseudo scientist, to warn people and show them the truth behind the messianic facade of a mentally disturbed man. At least for some, they will have avoided a path of disappointment, lies or even grave harm.

Remember, Keshe is just another brick, but TRUTH is a sledgehammer.


The KesheFacts e-book: full archive

Due to the recent, unexpected passing of the founder and owner of this website, the site will close soon, since neither his family nor anyone else wants anything to do with the Keshe Foundation for obvious reasons.

We are now offering the complete archive of this website as a FREE e-book in PDF format. It was created by Dirk and contains all the information that has ever been posted on this website.

Grab the e-book while this site is still online! Then spread it far and wide, to warn potential new KF followers of the dangers of this malicious cult.

Here is the ONLY download link that contains the COMPLETE, ORIGINAL e-book!



The official Kortrijk verdict

As announced in our previous posts, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his wife Caroline Keshe were convicted on August 7, 2017 by the Criminal Court of Kortrijk (Belgium) for medical fraud and illegal medical practices. Since Kortrijk is part of the Flanders region, the language there is Dutch (Flemish).

Since I was part “civil” victim, I received an official copy of the full text of the conviction from the Court services. I would like to share this document with you, as this court sentence is public information that can be published and distributed on the Internet. In this document we have “covered” (anonymized) the names of the victims of the crimes of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his wife Caroline De Roose.

In this court sentence, the Judge explained his decisions in detail, based on police investigations. An impressive example is the one about ANNA, the Belgian woman in coma. We posted about this case already before. From the police investigation – explained in the court sentence – we learn that Mehran Keshe played a very dirty game with the mother of ANNA. Here is the part of the sentence that mentions ANNA.

coma anna

“Mrs XXX (mother of Anna) haar dochter werd comapatient naar aanleiding van een verkeersongeval; Via internet zocht de moeder in october 2009 lotgenoten, maar werd gecontacteerd door tweede beklaagde (Caroline De Roose) die een behandeling door haar echtgenoot voorstelde; gezien de uitzichtloze situatie van haar dochter, stemde zij toe in een behandeling; Eerste beklaagde (Mehran Keshe) bezocht haar dochter enkele keren in het ziekenhuis; Eerste beklaagde manipuleerde haar lichaam; zij moest lucht inademen doorheen bepaalde apparatuur; Hij verweet de moeder dat zij negatieve energie uitstraalde en het wakker worden van haar dochter belette; Zij mocht niet meer in de buurt komen van Anna. Nadien beweerde Mehran Keshe dat Anna zelf koppig weigerde wakker te worden; Uiteindelijk wilde Mehran Keshe Anna vast voedsel toedienen, hoewel hij zelf had gezegd dat dit voor een comapatient zeer gevaarlijk was. Op 13 february 2010 belde Mehran Keshe met de mededeling dat Anna wakker was geworden; De kinesist die was gearriveerd mocht de kamer niet binnen; Hij merkte echter dat de toestand van Anna zorgwekkend en kritiek was; Haar aangezicht was bloedrood en zij had stuipen; Mehran Keshe hield vol dat er niets aan de hand was; De kinesist belde toch de huisarts, die besliste tot een spoedopname; nadien bleek dat een brok vast voedsel in haar longen was gekomen. Zonder hospitalisatie was zij gestorven (stuk 289); Hierna werd de behandeling stopgezet; Nadien werd aan de moeder door Mehran Keshe en Caroline De Roose gezegd dat Anna nog steeds kon wakker gemaakt worden mits betaling, doch daar werd niet meer op ingegaan (tenlastelegging B3);”


“Mrs XXX’s (mother of Anna) daughter became a coma patient through a traffic accident; Via the internet, the mother sought fellow parents in October 2009, but was contacted by the second convict (Caroline De Roose), who proposed a treatment by her husband; given her daughter’s hopeless situation, she agreed to a treatment; The first convict (Mehran Keshe) visited her daughter Anna a few times in the hospital; The first convict manipulated her body; she had to breathe air through certain equipment; He blamed Anna’s mother of radiating negative energy, which allegedly prevented her daughter from waking up; She was not supposed to get closer to Anna.
Afterwards, Mehran Keshe claimed that Anna herself stubbornly refused to wake up; In the end, Mehran Keshe wanted to feed fast food to Anna, although he himself said that this was a very dangerous hazard for a coma patient.
On February 13, 2010, Mehran Keshe announced that Anna had woken up; The kinesiologist who had arrived could not enter the room; He noticed, however, that Anna’s condition was worrying and critical; Her face was very reddish and she had convulsions; Mehran Keshe said nothing was wrong, However, the kinesiologist called the Medical Doctor who decided it was time for an emergency hospitalisation; Afterwards it turned out that a bunch of solid food had entered into her lungs. Without hospitalisation she would have died (Doc. 289); After these events the treatment was discontinued; Afterwards, the mother was told by Mehran Keshe and Caroline De Roose that Anna could still be woken up, but only after payment, but the treatment was not continued (charge B3);”

This shows that Mehran Keshe misjudged the situation of Anna having convulsions as not dangerous, although without hospitalisation she would have died (Doc. 289)

Anna Keshe coma treatment

Click here to download the official conviction of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose (in Dutch/Flemish language).

