Keshe Foundation defends convicted pedophile AGAIN – while accusing others of pedophilia, and using their past manipulations to justify their present scams

First of all, sorry for the silence, but I was busy in Manchester, UK, during the past few days.

As you can see in the following images, I was not arrested as Keshe announced when he claimed that I would go to prison if I tried to enter another country like the UK – it was just his usual empty talk – his big talk of influence in MI6 and MI5, as traditionally practiced by the false MESSiah. So in the past few days I was driving on the highways on which Keshe is no longer allowed to drive, due to his criminal record in the UK.


In fact KESHE FEARS to enter the UK. Even when his own mother died, the MESSiah refused to attend her funeral out of fear, so the coward sent his complicit wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose to the UK.

Here is a photo of the building (in the background on the left, behind the trees) where the SSI (School of Security Intelligence) started during World War 2, as part of the RAF. That’s probably the reason why Keshe now uses “KF SSI” as a name. As usual he stole someone else’s name to mock them. Officers of MI6 and MI5 were kind enough to show me around inside that historic building.


And here a photo of a pub where MI5 and MI6 agents frequently meet:


It was a nice trip around Manchester. And thanks to the support of more and more aware KF followers, I was meanwhile provided with all the latest info about Keshe’s insane claims.

The Keshe Foundation proved us right once again, when they posted for the n-th time their false “I offer you peace…” on the KF Facebook page, immediately followed by another attack on us on the “fakefactsaboutdirk” website. So much for their “peaceful” intentions. They are warmongering HYPOCRITES. Take that as an insult if you like, it’s simply the truth. Keshe is nothing but an egocentric bully with a twisted mind, and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and Sandor Kakasi could be his (black) soul mates. Keshe expects donations and everything else from others for free, but he himself has never served anyone in his whole life. The only thing he ever served was endless BS talk to naive listeners.

KF hypocrisy²

In that article posted on the “fakefactsaboutdirk” website, the KF goes to great lengths to come up with excuses and explanations why pedophilia is okay, as long as it is practiced in the Keshe Foundation, especially by MESSIE Keshe and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose.

They come up with references to communist regimes of the past and their outdated legal practices, but we are living in the NOW. Our previous post has shown enough REAL PROOF, so they can only come up with more spinning and fallacies. They connect the laws of a past communist regime to the Illuminati, and then they connect this mess to me, in order to slander me AGAIN. It is a FACT that the European yoga association has kicked the MISA cult out, due to illegal practices and organized crime, so any reference to a “communist regime” is misleading and outdated.

It is interesting how they focus on defending a convicted pedophile, one of Europe’s MOST WANTED, calling him innocent, while not long ago they kept attacking Sterling Allan for committing the same crime. So according to Keshe and his minions, Sterling Allan is a bad pedophile, while Gregorian Bivolaru is a good pedophile. This is what we call TWO-FACED. This is yet another trademark of NWO agents, or “Illuminati”. So again, they use multiple psychological projections to get their falsified points across. Their goal is to create chaos, and then to create “order out of chaos”, to set up their Islamic “One dictatorship” new world order.

But while defending the pedophile and their collaboration with his cult, they totally ignored all the other things we had mentioned, most importantly, the fact that none of the KF products work, and haven’t been working for the past 10+ years. So again, the KF distracts from their failures and scams by committing yet another crime: siding with a convicted pedophile.

They write: “Unlike Dirk Laureyssens, who invents false stories and writes blatant lies in the worst insulting manner, we limit our post to to the facts posted in publicly available references, which we believe they are reliable”, which is of course a giant fallacy in itself. WHO accused on the public fakefactsaboutdirk website that the Happy Cube company organized the collecting of children for abuse? WHO told that Dirk raped his two daughters? On what ground and “FACTS” was such dirt claimed and published? Based on a public police report or on an official conviction? NO. The REAL FACT: Dirk was never convicted of any crime. If such official conviction existed, you can be sure Vodka Sandor and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose would have published it. The LACK of a conviction is the reason why Vodka Kakasi, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and the Empty MESSiah, these three original sources of all imaginable dirt, were forced to desperately search for public information on the Internet, where they only found irrelevant dots that I had published myself. However that dirty little group turned these irrelevant dots into a dirty MESS, to accuse me of imaginary crimes which never took place.

The key words of their inverted slander are:

1) “lies”, another false accusation.

2) “invents false stories”? Another lie. What false stories have I invented? That the spaceship doesn’t fly? That Anna is still in coma? That GANS is dangerous stuff to eat or drink? That the Keshe 3KW-5KW generators were never delivered or even made? Are these false stories? NO. These are PROVEN FACTS.

3) “worst insulting manner”… so Keshe has not insulted me ? He FIRST called me an agent, a pedophile, a murderer, a drug trafficker, an Illuminati, he told me to go to hell and to get lost… after all the hard work I have done for him in good faith… is that the “polite” way the KF slander team pretends to stand for ? Did Keshe ever apologize ? NO. So to all in the KF slander team: You fake “politically correct” hypocrites can go to hell yourselves, you should feel very welcome and home there.

4) “we limit our post to the facts (…) which we BELIEVE they are reliable”… really ? Facts ? Facts which you BELIEVE are reliable ? That is a contradiction in itself. When Keshe BELIEVERS write about “facts”, then they are as true as any cultish mind-control talk. The sources they BELIEVE to be credible are propaganda sites such as RT, or some of those amateurish, childish conspiracy sites. Some people even still BELIEVE in Santa Claus and in Mickey Mouse.


A quick interlude about FACTS:
FACTS require proof, not sources which you BELIEVE in. has SHOWN FACTS and EVIDENCE, while the KF only connects random dots to fit their agenda, and uses fabricated evidence. But fabricated evidence is EVIDENCE OF THE FABRICATOR’S CRIMES. Didn’t you read the article in the Daily Mail that says that Bivolaru tried to have sex with MANY virgins ? So quoting only ONE person is not exactly “proof”. That one person, a young girl, CLAIMS she was forced to speak out against Bivolaru. But if such methods are used, it is also possible that she was FORCED TO MAKE THIS CLAIM UP to veil the truth! Maybe she was forced to claim that she was forced to speak out against Bivolaru? Forced by whom ? By the satanic mafia, which the KF is part of. Remember that Keshe and his minions always use DOUBLE or TRIPLE mirroring, so it’s not just simple psychological projection, but it is mirrored several times. And those with a lower IQ can’t follow this manipulation and then blindly believe Keshe.

By putting almost ALL the lies Keshe ever used against me together in KSW 166, he showed that he lives to blame and accuse, while he hypocritically claimed “We don’t punch, we elevate their souls.”

Remember the Keshe article on “Before it’s news” (BIN), a proven fake news site ?


Click here for a screenshot of the full article, which was deleted right after I pointed to it. Obviously Keshe wants to hide his past lies, so he can get away with his new ones.

That same fake news site (BIN) publishes fairy tales like this one: Adele Caught Shapeshifting Into Eight-Foot Reptilian In New Zealand. Look at the first picture! LOL! THIS is what impresses KF followers and other cult followers, and this is just ONE of countless, baseless fairy tales on one of many disinfo websites. Total nonsense and insanity. So it’s no surprise they still follow Kuku Keshe.

The KF lackeys also write: “With his latest desperate and rabid articles Mr. Laureyssens joined the tactics of the international masons and Illuminati in their games to harass and push in exile whistle-blowers, who expose the hidden truth, but their tentative character assassinations fail miserably.”

The key words here are:

1) “desperate”… interesting. I am not at all desperate, since unlike Keshe, I haven’t sold any fake products, and I also haven’t conducted any illegal human trials.

2) “joined the tactics of the international masons and Illuminati”… another psychological projection.

3) “harass”… who started the harassment in Bari in 2015 against me and blew it up with more slander until it became this big ? Bring that guy to justice first, before you slander others.

4) “whistle-blowers”… you mean like Project Camelot ? So-called “whistle-blowers”, who like you and your boss fabricate one insane lie after another ? Get real guys, you are living in a fantasy world created by the very Illuminati you CLAIM to oppose. Me thinks your whistle needs an urgent repair!

They further write: “Or he believes us so stupid, that we can’t find the truth?”

To the KF slander team: Stop asking trick questions! You guys aren’t even interested in the truth, so you are not trying to find it! You are only interested in spinning, fallacies and fake news, by using Roy Cohn‘s strategy to “deny and lie”, “bullying and intimidation” and “using attack as a defense” to get your way, the same way Trump has done. Your zionist bully connections become clearer and clearer!

Keshe drawing from the 144th KSW, showing “COHN” and “ZUUL” with an inverted “Z”

Zuul is a folklore reference to Baal (Beelzebub/Satan), the “prince of demons”.
Ufologists love folklore and movie references,
since that is the reality they live in.
Remember Kerry Cassidy and her “Jedi Warriors”?
The same way, KF followers consider themselves “bringers of light”,
but they are not aware that they are bringing Lucifer’s FALSE light.

So this COHN strategy is what Keshe really means, when he talks about Carbon-Oxygen-Hydrogen-Nitrogen. Keshe loves to send coded messages, and they ALWAYS have a negative meaning. That’s how he tries to intimidate and impress people. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help him in reducing his criminal baggage.

Strangely, the KF accuses ME of being an Illuminati, but look WHO is showing satanic Illuminati handsigns ?


To the authors of the fakefactsaboutdirk website: Do you not recognize your satanic master in the above picture ? WHO is an Illuminati ? YOU and YOUR MASTER are the ones who demonstrate over and over again that you are part of an occult, shadowy group, who keeps smearing the names of former, innocent KF supporters, only to get attention and cover the lack of honesty of your paymaster MESSiah Keshe. But in doing so, you keep doing wrong. You are the criminals, no matter how many times you mirror reality.

You corrupted spin doctors still haven’t learned an important lesson: God, not Satan, provides the right way. If you continue to lie for your false “MESSiah”, you will face the same common destiny and karma.

So yes, we consider you stupid. Feel insulted if you wish. You just can’t hide your stupidity. Someone who follows and supports Keshe for so long, even after he has been debunked so many times by so many people, can only be stupid, or morally depraved, or both. There is no other explanation for it. You only see the part of truth that you WANT to see, and you think if you find ONE dot, you can explain everything with it, but that’s not the case. And don’t forget, while you indeed have to FIND the truth about Keshe (if you were even interested), I KNOW it, because I have been next to him for a long time, due to his manipulations. What makes it even harder for you is the FACT that Keshe will NOT tell you the truth, no matter how loyal you are to him. You have fallen for a pathological liar and his tainted wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose.

You have fallen for his bribe of monthly Euro’s earned by fraud and meaningless conferences, but you probably enjoy it, being fraudsters yourself. Maybe I’m wrong, and you are only being used, the same way I have been used. The difference is that at one point I realized that Keshe is an abuser, while you continue to support him no matter what. So what are you trying to prove, you slandering bunch? That the truth is not the truth, but the opposite of itself? Then your soul belongs indeed to MESSiah Keshe, you are excellent students of his satanic teachings, and your soul is forever lost. Congratulations! However, you might have an incentive to sell your souls to the devil: Keshe pays you to attack people who left or refuse to join your cult. And if you accept such a deal, it makes your actions even more despicable.

I have seen comments on YOUR fakefacts website that threatened me, I reposted them on Keshevictims before you deleted them, everyone can see what kind of aggressive criminals support the KF… those were comments that YOU allowed, so you are COMPLICIT in making or allowing death threats against the lives of honest people. And now you allow comments again! You never learn, do you ? Encouraging people to make more threats, to please your satanic master? This adds another crime to your list. So don’t play smart, “Mr. Security”! Dive deeper into the criminal MESS of your MESSiah until you finally see the false brown “LIGHT”!

People need to look at how, after each one of our posts, the KF mirrors what we wrote, sometimes even using the same wording. That’s how parasites work, they use other people’s ideas as input, but pervert it for their own agenda. The goal is confuse KF followers, and they reaffirm their lies and slander against us. But this is not an ego battle, at least not for us. It is not us trying to say we are smarter or better. We are only pointing out the deceptions of the Keshe Foundation. And yes of course, they will claim the same, but pointing in the opposite direction – that is how Satanists/Illuminati work. They can only copy and mirror. Hence their use of the inverted christian cross, the inverted pagan pentacle, the satanic handsigns, and so on. It’s all upside down in their world view. The less Keshe has shown, the more they believe him. It is PROVEN that Keshe started this conflict based on a lie, Armen was the one who informed me about it, but now the KF STILL denies that fact. The real Judas in the core team is the Satanic twinity itself: Keshe and Carolina!

Keshe also seems to be jealous of my masters degree, as they keep mentioning it over and over again, as if it was a crime to have a higher degree than the holy MESSiah himself.  So the KF feels insulted when we speak the truth? We are very sorry that there is no nice way to describe crooks, so we just tell it like it is. There are enough witnesses who saw Keshe’s villa and the luxury that surrounds him, while they, the guests, had to sleep on the floor. So this is luxury which Keshe did NOT deserve, when he even treats his own followers like that. Luxury which he gained by BETRAYING other people. Keshe is not the Maitreya, he is the BETRAYA !

Also keep in mind that while Keshe regularly attacks Belgium, he used to live there for years himself. And who else is Belgian ? Right, his wife Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose. Is she the driving Illuminati force behind the evil Keshe Foundation cult ? Broken, brainwashed and used as a puppet on a string ? Is she Keshe’s handler ?

So even the spinning of reality, which the KF is able to do so well, is being blamed on their victims. This is pure (but poor) satanic magic. Keshe, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose and Vodka Sandor seem to be waiting all day for new impulses from the outside, and when they can steal and use them, they do, but when they are not in their favour, they mirror them and blame them on others.

They talk about apologies. Nobody gets arrested several times for no reason. And why did Bivolaru have to change his name, if he is innocent ? Fact: cult followers believe in conspiracy theories. Let the authorities find out the truth. We are 100% sure the ULTIMATE authority will make a judgement at the end.

Talking about apologies: will Keshe ever apologize to me for his hundreds of FALSE accusations against me ? If not, then the KF cannot expect any apology from anyone else. Again, Keshe started this conflict, and he refuses to confess his guilt. Instead, he goes on and on, adding more slander, while pretending to want peace. Like the MISA cult, the KF cult refuses to change their attitude, that’s why nobody with good reputation wants to work with them, so they are stuck with other criminals.

Quote from our previous post:

“(…) Grieg Bivolaru and all people linked to the MISA/NATHA organization are immediately expelled from our organization and that we stop their membership, because (…) it has been proven that they are not busy with Yoga in whatever form, that they even use Yoga as a cover for illegal practices, that they do not respect the rules and standards of our organization, that they show an unheard lack of moral integrity, and cannot be convinced to change their attitude.”

Focus on: “(…) cannot be convinced to change their attitude”… so they still continue after they have been caught over and over again, exactly like MESSiah Keshe. That is the definition of a predatory abuser. This kind of abuser is being defended by the Keshe Foundation. Why ? Because Keshe has the same kind of mentality, and the MISA cult might bring new members into the now highly criminal KF.

You all need to realize the purpose of this “fakefactsaboutdirk” article. They posted it for only two reasons:

1) They try to distract from the FACTS about Keshe’s insanity and frauds, they attack the whistleblowers, and try to stop them from disclosing the truth

2) If Keshe gets arrested, he will play the victim, and he and his followers will use the same false reasoning to claim that Keshe is an innocent victim of the “Illuminati”, because they allegedly want to silence “scientists”. If only Keshe had any idea about science! Science is about correctness of facts, not about turning false or unrelated “facts” into a conclusion that fits a desired outcome. Like I wrote before, MESSiah Keshe created his own CONSPIRACY THEORY: “The bad people want to kill me (MT Keshe), because my inventions and theory could bring Humanity a kind of freedom, the horn of plenty, and the tree of knowledge.”

The KF relies on their followers’ belief in such conspiracy theories, frequently using the usual conspiracy theory dealing with suppression by authorities, which is used by basically ANY scam artist and “free energy” inventor in the world. These are ridiculous claims that only naive people still believe in. Keshe is simply not in a position to save the world, or to boast about technologies, because he doesn’t have any working ones. If some naive person gives him a working technology, you can be sure Keshe WILL abuse it and use it to HIS advantage only. And it will expose everyone who claimed that the Magrav works as another greedy scam artist. And those who worked on replicating Magravs will get very mad at Keshe for having been fooled.

Keshe already announced in the 166th KSW that from now on, he will no longer teach, so his arrest is probably imminent. But of course he lied about it by coming up with all kinds of BS reasons, so he didn’t have to admit he is guilty.

Keshe also confirmed: “We defend our case on the ground that we’ve been the victims, not the attackers.”  So indeed Keshe confirms he is a narcissist who DID attack for many years, but once he gets caught, he will play the victim. A typical “poor me me me” BS artist. A bullying coward who plays strong as long as he is allowed, but once the legal system steps in, he shits his pants. Keshe even admitted: “We have organized with the biggest state organized mafia in the state of Belgium.”  So this is the final proof of Keshe’s criminality. And this guy boasts about working with the international court of justice ? Incredible.

He said about Bivolaru: “The man has been jailed by pedophiles who accused him of being a pedophile.”  Really? Where is the proof? If Keshe’s words are true, then even his own slander team, who writes the “fakefactsaboutdirk”, contradicted him, as they told the story quite differently. According to Keshe, communist regimes are pedophiles too ? That means he insulted several nations in this workshop, and that will mean more trouble for the KF. Obviously in the KF, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand does. Indeed Keshe said “I put a request out: do not give us money”, while at the end of the workshop, Rick persistantly mentioned all the ways to donate to the KF, so people can continue to finance this huge scam. So officially, Keshe denies collecting donations so nobody can blame him for defrauding people, while behind the back of the authorities the KF still continues the fraud. TWO-FACED. Evil is as evil does.

Further Keshe mentioned that “A number of people in the KF will be moved out, we are very clear about it (…) Their souls have not elevated”, which translates in the real world to: “They started questioning Keshe.”

Keshe’s scariest egocentric quote from KSW 166 was: “From now on we teach as masters and not as humans.”  Does that mean that Keshe is not human, but a negative ET hybrid… or a Reptilian 😉 ? That would explain his ability to ENTRAIN the minds of his followers… an ability which is not native to humans (yet)!

Keshe also claimed that from now on, the KF will support people who have “illegally” been arrested although they are “innocent”, so the KF now becomes an official supporter of criminals, and this will also make KF followers believe that Keshe is innocent, even if he gets arrested. Then as usual, the correct people will be portrayed as the “criminals” who took the “correct KF people” to prison. This is non-stop psychological projection, to accuse others of Keshe’s own crimes. It must take a lot of energy to lie non-stop… and that is probably the reason why he is getting tired of it, and claiming to “step down”, because sucking the energy out of his followers is no longer enough to satisfy parasite Keshe’s hunger for attention. The greed is slowly draining him.

Maybe the KF is just mirroring the situation, calling Bivolaru innocent although he is guilty, but in reality, they are planning to do to me, what they claimed has been done to Bivolaru: they want to get me to prison under a false pretense, using forged documents and website databases, as they seem to be very skilled at using such illegal methods. That’s probably what Keshe meant when he said “Governments can fabricate anything in court”, so that is what he plans to do himself, and what might be his defense when he gets arrested. Probably he also got advice from his convicted pedophile friend Bivolaru, who is experienced in misleading the authorities.

To the KF slander team: If you are so truthful, then why did you remove some of your older “fakefacts” articles ? Is your truth not valid for more than just a few days ? Why don’t YOU tell the REAL truth: LEGAL ACTION or legal advise of your own lawyers has brought those posts down, because they were full of fallacies, slander and insinuations. But you corrupted bunch will do anything to keep your cult going, because outside of it, you are NOBODY, and that is your biggest fear. Without attention, you feel miserable, because all you care for is YOURSELF. ME ME ME!

With Keshe we are dealing with one of the biggest criminals, who talks openly about his plans because as all you KF conspiracy theorists know, the Illuminati always announce their crimes in advance. So before Illuminati agent Keshe gets fully exposed, he retires and tries to escape from law enforcement by using more lies and by playing the victim of his own lies.

Keshe reminds us more and more of a character out of Grimm’s fairy tale “Rumpelstiltskin“, a little devil who promises all kinds of miracles in exchange for little children. But the ultimate motive behind this deal, according to psychologists, is narcissistic self-admiration. So playing the superior boss, the MESSiah, while using deceptions… exactly like Keshe. But at the end, the little devil gets exposed and disappears to hell. In the 166th KSW (Numerology 616/666), Keshe acted exactly like that, and maybe soon he will go back to where he came from. That’s why he spoke about a punishment of 6000 years.

Narcissists and demagogues like Keshe, Trump, Erdogan or Kim Jong-un will always keep bullying, but they cannot win. Eventually they will get caught, and then, even if their lies and cults continue for a while longer, those who know the truth will move on without them, while the cults continue their lies and mind-control as long as it works. Only real, public disclosure of the truth can put an end to this insanity.

The whole KF situation also reminds us of a weird joke that was made a few years ago.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like Keshe ?

Everyone knows that Keshe is the criminal, thus they have to use all their efforts to discredit me, because I have been telling the truth. Keshe, not me, is the one who does illegal medical trials, similar to people like Jim Humble (another Camelot/Ufology guy), who has been selling an inefficient and probably even harmful substance for years, and even created a cult around it, exactly like Keshe has done. And where do his trials allegedly take place ? In Africa. So again, Keshe used someone else’s scam and copied it.

Here another one of the many “world saver” scams, the meanwhile famous Rosch AG (famous not for any accomplishment, but for running a scam):


Look at how the writing on the car says “$aveThePlanet AG”… the dollar sign clearly shows what these scammers (including Ke$he) are trying to save: their scammed money and their own a$$es – not the planet. You can read more about the Rosch case here.

There are too many scammers out there, they partly work together, or they steal from each other or copy each other. And when it goes wrong, they blame it on others and use that old “we are being suppressed by whoever” trick. They are always the victims, always innocent, always the saviours… but only in their twisted minds. It’s a kind of fake news syndication and scam network of… Masons and Illuminati. WE exposed this scam network. Not Bivolaru, the convicted pedophile guru, who is being defended by his close friend and colleague MESSiah Keshe and his panicking bunch of liars, exposed this scam network, but WE did, here on Accept no imitations!  🙂

Since this article is already quite long, we will publish part 2 in the next post. Stay tuned!


Keshe denies his PROVEN pedophile contacts – how many other cults are involved ?

As reported in our previous post, Keshe has agreed to collaborate with a Romanian pedophile cult. He obviously has no choice, because no legitimate, professional and ethically correct organization will accept this swindler MESS-iah Keshe, so he can only collaborate with crooks and criminals, even though he continues to blame all his criminality on others in order to maintain his imaginary, flawless self-image, which is nothing but an empty facade.


M.T. Keshe and Giovanni Lapadula at the MISA cult meeting

That cult, which calls itself “MISA”, pretends to be a yoga school on the outside, the same way the Keshe Foundation presents itself as a scientific organization on the outside. But the hideous truth is hidden deep inside, behind several layers of deception. In the 165th KSW, Keshe of course denied his NOW PROVEN pedophile contacts and blamed others of pedophilia again.

If you have read all of, and followed all the links and video links, you will see that we are not the only ones who have exposed the Keshe Foundation over the past two years.

There are too many individuals who can see the truth, so if Keshe claims that we are “Illuminati” who want to stop him (because allegedly he is soooo important), he only makes a fool out of himself, as he has done so many times before, using the usual conspiracy theories that work so well with cult followers. Chances are that Keshe himself is a REAL Illuminati, as he lies as soon as he opens his mouth. Perpetual lying is their trademark.

Just look at what has been promised and what has been delivered. NOTHING has been delivered, except years of empty talk. MESS-iah Keshe promised a flying car, a spaceship, a cure for all diseases, shielding, instant communication, and so many other things, but look at what they are really selling: t-shirts, water, soap, and expensive blue plastic boxes filled with rusty coils. What does this have to do with plasma or space technology ?

Misleading advertisements printed on t-shirts

Problem: There is no plasma and no real peace in the KF.
It is just one big, criminal deception. A dictatorship.

Keshe’s KSW’s seem more like a do-it-yourself class for toddlers than a space organization. In addition to that, claims of certification are made about all the products made in Africa, which can never be validated by customers in the EU or in America. So they will continue to transfer their money to Keshe, only to find out that they never receive the products they ordered. Plus the water and the soap are either contaminated with oxide (“GANS”) and therefore toxic, or the water is really just water, but then it is still criminal and illegal to sell it at such a high price as a “special health product”. So no matter how you twist and turn it, the KF remains a huge scam.

And yet Keshe continues his megalomaniac talk about wanting to build a launch platform for space travel, in collaboration with the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission. But such a launch platform contradicts Keshe’s own fantasy spaceship concept. That Keshe spaceship only needs an open space somewhere on Earth that is large enough for the ship to take off and land. An open space on a farm field is sufficient. Thus this “LAUNCH PLATFORM” is a fake project to collect 250 million $! It’s another spin to mislead his followers and simple-minded, retarded investors. So the 250 millions $ are needed for something else! There is a secret reason.

And by the way, the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission is in heavy debt, they can’t even afford to pay their electricity bills or have light in their labs, so they had to shut them down, as this article shows. Is that why Keshe wants 250 million dollars, so he can BUY the GAEC and play the big boss in a black nation ? Is that the decoy project MESS-iah Keshe designed during his 6 months stay in Iran, together with Iran’s Republic Guards? A decoy project to fool the USA, Europe and Russia, and to promote an Islamic NWO? One Islamic World controlled by Iran ?

But even playing the big boss won’t turn a fake technology into a working spaceship. The whole KF scam is SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE, it’s impossible not to see that! Sure, Keshe might come up with some lunatic story, saying that if you slip on one of his GANS soaps, stumble, and hit your head on a rock, you might dream of going to space. To KF followers, that is probably the same as real space travel. It’s sad but true.

And who else, if not an Illuminati/Satanist/Luciferian/Zionist/Wahhabist, would say things like
(1) “(…) you find out that your soul has become bigger than the soul of Christ”,
(2) “You understand, you’re all puppets”, or
(3) “Your soul is a banking system” ?

These are sick statements to the ears of a normal person, but to the average KF follower, these are expressions of DEEP wisdom! So this shows once again Keshe’s blasphemy, greed and control addiction. The above quotes were taken from the 165th KSW.

Keshe went from his original “I am the Messiah” (which he has been reaffirming for years), to his recent “You all are Messiahs”, and now to his latest interpretation of his own fantastic claims “We are not Messiahs” (in the 165th KSW). So another 180 degree turn. Again, this shows that the information in Keshe’s workshops is zero. If he could just shut up, people would learn the same thing: nothing. Instead they would gain something: less confusion. AND they would save a lot of money. Just ask yourself why Keshe says (4) “Physicality has no meaning”, while he begs for 250 million $ in the same workshop. Then ask yourself why anyone with a brain would still believe him. The answer: naivity and cultic mind-control.

Keshe also slandered again and said:
(5) “They accuse one of the top scientists of pedophilia and then they take him to prison.”

First of all, WE took nobody to prison, as we don’t have the power to do so. We only report about the Keshe Foundation’s crimes. Reporting the truth is not a crime, it is a necessity if we want to free humanity from the liars, deceivers and oppressors. Secondly, we don’t “accuse” anyone, but our report is based on OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION by the OFFICIAL LEGAL AUTHORITIES, which is easy to see. Please check for yourself and you will find all the evidence on the internet. There is however also a number of websites that defend the MISA founder, but they were all set up by MISA followers. Given the overwhelming publicly available evidence, we must conclude that those who defend Bivolaru are either also involved in pedophilia or fully dependent on him (emotionally or financially). So their situation is similar to the KF: the followers protect the criminal cult leader. However, the legal system still works, and so the criminals do eventually get arrested.

We are dealing with reality here, not with fantasy stories of KF followers. Unfortunately, disinformation spreads like a disease and so it can mislead many people into thinking that any claims made by such cult leaders are valid. What KF followers and cult leaders and followers in general have to realize that there are enough people out there who uphold the law… REAL law, not the crooked law of narcissistic cult leaders, where everything is upside down. When Keshe speaks, you need to assume the opposite to get to the truth.

MESSiah Keshe is not a fully graduated scientist, who finished the complete university education of a nuclear engineer. MESSiah Keshe is a bachelor, not a Master, not a Ph.D., not a professor. That is why he had added to his image his divine source: “I am the Messiah”, and “I am a descendant of Moses” (his popular Jewish family scam that has been going for hundreds of years).

So let’s take a closer look at this Romanian MISA “yoga school” and their “top scientist”. He is as much of a “top scientist” as Keshe is: both are FRAUDSTERS and have NOTHING to do with science. The following quotes are taken from this source, which lists many of the new age conspiracy scams.

“Gregorian Bivolaru (born March 12, 1952, aka Yogacharya Grieg, Atma, nickname Grieg or Grig) is an author from Romania, a conspiracy theorist, and founder of the cult “Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute” (MISA). Bivolaru currently lives in Sweden where he was granted asylum, because he sees himself treated unfairly by Romanian authorities. He further feels he is prosecuted by a giant satanic conspiracy of Freemasons, Illuminati and reptiloids.”

Delusional fantasies… David Icke would be proud (or jealous?)

“Bivolaru calls himself a ‘Professor for Yoga'” (Notice the similarity: Keshe is called “Professor” too, although he is only an engineer. In the KF reality, pedophiles are called “professors”, while smart people are being called “pedophiles”)

“Bivolaru spreads Doomsday Visions” (Keshe does the same. Remember earthquake announcements, “Second Sun” fearmongering, and so on)

“Bivolaru affirms he has read a great many books, which led him to invent his own version of yoga in 1978. However, he first worked as a plumber, and only later became interested in yoga. In 1977 he was sentenced to one year in prison for spreading pornographic material, but profited from an amnesty by dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. In 1984 he was sentenced again for conspiring against Ceaucescu.”

“Together with 20 other “yoga-teachers”, Bivolaru was accused of trafficking in human beings, sexual assault, and sexual abuse of minors, which caused him to make a secret escape to Sweden. Furthermore, a lawyer formerly representing Bivolaru sued him for the amount of 666.666 Euro.”  (Interesting number. 666 is the number of the Beast/Antichrist. So WHO has Illuminati connections?)

In April 2008, the “European Yoga Council” excluded MISA from their list. MISA and all its international branches were banned from the International Yoga Federation and the European Yoga Aliance. Shri Yogacharya Ajita, president of the European Yoga Council of the European Yoga Alliance, explained:

“My official resolution as president of the European Yoga Council of the European Yoga Alliance is that Mihai Stoian, Grieg Bivolaru and all people linked to the MISA/NATHA organization are immediately expelled from our organization and that we stop their membership, because it has been proven that they are not busy with Yoga in whatever form, that they even use Yoga as a cover for illegal practices, that they do not respect the rules and standards of our organization, that they show an unheard lack of moral integrity, and cannot be convinced to change their attitude.

Mind you, these are people who call others “Illuminati”, while claiming “correct” ethos for themselves, exactly like Keshe has been doing. So like the Keshe Foundation, MISA is only a front organization for organized crime. That’s why they work together. These are criminals supporting each other. It now also makes sense that Sousan Alexander saw many trucks going in and out while Keshe was at LUM University: those trucks were probably full of children – an undercover child trafficking operation.

Screenshot of the MISA porn website, in 2011 still called “yogaesoteric” (sexist, exploitive Yoga???)

“Porn videos (e.g. “To pee or not to pee”) of a “secret test” of MISA appeared on the internet. This “spiritual test” concerned “urine orgasms” of MISA adepts during an annual MISA competition for “Miss Shakti”. The adepts had not given their consent to these recordings. In 2009, there where reports in Denmark regarding pornography and prostitution in the local branch.”   (Remember who talked frequently about “Pissing in the garden”? Right, Keshe.)

So we see the incredible similarity between Keshe and this extremely criminal individual Gregorian Bivolaru. We see how cults work, and what kind of deceptions they use. And if you have been reading our website, you will see that we have been describing and analyzing these cult deceptions for the past two years.

Both Keshe and Bivolaru mentioned on the MISA cult website

KF Romania has already been collaborating with the MISA cult for quite some time, as you can see in this article from 2016, so Keshe’s pedophile connections were obviously PLANNED, KNOWN and SUPPORTED by KF Romania. Did Keshe, by accusing everyone else of pedophilia by using psychological projection, unintentionally uncover that the Keshe Foundation is part of the global satanic pedophile mafia ? For sure KF Romania has been infiltrated by this pedophile MISA cult for a long time, and now recently Keshe tried to make some more connections to spread his criminal pedophile network to other countries, while distracting from it by accusing me and other critics of his own crimes.

