Edoardo Scaggiante from the Eindhoven University of Technology analyzed GANS. He wrote:

“Hi folks! Last week I made the infrared spectroscopy of the remaining Gans and the nanocoating. It turned out what follows:

– There ZnO/CO2 gans is the same material and it’s hydrated zinc carbonate which contains the carbonate ions, but there is no CO2 in solid state.
– The iron gans is hydrated iron oxide FeHO2 and there are no methyl units, because if that was the case, there should be a strong peak at 3000.
– The nanocoating is an amorphus crystal of hydrated carbonate ions, but there is no arrangement in graphite or graphene.

I also measured if the gans had magnetic properties, but I didn’t detect anything with a sensitivity of 0.01 Gauss.

I hope my results are helpful.”




So we see that GANS does NOT have any of the properties that Keshe claims. In fact, GANS is just a salt, in this case a carbonate. Plus it has no magnetic properties. In other words, Keshe’s whole “science” is FAKE.

This confirms what we have been saying for a long time: Keshe has no new technology. He only lets his followers perform a simple chemical process, and since they have no scientific background, they believe his big, empty words. But they have been fooled. The Keshe Foundation has nothing to offer. It is and always will be a scam organization and a mind-control cult. That’s why Keshe talks about the soul when his technology fails. Empty Keshe wants to be worshipped for achieving exactly NOTHING.

What’s even worse is that zinc carbonate is HIGHLY TOXIC for all living organisms. So it has no healing properties. On the contrary: IT KILLS AQUATIC LIFE and probably harms all other life-forms too!

“H400 (86.86%): Very toxic to aquatic life [Warning Hazardous to the aquatic environment, acute hazard – Category 1]
H410 (56%): Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects [Warning Hazardous to the aquatic environment, long-term hazard – Category 1]
H411 (32%): Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects []
H413 (10.86%): May cause long lasting harmful effects to aquatic life []”


So ANY MALICIOUS INDIVIDUAL who puts zinc carbonate (“GANS”) into rivers and oceans is automatically guilty of actively poisoning public water supplies.


MT Keshe and Caroline De Roose are therefore ruthless criminals who, directly or indirectly through the help of their followers, intend to poison and kill all of humanity, although this is exactly what Keshe keeps accusing everyone else of. Keshe’s and Caroline’s intention is to harm, damage and abuse, and now with this analysis of “GANS” it is proven.

Keshe keeps mirroring his own crimes, that is clear to everyone except to his brainwashed followers. This whole thing is so big and so insane that naive KF followers cannot comprehend it, as they still think that Keshe wants to save humanity, when in reality he wants to brainwash, enslave and destroy humanity. And that is exactly what he will do if naive people keep believing and supporting him.


STOP damaging yourself, others, and the environment with GANS!

Another analysis was done by Joshua Thomas Vojtisek, and the result was the same. Watch for yourself: