The Blueprint Drama

The following are quotes by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. They might not be totally precise as some parts were hard to understand, but their meaning has been preserved. Note the contradictions, and how Keshe’s announcements change from day to day and from hour to hour. The green text is related to the delivery of the power units. The red text is all the obvious stuff that should ring your internal alarm bell, provided you are not brainwashed yet. And keep in mind this whole drama was announced as “Free energy in exchange for world peace.”

Before October 16th 2015:

“On the 16th of October we deliver the system.”

On October 16th 2015, 3rd ambassadors meeting:

“We promised on the 26th we open the design.”

“In 10 days we will release the units and the blueprint.”

On October 20th 2015, 31st spanish-speaking workshop:

“Next week when we release the units, we will NOT give you the blueprint.”

Monday, October 26th 2015, 1st day of blueprint week:

“Tonight as of 12 o’clock the units will be delivered.”

Next week we will have 10.000 units on the website ready to go. 2 years delivery time.

“You can’t plug it in and say it will work. Believe you me, it will not work when you plug it in.

“The units say USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

“By Friday we need working systems that we can test.”

“If you make this and it was good, make a donation to the Keshe Foundation. So, we don’t ask you to pay us.”

“As I said we open the blueprint. The blueprint means teaching everything step by step.”

“That’s the blueprint which we will only release to governments, and then we change the course.”

“We only release the blueprint AFTER Friday. This should not be part of the teachings.”

“We can give you the blueprint of everything.”

“This week we deliver 1000 units.”

“When you get the unit, don’t look at it as a power unit.

“I teach you everything on Friday one by one.”

“In time we release it. The ones who want to see a demonstration: not in my time. Make your own.”

“We will do more of these blueprint weeks in the coming weeks together.”

Tuesday, October 27th 2015, 2nd day of blueprint week:

“This is not a power supply.”

“By Thursday we hopefully receive the first units from Philippines.”

“The technology is so huge, it will take man thousands of years to unravel the secrets of what I’ve opened up.
(Flashback: usually Keshe says we only have between 2 and 32 years to leave this planet)

“If there is nothing to show on Friday, then there is no blueprint.”

Wednesday, October 28th 2015, 3rd day of blueprint week:

“This is of the total blueprint put into the hands of the governments.”

“The system still needs 1 piece added to it, 2 pieces added to it, then it will work.”

“We give them 3 to 6 months to adjust, and then if somebody breaks through, we release it.”

“You don’t understand, and you can’t even comprehend now, what trouble mankind has gotten itself into with this blue box.”

“You will see the units hopefully tomorrow morning.”

Thursday, October 29th 2015, 4th day of blueprint week:

“In the coming weeks you most probably don’t need this (blueprint) anymore, you become a power generator.”

“There is a possibility by tomorrow we announce a new development…”

“Hopefully, if we are correct, we introduce a new technology…”

“It looks… it possibly can work… but if it doesn’t work…”

“The first units of delivery have left the factory, they are on the way to you.”

“Tomorrow we will release the blueprint as promised, and everything has been updated.”

Q: “Can you show a unit being tested or running ?”
Keshe: “It’s in the factory, not here, we don’t test it here.”

Hopefully we can confirm it by tomorrow morning.”

“If you stay on this planet, this is the future.”
(Flashback again: usually Keshe says we only have between 2 and 32 years to leave this planet)

“The British kingdom is finished, everyone is equal.”

“There is no rushing. This is what I don’t understand: what are we rushing for ?”
(Flashback again: usually Keshe says we only have between 2 and 32 years to leave this planet)

“From now on nobody can lie.”
(The Messiah himself is excused ?)

“Next week we release 1000 units in Italy.”

“If you are dishonest when you receive the system, you find out it will not work the way you wanted.”
(so most customers will be called liars or people who don’t understand)

We have started employing a large number of people in the factories here in Italy.”

“We look for scientists who work on the base of donations, we do not employ anyone ever.

“You build it, we show it.”

“I think a lot of you got knocked out by realizing that you have to make your capacitor units, you were not prepared for this.”
(Yes, it’s not as simple as it sounded in the beginning, right ?)

“Rick, did they block your IP ? We know it’s done by the Belgian security, it’s inside this building.”
(what does the building have to do with Rick’s IP ?)

Rick: “No, there is something wrong with the Canadian cable providers.”
(so it has nothing to do with Belgian security, Keshe was lying)

“By Tuesday all the purchased units should be around the world.”

“People who talk sweet, we found out they haven’t delivered anything up til now.”
(Why is Keshe talking about himself all the time ?)

“If it works, we carry on developping it.”

“We will announce in the coming weeks a new flight system…”
(Deja vu !)

“We carry on with blueprint week on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

“So hopefully by Tuesday we’ll see something.”

“So we should see a few systems next week, people who tell us what’s happening.”

“Lightbulbs seem to blow themselves up when you use the system.”
(Great achievement! Congratulations!)

“One day we teach you. When the man finds peace, we show you. You can create the perfect man.
(God help us!)

“We work as the prophet of God.”
(Flashback: “I’m not a prophet.” – 84th KSW)

“We release the blueprint tomorrow, then you can follow it very easily.”