An article about Bivolaru’s pedophilia was posted in the Daily Mail, called “Yoga guru who tried to have sex with 1,000 virgins so he could reach ‘a higher spiritual level’ is arrested in Paris after spending years on the run for sleeping with an underage girl”.

Keshe called this pedophile a “top scientist”

Another article: “Famous Romanian guru, one of Europe’s most wanted, captured in Paris”

And another one: “The dark side of a tantric cult”

Keshe voluntarily decided to work with MISA, the cult of this heavily criminal pedophile, which shows that Keshe’s “ethos” is worth as much as a pile of dog sh*t. Keshe’s real ethos is related to the crimes of his forefathers, based on terrible karma that is stored in his DNA. Over the years, Keshe’s ancestors falsified their family history, more specifically, as mentioned earlier, Keshe claims that he is a descendant of Moses. Additionally, little Mehran was sitting in the X-Ray machines of his father, which damaged his brain cells and their wiring. So basically that explains in a nutshell how Keshe became that crazy, and why he thinks he is the MESS-iah, although he now contradicts himself again, as usual. It’s never-ending insanity, partly inherited, partly self-made.

Yes, of course corruption and denial can and do occur at the highest level, but that doesn’t mean that the whole system is corrupted. We still have good people in law enforcement and in politics, and the bad ones are now being removed one by one. Keshe made up a lot of unsubstantiated claims and fantasy stories, which only conspiracy theorists or cult followers would believe. In the real world, things work a bit differently. If someone is arrested, there is usually a very good reason for it. And in the case of Bivolaru and Keshe, there is too much evidence, it just can’t be ignored.

Now of course Keshe once again accuses ME and other former KF members of being Illuminati and pedophiles, when Keshe himself has already gotten himself into deep trouble, and it is PROVEN in several police reports. His brainwashing might still work on a few leftover idiots, but 7 billion people can see that Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose, Sandor Kakasi, Dr. Klaus Priller, and several others have caused damage and keep doing it. Not only once, but many times. The police knows the truth, and no, the police are not Illuminati, they don’t work for the ex-King of Belgium, and they are not pedophiles. Keshe and Carolina themselves are all the scum they blame on others, and they prove it over and over again by working with the worst of the worst criminals. And maybe in the near future, we will find out why Carolina was digging deep holes in their garden in Tiegem, allegedly adding more space for their chicken. What were those holes really made for ?

So… Bivolaru a “top scientist” ? Hardly. If Bivolaru is called a “top scientist”, then Keshe must be the the person who is desperately trying to unite all cults worldwide to achieve his beloved Luciferian, Islamic “New World Order” (aka “One planet, one nation, one race”). But unfortunately, that won’t happen, because not everyone is an idiot, and more importantly, some people are able to say NO to false Messiahs and to other power-hungry attention seekers.

As Keshe has done several times in the past, he might try to get away, or seek asylum the same way Bivolaru has done, but that doesn’t change the FACT that he is guilty of multiple crimes, including internet fraud, illegal medical trials, slander, insane threats, document fraud and identity theft, among other things. Defending such criminals the way their followers do only makes the followers complicit. That goes for both KF followers and MISA followers. An investigation into possible pedophile associations should be conducted immediately. We therefore ask our truth-loving readers to inform their local police and Interpol to look into this matter, so Keshe and his minions get arrested as soon as possible, before more children are harmed.

No matter what kind of excuses and deceptions Keshe comes up with, we agree that NOBODY should be pardonned for raping underage girls or boys. The reality of abuse, as committed by Bivolaru and other cult leaders, is horrific, and justice must be served to these predators.

Keshe called pedophile Bivolaru a “top scientist”. So in reality Keshe was trying to make his followers slowly accept pedophilia, to legitimize it and to make people accept lawlessness as the norm by calling it “correct ethos”, while at the same time calling innocents “pedophiles”. What a MESS! MESSiah Keshe also calls his uneducated, brainwashed followers “scientists” for no reason. So how many KF followers are involved in pedophilia and child trafficking themselves ? We have seen loyal KF followers from Canada (like Alain B., an Ufology member) trying to promote pornography on Facebook. How much are KF Arizona and other national KF’s involved in it ? If they do not oppose Keshe, we have to assume they support him and his crimes.

Now the even bigger question is: if the KF cult has started to collaborate with the MISA pedophile cult, HOW MANY MORE CULTS ARE INVOLVED ? IS THE WHOLE NEW AGE MOVEMENT PART OF IT ? IS SCIENTOLOGY PART OF IT ? IS UFOLOGY PART OF IT ?

If so, what are they trying to distract from with all their disinformation and brainwashing? The REAL truth about extra-terrestrials ? The REAL truth about our origin and our Creator ?

We are looking forward to the collapse of all these criminal cults, so that the TRUTH can finally be revealed. None of these cult followers are interested in the truth, they are only interested in money and fairy tales. Say NO to the deceivers, say NO to the promotion of a FALSE world peace!

Most humans are good, sincere people, therefore they DESERVE to know the truth. About everything. No self-proclaimed “enlightened” deceiver shall fool us any longer. We are done with those idiotic stories about fake universal councils, galactic federations of false light, stories of Camelot cult members claiming to have travelled to Mars, flat earthers, dracos or shape-shifting reptilian politicians. And we’ve had enough of the lies, the deceptions, the greed, and the power games of the puppet masters.

And about ET’s… we cannot exclude the possibility that they exist, but in any case we want the TRUTH about the extra-terrestrial REALITY, and we want proof, not fairy tales coming from narcissistic bigmouths like Keshe. And we are SURE the truth will come. We the people will prevail. The truth will prevail!

By the way, my bet challenge to Keshe for 25,000 Euro is still on. I am still waiting for Keshe’s response. NO CHEATS ALLOWED. Tic toc… does Keshe fear that the public might finally wake up to the REAL unknown truth about the Keshe Foundation and its criminal, pedophile history of predatory abuse ?


Keshe agrees to collaborate with Romanian pedophile cult

Obviously, KF followers are now celebrating Keshe’s Romanian TV appearance, but as usual, they haven’t done their homework. The great “investigator” Sandor Kakasi (Vodka Sandor) and his godless collaborators, who excel at producing disinformation by connecting irrelevant dots, fail to investigate the REAL criminals, especially their own paymaster Keshe.

In an article published by in Romania, it is reported that Keshe spoke at an event which was organized by MISA “yoga school”. Keshe spoke not only about his fake technology, but also collectively smeared Belgians again and called them Illuminati.

But Keshe, the man who slanders and smears everyone else to be a pedophile, is now PROVEN to be supported by people who are part of a pedophile cult themselves, as the above article quotes a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE to back up Keshe’s claims.

The founder of that MISA cult, Gregorian Bivolaru, seems to be yet another heavy criminal, cult leader and pedophile who has been charged and arrested for several crimes, as you can read for yourself on Wikipedia.


You can see on Wikipedia that Bivolaru, like Keshe, tried many ways and deceptions to make prosecutors believe that HE is the victim, when in fact, he is the criminal. Keshe is the same kind of deceiver.

Bivolaru was on the criminal “Most Wanted” list before he got arrested

As you can see, Keshe now gathers more of his criminal kind around him, while continuing to deceive gullibles and slander those who act truly correct, including police forces, media and law enforcement.

So because Keshe has lost most followers, he just infiltrated another already existing cult, in an attempt to become the new pedophile MISA cult leader, to fill in for Bivolaru, who is still imprisoned ? A criminal parasite on the back of another criminal parasite – a symbiosis from hell. Hopefully they will suck the life force out of each other until nothing is left of them. If only one child is spared from being raped by these deranged psychopaths, our work was worth it.

“I keep the Foundation very clean.”
– Hypocrite M.T. Keshe, 164th KSW

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE LIAR! Being supported by pedophiles, while blaming pedophilia on everyone else, is what Keshe calls “clean” ? That’s more than just hypocrisy, it’s pure Luciferian evil.

Message to people like Emanuel Spiteri (KF Malta), Giovanni Lapadula, KF Bulgaria and everyone else who reposted the Romanian article: if you are so opposed to pedophiles, then you should report Keshe to the police NOW, otherwise you show your SUPPORT for a pedophile cult, and that means you are complicit. The FBI should also take a closer look at the illegal activities of the Keshe Foundation.

Keshe only knows how to deceive and commit crimes, but he has NO IDEA about science, as his latest KSW 164 has proven. He demonstrated his total lack of knowledge of mathematics, chemistry and physics, when he mixed all these sciences up by writing Einstein’s formula in an incorrect way:


when it should be like this:
E = mC²

There is NOTHING scientific about the KF, it is just one big DECEPTION – a cover operation for ORGANIZED CRIME. Everyone who still supports the KF, also supports the CRIMES Keshe PRETENDS to oppose!

Keshe Foundation Romania is now fully run and supported by more pedophiles, and with this post, it is PROVEN AND DOCUMENTED. Hence, the logical conclusion must be that ALL of the KF is a pedophile children trafficking organization. Who collects email accounts of children? Who asks for all personal information (under the disguise of “security checks”) of parents? Who started Keshe workshops for children?





To disclose the TRUTH, I, Dirk LAUREYSSENS, CHALLENGE Mehran Tavakoli KESHE in a PUBLIC BET OF 25,000 EURO:


The conditions of the bet:

1) Each party can show their “evidence” to an international, independent medical team that will examine coma patient Anna.

2) Each party deposits 25,000 euro in a notary bank account.

3) The international, independent medical team declares to the notary at the end which party has won the bet.


Solid evidence of Keshe’s manipulation

First of all we want to thank MT Keshe for confirming our previous post by providing more empty talk, and more severe slander during KSW 162. After yet another outburst of Keshe’s narcissistic rage, this workshop provided even more REAL evidence of Keshe’s criminality and lack of scientific understanding. His talks have long gone beyond insanity.

Interesting how he always switches personalities. First he sounds so broken that we almost feel sorry for him, and then he suddenly turns into this slandering monster again and comes up with the most bizarre accusations. The Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. Keshe also mirrored many of the things we mentioned in our last post, again pointing his finger at others, so that nobody considers Keshe to be guilty. Keshe plays with the emotions of his followers, but he himself has NO emotions at all, he only learned how to fake them well, for example by showing crocodile tears. To Keshe, humans are just pawns, objects, puppets on a string, which he can manipulate and steer around to do things for him.

But Keshe can’t impress us, because we know whenever he slanders, he really talks about himself and his own crimes. He only uses psychological projection (mirroring) to blame everyone else. And since he has already blamed all the crimes in the world on everyone else, he is running out of ideas. He can only repeat and invert what we post. A true, empty KOPYKAT. Of course he must be very upset by now, because what will happen once all his followers realize that EVERYTHING Keshe has said in all his workshops was nothing but lies ?

He said the police is waiting for me and for Mr. Belso in several countries, but in reality the police is waiting for Keshe. He also made a clear threat against Belso by saying “One more call to the governments, and you will be arrested.”  His voice was shaking as he said this, showing that he was bluffing again, trying to intimidate.

Again he said “They will knock on his door very soon”, the same wording he used against me in the past. This is nothing but a criminal threat and will lead to more investigations into the KF. But his followers STILL support him. Do they have a conscience at all, or are they just empty sheeple ? Do they not realize that they are complicit in the KF’s crimes ?

Keshe repeated his usual pedophile talk about Sterling Allan, but forgot that only a few minutes earlier he said about his situation in Ghana: “We appointed a very young girl.”  Really, Mr. Pedophile??

More contradictions followed when Keshe said “We need massive support to build the spaceship within the next few months”, but he forgot that earlier in the same workshop he had asked again “Do we NEED to build spaceships ?”  And then: “Don’t look at what they put on the internet”, followed by “Go on the facts about MT Keshe”. A truly confused madman at work. His talks lack logic and rationality. He talks like a robot or a MKULTRA candidate under the hypnosis of an artifical intelligence, almost as if a diabolical entity was speaking through him. Do we need to call an exorcist ?

And then, after Empty Keshe repeated his murder fallacy against me about Arsenicum, it was obvious that Keshe has NO IDEA about homeopathy. He has no idea about polychrests (broad remedies with a large spectrum). Arsenicum Album is a polychrest used when no other product can be advised as a remedy. So when I suggested to Dr. Eliya Kostova to use Arsenicum, it was because it is a polychrest, not because I considered it as a product to poison him. It was just another one of his fake paranoid accusations. Poor Empty Keshe is so paranoid that he can’t see normal dots, but mixes them into lunatic stories! Here is a link to the most commonly used polychrests in homeopathic medicine. Empty Keshe can’t even remember the correct names of homeopathic remedies, because he talked about “Donnabella”, when it’s in fact “Belladonna” (another polychrest), but he uses his made up words to accuse me. This alone should show his oh so knowledgeable followers that he is totally lost and only invents random BS on the fly.

He then twisted things around again, claiming that all his victims did all the damage to themselves, while Jesus Keshe remained victorious in his story as the one and only GLORY of the universe.

Keshe also described how he probably instructed Albanian truck drivers to kill Fabio, by mirroring facts (?) and blaming them on me… again. Yes, we owe it to Fabio, Naomi and their families, to find Fabio’s murderer. But that is for the police to investigate, not for Keshe’s delusional hypocrites, spin doctors, alcoholics and drug addicts. One thing is for sure: I have no Albanian contacts, but Keshe has some. He proudly announced the Keshe Foundation Albania for the Bari event in 2015. So if anyone could have arranged such a murder via Albanians, who has the contacts ? Go look up the promotional KF flyer for the Bari event in 2015, the Albanian KF address was printed on it.

Furthermore, Keshe encouraged his “security people” to publish more fake evidence, which is another criminal act. So Keshe gets himself into more and more trouble with every workshop. Of course Jesus Keshe has greedy Mother Earth Caroline asking every day: “Where is the money? I need to send our three kids in Manchester their monthly £ 1,500!”

Finally, Keshe said “The Knights of Malta told us who you are”, which shows that Keshe himself talks to the Knights of Malta, so he can’t point his finger at organizations like the Illuminati when he is friends with them himself.

Keshe also prepared his followers for his coming arrest, but lied about it by saying “Once we finish this situation in Ghana in the coming time, I go back to the lab. You will hardly hear from me except on Thursdays.”  Are pathological liars and internet scammers allowed to have internet access in prison ? Not sure about that.

Now, on top of all that, we can add DOCUMENT FRAUD to the list of crimes committed by the Keshe Foundation. On the fake “not-facts about dirk” website, Keshe’s “security” published falsified documents with my name on them, to make people believe I am involved in tax havens in Panama. What a bunch of crooks! They sure go to great lengths to desperately produce a huge bluff to keep their cult going! And everytime they come up with new crimes which I did NOT commit! So who faked these documents ? These must be criminals of the worst kind. Here is the link to check the REAL information about the Panama offshore accounts. Check for yourself! Search for my name! As you can see, there is no mention of my name there, so the KF is now also guilty of document fraud. But feel free to look up other names, such as “Duff” or “Foote”, because they do show up. Might be just a coincidence, but who knows. Anyway, well done KF! You guys are in deep sh*t now.

REAL EVIDENCE: My name does NOT show up in the Panama Papers


This is a FALSIFIED (!) document created by KF spin doctors


Giving false information like this to the police is a criminal act, that’s why Keshe asks his followers to inform the police themselves, so Keshe himself cannot be held accountable. He incites his followers to unknowingly commit a criminal act, based on his fallacies.

Now they claim that the company was shut down by me in 1991. But how can they get such info ? Even if they used the internet archive, they couldn’t have found it, because in 1991, the Panama Papers didn’t exist, so they can’t be in the internet archive from that time. So it is clear that those images were fabricated and my name was intentionally added for the purpose of deception and false accusation.


All these criminal attempts show that Keshe REALLY doesn’t like the truth. He REALLY does NOT represent the slightest bit of positive ethos, but exactly the opposite.

There is something that Keshe hasn’t understood: when we asked for EVIDENCE that his technology works, all he was able to show was EVIDENCE OF HIS OWN CRIMES, and he even continues to provide more of that. But we still haven’t seen any working KF product. Fake evidence is the same as no evidence.

Let’s look at how Jesus Keshe, the self-proclaimed holy protector of humanity and correct ethos, manipulates and spins reality in dirty ways. As you can hear for yourself, at around 28 minutes into our latest video, Jesus Keshe says: “We could not find a track” (referring to criminal evidence about “DL”)

However, Empty Keshe has been slandering me since 2015, accusing me of being the head of the imaginary worldwide “Red Circle” of pedophiles. But by saying “We could not find a track”, he actually admitted that all his heavy slander about me during his KSW’s since 2015 were SHAMELESS FALLACIES.

Then Empty Keshe continued by claiming that I fell into his clever trap, which he set up in KSW 153, by speaking in a non-personal way about photos of children. However, the KSW 153 accusations were absolutely personal, as you can hear and read for yourself:

“You have to be six years old to get a free ticket to a cinema. In which nation do you need a free ticket to cinema, and give the picture of your child, your daughter, and cannot be more than six years old. Because when they are hypnotized, they can’t remember anything. Now you see the truth Mister D.L.”  (…)  “If you are desperate for a cinema, you take your daughter there, or to be taken a picture by Mr. D.L.”  (…)  “Because we informed him that we have found the website and the pages looking for children, with his companies’ names on it. The companies he owns, and run by his own family. And the picture of his own daughter used on it.”

Non-personal, Mr. Spinning Keshe??

We reacted to KSW 153 in our post “King Slander: Empty Keshe and NLP”. Then Empty Keshe presented my response as a confirmation of guilt: “He ran into our trap!”  Now Jesus Keshe thinks he has his alleged proof! Serious wishful thinking – he believes that is a solid proof of criminality! Police forces will laugh about such childish, manipulative fallacies.

So the fact that Keshe admitted that he could not find any tracks, while still accusing me, shows his malicious intent to do character assassination. Keshe himself delivered solid proof of his own manipulations. He showed that he is intentionally doing harm to an innocent person. But because he couldn’t find anything negative about me, he now resorts to document fraud. This just adds another brick to his prison wall.

Now we show some more parallels between Keshe and Trump.

KF members seem to be obsessed with pedophilia now, after Keshe has been talking about this subject for almost two years. For example, they glorify Trump by posting things like this:



Let’s see what Veterans Today has to say on that matter. They recently posted an article called “Have we forgotten we have an accused child rapist in the White House?”

Let’s remember what happened to Fabio, Naomi, coma patient “Anna”, Dr. Eliya, John, Marek, and others who were around Keshe. Then read the following quotes from the above article:

“Reputations are a fragile thing. You rape a child, perhaps a few, perhaps have one murdered and pretty soon you run the free world. Ain’t America great?”

“The documents and excerpts below are from the civil lawsuit alleging Donald Trump raped and beat a 13 year old girl, silencing her with threats and then later making her civil suit “disappear.”  Did she “disappear” also, as she feared she might?  We don’t know.”

So Trump is an angel ?

Then we have an article by ABC News, summarized as “Exxon announces expansion program, Trump takes credit.”

This too reminds us of the way Keshe operates. (Read: “Fukushima announces clean-up program, Keshe takes credit.”)

In another article published by The Guardian, we can read the following quotes, that once again show the similarities between Trump and Keshe:

“Trump lashes out by creating a chaos of conflicting claims to distract attention away from real allegations. It is all too effective.”

(Replace Trump’s name with Keshe’s, and the statement is still 100% valid!)

“For all his inconstancy of character, Donald Trump is a master manipulator. He rose to political prominence by slandering Barack Obama.”

(Read: “For all his inconstancy of character, Mehran Keshe is a master manipulator. He rose to questionable fame by slandering Dirk Laureyssens.”)

The parallels are indeed all too obvious. WHO are the slanderers, the pedophiles, and the murderers ? And why do KF followers defend and glorify Keshe, and now Trump as well, although both seem to be greedy, power-hungry attention seekers with dictatorial tendencies of bullying and agression ?

It’s amazing to see that people like Rick Crammond still don’t realize that they are supporting and helping a heavy criminal, and that they give him an online platform to slander. THEY ARE SUPPORTING A HEAVY CRIMINAL. Any other public platform would immediately cut the stream, but in the KF, crime is allowed, while truly correct behaviour gets punished. And everytime at the end, Rick THANKS Keshe… almost like saying “Thank you Mr. Keshe for all the wonderful slander. Finally we have reached world peace.” Crazy! And why do Rick, Caroline and others post hypocritical messages of peace on Facebook, while some KF stalkers prepare falsified documents, only to stab me in the back AGAIN ? You guys are all heavy hypocritical criminals at the Keshe Foundation!

And also neither Youtube, nor Livestream, nor Facebook do anything against this heavy, weekly slander. So it’s up to us to defend ourselves against all these false accusations. WE THE PEOPLE have to bring down those malicious few who try to harm and destroy humanity.

Anyway – In the 162nd KSW, we also picked up Keshe’s words about his brother, along with his sadness, and for a moment we thought he was sincerely sorry, but after he showed his ugly face again in the second half of the workshop, it was clear that Keshe will never change. Keshe once again tried to push me to “jump”, thinking he can get rid of me by forcing me to commit suicide. But this was once again nothing but projection, as Keshe himself is probably suicidal now, due to being cornered from all sides. Authorities from several countries want to get him.

Now what to do ? We are in a difficult position. If we just turn away, Keshe will continue to harm and exploit more and more people. If we continue to tell the truth, Keshe might kill himself or others.

We will not allow ourselves to be emotionally blackmailed or threatened by Keshe’s suicidal sounding remarks. We do not want him to be harmed in any way, but if he harms himself, that is his choice, not ours. Again, we do NOT want this to happen. Our intention from the start was to HARM NO-ONE, not Keshe, not his followers, not ourselves. But as we wrote before: Keshe is a man with serious mental problems, so he cannot tell right from wrong, even if he talks about “correct ethos” all the time.

What we see in Keshe is the final stages of severe control addiction. We see a man who has been so obsessed with controlling everything around him, that he cannot allow himself to feel or show any emotions, even though he talks about emotions all the time.

Mehran, your behaviour is unacceptable, your words and actions are highly criminal, and the way you pretend to “teach” is an insult to human intelligence. So, Mehran, why don’t you do what you always advise others of: “Hand yourself over to the police, Mr. MTK!”

It would be the best for everyone involved. It would give Keshe free housing, food and protection, so he no longer needs to be afraid of imaginary enemies. At the same time, these constant slander attacks would come to an end, which is a major requirement for real peace.

To be honest, we would prefer a possible third option, namely that the KF immediately stops its malicious activities and deceptions, and that MT Keshe, Caroline de Roose, and some of their most persistant supporters consider psychotherapy, to help them defeat their demons, and to help them realize they are involved in a criminal mind-control cult. Because we are certainly nobody’s enemies, so Keshe’s eternal fight against non-existent opponents only creates drama and conflicts where there could be peace instead. And that peace would also help their little son Rubeen, who has been living with paranoid, aggressive, narcissistic parents. A real HELL ON EARTH for him. How damaged must he be by now ? We pray for this poor little boy.

So, let’s hope for the best possible outcome. For sure we will not sacrifice the truth or the well-being of humanity because of one person’s mental issues, by staying quiet and letting Keshe get away with poisoning people with GANS, which has been proven to be toxic.

Again: the Keshe Foundation is NOT a scientific organization. The Keshe Foundation is a mind-control CULT. Keshe is a cult leader par excellence, all the red flags are there, and it’s time for KF followers to wake up from this absolute lack of common sense! Keshe fires off one piece of BS after another, only to confirm his own GRANDEUR and to keep his followers busy, so they have no time to think about the insanity they have been supporting.

Reporting continues, and investigations continue, until all the criminality of the KF has been brought to light. Stay tuned!


How to become KUKU

In the 161st KSW, Keshe started out peacefully, and said that he will no longer talk about me, claiming that investigations are ongoing and he was told to stay quiet. But of course, Keshe is not able to keep quiet, and so after some time, and also at the end of the workshop, he had to slander me again.

Whenever Jesus Keshe is not sure whether he convinced his audience enough, he needs to add new additional stuff… more slander, more lies. Don’t forget, Jesus Keshe has very low self-esteem, so over the years he developed a bluff attitude, a giant super-ego. He is extremely brutal, to scare nay-sayers. It’s pure intimidation. But that never worked with me. Jesus Keshe was never successful in trying to close my mouth, despite of his hypnotic attempts. The truth needs to be told, and I am not the only one who think so. If I don’t do it, others will.

This time, Keshe claimed I have hidden bank accounts on the Cayman Islands and in Australia, but later he claimed I have them in Panama. But in fact, the fake “not-facts about dirk” slander website is registered in Panama. We can therefore assume that Keshe himself has hidden bank accounts in these locations. Keshe just used his inversion again to blame his crimes on me. But regardless, Keshe announced that more fabricated “alternative facts” or what we call slander will be published on that same website, by Vodka Sandor.

Jesus Keshe also attacked former students like John and Yvan again and accused them of murder, although they haven’t been around for a very long time. So we see that it doesn’t matter if you agree with Jesus Keshe, or contradict him, or even stay away. He will stab you in the back anyway. Anyone is considered an enemy and a murderer, just not Keshe himself.

So… We see that Keshe has not listened to our warning. He just continues his attacks on innocent people. We will see where that leads him. Who needs Keshe’s non-working plasma tech “to see the soul of the man”, when his intentions and crimes are all too clear even to blindfold people ?

The real goal of the KF is to reach the Keshe Universal Kouncil Unity (K.U.K.U.), a very special state of mind in which everything is the opposite of what it seems to be. A world of projection, where everything is upside down, similar to Keshe’s state of mind. Jesus Keshe said that “The journey of the man into space is going to be horrendous” and yet he keeps insisting that he must take man into space. In other words, the goal is to make all humans sick and insane.

To reach that goal, Keshe put another fake goal first, namely the building of the golden KF temple in Ghana, where he is hoping to be worshipped for achieving exactly nothing.


The Hero Keshe Square in Accra

Keshe’s plan to build a 250 million Euro complex on a giant areal illustrates his narcissism, his vanity and his grotesque and unlimited self-admiration. Even more so because he has not achieved anything. There is no scientific result to show, there is no working energy reactor or flight demonstration to show! Nothing to show at all, but still Keshe acts as if he had giant success.

In fact, Keshe is delivering a tragic show of human self-deception. So it was not enough for him to ridicule Tesla and Einstein, he even needed to dress himself in divine clothes. That Messiah claim in 2014 was the ultimate demonstration of Keshe’s uniqueness and confirmation of existence.

So we see a tragic personality who struggles with his own being, stuck in one of the basic Freudian stages (oral, genital, anal), the beginning stages of childhood. Keshe did not grow up in a normal way. He was stuck in a dichotome family of Jewism and Islamism. That gave Keshe the need to create his own split personality and his own dream world, full of fairy tales and fantasies. Keshe was able to fly. Keshe would become the king, the ruler of Earth and the master of the stars!

But Keshe is suffering, due to his denial of reality. Oh God! Please help this man in deep trouble and pain. Keshe suffers, we all can see it, in every workshop we can see and hear it!

But apparently, the first donations already came in. We heard that Jacky, one of the most naive KF followers, a true blind believer, collected 7000 Euro during his workshop in Lyon, and will send that amount to Keshe in Ghana, because he is so “correct”. Poor Jacky! How naive! Jacky still believes in Mickey Mouse too!

But as Keshe would say: “Caroline and I, we are SHOCKED that Jacky is so greedy! We advise Jacky to give more! 7000 Euro is peanuts! KF followers should transfer all their family savings and learn that unconditional giving has no limits! Shame on you! We have seen such self-centered ego like the one of Jacky throughout all human history. Jacky is a shame to humanity! This is the greed of the man!”

Actually that money should go to the medical victims of the KF, not to the scammer who harmed them! But explain that to Jacky, a guy who says things like “We have received so much from the foundation. I do quite nothing. It is so beautiful”, and then he sends the money he scammed out of clueless people to Keshe, because everything is “so beautiful”.


At least Jesus Keshe made one honest remark when he said: “It’s a amazing, the mayhem we have created in the world of commerce and science. And those who want to understand it are in more confusion than anybody else.”

How true. Because there simply is nothing to understand. Nothing has been taught by Jesus Keshe, yet this “nothing” provides enough KF addicts with their quick fix every week. And again we see how Iran is testing new Russian defense technology. Why would Iran do that, if they had any working KF plasma technology, as Keshe always claims ? It’s time for Keshe to stop the BS talks. Getting paid for lying by “beautiful” people like Jacky isn’t exactly what we call “correct ethos”. And when we hear KF followers parrot Keshe’s empty words, it only proves that they are not able to think for themselves.

How was Jesus Keshe able to become so successful despite of his constant lies ? Well, consider the first rule of disinformation: The key is to “lie first”. His initial strategy was to create credibility:

1) “I am a fully graduated nuclear engineer”, which is a manifest LIE. Empty Keshe is a BSc (Bachelor of Science) at best, so not even a Master;

2) “I have patents”, which is another LIE. Empty Keshe only has patent applications, which were never granted by the patent authorities due to lack of payments;

3) “I have working plasma reactor prototypes”, but they were never shown to operate giving energy or gravitational effects. Every request to demonstrate was refused by MT Keshe;

4) “I am a scientist”, but without knowledge in mathematics. MT Keshe is not able to prove his “theory” in equations, like Einstein did, or other real scientist do;

5) “I have divine knowledge of the universe”. Yeah right;

6) “I am the Messiah everybody was waiting for”. Sure;

7) “I was a billionaire”;

8) “We have 200 million followers”, and more similar blablabla… big EMPTY words. That’s the true reality about Keshe: emptiness and chaos. In Trump’s words: “Keshe is a total disaster.”

Keshe started his lies years ago, and when his victims or real scientists contradicted him, he called THEM liars and falsely accused them of being this and that.

This is how disinformation is always being spread, so that the public gets to hear the lie first, and then they don’t believe the truth when they hear it. But writing the truth, the way we do, is not a crime. However, making up crazy stories and slandering and harassing innocents, the way Sandor, Keshe and Caroline do, IS a crime.

Here is a new video which proves that I was Keshe’s “dearest friend”, before he suddenly attacked me in spring 2015, and portrayed me as the biggest “enemy” of the KF. Keshe told in the past how I wrote his patents and did all the work to write his books, and now he constantly accuses me of so many crimes. And some KF followers believe him! So KUKU!


So the only solution to this problem is that people have to do fact-checking themselves, instead of blindly believing any source. It really means that people need to become active. They need to stop being servants. They need to become active participants. KF followers are still slaves, because they do exactly what Keshe tells them to do. Even though some cheat on him, but that too shows how they copy Keshe’s behaviour. Betrayal is the ethos of the KF. Monkey see, monkey do. Remember when Keshe said some years ago: “When we call for help, there will be no nation left.”  Does this sound like someone who stands for peace ?

So… to all the KF supporters and the members of the Universal Kouncil, or what we call the KUKU-KLAN: maybe you should re-evaluate what Keshe’s plan really stands for. You all have gotten yourselves into quite a criminal mess. Maybe it’s time to get out of it, before it’s too late.

No more deceptions, hypocrites or megalomaniacs. We want an honest, sincere and peaceful world.

Uncle Keshe’s plasma circus

In the 160th KSW, Keshe for once behaved himself and held, for the most part, a peaceful workshop, while in the previous workshops, Keshe included intense episodes of slander.

We believe this is not because he suddenly transformed into a saint, but because possibly some “special guests” were also watching this workshop. Maybe some newcomer military people ? World bank ? FDA ? Mafia investors ? Maybe Keshe wanted to give a good impression ? Because he did not slander me this time (although he did attack some of his followers, as predicted, calling them unable to teach the right way), but instead he kept talking about how important it is to build this spaceship center. Over and over he kept repeating that he must “measure” and “quantify”, even though nobody really knows what he wants to measure, because up to this day, the KF hasn’t been able to come up with any working product. What a comedy show! We still remember the KF Washington scam, after which US Army Major Hathaway indentified the KF as a scam.

Keshe wants to give the impression that his concept is so new that the “science of measuring” is not up to date, so Keshe’s latest scam is about building a measuring device that can measure something that doesn’t exist: Keshe’s imaginary “plasma”. How sad though that none of Keshe’s followers could even build a voltmeter. How would they then build a spaceship ?

And while in the previous workshops, Keshe insisted that he doesn’t ask for donations, he DID ask for donations again at the end of the workshop:

“We have launched the building of the KF space institute, laboratory, clinic, buildings, factories, space launchpads, and the rest. We need financial support to be able to complete. (…) It has to be built that we can change. We have a target of 250 million.”

And even though we showed proof in our previous post that zinc oxide nano-particles are toxic, Keshe kept repeating that zinc oxide has to be used to “process” diseases on humans and animals and even on plants. This is what satanists do: when being caught, they just reinforce what they claimed before, running with their head against the wall, hoping that the wall will break. So the goal is indeed to poison the whole planet, to make sure that no living being survives with a healthy body and mind. Keshe admitted: “Different injections are used to create cancer in the animals” and “If you give them zinc oxide, they change.”

Meanwhile, most KF followers should have realized that something is not quite right with the KF, but obviously they have no clue, OR they are scammers themselves.

How do you recognize online fraud ?

One of the major signs of a fraudulent online business is that advance payment is the ONLY way of payment. And indeed, if you want to apply for the Rome conference, you will read the following:

“No booking is made and no place is reserved for your order until the payment is confirmed. Payment must be made before the security check can be completed. Payment must be made at the latest 1st of March. Payment is non-refundable.”

And once you paid, Keshe and his fraudster club can randomly decide that you didn’t pass the security check. Then you will not be allowed to attend the conference, but your money is gone anyway. That’s how ALL major scams work.


But the KF isn’t just a money scam, it’s also a dangerous health scam and mind-control scam, and that’s why it must be stopped. For example, Keshe is against vaccines, but he promotes toxic injections. Criminally insane!

Meanwhile, Caroline De Roose, the dark witch with a tainted past, has once again shown her and Keshe’s true intentions. As everyone knows, Keshe always says “My wish is my command”, because he thinks he is God. In reality, both Keshe and Caroline have shown many times that in fact they are satanists. Most people who are interested in esoterics know that wishing starts with visualization. You need to have an image or an imagination of what you want to wish for. Now look what Caroline posted on Facebook: an image of a wounded or dead child on the street. (We are reposting this with the image blurred)


This image has been on top of the KF Facebook page for almost two weeks, longer than any image before, sort of like a dark welcome message. What does such an image have to do with an alleged “space organization” ? Nothing. It is just Caroline’s way of promoting satanic visualization. Using such terrible images, Keshe and Caroline (and in a wider sense everyone who reposts these things) actually program the subconsciousness of every follower to wish for what is show in that image. So all KF followers now unconsciously create negative emotions and wish for the suffering and the death of children.

Who in their right mind, who shows interest in an alleged “space organization”, wants to see such images ? At least SOME people are able to see through all the KF lies, and recognize the KF as what it is: a scam/bully operation.


Keshe and Caroline have been doing EVERYTHING wrong that can be done wrong. They prove time and time again that their agenda is purely negative, to manipulate and harm humanity. And during all that time, while they spent years running this horrible scam, they have not come up with one single working product. It’s all a huge mind game, and there are STILL very naive people who think that there is something to be found in the KF. All this is an intelligence test for the human race. Thank God, only very few people are morally deranged enough to support this satanic scam.

And while Caroline distracts from the lack of science, Mark House reposted an article which was posted on one of the many KF deception and money making sites.

It is a text about some older statements by Dan Winter, made during a time when Dan still believed that Keshe had something to offer. But the video that is shown there was published in January 2016, so it is old stuff again, although it is presented on that site as if it was recent.

Meanwhile, Dan Winter no longer believes that Keshe has anything to offer, so this text is not only outdated but also misleading. Since then, Dan Winter has spoken out AGAINST Keshe, and as expected, he got slandered for it by Keshe. But there we see that the current KF followers have no idea about what is going on in the KF, yet they join without informing themselves, so they receive second hand information from greedy wannabe’s who repost old, outdated stuff. And then KF cult members spin things around to lure newcomers into the KF, even though Keshe has already lost all credibility. Or rather, he never had any.

Some more info on the Bahá’í CULT (Keshe’s religious “faith”).

It comes as no surprise that the Keshe Foundation pushes the same goals as the Bahá’í, first and foremost a FAKE “world peace”. Keshe obviously chose himself (or he was chosen by very dark forces) to be the new prophet and leader of this cult, to create, parallel to the Illuminati, another fake peace New World Order. Now Bahá’í believers may say that they are not in a cult. KF believers might say the same. But experts have analyzed the Bahá’í and came to the conclusion that the Bahá’í ARE a cult. (Video)

So the Keshe Foundation is nothing more than an extension of an existing cult. Like with everything else, Keshe has only used what was already there, put his name on it, and sold it as something new, the same way he has done with his products. He literally does what he accuses everyone else of: He makes money on the back of other people. And he gets angry when they don’t allow him to do so, as it happened for example with TEPCO. And then of course he accused THEM of being angry because they were allegedly not allowed to make money with KF technology, when in fact it was the other way round, and TEPCO wasn’t even interested. That’s why he accused them. You see the twists and turns ? The inversions and psychological projections that Keshe uses ?

And while in the 158th KSW Keshe claimed that the new KF headquarter will be in Haifa, he suddenly changed his mind again and in the 159th KSW he said that the new center will be built in Accra, Ghana. And in order to achieve that, he begged his followers to donate 250 million dollars (!). He said “Please do, we NEED to build this center, we have no choice.” But only 20 minutes earlier he said: “We don’t ask for donations”. So what kind of chameleon are KF followers running after ? Which kind of mask or personality will Keshe be wearing this week, next week, or “in the coming time” ?

ONLY Keshe “needs” this center, humanity for sure doesn’t, because there is no technology, there will be no launchpad, and the KF is not helping ANYONE. The KF only serves Keshe and Caroline, and this “center” is probably needed to build their new luxury home, entirely funded by naive idiots. Once Keshe has this BUNKER, he will hide in there, and nobody will hear from his “technology” ever again. Except of course if Sandor, the other moustache guy, continues the scam.

Keshe really just needs those 250 million dollars for himself, and for defending himself legally, as now more and more victims are waking up and demanding their money back. Maybe there is also a connection to the high rate of human/child trafficking in Ghana ?

Wake up naive people! The narcissist, satanic behaviour of Keshe is all too clear and everyone is aware of it by now. Keshe KNOWS he will be held accountable for his many crimes. Maybe those 250 million are needed to bail him out of prison ? Are we really living in such a sad reality where any criminal can get away with the most sinister crimes ?


When Duff confirmed that Keshe is a narcissist, Keshe announced he will step down because of his “health”. But he said the same in Belgium years ago, and did he step down ? No. He also said the same thing later in several workshops, lying non-stop. Keshe has multiple personalities/moods: either he sounds whiny, sick, weak and depressed, or he spontaneously switches to his super-ego personality and starts slandering and claiming to be the Messiah, who can destroy everyone and everything. This behaviour is triggered by attention. So everytime some followers show interest, Keshe turns into K-MAN, the multi-dimensional supergod of rage. Keshe is a switcher. If he can’t be the master of the universe, he plays the victim. But there is no way in hell he will ever apologize or admit his mistakes. On the contrary, he keeps repeating them. And it’s ALL for gaining attention and money, nothing else. The only way to end this is by turning away from the Keshe Foundation.

A typical KF follower, 3 years old, hiding in a plasma tent

Keshe is indeed like Trump: a perpetual lying machine. And like Keshe, Trump applies nazi cult tactics, similar to Goering. Trump fires his own people if they make critical remarks, the same way it happened to me and to other former KF supporters.

Furthermore, after Keshe claimed in the 160th KSW that “those who oppose us are no longer relevant”, we hear that what we call the Keshe Foundation maintains a list of imaginary “enemies”, the same way the Nazis and other criminal organizations did. So on the surface, Keshe behaved peacefully during the workshop, but in the background his lap dogs keep making dark plans.

It is not far-fetched to assume that this list is maintained by criminal Reichskanzler Sandor Kakasi-Goering, who like Keshe or Trump, works very hard to establish the global “Fourth Reich”, assisted by Dr. Klaus Priller-Mengele. Here is a message for you Sandor, sent by a REAL authority.

We hear that Dr. Eliya is considered as one of the top enemies of the KF, despite of all the work she has done for Keshe. So this shows that Keshe and Sandor are real crooks without scruples, or what the French would call “gros derrières”. Pardon our French 😉  But we are truly angry at Keshe and his club of sheeples, as any good person should be, because this anger is justified. More on that later.

Furthermore, the Keshe Foundation nevertheless sells products and videos that were in the past produced with the help of these “enemies”, when they were still considered “friends”, without asking them for their permission. For example, they secretly sell Dr. Eliya’s health workshops without her consent and without paying her for her work, but at the same time they call her an enemy. This is not only copyright infringement, it is violation of personal rights and threats against innocent individuals, made by a criminal organization. And all that is only done out of greed, showing again the lack of morals in the KF, when they betray their own supporters like this.

The Keshe Foundation therefore makes money on the back of innocent, helpful people, while pointing their finger at them and exploiting them further. In the 160th KSW, Keshe said things like:

“People who promote themselves in the name of the KF, I have no problem with it, it’s the ego of the man. Please don’t abuse the name of the KF to make yourself a lot of money, and then give the KF a bad name because we are bad teachers. This is not a cow for you to milk for your own benefit. You abuse the name of the KF – we block it.”

“We block it” – words of incredible arrogance and omnipotence. The method of “divide and rule” has always been used by the Illuminati, to create an imaginary enemy who can then be attacked. Combine this with psychological projection (inversion/mirroring), and you get exactly what Keshe keeps doing. When he talks bad about others, he actually describes his own behaviour. Because it is Keshe’s ego that steals from others and then promotes it as his own. Keshe himself has never accomplished anything. The KF should be called KOPYKAT FOUNDATION.

How does one become an “enemy” of the KF ? One becomes an enemy of the KF by telling the truth about them. One also becomes an enemy of the KF when they do their own job, or make a living by doing their own job, rather than allowing Keshe to make a living by exploiting their work. This shows that Keshe has the mindset of a true parasite. If you do not pay HIM for the work YOU do, you become an enemy. This also shows the general attitude of malignant narcissists: “What is mine is mine, and what is yours is ours.” So in fact, Keshe thinks the whole world belongs to him, and he can do to it whatever he likes.

Only real criminals with a Nazi attitude maintain such lists of “enemies”, where they use psychological projection to blame innocents, to get away with what they are doing themselves. But what do they want to achieve by doing that ? The KF intimidates and targets innocents, the same way terrorists like ISIS do ? The Keshe Foundation must therefore be one of the most heinous, evil and criminal organizations in the history of mankind. Evil to the Nth degree. Maybe Keshe is indeed some sort of second hand Antichrist, the top of the “Khazarian Mafia” as VT and others call it. Personified evil – a malignant narcissist.

A question to all the KF followers ? Why do you believe Keshe, when there is so much evidence against him ? Why do you fight HIS fight, when it is not yours ?

Once again, Gordon Duff wrote an article about Trump, which shows the parallels between Trump and Keshe: “In a series of explosively bizarre abuses, Trump has “gone to the mattresses” not only against the press, but against all “opposition,” and we mean “real or imagined” with “imagine” and “delusional manifestations” belonging in the narrative as well.”

What we see now with Trump, and on a smaller scale also with Keshe, is history repeating itself. A group of egomaniacs and fanatics trying to divide and rule, and those of us who are older know that such experiments don’t work out too well. All those dictators caused a lot of damage, but their attempts failed, because whenever someone tries to compete with nature, they WILL fail, no matter how big their ego is.

The mainstream media also says about Trump what we have been saying about Keshe for a long time: both have nothing to show, except fear and big empty talk. And now Trump even wants to increase “defense and security” spending by 54 billion dollars, while at the same time cutting the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency. In other words, Trump is preparing for war, while making sure that global warming will kill us all. That is the “great” plan of narcissist president Trump, who was supported by narcissist cult leader Keshe. But it is obvious that Trump never signed the KF peace treaty. So shouldn’t Keshe oppose him, instead of acting exactly like him ?

Here you can see how Rick Crammond (mrfixitrick) was already made aware in 2012 that the Keshe Foundation is a scam, yet he decided to continue supporting it! In one of our next posts we will explain why it is so hard for KF followers to leave their cult.

Keshe and Caroline have no interest whatsoever in the well-being of humanity. Their only motivation is: “How can we use and abuse others, and keep them interested even if we have nothing to show ?” They are pure service-to-self entities, driven by what we call “the greed of the man”, and by the lack of a proper moral guide.

So enough of the lies already. Enough of Keshe’s crazy non-flying plasma circus. Enough of all the hypocrisy about unified governments and a fake peace under the dictatorship of ANY madman. Shut down the KF cult and EVERY organization that acts like them, arrest all the perpetrators, and let humanity live in peace, without all this satanic nazi nonsense. The world is tired of being led on by egocentric, mentally ill predators.

To all the good people: we need your help! Do not just read this and consider it as entertainment. This is not a game or a show. It’s a very serious matter, and if we the people do not resist these criminals now, they will take over the planet. That goes for Keshe as well as for Trump, Erdogan, or any other egomaniac. Wake up! The (peaceful) Revolution is NOW! Humanity shall prevail, but we must stand up for the truth, and for the right morals.

Finally, a message to the harassment department of the Keshe Foundation.
You think you have the right to target innocent women and put them on a “list” ?

We all are good people. You really want to fight good people, put them on a list, and call them “enemies”, only to confirm your existence ? Many are upset at the KF already, due to YOUR actions. Do you want to make REAL enemies ? Are you even aware of the consequences ?

Here is the reality of things. LISTEN AND READ CAREFULLY.
And then at least TRY to improve your hostile, paranoid behaviour, for your own sake.

Keshe’s injections CONFIRMED as toxic

According to several studies, the injection of zinc/copper/metal oxide nano-particles (“GANS”), as advertised by Keshe as “cancer processing”, is not only toxic, but most likely leads to liver and kidney disease. We can therefore assume that those “injection trials” CAUSE cancer, rather than curing it.

A study conducted in 2014 confirms that injected zinc oxide nano-particles are absorbed in the liver and the kidneys. Another study conducted in 2015 found that zinc oxide nano-particles induce neurotoxicity and systemic inflammation in the brain, which can potentially lead to dementia.

So these are only two of many more independent studies which confirm the toxicity and negative effects on memory and internal organs, whereas Keshe and Caroline, the eternal criminal liars, claimed exactly the opposite, namely “non-toxicity” and “healing effects”.


Everyone can see that Keshe, Caroline, Rick, Armen and other KF people (and even Rubeen, Keshe’s and Caroline’s little son) look sick or have dark rings around their eyes. Are they heavy GANS addicts ? By choice or by force ? We can see how their faces changed in the past two years, and Keshe keeps talking about his own health and liver problems. Armen always wears dark sunglasses to hide his addiction. Rick uses his age as an excuse. Keshe blames others for poisoning him. But in reality, they all cause their own health problems by dealing with GANS. And as everybody knows, Keshe wanted earthquake victims to be treated with GANS too!

We therefore have to conclude that the goal of Keshe’s “cancer injection trials” is to turn humans into sick, mindless and demented zombies, who can then be used and abused at his will. This is what Keshe really means when he says “My wish is my command.” And this guy calls OTHERS “black magic worshippers” ??

Were Fabio Alfonso and Naomi Lapadula (voluntarily or forcefully) injected with oxide, before they had this accident ? That would explain why Fabio was unable to avert the accident, and why Naomi is now no longer conscious. What did Fabio (who was very close to Keshe) and Naomi (who studied criminology) find out about Keshe ? We cannot know for sure, but the police has to look into it.

What is certain is that Keshe intentionally harms people, in order to have victims whom he can then abuse again by asking them to pay him money for an alleged “cure”. This is disgusting, criminal and unacceptable. And his close supporters support this insanity! Where is the public outcry??

“I think we need to have more clinical trials.”
– Rick Crammond, plasma reactor group meeting, February 22nd 2017

We hereby ask all our readers to immediately report the Keshe Foundation to all local and international health authorities such as the WHO (World Health Organization) and to the police and Interpol for investigation of the Keshe Foundation’s illegal human trials. Criminal complaints should be filed especially in Italy, Ghana, Austria, and the USA. This insanity must be stopped immediately. Again, anyone who conducts, supports or promotes these dangerous KF injection trials, such as Klaus Priller (Austria) or Cary Ellis (USA), is automatically guilty by association.

