Confirmed: Power unit does NOT work

Daniele Davini, who was supposed to produce Keshe’s power units, confirmed in the Italian Keshe Thoughts Group on November 29th:

“It doesn’t work, trust me.”  (Source)

He then he gave a more detailed comment:

“Trust me… Keshe spent the whole of August with me… the only thing that works is the “GANS”, which is just oxide. But this isn’t anything new, my grandfather used to put copper oxide on his grapevines, they grow larger than usual without parasites. Other than that, nothing done by Keshe works.”  (Source)

We urge everyone who paid for the units in advance to insist on immediate refunding. Don’t let Keshe fool you again with his delays, tricks, and distractions. If he doesn’t refund you, sue him, otherwise you are going to wait and wait and wait… until the “coming time”. Enough of that!


Truth, peace and justice

On November 26th, during the 89th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, Keshe once again attacked people and then sold that as a “hand of peace”. Only totally naive people would fall for such tactics. It only requires a pea-sized brain to realize that peace won’t happen if the person who claims to negotiate peace is launching lunatic attacks and fantasies in each and every workshop. He talks about “red circle people”, which is the language of a 3 year old child, trying to accuse us and others, like he always does. He claims he identified 25 “red circle people” and will post their private details like names, phone numbers, lovers and so on.

First of all, if any of this is directed against us, we are currently not 25, but less than 25 dedicated and PEACEFUL individuals, some former and some current KF members from different continents, who are interested ONLY in the truth, and we are able to see through Keshe like through glass. His constant attempts to further indoctrinate self-trained esoteric people and hobby conspiracy theorists, and to force them to do things which he could never do alone, show nothing short of a dangerous mind-control cult that is being set up to overthrow the social order of this planet. Meaning: the so often quoted and feared “New World Order” is being set up unknowingly and step by step by PEOPLE LIKE YOU, who listen to Keshe and follow his hostile instructions and “teachings”.

If Keshe talks about 25 people, it shows that he has NO real information, he can only guess and make up stories. Mehran, whomever you “identified”, leave these people alone, because most importantly, everyone knows who YOU are. Not because you were exposed, but because your hunger for attention drove you into public view. The more you attack, the more you get yourself in trouble. You keep talking about attempts on your life, but don’t you know that according to the law of attraction, you will eventually get what you attract ? Not by us, but maybe from others who are fed up with your games and intimidation attempts.

Secondly, we are not responsible for other people’s actions. We also distance ourselves from any trolls, and from people who threaten or intimidate others. All we do is to report the truth, and sometimes we do so in a humorous way. Our goal is to wake people up to the reality of the Keshe cult. We do this for humanity, not in order to fight anyone. But whenever Keshe attacks the way he always does, we will defend ourselves and other innocent people. This is our right and our responsibility as humans. And the truth will not be silenced.

Thirdly, we urge Keshe to go ahead with his plan to publish personal details, because there is no red circle. Does he have solid proof ? Let him put all on the internet. Because then there is undeniable proof of falsified documents or information, since all such proof will be fabricated by his own core team, led by Sandor.

We never threatened anyone, and if Keshe makes such claims, he is lying once again. It’s Keshe who threatens and slanders others all the time, in almost every workshop, anyone can hear that on Youtube and on Livestream. Keshe thinks just because he embeds his attacks into his technical teachings in order to manipulate the subconscious of his followers, nobody outside the KF will notice ? It is clear that Keshe is some sort of Arab story teller, trying to sell flying carpets.

Most notably, Keshe NEVER SHOWED ANY PROOF of these alleged threats, hacking attempts and so on, simply because there are none. He never showed any emails or anything else that proves what he claims, he just talks and creates drama and division. The only information he ever publishes is always made up of exaggerated stories and false claims. So, without having seen any proof, you still believe him ? If anyone told you the sky is green, would you believe it too, even when you can check for yourself and find out that the sky is blue ?

