Keshe Victims

Here we publish the personal stories of people who have been damaged by Keshe, be it financially, healthwise, or in other ways.

Dirk Laureyssens (KF co-founder and former KF collaborator): Suffered a stroke while being pressured by Keshe to work on his books. First praised as “a genius of a man”, then slandered and threatened, and accused of being an agent, a murderer, a pedophile, a thief, a drug trafficker, a money launderer, and the head of the imaginary “Red Circle”. Also slandered by Gordon Duff.

Dirk’s daughter (not related to the KF) was stalked by Keshe’s wife Caroline De Roose.

Friends of Dirk’s daughter (not related to the KF) were also stalked by Caroline.

Dr. Eliya Kostova (medical doctor who held the KF health workshops): First Keshe said “I love and adore her”, and then she was slandered and accused of stealing his “technology” and registering patents in Singapore.

Fabio Alfonso (Keshe’s camera man): Killed after severe conflicts with Keshe.

Naomi Lapadula (Fabio’s girlfriend): She had been in a coma for several months after her and Fabio’s car “accident”. Illegal human experiments were conducted on her by Keshe and Dr. Klaus Priller. Meanwhile Naomi is awake, but not fully conscious.

King Albert II of Belgium: slandered.

“Anna” (Keshe’s coma patient in Belgium): Still in coma after several years despite (or because) of Keshe’s illegal health experiments, probably sexually abused by Keshe while in coma, healing promise not kept, mother pressured to lie about healing success.

Marek Istvanek (former knowledge seeker in Desenzano): Slandered.

John Skelton (former knowledge seeker in Desenzano): Slandered and accused of poisoning Keshe.

Jorge Martinez Cano (former knowledge seeker in Desenzano): Slandered.

Soheil Abdollahi (former KF manufacturer in China): Financially exploited, then slandered. He produced all KF items out of his own pocket and was never paid by Keshe. Keshe even kept the shipping costs.

Erick Claussen (former KF follower): First praised as the man who made gold, then slandered.

Mike Nashif (long-time KF supporter): Slandered.

Prof. Liuzzi (Staff at LUM university in Bari): First praised for having a medical health device, then used for making a presentation at the KFSSI opening, then slandered.

Prof. Zhu (head of KF China): First Keshe said “I have huge respect for Prof. Zhu”, then he slandered him.

US Army Major Todd Hathaway: slandered.

Sylvester Belso (former head of KF global manufacturing): slandered, salary not received.

Hopegirl (free energy researcher, former KF follower): Slandered and accused of child trafficking and pedophilia.

Sousan Alexander (former KF follower): Slandered and accused of pedophilia.

Sam Smith (former KF follower): Slandered and accused of being responsible for the French terror attacks.

“Valeri Kravinik” (KF critic): Slandered and threatened. One of his friends died after an attempted “treatment” with a Keshe health reactor.

Trev Eli (partner of health patient): Financially exploited, healing promise not kept.

Mario C. (health patient): Financially exploited, healing promise not kept. He received no help from Keshe and died.

These are only some of Keshe’s victims. ALL of the above accusations by Keshe against INNOCENT current and former KF supporters are FALSE, while ALL of Keshe’s crimes are REAL.

And then Keshe dares to say “We don’t harm noone” and “The KF has no victims” but HE is the victim ???

We insist that justice is served to Keshe as soon as possible, before more innocent people get harmed !