Addendum November 19, 2017:

“The Keshe Foundation Research And Development in Hoeilaart (Vlaams-Brabant) was declared bankrupt by the court in Brussel on 07-11-2017. The company number is 846809307. The (main) activity of The Keshe Foundation Research And Development is education.” (Source)

The following image shows the structure of Keshe’s companies in Belgium.


Addendum 2, November 22, 2017:

Some older info, but still relevant:

“Keshe Power Cell Technology in Hoeilaart (Vlaams-Brabant) was declared bankrupt by the court in Brussel on 29-11-2016.”  (Source)

Thanks again to all the great researchers at for their invaluable (and unpaid!) work.


Belgian court convicts Mehran Keshe and wife for fraud

Today, Ghana Business News posted the following article:

Belgian court convicts Mehran Keshe and wife for fraud

The Iranian man and founder of the organization known as the Keshe Foundation, who claims to be a nuclear physicist and sells his plasma products which he says can cure HIV/AIDS, diabetes and other diseases, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has been convicted of fraud and given a suspended sentence by a Belgian court. His wife, Carolina De Roos was also sentenced by the same court that sat in the Belgian city of Kortrijk, according to news sources out of Belgium yesterday, August 9, 2017.

Keshe was given an 18 months sentence and the wife 12 months. The two currently live in Italy.

The couple was charged for deceiving Belgian citizens that they can be healed of various ailments when they drink water from special thermos bottles and inhale air through an inhaler which Keshe sells.

The reports indicate that Keshe’s claims to heal with his plasma water came to the attention of the country’s medical regulatory authorities in 2012. The couple was also cited for practicing medicine illegally in Belgium.

Court investigations revealed that Keshe and his wife were scammers and confiscated an amount of €15,000 which it said was made from the fraudulent sale of the plasma water.

The news reports said eight victims of the couple were identified in areas among others in Roeselare, Meulebeke, Waregem, Anzegem and Ninove.

Keshe in Ghana

Meanwhile, a little over a week ago, Keshe was in Ghana to hold a press conference where according to some local news accounts and there are different accounts, he claims he is investing $15 million in scientific technology and he will build the first space launch pad in Africa in Ghana, a claim he made in May 2017 during a conference that he organised in Ghana under the auspices of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.

The Commission, however, which signed an MoU with the Keshe Foundation has abrogated the deal on the grounds that Keshe’s claims cannot be scientifically proven.

Another newspaper account says he is investing $750 million to build a plant in Ghana to start producing his range of plasma products.

Other reports say, he will create 3000 jobs for scientists with his plant.

But the Minister for Science and Environment, Prof Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng has questioned Keshe’s credibility and claims of being a nuclear physicist.

Prof. Frimpong-Boateng said after some scrutiny, it was found that the activities Keshe, his predictions and medicinal product purported to cure certain diseases were not genuine.

In response to the Ministers comments, Keshe issued threats, making veiled threats that he knows the Minister was hiding money in Dubai. But the Minister was swift in responding that he has never been to Dubai.

Sources familiar with Keshe’s modus operandi say the only way he responds to his critics is to slander them.


In some of the Keshe Foundation’s live streaming of its leader’s lectures, Keshe makes claims that staff of the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and the Ghana Standards Board use his products and testify to their efficacy, but a check on the FDA website where a list of approved medical and food products are published doesn’t have any product from the Keshe Foundation listed.

Keshe and the 20 Ghanaian scientists

Keshe appears to have some chips under his sleeves in his quest to keep his hold on Ghana. He currently has 20 graduates of the Graduate School of Nuclear Sciences that he has hired to work for him under the now abrogated MoU with the Atomic Commission. Their future is unclear.

The Director-General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Prof. Benjamin J. B. Nyarko who is currently attending a meeting in Vienna, Austria, told on the phone Thursday morning that, the graduates of the school can’t find jobs and they are free to work in the private sector if they can find jobs.

Asked about the future of the 20 graduates working with the Keshe Foundation, he suggested that they should be advised to leave the Foundation.

It does not appear that Ghana has seen the last of Keshe yet.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

One of Keshe’s scams: “medical plasma reactors” (thermos bottles) with some simple magnets inside, Belgium’s largest newspaper, published the following article about the convicted MESSiah (translated from Dutch):

Iranian health guru turns out to be a regular scammer

An Iranian couple now living in Italy, where they may continue their criminal practices, have been convicted by the judge in Kortrijk because they scolded people from our region on a large scale. The faithful customers believed the man of the couple, Mehran TK, who represented himself as a health guru. They also did not ask questions when the man claimed he could heal them by drinking water from special thermos bottles and inhaling air through an inhaler. Practices came to light when victims complained to the Order of Physicians in 2012. Later, a court investigation began to show that Mehran TK and his wife, Carolina D., were ordinary scammers who illegally practiced medicine. The man got 18 months on probation, his wife 12 months. They also received a prohibition. The court declared forfeit more than 15,000 euros: money that was connected to illegal practices. They made eight victims, among others in Roeselare, Meulebeke, Waregem, Anzegem and Ninove.