For example, you should ask Keshe to show PROOF of 25 people who threatened anyone in England or wherever. You should ask for PROOF that I had email contact with Sterling Allan. You should ask for PROOF that the power unit works. And so on and on. But if you ask, Keshe will not show you anything, except maybe some fake paper or fake story, simply because there never has been any email contact between Sterling Allan and me. The same way there are no 25 people who threaten others. Don’t follow or believe instigators like Keshe. If such threats ever took place, they have nothing to do with any “Belgiums”, but probably with some mentally sick individuals. Likewise, none of us EVER attempted to hack the KF website. We simply have no interest in doing so, as the KF site has no real value, plus we don’t hack because we respect the law. However, Keshe said “You got into our internet, we got into your computer.” So the first part of this sentence is a blatant lie, and the second part shows that the KF hacked others, so Keshe confirmed they committed a crime.

IF any threats against Alekz ever took place, the correct way would be for him to inform the police, not for Keshe to post names and addresses of innocent people on the internet, because this is as dirty as it gets, and would clearly prove to the police that Keshe makes up crazy stories. Keshe always needs to blame scapegoats to divert the attention away from his own failures and frauds. So he uses popular hyped words like “terrorists”, not realizing that by doing so, he becomes a criminal psycho-terrorist himself.

We are all peaceful and united. It is Keshe who causes division and wants to make you believe that Belgium needs to be united (crazy!), and that his imaginary enemies need to be exposed. There are no enemies, except inside Keshe’s mind. It’s also Keshe, the “peace bringer”, who offers war technology to governments (the second USB stick). What is the purpose of that ? To defend ourselves against aggressive ET’s ? We all, including KF followers, were friends across all continents, until Keshe started to cause division. Those who have been around long enough know the truth, about how he asked people to remove each other from several groups and chats, and forbid core members to speak to people outside. It’s always just the newcomers that Keshe can manipulate, they are easy prey for the cult leader.

For all those newcomers: it was not me who started this insane circus. It was Keshe, who falsely accused me in April in Bari behind my back to be an agent of the Belgian government. Such a hypocritical attack from my “friend and brother” is not acceptable, it is the two-faced action of a coward who talks a lot but never has anything of importance to show, so he makes up stories to gain attention. Someone like Keshe, who feels absolutely no shame when exploiting the Paris terrorist attacks for his own benefit, can never be a peace negotiator. And all this talk about proxy servers and red circles can only impress bored housewives at best.

Mehran, your mouth may speak words of peace in public, but your real message is about hate, aggression and lies. Turn around and change your ways while you still can. You can still have a good life without all this nonsense you keep making up. You made the first step to start this war, you also have to make the first step to end it… in a peaceful way, by confessing your mistakes and by apologizing from your heart to ALL the people you fooled, not by threatening and putting people’s lives at risk.

The truth is on our side, and we don’t want to see anyone harmed. We never wanted this artificial conflict, we never started it. And as far as we are concerned, there is no conflict, so we send his provocations back to Keshe, he can keep them. If being confronted with the truth causes Keshe to act in such a crazy way, we ask ourselves: what is he hiding ?

Again: we want peace. Why can’t Keshe stop waging wars ? And why does he continue to fool people ? Don’t forget, the truth always wins.

The transcript of Keshe’s aggressive and threatening rhetoric, taken from the 89th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, in which he once again attempts to turn people against each other, in order to keep them afraid and locked up in their homes, can be found HERE.


Keshe scam vs. reality

Scam alert 1:

On October 26th, on the first day of the blueprint week, Keshe said:

“This week we deliver 1.000 units. Next week we deliver 10.000 units. We build up to one million a month in November and December, but this is not enough. We need at least… at least! minimum!… units to be built.”

But on November 12th, during the 87th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, Keshe said:

“Renan tells me we can expect 10 units per month to be manufactured by him.”

And indeed, one month later, as of today, November 25th 2015, there are ONLY THREE (!) confirmed deliveries.

