“The problem with humans is that you have to live amongst them.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, Messiah and glorious saviour of humanity

“How do we dictate A NEW WORLD ORDER ?”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 78th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“There is no God, and there is no court.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 104th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“You walked into the slaughterhouse of the soul, not me. I just guided you.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 121st Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“I’ve given you the worst nightmare you could have imagined. I got your soul, and I got your physicality. You can hang yourself, I’ve given you the tool.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 83rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“If anything happens to us, something strange will happen to you.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 83rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“We destroy you if you don’t listen.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 109th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“I can strip every muscle from a man’s body while he’s still alive and use same technology to heal the most horrendous diseases.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 62nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“I have created you, and at my wish, I can end your life. You wished, and for years you asked for Messiah. Here I am, standing in front of you.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, April 18, 2014

“Somebody called me I’m a satan. I am. Comes from what is Saturn, and what the Saturn means is knowledge, I own the knowledge of the universe, it’s the stupidity of those who don’t understand it.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, November 24, 2015

“We don’t punish, we elevate.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 353rd KSW

“Those who speak about me being a satan, no I’m a translator.”

“Those who call us satans, (…) now you understood we are the saviours of humanity.”

“I have to force you in that direction, I have to.”

“My job is very much like Mohammad, bless his name.”

“I HAVE TO DESTROY the statues made in the name of God.”

“This is the change, this is where YOU HAVE TO DESTROY the false castles of worship.”

“Do not make the creator on a blacklist, because if the creator makes a blacklist, there shall be no American.”

“Now they try to blacklist the man who teaches the science. If I do what you do, I blacklist the man from the universe.”

“Anyone who does a crime is a Jew.”

“We wipe you out totally with your own soul.”

“We just take the love of God from you.”

“We saw all wikis end up to be abusers and pedophiles.”

“We bring the army of the United States to a halt.”

“Some of you will make a machine and then you say it doesn’t work.”

“I still play the games… you want a generator, I build a generator.”

“The Keshe Foundation has to stay pure [evil].”

“Last week, the day before the teaching, I received a clear message from the world leaders, and I understood it fully, but they didn’t understand what I understood. The message was: it’s time that we all understand.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 122nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“He is involved with ethics, and that doesn’t go with science.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 137th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“We’re just about to interfere with everything we want. I will interfere because I have no choice.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, speaking with the tongue of an obsessed, mentally ill harasser, 137th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“If I show you how you can become immortal, all of you will laugh. That’s easy. I can show any of you in one minute how you become immortal.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 134th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“It’s open but we don’t put it on the internet.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 135th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“We have to reduce the power to be able to use a lower power to be able to power.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 135th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“I show you the magic how to believe and what to believe.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 121st Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“You don’t need to kill to create peace.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 110th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“Is the aura of the man the eggshell of totality ?”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 152nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop

“Is there a need for ambassadors ? I’m much cleverer than you are.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, ambassadors meeting, October 16th, 2015

“When you open it, it’s nothing but a hollow box of plasma. Don’t get fooled by a box.”

“It hasn’t given you freedom, it enslaved you. It changes you to its power, not it to your power.”

“I have not given you freedom, I have enslaved you.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, ambassadors meeting part 2, October 17th, 2015

“I slept in more presidents’ beds than most of you have probably come to know.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, everyone’s favorite anti-establishment guy

“On October 21st we show you the flying car.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, summer 2015

“In the very very near future, in a matter of weeks, you have cars without engines.”
(and no word about the flying car)

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, October 20th 2015

“The smallest move to block us, we release it, and the mayhem will be worse.”

– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 128th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

People’s comments from October 2015 until now, taken from KF chatrooms, Facebook and Youtube:

“Why is he talking about free energy when his unit needs to be plugged into the grid ?”

“Seems he wasn’t able to deliver today as promised, but instead of admitting that the production takes longer, he said to ambassadors ‘we give you 10 days’ LOL!!!”