And published a similar article (translated from Dutch):

Couple convicted of deceiving sick people

An Iranian couple has been convicted of scamming sick people from the region. The man, Mehran TK, presented himself as a health guru and claimed he could heal the patients by allowing them to drink water from special thermos bottles and to breathe air through an inhaler. In 2012, people complained to the Order of Physicians. The conclusion of the parquet was that with the help of his wife Carolina D., who ransacked patients, he used illegal medicine and deceived people. Eight victims were identified from among others in Anzegem, Waregem, Roeselare, Meulebeke and Ninove. The judge followed and condemned TK to a suspended sentence of 18 months and his wife received 12 months on probation. Both were also given a prohibition. In total, the scam brought the couple over 15,000 euros, an amount declared by the court as forfeited. Two victims were bourgeois and they received compensation. Meanwhile, the couple lives in Italy.

As a reminder, here is Keshe’s sarcastic, dirty comment of slander to Belgian police officer Mr. Delannoye, BEFORE he (Keshe) was convicted:

“I ask the judge for 30 months sentence. If he gives me less then I have a problem. Because the more the sentence, the bigger it is, the more I can push everything into the hands of the higher level courts and then we take it to the UN. There should be no one operating on Interpol from Belgium because this shows international fraud by the police and prosecutors. So, I thank you Mr. Delannoye: I have been waiting for this court case to be heard, to be closed. We can speak now because the case is closed. I thank the prosecutor that you will need a prostate prosecuting, because you will be sitting for a long time in prison on your backside! The prostate needs a lot of attention … that’s all you are, you are not a prosecutor! You are a criminal and we were waiting for you to come up. – M.T. Keshe

Has anyone ever seen such arrogance? And this comes from a criminal demagogue and cult leader like Keshe. Incredible! Is a giant super-ego à la Trump or Keshe the new norm in this ego-driven society? Then humanity has a long way to go to reach world peace.

Open letter to the Baha’i Universal House of Justice in Haifa

Dear Members of the Universal House of Justice,
Dear Dr. Ayman Rouhani,
Dear Mr. Paul Lample,
Dear Mr.Firaydoun Javaheri,
Dear Mr. Payman Mohajer,
Dear Mr. Gustavo Correa,
Dear Mr. Shahriar Razavi,
Dear Mr. Stephen Birkland,
Dear Mr. Stephen Hall,
Dear Mr. Chuungu Malitonga,

I want to inform you about the controversial Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe (claiming to be of Baha’i faith). Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe claimed in public on April 18, 2014, to be the Baha’i Messiah, but also to be the Madhi and to be Buddha.

Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Tehran on August 2, 1958. Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe claimed in the past to be a very respected publishing teacher in the Baha’i community. However Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe often denied the existence of a God.


An essential question.

1) Bahá’u’lláh (the Bahai founder) stated in 1863 that: the next Manifestation of God will not appear before 1000 years have passed,… (thus earliest in 2864). Thus: MT Keshe, born in 1958, who claimed on April 18, 2014 to be a “new” manifestation of God, the Messiah, according to Bahá’u’lláh “such a man is assuredly a lying impostor.”?

2) In the Kitáb-i-Aqdas (1873) Bahá’u’lláh stated: “Whoso layeth claim to a Revelation direct from God, ere the expiration of a full thousand years, such a man is assuredly a lying impostor. We pray God that He may graciously assist him to retract and repudiate such claim. Should he repent, God will, no doubt, forgive him… Whosoever, interpreteth this verse otherwise than its obvious meaning is deprived of the Spirit of God and of His mercy…”

3) “Should a man appear, ere the lapse of a full thousand years—each year consisting of twelve months according to the Qur’án, and of nineteen months of nineteen days each, according to the Bayán—and if such a man reveal to your eyes all the signs of God, unhesitatingly reject him!” (Bahá’u’lláh, quoted in World Order of Bahá’u’lláh)

Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is allegedly a bachelor in nuclear science (Queen Mary college London) and has developed his own theory of magnetic-gravitational (plasma) fields. He is not able to show his diploma, so it is not certain that he is even a B.Sc in nuclear science. Based on his theory he claims to have the knowledge and technology to build new type of spaceships, plasma energy reactors, flying cars and promotes the consumption of a “unique” nano material called ‘GANS”(Gases in Nano State). Such Gans is allegedly the essence of the soul. Human consumption will elevate the souls!

Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has never demonstrated his special spaceships, and refuses to show flying plasma reactors. Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe also sold online various “plasma” products, such as nonexisting electrical generators, or non-working “Magrav” reactors.