Furthermore, producing units would mean that every person on this planet owns more than 100 units. Once the production has finished, all natural resources on this planet will have been used up. Then we have free energy, but there is nothing left that can be powered by these units, and humanity will die. units vs. 10 units. Keshe scam vs. reality.

Scam alert 2:

Jon Bliven of SEARL Group (who were hyped to work with the KF but were later on dropped by Keshe, like many others) did the following test of his Keshe reactor: click here (MUST WATCH!)

Impressive result, we are literally BLOWN AWAY by all this FREE ENERGY!

But keep in mind, it’s NEVER Keshe’s fault, as his way of explaining is FLAWLESS, PERFECT and CORRECT.

“A lot of you are making a lot of mistake with this nanomaterial coating. Some of you are reporting you’re getting no results … it’s a hoax they say. It’s your own stupidity you haven’t understood what you’re doing!” – M.T. Keshe

So Keshe not only scams everyone, he also insults and blames people afterwards. Nothing new there.

Scam alert 3:

Test results by Roald Boom are also in, see here

His comments:

“Results after 9 days…. Nothing happening that I can see…”

“So far I have spent close to 2K for my homemade MaGrav and 1K on a Keshe MaGrav. I would first like to see anybody with any working device before I spend more money on this subject….”

“He says that he told us to put our voltage meter on the ends of the coils…… I have never ever heard that before……ever……have you? Drain them yes, but + and – at the ENDS of the coils??”

“It is looking like a big BS scam more each day…..”

“Let me know when there are one or two people who have a working Magrav. In the meantime I am going to make better use of my time. I hope you all enjoyed my contribution, but for now I’m gone sit back and watch from the sidelines…..”

“Keshe keeps changing his stories……not at all a good sign. People are afraid to ask him straight, because he never let’s them finish talking and puts them down by saying that it is our own “stupidity” and we “are just trying to confirm our own existence”. All the while Mr Keshe is the savior of Humanity, the bringer of peace, he who will bring us into space, mr knowledgable, etc, etc……”

“Maybe it is time that he show us one single real invention that works……. maybe show us the factory in Italy, maybe open up a MaGrav power unit and let us backingeneer it, maybe show us one or two working systems of those many people working with the KF that “have been testing in the background” all these last months/years……..”

Scam alert 4:

From the Magrav power unit manual:

“Plasma is found everywhere around us — in the air, our bodies, around the planet and in outer space. Through the nano layers, this boundless energy is then converted to usable energy which can power appliances at home. Just like bringing home a new puppy, we need to train the Magravs Power Unit to satisfy our energy needs, as well as to train ourselves to understand the system. This is not simply plug and play. It is plug and interplay — YOU are 1part of the whole connection! It is time for Humanity to reconnect with the energetic plasma world!”

So people are supposed to “train” this power unit like a “puppy” ?? Maybe put it on a leash too and walk it ?

“Free energy in exchange for world peace” ? Hardly. “Insanity in exchange for world domination” is a slogan that would match the Keshe Foundation much better.

Thanks but no thanks. We prefer to stay mentally sane and free.

Scam alert 5:

In the 88th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, Keshe said:

“The units as we said have received certification of CE and for American standards.”

Now we hear the following from Daniele, who was supposed to produce the power units for Italy:

“Nn ha normative cee per questo ho lasciato perdere anche …..piu volte gliel ho chieste piu volte il mio design glil ha fatto notare”

Translation: Daniele said that Keshe’s devices have NO(!) CE certificate!

As you can see in the picture below, the CE label has been put on the POWER CHORD, not on the device itself, to avoid having to apply for certification. Putting the CE label on the power chord is a trick to cheat customs authorities into importing illegally produced and uncertified units. So Keshe’s goal seems to be to confuse private people and officials!

IF there is a valid certificate, we hereby urge Keshe to SHOW it publicly !