“Well enough for today. 2 years ago, Keshe=scam, 2 years from today, same.”

“Members of the Keshe Foundation shut up, or the boss will get mad.”

“He’s a very angry man.”

“Keshe = Einstein + Hitler”

“I wonder why this technology isnt being released today. Why wait again ?”

“At one point he said they would take down a satellite if his offer was not recived as intended”

“Keshe said he is expecting a very large series of earthquakes on the 17th of october, but nothing happened”

“As much as Keshe or his followers may WANT the device to be real, wishful thinking will not make it so. What’s that old saying? “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” If wishing was sufficient, we all would have had Free Energy long ago. Here are two problems that I have with Keshe: 1) He hasn’t released “the maths” – ie the solid theoretical background behind his supposed breakthrough; 2) He doesn’t display and behave like someone who has a working device — Does anyone have to ask if it is real?”

“Keshe has been making promises for years, and shown nothing.”

“Can you not smell the B.S.? Asking other people to make the machine, somehow reminds me of the guy (the fake RDF “Ambassador”) who talks about handing out money to help humanity, and then collects fees from people to get access to his funding.”

“Keshe comes out with unwatchable 3 hour videos, that people talk about, but do not watch.”

“Mr. Keshe and the foundation said the release date of the blue prints and instructions on how to build a unit was to be monday the 26th of october. Monday comes and instead of releasing the blueprints he give another rambling incoherent explanation of the said technology. No offense Mr. Keshe but your presentation and teaching skills are lacking incredibly. Instead of releasing the said blue print… Mr. Keshe changes his story and says he must teach us about the technology. However, I’m not seeing a clear or concise explanation of the technology. In earlier presentations Mr. Keshe made claims of how simple this technology is to produce. He has also made claims that they have a working model? On top of that the units that were given to the diplomats for representative ALL broke due to a spark?”

“This video definitely lays out the framework of the scam. Keshe is now stating that buyers of the unit will not see an immediate drop in their electricity bills, saying it will take several months for you to notice the drop. He also says the units will not work with resistive loads, which pretty much means no incandescent lightbulbs, no toasters or ovens, no hair dryers, etc. Essentially what this lays out is Keshe is grooming the audience to believe that the units will not work upon delivery but will start working several months into the future, of course Keshe gets paid immediately when you order.”

“Dr. Richard Alan Miller, a physcist, has looked into Keshe’s technology and written a report. He sent it by email, and I will take a look – the statement in the email says:
“Hi All, Here is my update after I spent 3 weeks digging out information about Mr Keshe. I am not saying he is a fraud but evidences are against him….”

“I originally thought Keshe’s scam wouldn’t be successful but this video has changed my mind. Roald Boom has been testing a Keshe unit and just posted results showing zero energy savings or energy production. The comments are full of Keshe supporters making excuses which makes me think that they are not smart enough to realize their 800 euro machines don’t work and won’t ask for a refund.”

“The Keshe webshop has a mandatory donation when buying a unit !  I wonder if that is a legal trick so that when refunds are requested, he is not obligated to return the donation?  If a donation is mandatory, is it really a donation?  If it went to court and the buyer is asked, “Did you purchase a unit with the full understanding that the 300 EUR was a donation?  When the buyer says, “yes”, they are sunk. About all they can do at that point is sue for the lack of performance of the unit.  Due to the waiting time, and not increasing loads too quickly, the defense could posit that the buyer didn’t follow the instructions precisely.  The buyer would have to have detailed logs and/or video to show they did everything as instructed and the unit still failed to perform.  Not many people will do this.  It’s great that people like Roald are testing and sharing their results.”

“Latest video (91st KSW) is definitely interesting. Keshe is trying to make excuses as to why the units people bought and paid for don’t work. He refers to the people complaining as “monkeys” that “dont understand the plasma”. Then there’s some angry rant about how someone put his e-books on the internet for free and is angry that he’s not getting the money from the e-book sales.”