Next to his technology products Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe also offers medical HEALTH services, including solutions for cancer, coma, Parkinson, ALS, etc. These “miracle” reactors, just contain normal magnets in their walls, as is disclosed in Belgian police reports.

A criminal court case started in April 2017 before the Criminal Court in Kortrijk (Belgium) for fraud, illegal medical practices and for experiments on humans. The police investigation for this case started already in 2014. For that reason Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe fled out of Belgium to Italy, later to Dubai and recently to Ghana.

The public prosecutor recently claimed 30 months jail for Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and 24 months jail for Mrs Keshe (Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose). The final verdict will be published on August 7, 2017.

Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe holds every week on the Internet – via – his Thursday public KSW’s (Knowledge Seekers Workshops). During such “teachings” Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe often refers to his divine knowledge as Messiah.

I, myself have a conflict with Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, although we started together the Keshe Foundation (Holland) in 2005, and I helped Mr. Keshe to write three international patents, and his three books, before I found out he is scammer. However when I applied in 2015 for a Belgian patent, Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe claimed that I stole it from him, which is a manifest lie since i used a completely different approach (principle of the Casimir effect, which is in line with my own cosmological multilayer holon theory (2002) – or, and from April 2015 Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe started a broad slander campaign against me, with fake stories, hate speech, false accusations, and fallacies.

Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe created his own conspiracy theory that I work with the illuminati to block his fake technology, which will allegedly give the horn of plenty to the world. Therefore, as Mr. Keshe claims, I am the greatest criminal on Earth. The real reason is that Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe needs to point to an external reason (a scapegoat) to explain his own inability to prove the alleged validity of his own “magrav theory”.

The holy words of a Messiah ?

For these reasons I started in 2016 a whistleblowers website: <> about the technology frauds and slander Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe committed.

Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe created insane fallacies such as:

(1) that I was the world leader of a pedophile network (called the Red Circle),
(2) that I murdered children,
(3) that I was a terrorist,
(4) that I was a drug-dealer,
(5) that I murdered scientists to steal their patents,
(6) that I tried to kill Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his family,
(7) that I murdered his TV cameraman Fabio (who died in a car accident in Italy),
(8) that there are murder investigations in Italy, Belgium an the Netherlands against me,
all accusations and slander which are completely fictious and nonsense. I was never convicted in any court.

For that reason I filed a police complaint in Belgium for slander, assassination of character and death treats by Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.

Gentlemen, I send you this email because Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe uses the name of the Universal House of Justice in a – in my opinion – deceptive way. Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe uses the name and institution of the Universal House of Justice to create credibility for his scams.

Recently Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe announced that he invited all word leaders to Haifa on August 2, 2017 to sign his Keshe World Peace Treaty in cooperation with the Universal House of Justice.

But Messiah Keshe also blamed the Universal House of Justice not to do its job. Mr. Keshe is therefore NOT in the slightest interested in peace, or in any of the positive values he pretends to support. His only interest is to abuse humanity and the Universal House of Justice for his own financial benefit and fame.

I hope this information is of some importance to you.

Respectfully Yours,
Dirk Laureyssens


The truth is catching up with Keshe after his Ghana scam

UPDATED on July 10th!

In a recent article, Ghana Business News reported that Empty Keshe was more or less kicked out of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, AS EXPECTED. The same thing happened at LUM University in Italy, after Keshe tried to screw everyone over.

Prof. Benjamin J. B. Nyarko, the head of the GAEC, explained that there was no scientific proof to backup Keshe’s empty claims. We are not surprised at all.

Slowly but surely everyone figures out that Keshe is nothing but a bigmouth, an empty talker, a scammer, a criminal, and a fraud, who steals large amounts of money by running his KF cult and selling poisonous fake “health” products. Keshe has NO new technology and only lives as a parasite on the back of humanity. Keshe IS an enemy of humanity, an empty nobody who cares only for himself and his pocket. The master of greed and envy. Hence all his slanderous attacks on people who achieved something on their own, using their own creativity.

This latest development in Ghana is just one example of Keshe’s lies and fallacies. But no matter how monstrous and crazy Keshe’s lies and fallacies may be, one day EVERYONE will see!

Now that this TRUTH has become known to the public, how much longer will Empty Keshe be able to continue his insane and aggressive FAKE “PEACE” talks, without being RAIDED BY THE POLICE ?

The net of truth is closing in on Keshe. He will pay the price for his selfish and evil actions against humanity. Please read our previous post for details.

UPDATE, July 6, 2017:

After reading the above mentioned article, Keshe of course tried to use all kinds of lies and excuses during the 179th KSW in order to blame everyone else but himself for his own failures and crimes. Claiming that the KF is not a cult (which of course only confirms it IS a cult, as you can read in one of our previous posts), and pointing his finger at the GAEC, at me, and basically at everyone else who speaks the truth, only to distract from the fact that Keshe was exposed as a scammer by the Ghanian authorities.

