The Keshe Foundation

Introduction to the Keshe Foundation

The Keshe Foundation, headed by satanic NWO agent and self-proclaimed Messiah Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, claims to be a non-religious, non-political and non-profit spaceship program.

Reality check: This “foundation” is led by a (“non-religious”) Messiah, who works (“non-politically”) “on the highest level” of politics, talks about (“non-profit”) shareholding and urges several nations to manufacture a product that has never been shown working. At the same time, according to Keshe, this product is no longer of importance because everything is about plasma, not about matter.

So “hundreds of thousands” of people at home are now working on a non-working device that is based on invisible plasma, operated by imaginary mind control, and opposed by imaginary enemies. Besides, this device has been recalled because of flaws in the production.

In addition to being a “spaceship program” that has never been able to show anything confirmed working in the past 10 years, the Keshe Foundation is also specializing in hunting down real and imaginary pedophiles, threatening Belgians, making up lies and slanderous stories about them and passing them on to formerly credible journalists for publication, (according to Keshe’s own words) breaking into people’s computers, and boasting to achieve peace through slander and intimidation.

Furthermore, as Keshe confirmed he had been attacked, shot, poisoned, imprisoned, bombed and killed several times in the past, we have to assume that the person carrying out all the above actions is no longer Keshe himself, but a clone, a zombie, an AI, or a man in black.

Now seriously, what kind of government or individual would be interested in working with such a lunatic “foundation”, in which the number of contradictions outnumbers the number of lies, and in which aggressive rhetoric and brutality are the norm ?

After you answered this question, ask yourself if any such government would ever be interested in stopping a technology that a) isn’t even new, b) does not have any of the powers that Keshe claimed, and c) is certainly not important enough to justify the creation of a whole peace / free energy / second sun / money making cult around it. Then you will finally realize that Keshe not only lied to the world, but even to his own core team, to get them to support his nefarious plan. All the pre-emptive strikes of Keshe are only designed to detract attention away from his own crimes.

In reality, the Keshe Foundation is a satanic mind-control cult with the aim to achieve world domination under a one world dictatorship.