“Well, like many of you I was hoping that Keshe discovery was legit and would change the world.  But after viewing these 2 videos, that appears to be genuine first-hand witnesses, sadly it appears to me that it is a scam. Here’s my brief summary : Sousan Alexander, an IT technical professional with many other degrees, is one of the five who build one of the plasma generator with Keshe published blueprint last fall.  It didn’t work.  She still believed in it, and had already enrolled to Keshe foundation as a student training program, and was already distributing Keshe’s healing pads on ebay.   She went to Italy and all the evidences leads told her that it was a scam.”

“Bit of a silly update here, but goes to the general trustworthyness of Keshe. In his latest post Keshe takes credit for Sterling Allen’s arrest. Slight problem, it’s a complete fabrication: [see article] … The arrest was not an FBI thing, it was a local investigation. And his arrest was not the result of any tips or anything by Keshe. The arrest happened because Allen posted multiple videos online where he admitted to being attracted to and abusing children.”

“Interesting claims from Keshe – the most advanced aircraft and ships can be neutralised for less than $10.”

“It gets worse, Keshe is now selling his GANS in pill form for 120 euro.”

“A new low by Keshe. He’s charging people 10,000 euro to apply to go to space. To APPLY – so, it won’t mean anything.”

“Years ago, Pan Am used to take reservations for a flight to the Moon. But it was a pure PR exercise, they did not take money, since they had no ability to deliver the flight. Same with Keshe, who has not proven ability to deliver either. This looks like a pure fund-raising scam.”

“I am so sad to read what Keshe and his wife are doing to your daughter. I just wanted to let you know that I pray for your family Dirk that you are all protected and blessed. It is becoming extremely unreal and evil out there now in the free energy arena. People have flat our lost their minds.”

“If I had a daughter, if she was stalked this way, if this “conversation” had taken place with one of my family members, there would be a legal action, a law suit filed… and if that crookster would come close to me, within grasp and reach, he’d be scared out of his wits, had he any of that left. He’d be shitting his pants, I can guarantee you that much.”

“Please do not tell people that Keshe is a reputable scientist, it could not be further from the truth, he made a 10 day claim more than 2 weeks ago saying that he was going to give out his bogus generator, you know, the one which you have to plug in lol, he has been taking money from people with this scam for over ten years, moving from country to country.”

“You mention Keshe. Keshe is a scammer and fraud. His magrav does not work and is only designed to take away your money. My girlfriend paid a lot of money to Keshe for a non working CFS treatment.”

“Mark House kicked me out of the golden age of gans for trying to save a woman’s eyes from his quack caustic therapy eyedrops.”

“M. T. Keshe and C. de Roose went too far on the bad side. This is again proof of the lies and wrong doings. So ugly and awful.”

“Does anybody know if it is enough to file criminal notice against KF wrong doings in our countries or do we need to file it at Italian police?”

“The only time I had a reduction on my house bill was the day I finally disconnected it and the dummy loads and he went back to the amount I paid before connecting the damn things 3 stackers 2 Q6’s and the Q24 garbage all of it.”

“The best thing that can happen is that Ca$he is wanted internationally by interpol. He will need to finish his space tech soon, to escape from Earth, otherwise he will be either behind bars or in a psychiatric ward. Guess we all know he will not be able to escape Earth and all the misery this psycho has caused.”

“I had to quit his comedy show after half an hour today. I got so sick of that bastard.”

“Now he is creating a plasma emergency response team. I can just see it, a bunch of new age hippies running arround with vape pens full of gans, them handing out magravs with food gans on them to feed families. Never mind you have boots on the ground that has had 1000’s of hours of training. This guy is just strait f*cked.”

“Today he also said the red circle is under police investigation by the Italian Police for murder on Fabio. It gets more and more kuku with Keshe. I think the KF is in a lot of problems.”

“If anything Keshe had him killed. No assasin will go after a brainwashed team member, they would go after the source.”