(Image shown for educational purposes)

Waking up to the scam

We continue to open the book of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, but unlike him, we do so by showing proof, not by telling fairy tales and falsely accusing people without any connection to reality.

In 2013, an Iranian gentleman named Shahriar Mazandi had conducted an interview with Keshe, but later he found out that Keshe is not sincere. He had been fooled like most KF followers, but finally he was smart enough to wake up, so he and others posted the following series of open letters and comments, taken from this forum.

As you can see, he apologized for misleading up to 80,000 people, because he supported Keshe in error. This is what happens when people blindly believe and jump into something without properly researching it first.

Posted by Shahriar Mazandi, November 13, 2013

Yes, I am the same Shahriar Mazandi. There is no other.

I did the interview as, essentially, I reasoned that if his claims were true, they would be world changing and I believed him when he claimed he had been obstructed by various governments and held by Canadian authorities, in my somewhat naive eyes it accorded him credibility.

When I was emailing him, he assured me he would be revealing some new technologies imminently and I believed him. I waited eagerly after the interview to see these ‘imminent’ releases.

I was in contact with Iranian professors , one at University College London with whom I had heated email exchanges, told me unequivocally he was a scam artist but I was convinced of professional jealousies. Another Iranian scientist in the mainstream doubted his claims to heal the human body but that same scientist believes in chemotherapy and surgery. I instantly dismissed the opinions of both.

Two Iranian society ladies pulled out of helping me with the talk at the very last minute as their own sources advised them to have nothing to do with him but I still believed him as he suggested imminent disclosure.

Three top scientists walked out of the talk half-way and asked for their money back (one a high-level UK government scientist) but I continued to see a ‘conspiracy’ around all these people as if to silence a threat to the ‘World Order’ and I awaited eagerly his announcements. I lost a bit of money on the lecture after paying for the room as slightly fewer than 100 people showed up in an auditorium that seats 185 but considered it worth it if it helped this man promote his ideas.

How did Iran bring the RQ170 Sentinel drone down? Some of the technology Iran possesses is so advanced, how did they do it? This man convinced me it was derived from his incredible research.

Nazenin Ansari who was (and may well still be – I don’t know as I don’t watch mainstream news sources) a regular commentator on CNN on Iranian affairs did her own research and contacted top level scientists at NASA who told her this man was a scam artist. I assumed it was another conspiracy to silence him. And as members of this forum might know, NASA are alternately known as Never A Straight Answer. I believed him rather than her despite knowing her for many years and him only after a few emails.

In another lecture, he said he was a Jewish Iranian who could help bring peace to the world and I so greatly hoped he could do just that for that part of the world. Again, I believed him and wished for it with all my heart.

Educated Iranians as a whole are very civilised and polite, whatever their thoughts are, they have been kind to me rather than insult or offend in public. Their private thoughts may be another matter, I cannot know. But I now wonder if in fact I have insulted and offended my own community? I now sense I have let them all down, along with 75,000 viewers on YouTube.

The Italian embassy was also very polite and simply confirmed he had contacted them. I mistakenly assumed this was diplomatic speak for ‘this guy is real’.

Like many others far brighter than myself I dearly wanted to believe him.

What lessons are there to be drawn from this?

Perhaps before any of us are consumed by ‘conspiracies’ we should be more rigorous in our research. I now feel very badly for what I have done.

Posted by Galaxion, November 14, 2013

@Shahriar: Thanks for the very interesting background information about the interview. Even as a Keshe critic I agree with davidlloyd: There is no need to blame yourself, because your good intentions are obvious. Although not everything can be justified by good intentions, I’d say something like that interview certainly can. Apart from that I assume that you aren’t responsible for labeling the interview a “lecture” (as 21st Century Wire did), which was probably most misleading about the event.