Is Keshe’s GANS program a Tavistock project to reduce humanity down to 200 million?

Remember, Keshe said “You walked into the slaughterhouse of the soul, not me. I just guided you” and “I’ve given you the worst nightmare you could have imagined. I got your soul, and I got your physicality. You can hang yourself, I’ve given you the tool.”

KF insider Duff confirms Keshe’s mental state

As you have heard in many of Keshe’s workshops, he has been slandering, harassing and threatening me and many others for a long time, yet he claims that myself and others did all these things to HIM, when in reality, they only told the truth. And Keshe repeats over and over again that people like myself, Sheri and others will be arrested soon, but it never happened. That’s wishful thinking of Jesus Keshe. The same way he wants to make people believe that Magravs will work if you kiss them or get intimate with them…

None of the KF newcomers will even know what this nonsense is all about, but those who have been witnessing the KF fraud for the past 10 years, will know exactly that Keshe has NEVER delivered anything he promised. And if he does so in the future, then only because someone else helps him, or he again steals someone else’s ideas. But hopefully then the current KF followers will realize that they have been wasting years of their lifetime with all this false “knowledge” and amateurish experiments. Keshe is mentally not well, as we pointed out in a previous post. Recently, our analysis was confirmed (even if indirectly) by KF insider Gordon Duff. Read on to see the proof. But first let’s see what Keshe really has achieved over the past few years. Aside from Jesus Keshe’s empty talk, let’s ask some important questions:

QUESTION: Where is the KF free energy that was promised for October 2015 ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the Mars landing that was promised for 2016 ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the flying car that is STILL being promoted on some KF websites ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is a working device that removes CO2 from the atmosphere ?
CORRECT ANSWER: It is being built, BUT NOT BY THE KESHE FOUNDATION. The KF CO2-Kit does NOT remove any CO2 from the air!
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the water and radiation decontamination system ?
CORRECT ANSWER: It was built and used, BUT NOT BY THE KESHE FOUNDATION. The KF never did any clean-up in Fukushima!
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the Oasis system ?
CORRECT ANSWER: IT DOESN’T EXIST (and by the way, it was my idea, not Keshe’s).
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the long promised flight system ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Where is the WORLD PEACE as promised in 2014 ?
CORRECT ANSWER: IT WAS NEVER ACHIEVED, instead WE MIGHT BE HEADED FOR WORLD WAR, thanks to the “president” that was supported by Keshe.
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

QUESTION: Why are people all over the world still sick, poor, or not on a spaceship, even though the (imaginary) ship was shown by Jon Bliven in a video ?
KESHE’S ANSWER: They are all pedophiles.

So what do people actually pay or donate for ? Just to hear a man boast about things he never achieved, and to finance the luxury lifestyle of a fraudster couple ?

Keshe does not deliver facts. You need to do FACT-CHECKING, not blindly believe him. To point out some parallels: Look at how Trump lies, and how he recently wanted to start a war with China. Keshe is the same way, he constantly starts conflicts. But KF followers run from facts and blindly believe Keshe’s lies, no matter how many times they have been exposed as such. This is why society is divided, this is why there are conflicts, and this is why politicians have such an easy game with the population. People are lacking the desire to know the TRUTH. Instead, they prefer fantasy stories. The term “sheeple” is appropriate. This is NOT “higher consciousness”, but only bigger ignorance. KF followers LOVE to be fooled. But once things turn sour for them, at least they can’t say we didn’t warn them. As Keshe once said to his followers: “You’re the most stupid lot I’ve ever seen.”

If any of the statements made by Keshe or any of his supporters were true or lawful, then why does Keshe defend and justify himself in every workshop, while coming up with new attacks and false accusations against innocents every time ? One would think that after 3 years of talking BS and receiving criticism and arrest warrants, he would have learned a lesson. But no, he goes on and on. Just like Sandor Kakasi goes on and on. The reason: they are narcissists, they can’t be impressed by criticism, and they do not care if someone is a friend or an enemy. Everyone gets attacked at some point, because all they care for is themselves.

If Keshe was right about me being guilty of any crimes, then why does he always say “If anything happens to me, I have given the information to enough people” ? If Keshe hasn’t done anything wrong, then why would anything happen to him ? Nobody is interested in suppressing a non-working technology anyway, so what’s all that empty talk about ?

“Keshe had ever told to me Soheil (the one who designed and produced the magnet pain pad with Doc Eliya) was gonna be arrested in 2015, for he was a drug dealer, and Keshe said he had the proofs, had already called the police and in no time Soheil would be arrested exactly the same as you described up here. Of course I didn’t believe him even a bit then, because he (Keshe) will always be lying.” – Kearl Lee, former head of KF China

Now on to the actual topic. And please forgive us for going political for a while.

Remember, not long ago, an article by Veterans Today was spread by KF followers all over the place. KF followers are very fond of Veterans Today.

But we wonder why most KF followers read said article, but not this one, or this one, or this one, or this one, to connect the dots ? You cannot draw a conclusion if you only have part of the information. Read what is said about Keshe, and what is said about Trump. The parallels are striking, and so is the severe danger to humanity.

Let’s see what Veterans Today published:

Description of Trump by Veterans Today

Very clear words about Trump by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today

This article was spread by KF followers worldwide on Facebook. Words by Gordon Duff

Mind you, these are the words of Gordon Duff and other VT authors, not ours, as you can see on Veterans Today. We provide these screenshots as proof, in case they remove or alter their articles.

Veterans Today also used THE SAME Goering quote that we posted here on in one of our previous posts – different image, but the same quote:


Look at how Duff writes about Trump. He basically portrays him as the ultimate evil, an unstoppable doomsday machine.

So Veterans Today is AWARE that Trump acts like Hitler, like Mussolini, and like a killer psychopath, AND Duff admitted that Keshe has “a bit” of Trump in him. Even if it was true that Keshe has only “a bit” of Trump in him, wouldn’t that be scary enough, considering that some brainwashed people still follow every word he says ?

If you apply simple logic (looking at the above screenshots), you get the following:


And that sheds new light on the death of Fabio Alfonso, which happened not far from Keshe’s house in Italy. That is the proverbial elephant in the room that nobody dares to talk about. Investigators should consider Keshe’s brutal and violent temper. While Keshe was in Tehran a few years ago, even Caroline complained to me on the phone about Keshe’s dictatorial attitude at home, and about how he humiliated her son. Keshe called Caroline’s son “imbicile, schizophrenic, a black magic worshipper, and a drug addict”. All those things might actually be true for Keshe himself. But in the KF, ignorance is bliss, and blind belief in Keshe’s false claims is the credo. “Knowledge seekers workshops” should be based on scientific facts, not on dangerous, amateurish home experiments, fearmongering, slander and crazy fantasies of a megalomaniac.

Not any fake free energy “technology” is being suppressed, but the truth about the Keshe Foundation is being suppressed. The main KF Facebook page has been cleaned up, and some evidence of the KF’s crimes was removed in the past few days, only “proper” Keshe propaganda is now shown, with Keshe being presented as flawless, well educated and perfect. They try to hide their tracks and make themselves look like an innocent, legitimate organization. Visitor comments were removed as well. This is the same kind of censorship we have seen in suppressive, dictatorial governments of the past and present.

We see extreme fear, paranoia, and tight controls in the KF. Keshe wants to know who does what, he wants to control the whole world, but nobody is allowed to see what he himself is doing. But this is NOT freedom, it is NOT open sharing, and it is NOT world peace. It is a mind-controlled dictatorship. What kind of secret is Keshe hiding so desperately from the world ? The fact that KF technology doesn’t work is already known, so it must be something else. Or is it just Keshe’s fear of losing his last bit of income, and with it, the attention he gets from the lost souls in the core team ?

The parallels between Keshe and Trump are indeed obvious. Keshe’s message (like Trump’s message) is: Be afraid. And if something goes wrong, blame KF followers for being stupid, the imaginary “Red Circle” for being pedophiles, TEPCO for not needing the KF, world leaders for being warmongers, or whomever else for just having been born.

Evil seems to be taking over this planet. Fear, paranoia and aggression are starting to dominate this world more and more. The KF is the perfect example to show how sneaky devils try to manipulate and control the masses. What kind of world are we living in, where people with good reputation and positive intentions are being slandered, while a proven scammer presents himself as a “Messiah” and abuses earthquake victims, uneducated people and coma patients ?

Like Trump, Keshe is waging war on science, by rejecting scientific facts, and trying to replace them with “alternative facts” – lies and fantasies that have never been confirmed.

And like Trump (or any other dictator), Keshe declares the media and free press as enemies and tries to intimidate them. That’s why he attacked the Italian newspaper when they wrote the truth about him. Only KF-controlled publishing of alternative facts (lies) is allowed, as we have seen on the “not-facts about Dirk” website, which is full of fabrications based on old, unrelated newspaper articles.

But no, the article about the KF scam has NOT been removed as Keshe claimed, it’s still there and the whole world can read it on the website of one of the largest newspapers in Italy. So all those big words only reach Keshe’s cult, but everytime the KF cult clashes with the REAL WORLD, it is immediately exposed by the REAL media, not by controlled opposition websites or the conspiracy/ufology media.

What a fake world this has become, where liars are being worshipped, and sincere people are being accused. Please oppose the spreading of FAKE NEWS. La Repubblica reported the truth, that’s why the article is still there, but Keshe only spreads FAKE NEWS, that’s why he never reaches the mass media, except with negative headlines about his attempted scams.

There is always this talk about a peaceful (R)evolution, but it seems humanity has become a mass of sheeple. Nobody cares anymore, and now that the USA has one of the worst presidents ever, only a small percentage is taking back their sovereinity, when in fact, THE WHOLE PLANET SHOULD BE IN THE HAND OF THE PEOPLE. And for sure we are not talking about spin doctors like Keshe or Sandor Kakasi. We are talking about good, sincere, honest people. People who CARE about the future of humanity, not just about their own pocket and fame.

Keshe’s and Sandor’s favorite deception method

Will ego, greed and lies win over truth and justice, under the disguise of a false peace (Keshe’s “One World Government” or “New World Order”) ? It seems this way.

Keshe already announced he will move to Haifa, Israel, where the Bahá’í World Centre is located, to seek refuge from international prosecution, and to start the “One World Government”. As some of you might know, Keshe is a Bahá’í (or at least he pretends to be, even though he acts like a true Satanist), and their plan is to create such a New World Order. The problem with this seemingly peaceful plan is that when it’s influenced or (God forbid) headed by a narcissist deceiver, it will go terribly wrong and turn into a global dictatorship, as mentioned in the prophecies. Just a conspiracy theory ? Strangely, some KF followers are aware of the NWO and oppose it, while at the same time supporting the KF. This shows how schizophrenic they have become themselves, after listening to all the “knowledge”. Like for example Sandor criticizes Keshe’s peace policy by saying that using shotguns for hunting and killing animals is acceptable, yet at the same time he still supports the enforcement(!) of Keshe’s peace plan. Schizophrenia at its best.

But how will that work out, when Keshe wants to escape to Israel on one hand, while constantly demanding the destruction of Israel on the other hand, and also constantly blaming Mossad for allegedly wanting to kill him. It sounds like Keshe puts himself into a position where he makes sure that his own demise MUST happen, due to his own words and actions. Planned self-destruction ?

Whatever the plan behind Keshe’s craziness might be, keep in mind that we the people need to take our power back. The Earth is our planet, it’s not the planet of ANY dictator or unified government. We can and must participate in the decision-making. Just watching things happen on TV will allow people like Keshe to do whatever they want. Remember:

“If you sleep in a democracy, you wake up in a dictatorship.”


Now look at the petition against Trump, vs. the petition against Keshe:

Incredible parallels!

If you oppose the undermining of law and correct ethos, the way Trump or Keshe are trying to do, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. Watch this short video, read the stories here, here, and here, and sign the petition here. There also is a new petition against the fusion of large corporations to be signed here. And then reject Keshe and every other demagogue and populist the same way. Get off your bottoms and ACT! Vote! Protest! Speak your mind! It’s WE THE PEOPLE who should govern this planet, not anyone else!


Everyone knows by now that the KF has nothing to offer, and that scientologist Sandor Kakasi is helping Keshe in applying cult tactics to make their deception work better, but it doesn’t work because the truth is out and all over the internet, spread by MANY people, not just by us. Many independent researchers have shown that there is NOTHING OF VALUE in the Keshe Foundation, and that Keshe is just a rude scammer.

The fake 129 Tesla claim contributed to the removal of Keshe’s Wikipedia page

So please everyone, speak out against the Keshe Foundation. Do not support them and their constant fraud and slander any longer, otherwise you become complicit.

Pope Francis also warned about entering into a dialogue with the devil. “There are so many corrupt people, corrupt ‘big fish’ in the world, whose lives we read about in the papers. Perhaps they began with a small thing, I don’t know, maybe not adjusting the scales well. What was a kilo… no, let’s make it 900 grams, but that will seem like a kilo. Corruption begins in small things like this, with dialogue: ‘No, it’s not true that this fruit [the KF cult] will harm you. Eat it, it’s good! It’s a little thing, no one will notice. Do it! Do it!’ And little by little, little by little, you fall into sin, you fall into corruption.”

And indeed, many people are now making money with fake KF technology via online shops, after they sold their soul to the devil. And they get angry when they are being reminded of it, because their financial existence now depends on income generated through deception.

Pope Francis is a humble man. He has been humble before he became the Pope, and he hasn’t changed since. He has shown several times that he is determined to fight corruption and abuse even in the Church itself, to take the garbage out and clean up the mess, so he is credible.

So wake up KF believers!

The KF is empty (MT), just like Keshe is empty (MT). The devil has nothing to offer, he can only deceive and spit big empty words. In reality, Keshe is a coward, operating underground, while his loyal sheeple do all the work for him and therefore become guilty and corrupted themselves.

As Dr. Eliya, who knows how Keshe’s and Trump’s minds work, said it so eloquently: “If you have small balls, you can only do small things.”

Consequently, “If your balls are MT, you are also MT.”

Thus nothing works, except in the minds of Keshe’s deceived sheeple. These sheeple believe to be protected by the good forces, deceived by the sweet words about peace, which the devil whispered into their ears during his workshops. In reality, Keshe has nothing to say and nothing to show. Nada. Zero. Zerotic. Kuku. Schizophrenic. Psychopathic.

Thanks to Gordon Duff for pointing out the obvious.


Fraudster Keshe: credibility zero

As predicted long ago, Keshe keeps destroying the Keshe Foundation from the inside all by himself.

On Facebook, the KF had made an announcement for the 156th KSW, which prompted some comments that show what people really think of the Keshe Foundation.


So the KF once again claimed “new beginnings in plasma science”, in order to distract from Keshe’s traditional slander (which didn’t bring the desired result). So Keshe distracts from his failures by using slander, and then he distracts from his slander by making new announcements about fake breakthroughs, which will lead to new failures. The old donkey & carrot trick. Keshe is the rider (the controller), his followers are the donkey, and his ever-changing scams (free energy, plasma technology, health products, space travel, “breakthroughs”) are the carrot. However, the promised goals can never be reached, because the controller (Keshe) keeps them out of reach by using “bait and switch” (the carrot). And this is the real “blueprint” of his scam, during which Keshe, Caroline, and their followers become the laughing stock of the universe, but also make a lot of money in the process. The KF is nothing but a fraudulent greed machine. So as an example, Keshe switched from his ALLEGED collaboration with the Italian Civil Defence to another slander session, and then to the next subject. Everytime it gets too hot or it doesn’t work out, they come up with a new subject to “bait and switch”.

Why is Keshe still free ? How can he get away with his perpetual scam ?

Well, as usual, he mirrors everything, as he is a narcissist who is specialized in turning things upside down. So the KF portrays their critics as criminals, when in fact, the KF is the criminal organization, and that’s a proven fact. We should ask them to release their tax information, if they are so open and transparent.

NONE of the people who were accused by Keshe are running a scam. ALL of the KF’s claims about them are FALSE. Keshe uses the old trick “blame the victim”. So after Keshe damaged people, he points his finger at them and blames them, in order to distract from his own crimes. This is shown in the latest article posted by Keshe’s anonymous cowards on their bogus “facts about dirk” website, again using fallacies, insinuations and simple inversions of the truth. Again showing the picture of Sterling Allan, but WHO is standing next to him ? Dirk ? No, KESHE, who is now afraid that Sterling will talk more about him, because it was Keshe, and Rick Crammond, who had LONG conversations, phone calls and email exchanges with Sterling Allan, not me.