On top of that, a new article was published today by the Ghana News Agency, called “Environment Minister exposes Iranian Scientist”. There is not much left to say about that. Of course Keshe will slander and blame all Ghanians for speaking the truth, along with all the other good people who stand up for truth and justice!

Keshe can lie and spin stories as much as he wants, but official newspapers don’t lie. But even when Keshe gets caught, he continues to run his scams, that’s how ruthless he really is. See for yourself.

The latest KF generator scam – made in Ghana!

But slowly but surely, people are waking up, and they are fed up with Keshe’s lies, scams and constant slander against innocents. The Keshe Foundation is a Luciferian mind-control cult that has NOTHING to do with peace. Keshe brainwashes his victims to make them promote his cult, but once they wake up, he slanders them and accuses them of all kinds of crazy things. The KF’s REAL purpose is to exploit people in need, to take their money, and to gain their attention. The Keshe Foundation is all about boosting the ego and the bank account of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his wife Carolina De Roose. They both need to betray, lie and scam, since they have no sincere way to make money.

We ask more KF victims to speak up and to report cult leader Keshe to the police and other law enforcement agencies in all countries.

We wish for REAL peace. In a world of peace, there is no place for scammers and criminals like Keshe, who promise you heaven, but give you hell. Slander, lies, fraud and deception are not part of the world we want to live in.

To all KF followers: stop for a minute and think about what you really promote. Slander in exchange for money ?

UPDATE, July 10, 2017:

Another article was posted by Ghana Business News, picking up on Keshe’s threats against the Ghanian Minister of the Environment! We repost the full article here. It shows that Keshe does to others exactly what he accuses others of: Keshe threatens others.

Questionable Iranian Nuclear Scientist, Mehran Keshe threatens Ghana Minister of the Environment

July 10, 2017

The exposed questionable nuclear scientist, Mehra Tevakoli Keshe who runs an organization known as the Keshe Foundation has made threats against Ghana’s Minister of the Environment, Science and Technology, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, saying Dubai is the wrong place to hide money, a claim suggesting that the Minister is hiding stolen funds in Dubai, but the Minister tells he has never been to Dubai before.

In one of the Keshe Foundation’s weekly live broadcast published on Youtube Friday July 7, 2017, Mr. Keshe expressed surprise about what he describes as the “sudden attacks on the Keshe Foundation.”

“If anyone attacks Keshe Foundation, we will open the books. We have enough evidence that will be extremely not good for those who sit in Vienna,” he said.

He went on to demand a retraction from the Minister, in reaction to a news report by the GNA citing the Minister saying after scrutiny the Ministry found that Mr. Keshe was not genuine.

Keshe who said the Ghana Standards Board stands by him made these veiled threats at the Minister. “I advise the Minister to retract the interview. And I give you a tip, Dubai is wrong place to put hidden finances. I am much bigger than threats. I am a senior adviser in the nuclear industry,” he said.

“We release the paper, it is for the Minister to decide. We will release information, it will not be nice,” he said, among other things.

But Prof. Frimpong-Boateng told on the phone, “Let him release it. I have never been to Dubai before.”

The Minister was quoted in the GNA report saying, “After my appointment I decided to review the operations of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and I came across this Iranian Scientist called Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and was not convinced with his activities…… so I told my colleagues to look into his activities to help me have satisfaction,” Prof. Frimpong-Boateng was quoted as saying.

The Minister also indicated that after checking with Queen Mary College, University of London where Keshe claimed to have studied Nuclear Physics it was discovered that the University did not even offer Atomic Physics. In his response in the Youtube video, Keshe uses some documents and Wikipedia pages in his defence.

The report noted further that Keshe was reported to be preparing to set up an Energy Space Centre at the Atomic Energy and that by next year, Ghana would go to the Space, which the President of Ghana had no idea of.

“He also brought certain things to Belgium that was artificial and people paid money for it….and also devised certain equipment which he brought samples to the Director-General of the Atomic Commission claiming it would reduce power consumption in people’s homes……and I don’t know if this is true,” he said.

According to the report, the Minister cited a liquid the Iranian had manufactured known as ‘plasma water’ which was examined by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) and the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and was found to be pure water.

Keshe alleged the liquid which he had bottled and sold at $10 each could cure diabetes and hypertension and supported his claim with a video from Youtube as a strategy to market the product, the report added.

Keshe in the Youtube video claims that the staff of the Ghana Standards Board tell him the ‘plasma water’ is good and it works for them, because they use it in their homes.

“The Standards Board say they stand by me,” he says.

Meanwhile, the Director-General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Benjamin J. B. Nyarko told in an exclusive interview published Wednesday July 6, 2017 that the Commission had abrogated the Memorandum of Understanding it signed with the Keshe Foundation because its claims couldn’t be proven.

People familiar with Keshe have told that his claims are unproven, and he is in the habit of slandering those who criticize him, forcing many who disagree with him not to speak out.


Keshe and Wife Carolina De Roose May Serve Prison Time After Yesterdays Court Case in Belgium

(The following is a repost of an article written by Hopegirl.)