Generally, anyone studying Keshe closer is aware his nearly hypnotic persuasion capabilities (which don’t work on all, but on many people). The most recent victims are two Italian politicians who fell for his “Spaceship Institute” delusion. After he has never shown any working “Keshe technology” (that can’t be easily explained based on conventional science, like his “coke bottle reactors”) the idea of founding such an institution is preposterous. Still, these two poor chaps support it, and will probably pay dearly for that sometime in the future.

Concerning the drone, I speculate that a malfunction of some kind played part in its capture. It is important to note, that Iran brought down only one RQ170 drone, while the other captured drones are ScanEagles. ScanEagles are only better model airplanes with a wingspan about 10 ft, a weight of about 40 lbs and a cruising speed of about 55 mph. It’s probably not very difficult to pluck one of these out of the air in a region where you have air superiority. The RQ170 is a different ball game, but since this happenend only once, it may have been based on favorable circumstances. Anyway, there is according to my research absolutely nil evidence that Keshe has anything to do with these incidents.

Posted by Galaxion, November 19, 2013


“This treaty will be signed for centuries by all men […], in the future every man will sign this treaty from the time of puberty and youth”

Again, it seems that only few of Keshe’s followers took the time to contemplate what this actually means. This is something like a world domination fantasy of a comic book character (“world peace — according to my terms!”).

This “world domination” theme (usually disguised by lots of talk about peace) surfaces in several other of Keshe’s writings.

Posted by Galaxion, November 20, 2013

Let me ask you a question: How much do you really know about Tesla, Steinmetz, Maxwell and Faraday? Have you studied any of their original works? Comparing Keshe with these four guys is an extremely severe insult to the latter. These four were giants, Keshe is not even a dwarf besides them. His “work” connects in no way with the work of any of these four. It may connect with the very superficial ideas that some questionable authors — who have no clue themselves — spread about these four.

Steinmetz, for example, was a mathematical genius. Have you ever found any mathematics in Keshe’s “works”? I searched for it: The most complex mathematical formula I found is contained in his (failed — as the other three) patent application EP1770717A1 on page 76: V = Pi D^3 / 6. It’s the formula to calculate the volume of a sphere. More math is obviously beyond Keshe’s intellectual capabilities. Unfortunately, you can’t do science without math.

And concerning the latter part of your statement: Keshe’s “scientific” ideas can be confirmed nowhere, because they’re just plain nonsense.

Posted by Galaxion, November 21, 2013

Since Keshe recently announced the 8th delay of his infamous “3-4kW generators” (for which about 150 poor chaps paid 500 EUR deposit) here the chronology of these generators for those interested in the topic.

Posted by Shahriar Mazandi, May 7, 2014

I am the same Shahriar Mazandi featured herein. It is with great regret that I must state that since this interview I have found scant evidence to verify M T Keshe’s various claims. Furthermore, his recent announcements apparently proclaiming himself as Messiah are not only deeply disturbing but do little to add to his credibility as a scientist. Until I am able to see for myself factual and validated evidence verifying his claims I feel compelled to offer a sincere and humble apology for misleading upwards of 80,000 of those of you who have watched my interview here with Mr Keshe.


The “knowledgeable” Messiah

As Keshe STILL won’t stop provoking, pushing several people and using two of them in an attempt to divide a whole nation, we publish some more information.

Here are some of Keshe’s old posts on the NASA spaceflight forum, where he was banned because he got on everybody’s nerves.

Keshe forum posts

A “scientist” who doesn’t even know what Phobos is but claims to see “the totality” ? Ridiculous.

“Do not listen to the people who have no knowledge.”
– Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, 86th Knowledge Seekers Workshop


Must watch video !

Attention! Every Keshe supporter must watch this video. It clearly shows what side Keshe is on. He does not serve God, he serves the dark side. His “One world, one nation” will be a dark and negative one. Don’t fall for his words. Words are cheap. Keshe tells you what you want to hear, like others did before him. And he blames all problems on scapegoats, like others did before him. Has humanity learned from the past or not ? Read the signs people, be alert, and make the right decision.