Next Keshe claimed that I accuse everyone of being a pathological liar. Well, some people I had to deal with really fit that description. Maybe Keshe’s “security people” should ask WHY I call certain people pathological liars. The answer is simple: because they ARE. So what was that past conflict about, which was mentioned on the “not-facts about dirk” website ?

The answer: Jean-Pierre Van Rossem is a convicted fraudster who had a stock exchange scam called MoneyTron. See his Wikipedia entry here. Quote: “In 1991, he was sentenced to 5 years in jail for scams”. That is the reason why I had a conflict with him. He was dishonest like Keshe. So even back then, I was already exposing scammers, and Keshe is the same type of person like Van Rossem. Short of money and begging for money. It’s not about MoneyTron, but about Money-GONE! If the KF puts themselves on the side of Van Rossem, it shows their own fraud mentality. So if Keshe’s “Security People” support fraudster Van Rossem, then it explains why they also support fraudster Keshe.

To the author(s) of “not-facts about dirk”: You better think before you write, because now you have made your position even clearer. You are easy to manipulate by Keshe, and you manipulate others yourself, spinning facts around. The moment we reported about Keshe’s use of NLP, it took only a few days for you to accuse ME of using NLP. WRONG. Stop blaming the victim!

But thank you to Keshe’s “security people” for promoting my toys, and for showing the world that scammers need to be exposed! Appreciate! Also thank you to all the KF followers who gave copies of Keshe’s slander to the police. This way we didn’t have to do it ourselves. Keshe delivered evidence of his own crime to the police himself via his slaves and “security people”.

But no matter how much they dig up about me, they will not find anything illegal or criminal. That’s what causes Keshe’s frustration. ONLY THE KESHE FOUNDATION COMMITS FRAUD. AND ONLY THE KESHE FOUNDATION CONDUCTS ILLEGAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, while pointing their finger at everyone else! Keshe lets his slaves publish harmless information about honest people, puts a sinister spin on it, and uses that as an excuse to say “These are our enemies who want to stop us”. And as expected of predators like Keshe and his “security people”, they don’t even respect age. Exposing “Sheri Holmes”, who is older than Keshe or any of his followers and for sure has more integrity and love for justice in his little finger than Keshe and his “security people” have in their whole body, only shows what kind of shady people Keshe gathers around him. If Keshe’s team was a team of angels who have nothing to hide, they would oppose the KF, not support it. Because if you support a criminal organization, you might be held accountable as well. What Keshe and his “security people” don’t realize is that messing with Sheri is probably not a good idea. It might backfire, because Sheri knows the law and defends it.

It is not a crime to expose fraudsters like Keshe, on the contrary. It is not a crime to make fun of frauds, because EVERY fraud is being made fun of. Trump and Keshe are no exceptions. If you behave like a clown, you will be portrayed as a clown.

So at the beginning of the 156th KSW, Keshe also started slandering Sheri, another one of Keshe’s victims, connecting him to Sterling Allan (as usual), and accusing him of being a pedophile, of threatening children and of hacking websites and computers. So just because Sheri is a computer expert, Keshe projects his own malevolence on him and says he is a cybercriminal. And on top of that, Keshe’s “security people” published Sheri’s name and address, while Keshe’s address is not available ANYWHERE. This is real cyberterrorism done by a malicious coward who hides from law enforcement. Yet Keshe recently always asks people to inform the police about the alleged crimes of innocents. Why ?

Because the police (just like Interpol, CIA, FBI, etc.) don’t take Keshe seriously, since they never found any evidence that “DL” or “Sheri” or anyone else is involved in any crimes. So Keshe now hopes to convince the authorities by quantity, not by quality. But the Keshe Foundation has neither quality nor quantity, plus the authorities know that Keshe is mentally unstable and insane, and that has been reported to them by professional profilers. So the truth is: SLANDER AND CRIME ARE PART OF THE SO-CALLED “ETHOS” OF THE KESHE FOUNDATION.

Some more “highlights” of KSW 156:

Rick showed an image of the University of Ghana and Keshe said: “This is the home of the KF for many years to come in Africa.”


So now Keshe uses the University of Ghana the same way he used LUM University in Italy. But everyone knows how this turned out.

Remember, not long ago, Keshe announced that they use mice for animal trials.

But in this workshop he said: “Why do you kill animals for humans ? We are sick, why should we harm animals for animal tests ? We nourish it, then we inject it to make it sick. Animals tests have to stop.”

So there is an incredible, direct contradiction even within one sentence.

Keshe also said: “Til we are not ready, the spaceship shall not be there.”

And that comes after he announced not long ago, while Jon Bliven showed a video, that “Now you can see the spaceship.”  What KUKU reality does Keshe live in THIS TIME ? Haha! The spaceship will never be ready! Promised and officially announced in 2009, in Keshe’s 2014 roadmap, in 2016, and in his 2016 Mozhan program – as proof for his grandiose Gravitational Theory – was never reached, not even ONE millimeter lift.

And when Keshe said “They downloaded all your hardware”, it was clear that Keshe has no idea what falls out of his mouth. He IS the living random bullshit generator. Proven and certified by everyone who listens to him.

So let’s analyze Keshe’s scam and slander a bit more, to show who REALLY tries to get close to children, not only via Sterling Allan, not only via “Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshops”, but also via other ways.

Everything Keshe has been accusing me of over the past two years is in fact true for himself. He only mirrored his own crimes over and over again. He mirrors EVERYTHING, like any true satanist or narcissist would do. Simply put: In narcissists, hearing the truth about themselves triggers slander. So when the truth about the patches scam was published in the Italian news, Keshe felt the need to attack someone. And because he cannot accuse the Italian press of being pedophiles, he just used me as a scapegoat again. Keshe proves his unstable mental state in every workshop himself.

The reason for all his pedophile talk is not that there is any substance to it, but that narcissists MUST slander, they can’t help it. They are nasty, evil people who only go for fame, attention, money and control. We see it in politics everywhere. Keshe is the same way, he just PRETENDS to be different. So anything negative narcissists say about others is true for themselves. Please see our post about narcissism with links to expert websites.

We also saw Keshe’s greed in the 155th KSW when he warned another manufacturer not to look better than him:

“It comes from the KF, don’t mess us up because you want to look better. You steal, you shall pay for it. I didn’t ask you to sell a unit. I respect you for it, BUT… do not go to destroy us for you to look better.” – MT Keshe

Keshe still uses my Horn of Plenty logo without my permission, he sells the books with my illustrations in them, and yet he never paid me for my work. Instead, he sent me an invoice of 360,000 Euro, as if I had stolen the logo from HIM, do you remember? I even lent Keshe and Caroline money so they could pay their bills and buy food, but they never paid me back. So Mr. FAKE Messiah, who steals from whom ?

And again there was big talk about healing success in Ghana, but let’s ask: what about Naomi Lapadula ? Is she fully conscious again, or still in a vegetative state ? In that case, we would have to conclude once again that KF technology DOES NOT WORK. We already discussed the failed Belgian KF coma case of Anna (2010), a woman who is still in coma… in 2017! Even though Keshe falsely claims that Anna was healed (!)

Keshe also said: “We can link the KF to the Ghana oil industry.”

Oil industry ? Isn’t that exactly what the KF claims to oppose ? Fuel-less energy without burning or fumes ? Didn’t they claim to want to replace fossil fuels ? Isn’t Rick Crammond in the KF because he is allergic to oil and hopes for cleaner energy ? Keshe is indeed insane, and relies on the weak memory of his followers about what he said over the years. He turns with the wind, there is no consistency to his talks whatsoever.

But he already found a solution to mitigate the effects of his own contradictions: he said in the 156th KSW: “We see oil in a different way in the KF. Oil is not a fossil fuel, oil is a protein-based product.”

Then he said: “I used to be in the oil business for a very long time.”  Strangely he has been saying the same about the diamond business for years! And about the secret service. So Keshe gives the impression of being extremely busy, he runs billions of businesses all over the world, he has his fingers everywhere, when in reality… he is just an unemployed, bored narcissist, who talks so much nonsense to get people’s money and attention.

His talks are so delusional that he has to repeat them several times in each workshop. Everytime you think he is done, he starts repeating what he just told again and again and again, talking about condoms and murder and pedophiles. Truly scientific…

Keshe only gets away with this because of his followers who support him. But everyone who assists Keshe in his slander is complicit of his crimes and will also be investigated.

When Keshe said “The biggest problem with the humanity is 7 billion humans”, it was clear that Keshe promotes population reduction. Keshe HATES humans. And then this insane accusation about “phallic shapes”. They showed blurred (!) images of bananas and an image of one of my holon paintings and said I show “phallic shapes” everywhere.

Well, so let’s have a look at the Keshe Foundation, a corrupted organization that holds pedophile workshops and slander sessions, and even SELLS phallic shaped “healing devices”. We could even claim that the wires inside were produced by child slave workers in Ghana, Romania, and other countries. You think we are making this stuff up ? We think KESHE makes stuff up. He has no proof, but we do! Just read on and see for yourself!

The original phallic shaped KF “toy”, disguised as “Pain Pen”
Another phallic shaped “toy”, you will see who produces the coil inside. Read on!
A slightly different model with a close-up of the coil


Children used for producing coils, which are later used in Keshe’s phallic “toys”!


Mass production of “toy” components, carried out by children!

Here you have REAL proof! It says “Mass production in Romania”… done by children! Here you can see with your own eyes how children are abused to produce the phallic shaped devices that Keshe calls “pain pen”. You see how the KF’s share these images with each other between all the local and national Keshe Foundations. Keshe also plans to open a KF hospital in Ghana, where he can perform seemingly legal body checks on women and children. Daily controls by Prof. Dr. Coffee Desk Manager Keshe!

We are not making any accusations, but…

Are KF members using their children for slave work or not ? YOU JUDGE.
Is Keshe therefore a child abuser or not ? YOU JUDGE.
Are the children manipulated too, or just their parents ? YOU JUDGE.




Here we see how children are always kept around KF followers to be abused by dangerous electro-magnetic devices that have never been certified or tested by independent third parties. What happens to these children if they become unconscious from being exposed to these devices? Do they fall into a coma? Nobody knows. Keshe TALKED about certificates, but has never shown any, BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE.

So who is blatantly mass producing (using children!) and advertising “phallic shapes” and even MAKING PROFIT, EVEN THOUGH THE TECHNOLOGY IS FAKE AND THE KF CLAIMS TO BE A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION ?

Now you see WE have been correct. Now you know where the true pedophiles sit. NOW you know the truth.

Next subject: stealing.

Keshe (via Caroline) once again complained that his books are being shared on the internet for free (meaning he can’t make any profit from the work that was partly done by me). Look at how he expresses himself: “For their own benefit”… when in reality, the only one who benefits is Keshe himself. But as usual, he has to invert that and blame everyone else. And he uses this opporunity as an excuse for the fact that no new books have been written. In reality, nobody cares for his bogus theory now that he has been exposed dozens of times by many different people, but he still talks about his books to make people think that they have any scientific value. (Keep in mind I thought that his theory was correct, when I helped him write the books. I no longer think so.)

Interesting comments. Could it be that people are fed up with the KF ?

Keshe and Caroline complain, however, there is no mention in their post that:

1) I helped Keshe write those books

2) He still uses my logo on them without my permission

3) He never rewarded me for my work, since I was motivated by the original (more noble) KF goals, but Keshe now claims all ownership for himself

Yet he keeps complaining about the LACK of income, although without my help, those books wouldn’t even exist. Yet all he does is slander me. What a hypocrite. Indeed what a pity that Keshe and Caroline never learn from their misunderstandings and mistakes of the past. This is the greed of the man.

Keshe always likes to speak about Prophet Muhammad, so let’s see what he had to say:


Speaking of Keshe’s broken promises. For example, where is the free energy that was promised by Keshe as a breakthrough in October 2015 ? Why does the world still run on fossil fuel ? Because of an imaginary pedophile ring ? Or could it be that Keshe’s big announcement was fake, like ALL his other announcements ? Keshe is empty. Big mouth, no substance. What about Washington ? Keshe wasn’t even able to do a presentation. Not that it would have worked out. But even that presentation was fake. So please Mr. FAKE Messiah:


Caroline was also begging for donations again, using that old “give back for what you have received” trick. They must be really greedy when the money they make by selling overpriced cult conferences and overpriced non-working products to “hundreds of millions of people around the world” isn’t enough to survive in Africa. And funny how she asks people to “open their books”, so Keshe and Caroline should lead by example and show how much they earned from the people they scammed.


Keshe’s coffee mug. Good morning!

Next subject: sharing.

How was this Keshe Foundation cult able to grow and spread to several countries, despite of all their fake news, their fake technology, and Keshe’s endless pedophile slander talks ?

The trick of Keshe and Caroline is to make their followers believe that the KF is the only organization that “shares freely”. The fact that THERE SIMPLY IS NOTHING OF VALUE IN THE KF TO SHARE doesn’t matter, as long as they SHARE IT. And naive people fall for this trick. The same way, populists split society by creating anger against foreigners. In the case of the KF, the anger is created against non-KF-members or people who speak the truth about Keshe.

The grave mistake that almost all KF followers make is that they fall for this “sharing” scam. They do not think, they just share, without evaluating WHAT they actually share. And for all their “sharing”, Keshe receives the money. Physical money, not invisible plasma money. No soul love, but hard cash.

Platforms like Facebook make sharing easy, so they contribute to the spreading of false information. This great video explains this grave “sharing” fallacy in a very nice way. So again, think before you write or share.

To everyone who STILL supports the CROOKED, CRIMINAL and ABUSIVE Keshe Foundation, everyone who voted for Trump, everyone who likes “alternative facts” (lies), and everyone who supports populists in Europe and elsewhere: educate yourself by reading the book “1984” by George Orwell. It describes the kind of future that is created by intelligence-free and mentally unarmed people like YOU. You have been had once again. You do not promote peace but anarchy, and so those lying narcissists can continue to take away your rights, enslave you, and build their NWO prison around you.

We have seen how Keshe tried to scam the US military, the Italian Civil Defense, and many others, but all the stories he told were lies, because as everyone can now see, the Washington event was a failure, the earthquake “help” in Italy was a failure, and Keshe no longer has a place in LUM University.

So if all these stories were lies, does anyone still believe that Keshe works with a “Tokyo University” ? Or in Fukushima ? Or on any other scientific project ? Or with other non-existent partners, or governments ? Only a fool would believe his empty claims, after more than 10 years of empty and broken promises.

And yet, some naive followers still repeat Keshe’s nonsense like parrots, they write lengthy articles that are full of empty CLAIMS, but there has never been one single proof that anything Keshe said is true.

Despite of having been caught by the Italians (see video), the KF *still* promotes their guinea pig patches scam on their website. Look how phony Keshe formulates his scam: “We are responding…”, as if anyone had called him for help. Such arrogance!

Then Keshe, via Giovanni, even had the nerve to write an intimidating letter to La Repubblica, the Italian newspaper which reported about the attempted abuse of earthquake victims by the Keshe Foundation.



Notice how the second part of the letter calls the KF technology “alternative”, and how Keshe/Giovanni threatens the newspaper with legal action. In that same letter they talk about “respect” for people, when Keshe has NEVER shown respect for anyone, except as long as there was a chance for him to suck their energy and money.

Alt-Science, Alt-News, Alt-Facts. In other words: LIES.

So again we see how Keshe and his predators attack those who report the truth, while accusing others of making “twists and turns”. We are about 100% sure that this letter will not be sent to the newspaper though, because then Keshe would have to PROVE to the Italian court that the patches work, which he can’t do. So that letter was only written to impress KF followers. But everyone else will only laugh about it. The same goes for Keshe’s letter to Obama, Putin, Bugs Bunny, the Flat Earth government, and his uncle from Mars.

The list of countries in which Keshe is not welcome keeps growing. Iran, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, USA, UAE… that’s a lame performance for a Messiah who allegedly liberated humanity. Let’s guess which country will be the next to ban Keshe… Japan ? Or are we behind on things and Keshe is already banned from going to ANY other country ? If you read this story, you will see why Keshe is in Ghana now. It shows that scammers have an easy game there.

We said it many times before and we will say it again, because it’s the truth:

Keshe lies when he opens his mouth.