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s big court case just happened in Kortrijk Belgium on Monday June 26, 2017, and he and his wife Carolina De Roose may be facing jail time for fraud and human experimenting. We are waiting for the verdict said to come from the judge on August 7, 2017.

During the court case Keshe’s lawyer was defending Keshe against illegal medical practices that Keshe had been performing and charging patients for. Keshe claims to have paid everyone back, but Dirk Laureyssens, a former working partner turned whistleblower, attended the trial and testified that Keshe did not pay back the money and continues his illegal practices on an international level. While Keshe claims to have millions of supporters, only around 6 people actually showed up to support him at the trial. There is another court case against Keshe being filed by Dirk Laureyssens who will be going after Keshe for as much as 10 million Euro in damages.

Picture from Keshe’s court case in Belgium, courtesy Keshe Victims FB group.

For those who are just tuning in to the saga, allow me to provide a little bit of background from our perspective. Last year Tivon and I did an honest inquiry into Keshe plasma Technology. We set out with the best of intentions, coming from a professional engineering background, we were hoping to be able to summarize a great technology and to present it in a good light. Unfortunately it did not turn out the way we planned. Soon after we started investigating Keshe tech, we found A LOT of problems with the technology. Also, we were presented with testimonies from people calling themselves “Keshe Victims”, some of the stories were just horrifying. To top it off we were sent a copy of an arrest warrant for Keshe and learned that he’s wanted for fraud and human experimentation.

Regardless of these revelations, we still tried to be neutral and give Keshe a chance to explain his side of the story. When we approached the “Keshe Spaceship Institute” and started asking a few questions about such accusations, we received an outlandish threat from Keshe’s wife Carolina de Roose, threatening to fabricate a story that would label me as being a pedophile in charge of a child sex trafficking ring. Such threats were ludicrous and I felt, were coming from a rather unhinged individual. Nevertheless, Keshe followed through with his threat and made videos and publications accusing me and my organization of such things. I would later learn that this is Keshe’s modus operandi. There is a definite pattern with Keshe and his wife. This being, the moment they are questioned about their technology or exposed as frauds, they will call you a pedophile as their main defense. Plus, they appear to have an extensive and well funded network of fake news reporters and online propaganda dis-info agents to help carry out such defamation campaigns. Keshe and his wife have done this to dozens of people, many of whom can be found in the “Keshe Victims” group.

We did an investigative report on Keshe and put all the evidence that I had found out on the Hopegirl blog and in an extensive 3 hour show. We reviewed the technology, the medical cases where Keshe was accused, the millions of dollars in fraudulent sales he’s acquired from people who want their money back, the arrest warrants… everything. In response to all of this evidence I was continuously attacked. I ended up pulling all my Keshe articles and videos because it just wasn’t worth it to me anymore. We live in a time where people will choose to believe a lie, so I figured I would just let them. Heck, I tried.

Keshe’s loyal disinfo propaganda supporters/promoters include Kerry Cassidy, Sean Maguire and Gordon Duff from Veterans today. To add to this, there are many new age zealots out there who continue to promote Keshe despite the growing mountain of evidence against him.

It looks like the prison sentences will be 30 months for MT Keshe and 24 months for his wife Carolina De Roose. Many of the victims of Keshe’s fraud and illegal practices don’t feel that this is enough time. I guess we’ll all just have to see what the verdict is.

Join the Keshe Victims Facebook group for updates, and check out the keshefacts blog.

(The original article, written by Hopegirl, can be found on her blog.)


Open Letter to Kerry Lynn Cassidy (Project Camelot) and Sean Maguire (Out of the Bag Radio), related to radio interviews with Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Dear Mrs. Kerry Lynn Cassidy,
Dear Mr. Sean Maguire,

You both have recently (May 2017) hosted and broadcast interviews with Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian born BSc in nuclear engineering, who claims to be the new Messiah and Medhi, and who is the head of the Keshe Foundation.

Although the Keshe Foundation claims to be a scientific “spaceship” organisation, not for profit, and non religious, the real goal of Mr. Keshe is to create a pseudo-religious cult based on highly questionable “personal scientific ideas” without any scientific evidence or independent peer reviews.

Both of you gave Mr. Keshe the unlimited freedom to tell his own stories, his lies, his fallacies and his fake news about his alleged successes in medical research, his successes in plasma reactor building, his various kinds of slander, without any critical journalistic prudence or ethics from your side. Your only source was Mr. Keshe himself, and you gave him “carte blanche” to tell your audience whatever he likes, under the umbrella of your alleged credibility and popularity. However the lack of real results is shown on a special webpage written by critical people. It shows proof of reality. To them, extraordinary claims rightfully demand extraordinary proof.