“I have no say, I made sure of that.”

“We’re gonna release the key tomorrow.”

Friday, October 30th 2015, 5th day of blueprint week:

“This technology changes nothing except the use of the copper wire.”

“The units are gonna be released later on next week.”
(Flashback: “Yes we accept your donation, but WE decide when we send you the unit.” – 84th KSW)

“We put in our leaflet that the certificates will be released through email to you.”

“These units are not electric current units, these are plasma units.”

“And in the coming weeks…”

“We just gotta tolerate the next 2 to 3 weeks, until people show the success of these units.”

“If the governments stop you from plugging in the system, buy yourself a small generator, you pay for the fuel of the generator.”

“The foundation is not me, the foundation is you.”
(Flashback: not long ago in a recent broadcast Keshe said “The foundation is me.”)

“KF is you, it just carries my name.”

“If you start using the system now, around Christmas you can use a small heater.”

“We don’t know everything.”
(But: “We are aware of the totality.” LOL)

“Do not under any circumstances worry about how the system will perform.”
(Keshe must really consider you all stupid slaves, don’t ever question him!)

“Understand it, use it, support it. If there is something wrong, don’t blame (us), go and see what you‘ve done wrong.”
(So Keshe blames YOU ALL for his own mistakes, and you enjoy it. Congratulations!)

“You can’t blame KF, it has no license for it.”

“The lightbulb explodes.”

“You’re eating, excuse my french, the shit of the cow.”

“We brought this technology for one thing: one nation, one planet, one race.”
(Illuminati New World Order)

“In the next 72 hours the units will be in your hands.”

“We still need about 10 years to supply everything.”

“I plan this process so immaculately, they can close all our banks. I don’t give a shit.”

“In so many ways, you don’t have a choice.”

“In the next 12 months we take man into space.”
(We heard that hundreds of times in the past years)

“As we promised, today the first units are leaving the factory.”

“The headache is not mine anymore, the headache is yours.”

“The more you hate me, the more I love you.”
(If you love us, why do you continue your false attacks against innocent people and imaginary enemies ? We want peace, why don’t YOU ?)

“When we come back, we release what we call the blueprint. You all will be puzzled to see it, but in fact you already have it.

“If you trust in what you learn, you don’t even go to the blueprint. Those who go to the blueprint, they don’t even trust themselves.”

“As we promised we release the blueprint today.”

“As we promised we have released the blueprint.”

Website message: “Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL.”

“The process as we said the unit is made by you as we said.”

“They have come up with a way to do it that maybe it’s good to be copied by the others.
“Do not copy.”
“We share knowledge so freely.”

“After the weekend we release the first 1000 units.”

“We give 1000 units to older people, older people are the best advertising boys.

“The blueprint will have other blueprints with it.”

“If we have the news, I let you know today.”

“We tested something, and the test is correct.”

“I’m sure in the coming weeks…”

“The next step is a backing to the backing.”

“By this afternoon the first units should be on their way.”

If in 7 days you haven’t received them, we need your tracking number.”

“Next friday you receive an email.”

(Webmaster removes the blueprint link because there were mistakes in it)

“This afternoon you will have the full blueprint.”

“The only pictures not included is the stacking unit, it’s the same as what we’ve shown.”

“We leave it to the people around the KF to build it, then we put it on the internet.”

“We have kept to our promise.”
(still no blueprint at this time)

“On Tuesday what you call it we come back for another blueprint day.”
(so it should be called “blueprint week and a half”)

“Vince, is the blueprint ready ?”

“As I told you, you will understand very soon.”

“So we shall see next week.”

“When you use these systems you will see people will become very honest.”
(Does that mean Keshe is not using them for himself ?)

“Things will change, I just need time.”

“I was born billions of years ago, and I’m still here.”

“There are students in the world who want to be students.”

“My biggest mistake: I was born in the body of a man.”

(Finally a working link is put up, 30 minutes after the broadcast should have ended, but the device described is not an energy supply, but a power factor corrector device, which benefits only the power companies at best, even though only minimally. It has nothing to do with “Free energy in exchange for world peace.”)

“Tuesday Wednesday we come back to see what you have made.”

“I fulfilled my promise.”

Tuesday, November 3rd 2015, Q&A for blueprint week:

“You all are correct.”

“The blueprint works, it’s 100% correct.”

“Take everything off the net, take off the blueprint, and get one thing up, to avoid confusion.”


And this is only a short episode of the neverending drama of the Keshe Foundation, that has been going like this since 2005 (!), without anyone ever seeing any proof, without anyone ever receiving a working system, yet people donate and order and keep to their wishful thinking and their blind beliefs. And Keshe takes all the money, but never delivers what he promised (a blue or white box is not the same as “free energy”). And a blueprint is supposed to be a FINISHED plan, not work in progress that has to be accomplished by OTHERS. And if after all his fearmongering about earthquakes and second suns and life threats anyone dares to complain, he blames the governments, the mail service, me, or even the customers themselves.

After all this mess, here is the blueprint of Keshe’s REAL plan in 3 parts.
It already works very well for most of his followers.

Blueprint Part 1

Blueprint Part 2

Blueprint Part 3