At least he was honest ONCE when he said “Soon I will no longer be here”. Because he knows that his arrest is drawing closer. But even then, his followers will think that he went to the next planet to “bring peace”…



You will need assistance from a professional scammer to even unbox this beautifully wound copper wire! Unboxing this free, incomplete component only costs 15.000 Euro, plus an incredibly affordable 30.000 Euro for having it connected to the grid. In the coming time you will (maybe) receive the missing components to complete this free unit!

Finally a nice comment by former long-time KF follower Keith Metz:


We have to say thank you to all the truly ethical people for their support, especially the ones in the Keshevictims group. You guys are the living proof that humanity isn’t totally lost yet. But it will be difficult for KF people to realize that Keshe actually has NO plasma technology at all. Then some of them might need massive psychological support to find their way back to reality.

If Keshe’s plasma world was real, then why would he sell physical products in an online shop for physical money, when matter is no longer of interest ? We should all be floating happily on plasma cloud 7 by now, but no, for Keshe it’s all about profit and damaging those who tell the truth.

Right now the KF followers are sitting there, supporting warmonger HH Lord Prof. Dr. K-MAN Keshe, when in fact they should be crying out loud AGAINST him, if they really are as peace-loving as they claim to be. But they are under severe cult mind control, so they let Keshe get away with all his slander and attacks on innocent people. And like Trump, he makes emptry promises, but breaks them everytime.


But we have no doubt that once all those narcissists and parasites have been kicked from their imaginary thrones, there will be a renaissance of humanity. Let’s make Earth beautiful again. Let’s KEEP Earth beautiful! And let’s make the love for truth great again!

Debunking the debunker of the debunker

Once again, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe showed his cruel nature by slandering me, Dirk Laureyssens, for almost two hours. During that session, he gave the URL of a website that allegedly shows “facts” about me. However, as we have seen many times before, Keshe uses publicly available information about me and then adds his own speculations and insinuations to create another fantasy story. This has nothing to do with “facts”. It is pure slander, which Keshe uses to intimidate me, like the true bully that he is. Not only that, he blames me exactly for what he does himself: bashing other people. This is the reason why this conflict started. Keshe started it in Bari in 2015, not me. He started it by bashing me for no reason, and it’s well documented. But spin doctor Keshe knows how to mirror reality so that it fits his needs.

What Keshe shows are parts of what I have reached or have done at different stages of my life, information which has been available on the internet for years. Keshe manipulates that information to turn it into a monologue, a dirty mess, which sometimes becomes so chaotic that nobody can follow it anymore. This is the way the medieval inquisition used to persecute sorcery. Non-relevant points are joined together to crucify me, as Keshe in his endless paranoia sees me as his “enemy”.

But Empty Keshe goes even further, since he keeps repeating: “We don’t make accusations”, even when he just blatantly and falsely accused me publicly of pedophilia and murder of 60 children.

In this 155th KSW, Keshe spoke about me as if I was part of a scientific problem. Indeed his KSW’s (“Knowledge Seekers Workshops”) are supposed to be about science, but in reality they are mainly about cult talk and Keshe’s dirty sexual fantasies about children. Keshe was going to give hard evidence of my criminal mind and actions. But of course he did not! Keshe only gave a number of personal, anecdotal facts about my art, inventions, previous businesses, previous conflicts that happened on forums, and then he mixed all these together and presented them as if they were HARD evidence, but in reality it was EMPTY EVIDENCE. So Keshe didn’t give any evidence at all, he just created dirty insinuations, and made up a false image of them. That is the purest form of slander and character assassination. In a criminal case, Keshe’s spin doctoring of evidence would be called circumstancial evidence. Circumstantial evidence allows for more than one explanation or interpretation. Different pieces of circumstantial evidence may be required, so that each corroborates the conclusions drawn from the others.

Yes I have created puzzles. And yes I paint. But what could be more innocent than that ? To turn that into a story about condoms, fetish and pedophiles is simply insane, and shows Keshe’s malevolence. Only a perverted, mentally sick person can compare my holon paintings to condoms. It shows the thoughts of Keshe and his close supporters when they think about children. And then they hypocritically claim to make no accusations and that everything is in my own writing. I did not put pictures of condoms in any of my writings, only KF people can be so manipulative. Yes the cleanup that Keshe mentioned is necessary. But Keshe and his partners in crime are the garbage, not me or anyone else.



With almost 100% certainty this slander website about me was not set up by Keshe himself, although the lack of logic behind the slander is clearly Keshe’s. Yet Keshe said that he has nothing to do with the site, even though he has been announcing it for weeks (!) So this is planned and artificially constructed slander, and as usual, Keshe is lying.

So we ask a simple question: if this fake website is about “facts”, then why was it registered anonymously ? Check the WHOIS data! Who is the coward hiding behind that site, who makes fantastic accusations, but shows no proof whatsoever ? The Keshe Foundation is a fake organization and a money making machine, headed by a cruel, paranoid sadist, nothing more. There is no science and no peace. There is only lies, deceptions and slander. They put pictures of condoms on THEIR website and make false connections to me. They even sent pedophile pictures to people in my Facebook group as a bait. Where does the KF get pedophile pictures and pictures of condoms from ? Is that what a “scientific” organization is all about ?

What upsets MT Keshe is that we have been asking for years in several Facebook groups and on this website for HARD EVIDENCE that the technology he claims to be real and existing works. If you claim extraordinary developments and results, you need to give extraordinary proof! That’s the essence of science. If you refuse to give evidence, there must be something wrong. Empty Keshe only gives empty and aggressive evasions when we request proof, acting as if our simple questions were hostile attacks.

Here is some advice for you lying cowards: if you have anything of value to say to me, grow up first and rise to my level of sincerity. Don’t speak to me or about me again unless you have the guts to show yourself and your true agenda, without hiding behind anonymous websites. Nobody cares for your insane stories and claims, not even your own followers, as everyone could see in the live chat.

To Empty Keshe: Your game is over, that’s why you are lashing out against good people. But we all know that whatever claims you make, they are only about yourself and your own lack of ethos. You not only steal other people’s ideas and achievements to run your fraud, you even steal their good morals and claim them your own. You are a true parasite, sucking energy and money out of other people.

Let us ask: is the person who set up this slander website against me paid by Keshe ? If so, it means that this person can be bribed and bought and is therefore corrupt. And does this person nevertheless publicly claim to represent the “good ethos” of the KF ? If so, then that person is also a liar and pretender with no morals.

Over the years, Empty Keshe has created his personal conspiracy theory in which he is the center of the universe. Via other conspiracy theorists and websites, Keshe promotes his own conspiracy. MT Keshe uses the Nazi logic Of Hermann Goering: Pointing to external enemies. Herman Goering said at the Nuremberg Trials: “Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”



Why is Empty Keshe doing all that ? What is his motivation ?

Again, MT (Empty) Keshe uses this way of unfair slander because he wants to divert attention away from his own failures of his so-called “technology”. He can’t show any working device, despite of many years of testing and big empty talks, during which he collected money for all the things that didn’t work. This explains his giant, enormous disappointment and frustration. For years he has been explaining his failures by referring to external and internal forces that allegedly want to “block” him by all means.

However the reality is that Keshe’s “theory” is bogus, it even lacks any mathematics. He was never able to prove anything, except his ability to use his dirty mouth to bluff and spit out words of hatred and self-admiration. See all the comedy Keshe presented with his spaceship project, claiming that 2009, 2014, 2016… would be the years of the final SSI result. Reality check: Not even a 1 mm lift was achieved… according to Keshe clearly a sabotage caused by external pedophiles. Does that sound realistic ?

Thus Empty Keshe has a serious problem with EVIDENCE! No evidence whatsoever about his so-called knowledge about the secrets of space flight, but constantly blaming me based on non-evidence.

Years ago I put on my Facebook page: “I am part of the J* haplogroup, after the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis done by the Genographic Project“, since I have no problem putting DNA information on the internet. So FBI, CIA and Interpol can contact the Genographic Project to check my criminal record (or rather the lack thereof, as I have none). Is Keshe prepared to give his DNA to Interpol as well ?

Because it is very strange that nowhere on the web you can find the meaning of the name “Keshe”. Well, we finally found a reference to it in this article about gold mining in Africa (!)  If you click the footnote “5” on that website, you get the following information:


KF conspiracy theorists might be familiar with the Anunnaki stories. So what is Keshe’s real origin ? The greed connection ? The reptilian connection ? Why is he in Africa now, and why does his name show up in connection with gold mining in Africa, which according to the old tales was done by human slaves for the Anunnaki ? And why does the name Keshe mean “kill it” ? And why is there no other reference to Keshe’s name on the internet ? Just “kill it” ?

Remember, Keshe is THE man who knows everything. He has the knowledge of the universe. And his name means “kill it”. And he made a lot of threats against humanity. So everyone can draw their own conclusions as to what his real intentions are.

We warn everyone against populist demagogues like Keshe. Pope Francis recently also warned against them:

Asked about populist-style political leaders emerging in the United States and Europe, Francis warned against seeking a savior in times of crisis.

He said Adolf Hitler in the 1930s’ Germany “was voted for by the people and then he destroyed the people.”

Francis laments that in crises “we look for a savior to give us back identity, and we defend ourselves with walls, barbed-wire fences, from other peoples.”

And indeed we see how Keshe also tries to destroy people, with the help of those few attention seekers who support him. ALL of them will be held accountable, even if they now consider themselves superior due to their belief in a fake Messiah and a fake technology.


The result of Keshe’s slander may be different than what Keshe hopes for. God’s mill works slowly. But it works, even for an atheist like Keshe. He will not escape God’s Court.


To all KF followers: Lies told with LOVE are still LIES.

“When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change. The devil changes you.”

And now Keshe and his slandering slaves (SS) can write another article called “Debunking the debunker of the debunker of the debunker…”, and they can go on mirroring and manipulating like that until they grow old. But no matter what they do or say or write to veil the truth, it only proves that they are actually distracting from the obvious lack of success and proper science in the Keshe Foundation. They should stop their evil charade and turn themselves in to the police, before Keshe’s bosses, the Anunnaki, arrive with Planet X and turn Ghana to dust, because Keshe failed to carry out his mission to enslave humanity.

(Yes, we can make up crazy stories too, based on most KF followers’ beliefs)  😉

Most importantly, let’s not forget what was posted by the Italian media.

Keshe claimed that ONE newspaper wrote a “rogue” story, and ONE “rogue” journalist was warned and will be fired for writing it. Keshe also claimed that I planned the article to discredit the KF, which of course is another lie. I found the link and so we reported about it, because after all, the people have a right to know the truth.

And the truth is of course different from what Keshe told. We only post the first 10 links to Italian websites that tell the truth about the KF scam. All of Italy (and of course other countries) now knows that the Keshe Foundation is a fake organization. That’s why Giovanni cancelled his recent KF meeting “because of technical problems” 😉


The links to the truth about the KF scam:

Here once again the english translation of the main article.

“Earthquake, Civil Defence apologizes for the publicity given to the foundation that promotes the patches scam“

In recent days, a brochure of the so-called Keshe Foundation had been distributed in the tray table of some hotels hosting displaced people, arousing their indignation. The foundation, run by a self-proclaimed Iranian engineer, is promoting pain relief patches.

ROME – “A mistake happened”. The addition of the self-styled Keshe Foundation flyer that was somehow added to the advertising material for earthquake victims in central Italy was a “misunderstanding”. It is known to the Civil Defense. The foundation leader, Iranian Mehran Tavakoli Keshe who presents himself as a nuclear engineer and claims to have invented free energy is not part of the associations accredited by the Civil Defence. After the allegations were reported in La Repubblica, the direct authority of the Director Fabrizio Curcio has commenced an internal investigation that ended with a series of emails for clarification and a public apology.

The internal investigation of the Civil Protection. At the moment it was concluded that the Civil Protection is not responsible. The mistake happened – according to sources close to the director – due to poor examination of the material. In essence, among the many initiatives that have been concentrated in the past weeks during the holidays in favor of displaced persons, through a “misunderstanding” the Keshe Foundation was given the same advertising offer as other associations. In short, they were not specifically examined. And in the general confusion the somewhat anomalous contents of the Iranian engineer’s initiative slipped through the controls.

About email “excuses”. Today, therefore, the Civil Defence has written two e-mails: one to the Keshe Foundation to inform them that it provides its own initiative. A the second to hotels – and through them to the displaced – to clarify what happened. And about the “excuses”. Here is the text: “Given the private type of the initiative that can not be considered among intra Civil Protection System, one must consider that the appointment was canceled within our structures and we apologize for the misunderstanding, hoping it has not created you excessive drawbacks.”

The record. In the leaflet – delivered to displaced people in the tray table as a kind of brochure – it was announced that next Saturday and Sunday the central Italy earthquake victims who are still homeless could test patches (“containing gas in a liquid state”) which – according to the advertising and promotional material – “create gravitational fields and stop the pain”. Patches were supplied by the Keshe Foundation “to find comfort” at the conference rooms of two hotels on the Adriatic coast: Relax in San Benedetto del Tronto and the Village Holiday Porto Sant’Elpidio. All this, tells Giovanna Lapadula, contact person for the Italian association, is for free. But the way the Civil Defence explained this initiative of questionable scientific reliability has created confusion among the earthquake victims. “Now we have become guinea pigs for the experiments of a fake foundation ?”

Advertising (“misunderstanding”) of the Civil Protection. In recent days the head of institutional relations of the Civil Protection, Lorenzo Alessandrini (the man who takes care of displaced persons) had sent an email to the 250 affiliated structures including the Keshe flyer and writing at the bottom: “We were asked to encourage the widest possible dissemination of this initiative to the guests of the structures.” Required by whom? It’s the same Keshe Foundation that had posted on their Facebook page: “Dr. Alessandrini has taken responsibility for distributing the posters in all hotels and camping sites.”  

As it appears on the Facebook page of the NGO. The Keshe Foundation presents itself on Facebook as an NGO non-profit and non-religious organization “with the goal of bringing new scientific knowledge and new technologies for mankind. And new solutions for major global problems, such as hunger, lack of water, lack of power supply, climate change, disease, with the use of new types of plasma reactors. And to give man true freedom to travel in space.”

Remember Keshe’s words ?

“Italy is our home.” – MT Keshe

Is that why he is in Ghana now ?  😉

Have a nice day. And most importantly, be kind to each other and don’t slander innocent people. Speak the truth, because the truth will set you free.

P.S.: For all the KF earthquake lovers, doomsday sayers, and Keshe bottom kissers: read this. It’s time for a reality check, don’t you think ?

Addendum, January 23, 2017:

Some people asked me: “Why did you publish the link to that slander website about yourself ?”

Well, Keshe’s website certainly is nothing but heavy slander and full of fallacies, but there is no truth to the conclusions and connections made on that site. I have no problem showing what kind of crazy stuff Keshe and his loyal servants make up.

Keshe thought he could hurt and intimidate me with his false “facts about dirk”, claiming all kinds of perverted things about me which are no facts at all. He believed I would hide and cry in a corner, and justify myself for each accusation he made.

For sure his website was created with the purpose to slander me, that’s why it was registered anonymously. Keshe prefers to act out of the dark, like a guerilla messiah, washing his hands in innocence. But setting up this site is a criminal act, as everything that was insinuated is false and aimed at damaging me. But I prefer to fight openly and with dignity. Fighting for the truth is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it’s our duty as humans.

I am proud of what I achieved in life. My creations are real, my puzzles are real, my holistic paintings are real, all materialized ideas born out of human creativity.

Keshe believed he could make me deny and justify myself, to make it look like his accusations were true. But I prefer to be out in the open, letting people know the truth about me, so they are fully informed and therefore can draw their own conclusions.

Keshe’s goal is to destroy the good spirit and reputation of anyone who speaks the truth, so he can play his game, pretending, deceiving, lying, trying to gain attention as a (fake) moral crusader, a (fake) messiah, full of a (fake) ethos.

But anyone with minimal knowledge of human and social psychology can see through Keshe’s deceptions. His approach and his behaviour during the 155th KSW and during previous slander sessions tell a lot about who Keshe really is.

He is an adult with the mind of a toddler, wanting to play Santa Claus, Baron Munchhausen and Texas Ranger all at the same time. He imagines himself as the powerful “K-MAN”, stronger than Superman, Captain America and Spiderman combined. But as everyone knows, pride comes before a fall.