Officially, the Keshe Foundation was founded in the Netherlands in 2006 to promote and commercialise the knowledge and patents of Mr. Keshe, to create income by granting licenses to third parties. So the real goal was to make money. However, Mr. Keshe has no patents at all, there are only a number of WIPO patent applications which were deemed to be withdrawn due to Mr. Keshe not paying the required fees. (WIPO registration, patent search fee, …etc). Thus Mr. Keshe has no official patents at all. This lack of patents inspired Mr. Keshe to “give freely”, during numerous Internet shows and lectures, during which he claimed to be driven by the highest ethical standards, his patents to humanity, to share his important “knowledge”, since his patents contain – in his opinion – all the secrets of nature, and they would provide free food, free water, free electricity, universal health, interplanetary and intergalactic space travel to humanity, so in other words: the Horn of Plenty, which would allegedly lead to a new Golden Age. Mr. Keshe then claimed to be the new Messiah (April 18th 2014), the new peace-maker (trying to FORCE world peace through a world peace treaty). But that would only be possible through a New World Order, under his control.

Since – after many years of alleged R&D – Mr. Keshe’s technical results were not successful, his “plasma theory” failed in reality. But Mr. Keshe could not admit that. So Mr Keshe claimed that “external forces” sabotaged him, and tried to murder him and his family. Mr. Keshe presented himself to his audience as an innocent, highly ethical  victim of Illuminati forces. To reinforce this fallacy, Mr. Keshe created a scapegoat; his former friend and co-founder of the Keshe foundation: Mr. Dirk Laureyssens, his former Belgian patent writer. Soon Mr. Keshe projected all human deviations on Dirk, going from theft, murder, head of a world wide pedophile network (the “Red Circle from Antwerp”), terrorist, hacker, money launderer, drug trafficker, … to the biggest murderer and criminal that ever existed on Earth. Mr. Keshe conducted his slander and accusation sessions almost every week during his live “Knowledge Seekers Workshops”. Mr. Keshe organised in the Keshe Foundation an internet research team to find “criminal evidence” about Dirk, but nothing was found, so Mr. Keshe manipulated non-relevant public information – given by Dirk himself – in a bad, distorted way. Dirk Laureyssens then created a defense/reality-check website:

In the following paragraphs I will point to some important fallacies Mr. Keshe uses in his “lectures” or during his “radio interviews”.

1. The Ghana space center platform.

This Ghana launch platform is a giant scam. In reality Mr. Keshe is trying to collect 250 million USD to obtain large real-estate.

Mr. Keshe has published in the past on his website that his “spaceships” can land and take-off EVERYWHERE; there is no need for a launch platform (see images below, also visible on



2. Keshe’s cancer solution.

In his cancer blueprint video, he used stolen images of mice (© infringement) but Mr. Keshe claimed it was his own research. Pure fraud.

Here you can see it for yourself, and find the links to the original websites. The Keshe Foundation became a fake news website.

Here you can see that Mr. Keshe’s coma patient Anna is still in coma (since 2010), despite of his healing claims. I even made a public bet of 25,000 €…


3. Mr. Keshe’s fight against pedophilia.

Keshe claims to fight against pedophiles, but !!! he tried to collaborate with and defend a convicted pedophile himself !

4. Mr. Keshe’s intimidation team at work.

Mr. Keshe instructed his followers to knock on Dirk’s door (to ask “Where are the bodies of the children that were tortured and killed?”).  His followers send intimidation messages on Facebook. But yet Mr. Keshe is so proud of his peaceful “ETHOS”! But in reality he is pure EVIL.

IMG_3404-kl massimo troisi -bedreiging foltering

Paolo Amorelli 20032017

Paolo Amorelli screen

5. Debunking the “Red Circle” story of Mr. Keshe.

“THE RED CIRCLE”, the imaginary STORY by self-proclaimed Messiah Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.

1) The research work that former Belgian parliamentary MP Laurent Louis has done – in collaboration with Anonymous – brought to light a large pedophile network within the highest political circles of Belgium. Laurent Louis held a passionate speech in the Belgian Parliament, where he, among other things, asked to reopen the murder/pedophilia police investigations concerning Marc Dutroux, based on facts Anonymous found in certain computer networks.

2A) Laurent Louis published on the Internet and in newspapers a list (the Dutroux list) of more than 30 leaders of the Belgian pedophile network. These leaders were mentioned by name and function. This list came from Anonymous.  This list can be found here.

2B) The Introduction text by Anonymous (Belgium) can be found here.

3) Laurent Louis, the whistleblower, was thwarted in the Belgian Parliament, because former PM Elio DiRupo appeared on the list. Afterwards, Laurent Louis was punished by the court.

4) These are now facts of the PAST.

5) However, for more than one year, Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe of the Keshe Foundation has been using this old Belgian pedophile case (the Dutroux case) in almost all of his hour-long KSW public lectures. Mr. Keshe thereby claims – in full conspiracy style – that the Belgian pedophile network has been sabotaging his alleged plasma and space technology for years and executed and plans attempts to murder him and his family. Mr. Keshe used the old Dutroux pedophilia case – in his own personalized and manipulated version – to divert attention away from his own failures with his plasma concepts, mistakes in his theory, and his inability to demonstrate flying reactors. So he blames others.