“I was really shocked how those people who call themselves Drs, lecturers and professors believed that guy… I said this two years ago about Keshe that he’s a liar. As an Iranian I’m so ashamed of him. I know many great scientists from Iran but this guy is a psychopath! The greatest scientists in the world like Einstein and Tesla PROVED what exactly they have done and their work shaped our world. They didn’t go to governments to sell their science and technology.”

“Well Dirk – due to your splendid research you do, last thursday I really attended the first time a workshop of KeshiCa$$ for some hours and I tell you it hurts one’s ears, spirit and heart so much to follow this endless senseless sermon of pure bullshit and hot air – it’s hate speech at its finest… never do this again because it is so taking down the energy level of the listener – this guy transports enourmus bad energy and negativ vibes… it’s just devastating to the listeners soul and heart. What a piece of bullshit and evil this guy IS, it comes not only through his evil and satanic handsigns but also through his vibration while talking *** never more I will do this – I was completely full of shit literally after those several hours of bad vibrations. Thank you Dirk for the good work you do to bring down this devil who is a real harm to spirit and humanity ❤ god bless you Dirk Laureyssens”

“I also have 2 daughters and given to them all the love and wisdom I was able to. For anyone to go after one’s children in an attempt to combat their foe is despicable and criminally insane, it’s obvious they are part of the satanists controlling this planet with the satanic hand signals. If the followers of Keshe aren’t intelligent enough to notice, then we believe they too are under some form of satanic mind control as well.”

“It is clear now: The Keshe Foundation became a Satanic organisation. “…For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.” — Romans 16:18″

“Well, what a poor Keshe man. He has no power, unless you give it to him, because his ability to connect to Light Source is lost and latent only for ambient materialistic life. Big problems are going to return to him, because of the bad deeds done. Let us hope he will alive himself in the comming terrible strokes of the law of feedback. Looking at his pictures, his eyes showing his inner self are almost dead.”

“It was obvious that Keshe began receiving accusations of Satanism, because in today’s Workshop at 1:10 min aprox., Keshe tried to disassociate himself from the satanic meaning, which is pathetic, in as much the horned hand has been used for centuries by groups and groups of satanists. His explanation was ridiculous for anyone who knew a bit of Esoterism. Even if he was trying to give to it a new meaning, it is useless because the sign is impregnated with the negative energy of centuries of satanic practitioners. I think Keshe is looking for the acceptance by the Illuminati by incorporating into his Workshops these Satanic Symbols for which he has to fool and brainwash his own followers. It remains to be seen if he will be using again those symbols in future Workshops.”

“I cannot believe the scientific ignorance of the members of the Keshe Foundation: Today’s great “breakthrough” was the apparent spontaneous movement of a bit of water in the presence of a sphere filled with different “GANS” (Metal Oxides). However, this is ANOTHER WELL KNOWN SCIENTIFIC PROCESS called Electrostatic Water Induction. The electrostatic charges in the sphere induce a movement in the polar covalent bonding of the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen in water. Check this out:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhWQ-r1LYXY

“Obviously, the water in the little container could not flow like the stream of water in the video, that’s why it began to move in circles. The electrostatically charged sphere of Gans induced the movement in the water below. And this is how these people are planning to build a Spaceship ??? This is Keshe’s big discovery ??? Just another trick, just another delusion from a group of International Scammers…”

“Send me a free one and I will teach 10 people to build them if it works.”

“I paid for one, when will I receive it? Thx!”

“Hi. I read from one of your posts that one of the benefits of the Magrav power unit is that a “car with the unit cannot be stolen”! How does that work? What makes such a car unable to be stolen?”

“Keshe has licence from ‘World Health Orthorty’ for his medical devices, and with testomanies is pussing for acceptence of this new technowladge.” (LOL!)

“Are you cooking meth in this shitty stuff?”

