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Keshe “Free energy” Tear-down, examination, opinions

Proof that Keshe magrav power units are fake

Keshe claims his Free Energy machine stops working if you measure it

Jon Bliven’s shocking Keshe reactor

How to burn down your house with KF technology

Keshe’s latest scam

Keshe’s latest latest scam

Who is this Mehran Keshe? New Tesla or Cagliostro? (Russian)

Vorsicht bei Keshe Foundation (German)

Keshe’s Caroline Core reference not accurate

Secret Space Program 2015 – Keshe is fake and rude (backup link)

Peace in the Keshe Foundation

Documenting Keshe’s fake CE certificates

Magrav unit – Final Results

Magrav Power System – fail

Keshe Magrav report – no reduction was measured

Keshe is a fraud

Keshe Scam

Gerard Morin’s experience

The annihilation of man

Keshe Foundation is a Fraud ?

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QEG Sweden Magrav Test (Part 1)

QEG Sweden Magrav Test (Part 2)

Keshe Magrav Free Energy Hoax (Part 1)

Keshe Magrav Free Energy Hoax (Part 2)

Whistleblower testimony

Sousan Alexander speaks out (Part 1)

Sousan Alexander speaks out (Part 2)

Sousan Alexander speaks out (Part 3)

Sousan Alexander speaks out (Part 4)

Sousan Alexander speaks out (Part 5) with Dr. Eliya

Sousan Alexander speaks out (Part 6) with Dirk

Sousan Alexander speaks out (Part 7) with Dr. Eliya and Dirk (backup link)

Sousan Alexander speaks out (Part 8)

Keshe Whistleblower

Sousan Alexander: Keshe Fraud

QEG Family exposes the Keshe Foundation

“Show me the plasma” about Keshe

Hopegirl – No Holding Back

Keshe Scam Important Update

Hopegirl lists Keshe’s crimes

Is Keshe really the Messiah ?

Keshe’s threats against Humanity

Keshe says there is no God

Keshe Claims to be The Messiah?! Anti-Christ?!!

Sandor Kakasi, the sneaky right hand of the devil

Keshe saying he is the Messiah and our Creator

MT Keshe and Satanic Alchemy

FREE ENERGY TODAY or is it The AntiChrist?

Keshe the Messiah, AntiChrist or just Bullshitter ?

Keshe’s Antichrist Free Energy

Rapture & Antichrist (mentions KF technology)

Scams exposed, Keshe busted

Marcia’s Take on Keshe Foundation

New World Order Foundation Threatens World Governments

The Two Messiahs of the Endtimes – Which One Will You Serve?

Keshe’s scaremongering intended to control his followers

Keshe’s “Second Sun” hoax to push sale of his products

Keshe claims credit for destruction of SpaceX Rocket

Keshe warns of ‘MEGA QUAKE’ that will split two continents in half

More earthquake predictions and scaremongering

Priceless contradiction: We don’t tell you to move – PLEASE MOVE!

“Final Warning” for “imminent” earthquakes

Health scam

Keshe’s failed attempt to abuse earthquake victims

Keshe’s Illegal Human Experiments

Health scam: HIV/AIDS healing claims

Keshe starts selling unsafe, illegal GANS pills for €120

Keshe says breast cancer blooms into mushrooms

Why is Keshe always sick when he can cure everything ?


Keshe’s slander against “DL” – from “dearest friend” to imaginary “enemy”

Keshe accuses HopeGirl of human trafficking

M.T. Keshe: The King of Slander

Keshe slanders American

Just for fun

One Planet One Nation One Race One Deception

Laughable! Keshe goes to Washington

Keshe BS-22 Spaceship

Uncle Keshe’s Lullaby

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The Idiot’s Guide To Mehran Keshe

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