6) The personal (bogus) version of M.T. Keshe is that the whole Belgian pedophile network (which he calls the “Red Circle of Antwerp”) is led by his former assistant, Dirk Laureyssens. So Mr. Keshe tells completely imaginary stories in James Bond style, and is supported by a number of KF key people (called the “KF core team”), including Mr. Keshe’s wife Carolina De Roose, Mr. Sandor Kakasi and Mr. Gordon Duff (of Veterans Today). As said above, Laureyssens has also been accused by Keshe of terrorism, theft, hacking, murder of scientists, direct contacts with convicted USA pedophiles, IP traps for children (“honeypot”), etc. Mrs. Caroline De Roose even claims that the Red Circle instructed Dutroux.

7) Recently, Mr. Gordon Duff published an article on Veterans Today in which he proudly declared that he (Duff) and Mr. Keshe are the real whistleblowers of worldwide cases of pedophilia. However, it is Laurent Louis and Anonymous who did the real work (the Dutroux list) associated with Belgium, it’s neither Mr. Keshe nor Mr. Gordon Duff. They are just parasites on the back of Laurent Louis’ and Anonymous’ work.

8) Mr Keshe bluffs that HE informed his old friends in the CIA, FBI, Mossad, and FSB (former KGB) about the criminal activities of the Red Circle from Antwerp. Mr. Keshe, convinced about the success of his Red Circle fallacy, announced the speedy arrest of Laureyssens dozens of times during his Knowledge Seekers Workshops. However, Dirk is still free. How strange. Mr. Keshe can not provide EVIDENCE? Recently he said a giant (2TB) file about the crimes of the Red Circle would be published worldwide on the Internet. Of course nothing was published. Such crazy big balls talk is part of Mr. Keshe’s poker games.

9) And furthermore, it was Laureyssens himself who informed Mr. Keshe by email on December 18, 2013 about the problems Laurent Louis had in the Belgian Parliament, as can be seen here.

10) Now the irony is that the name of Laureyssens of course does not appear on the Dutroux list of Laurent Louis. Laurent Louis is also a member of Facebook, and other Facebook members can ask him privately by Private Message if Laureyssens appears on the Dutroux list. Laurent Louis will confirm that Laureyssens does not appear on that list, and that the accusations of Keshe are completely false, and not based on reality.

11) Facebook members who are concerned about the truth and who have direct contact with members of the Anonymous community may also request that their Anonymous friends investigate Keshe’s criminal records and intervene in the fraudulent practices of Keshe and the Keshe Foundation cult. Mr. Keshe, the self-proclaimed Messiah, is a shrewd con man and a paranoid and severely mentally disturbed narcissist. You can consult our website for additional information about Mr. Keshe, Gordon Duff, the practices of the Keshe Foundation and real testimonies of some of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s victims.

12) The strategy Mr. Keshe uses is quite simple: Take some real red dots (i.e. the Dutroux file) and connect them the wrong way (i.e. blame the imaginary Red Circle). This way Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe diverts the attention away from the real wrongdoers. In fact, Mr. Keshe tries to rewrite the pedophile history of Belgium. According to Keshe, Mr. Laurent Louis has done nothing, Anonymous has done nothing, no, Mr. Keshe centralized the whole action. He is the center of ethical change.

13) Stay alert people! The Internet is full of scammers, alarmists, and conspiracy artists such as Mr. Keshe. Some speak about an imminent alien attack, others speak about a Second Sun, some about reptilians, etc. and Mr. Keshe speaks about pedophiles and murderers, about his (imaginary) plasma miracles, about (imaginary) space flights, about alleged imminent earthquakes in the USA and continental shifts, and he pretends to be the creator of World Peace, while at the same time aggressively attacking and slandering anyone who disagrees with him.

In this PDF you will find a list of names connected to the actual pedophile network, as published by MP Laurent Louis and Anonymous. Do you see Dirk’s name on that list? No. If Dirk was the head of a “Red Circle”, his name would be on top. This list was removed from the Internet!

Conclusion: Mr. Keshe made severe, false, public accusations against Dirk Laureyssens.

Even for the past two years Mr. Keshe has been announcing my immediate arrest by Interpol. But I am still free.

At this moment, Project Camelot and Out of the Bag Radio have only ONE SOURCE: Mr. Keshe himself. And he uses their websites and broadcast services to deceive people.

6. Criminal charges against Mr. Keshe and his wife

On April 24, 2017, a criminal trial started at the Criminal Court in Kortrijk (Belgium) against Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his wife Caroline De Roose.

convocation Keshe

Mrs. Kerry Lynn Cassidy (Project Camelot),
Mr. Sean Maguire (Out of the Bag Radio),

You both have the moral duty to give your audience correct and confirmed information. I hope both of you are not part of the FAKE NEWS INDUSTRY.

Respectfully Yours,

Dirk Laureyssens
Antwerp, May 29, 2017.