“Wow, indeed Rick Crammond is completely brainwashed ! He still believes that after so many years and workshops they have achieved something with Keshe’s useless stuff. Don’t you know what the Keshe Foundation is about Rick ? It’s about SCAM. It is about keeping people entertained with false promises and bogus experiments, so they never really get freedom or real technology. It is about creating a new world order, so people lose leadership and surrender to evil. That’s why Keshe requests that you promise to never use a single gun or arm when you sign the Keshe Foundation Peace treaty: in this way, you promise indirectly to never defend yourself against the New World Order. That’s what the Keshe Foundation is about Rick: to enslave the World.”

“Keshe is running a cult and over time Keshe would wake up to arm up to against governments, everyone be cautious about kf and his followers. Please learn a lesson from history cults, what Keshe did is exactly the same as the cults in history.”

Suspicious Observers: “You need to study it some more. Failed claim after failed claim. He gives a date for a grande event and it doesnt happen, then he wipes his websites clean of evidence of failure. This man has been collecting donations for years and shown nothing to the people.”

“How does the Keshe Foundation’s One World Government & One World Race differ from the New World Order’s One World Government & One World Race?”

“After all these years of teaching i’m still waiting for a working demonstration.”

“Seriously, people. NOW YOU ARE GETTING REALLY LOST. Insanity and delusion had already reached an astonishig level, but obviously it still can be topped. What Mr. Keshe is presenting has nothing to do with occult knowledge or physics of the future. He is just puzzling together basic physics and chemistry (which you would know if you had been in school???!!!), plus an aweful lot of FANTASY stuff, and HE MIXES THIS INTO A CRAZY COCKTAIL WHICH NOONE IN HIS RIGHT MIND SHOULD DRINK. If you want a guru or a teacher, take a true one! If you want a Messiah, take the real one!”

“In what Keshe is saying there is probably 1% truth, mixed with hypocritical good intentions and lots of blah blah, 0% scientific evidence, zero confirmation. That’s why his “education” is at this level now. But what kind of education is this, based on empty promises and fantasies ? Now they teach kids at a school in Peru this nonsense, unbelievable! Morons become teachers. That’s why the world is in this condition now…”

“Can someone actually show some evidence that they have produced Gold?”

“Remember how last October (2015) Keshe said we’d all have free energy by Christmas? LOL!!!!!”

“Keshe announced he was now a government organisation. I am out, I only deal with my own government. I do not follow men that will create their own reality instead of having us decide. People don’t realize that when Keshe flips the coin. Like making himself a government organisation he changes your reality. And on top of that he mentioned the annihilation of man. And still they only hear the word gold. I am sorry but true goodness doesn’t work like that. This is the one world order, but this time Keshe style…ci.a….alien… dictator?”

“Broadly speaking I realized that what until now was a way with the title of plasma technology, and in the background came transforming into a path of spiritual liberation, pointing to the soul and creativity, suddenly it was transformed into the purest materialism.”

“Keshe is a self-proclaimed Messiah, finds God on earth … actually a psychotic megalomaniac, in my opinion is slowly showing its claws …..! It could be the very incarnation of Satan or the Antichrist …… but does not have all this strength …. it is just a psychopath!”

“You watch the 126th workshop that Keshe proclaimed professor Zhu, who is in China, betrayed KF, actually prof. Zhu knows full well that Keshe has been running a cult after communication with Keshe for months and no any real technology, so he will never invite Keshe to China and help him get a visa unless he makes a real flying saucer, and if he did it he can fly to China without visa, this is the privilege prof. Zhu has granted to Keshe, lol”

“Please check your messages if not on here then your volunteer support email. Still waiting. Actually over 30+ people are still waiting.”

“Keshe is a Fraud. Its obvious to anyone who understands science. his claims are far fetched and preposterous. Anyone who would believe this has no scientific education whatsoever. Add all the inconsistencies together with the lack of experimental testing and demonstrations and you can tell that this man is thoroughly full of shit. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”