Nothing to show

Prof. Meyl speaks out:

Here is a short German interview with Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl, who met Keshe in 2012 during a presentation in Ninove. Keshe was often heard saying that he has a lot of respect for Prof. Meyl, but he said the same about others, as long as they played his game. But as soon as they figured out what Keshe is doing, they suddenly got slandered and discredited.



Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl in Ninove

Here is the English translation of the interview.

Question: “Do you know the Keshe Foundation, and if so, what do you think of it ?”

Prof. Dr. Meyl:

“That’s an interesting subject. Keshe once invited me to come to his foundation, and so I held a speech about my field theory, and also did a presentation of my devices, because he said that he was also going to present something, but he never did. And that was a big disappointment for everyone who attended the meeting, there were people present from all over the world.

I also personally experienced a situation with Keshe, which I will never forget. Because he is Persian, he had translated some Persian patent, which he got paid for, and with that money he started his foundation. But he also signed his name below this patent, pretending to be the patent owner. That’s why secret services and military forces were suddenly focusing on him, because they didn’t know where he got the technology from. But in reality he never had the technology.

Then he asked an engineer or physicist to explain this technology, which obviously wasn’t his own, so the explanation didn’t happen. And this person then held a talk, and Keshe wrote books about it… about things that actually contradict physics. So during the talk (I was in the audience), I pointed out that in his model, matter and anti-matter exist next to each other, for example inside of an electron. I said to him: “Don’t you know that these 2 will not co-exist for long due to decay ?” So I contradicted what Keshe claimed, and then Keshe walked towards me, congratulated me, and said “Thank you very much for understanding what I mean.”

I was completely shocked and confused about his illogical behaviour, and when I later on watched the video of the event online, I noticed that my voice could not be heard, because Keshe had the microphone and didn’t pass it on to me during the talk, so the audience wasn’t able to hear my criticism. So in the video it looks as if I, as a German professor, had confirmed and supported what Keshe had claimed.

So, it can’t get any worse than that. And I won’t forget this incident. That’s why I refuse to have anything to do with him in the future. All ties were severed. And he really has nothing to show either.

So according to Prof. Meyl, Keshe stole a patent and claimed it his own. And yet he accused me, Dr. Eliya and others of stealing HIS patents, when in fact, I spent all my time writing patents for HIM. What an incredible liar he is!

Someone from Germany also researched this subject and wrote:

“Professor Dr. Konstantion Meyl, a man who wrote several books on physics, met Mr. Keshe in September 2012. After following the Keshe community for several weeks, I was very positive about the whole thing. But because there was a lot of talk about plasma, GANS, and coils, but no provable success anywhere, I personally called the institute of Professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl. They told me that the Keshe technology doesn’t work, and advised me to stay away from it. I wish I had something more positive to report. Kind regards”

But that’s not all. As usual with Keshe’s fraud, there is more.

Someone gave us a hint, saying that Keshe actually took a lot of information from Karl Schappeller. As you can see, even the shape of the device is the same as Keshe’s first reactor. But Schappeller did all this before Keshe was born, so who stole from whom ? Later on Keshe copied the Cook Coils.

During the recent workshops, Empty Keshe had nothing new to say and as usual nothing to show. He now keeps fantasizing about spaceships, which in his fantasy world are becoming tangible and so solid that nobody can enter. Then what purpose do these spaceships have, when nobody can get inside ? That’s spin doctor Keshe at his best. So next you need a secret key to enter the spaceship, which will provide additional empty talk for at least a few more weeks. And as usual, his followers will believe every word, and laugh at those who tell the truth.

Speaking of secret keys, we can also refer to a post by the Spanish-speaking KF community from 2014 (!), which shows that Keshe used the same tricks 2 years ago:

“Today, after all the above, from that in which we believed, nothing remains but words. We know that we all can learn from our errors and we can evolve together, maintaining the correct spirit and creating the power necessary to transform what needs to be transformed. But we must be sure that we are aligned completely with truth, because if we are not, there is no technology which is worth pursuing.

Now a question regarding your workshop no. 19: We were surprised to hear at the end of the workshop that you have not yet revealed the key of the technology and that you would do it in the future. Does this mean that all the information which was provided on the USB sticks and all the information which was transmitted during all your workshops in fact are worthless until you are kind enough to share the key to the technology?

Yours sincerely,
The Spanish speaking group
Mirelle Zavala, Lourdes Guerrero, Claudia Pierri, Hugo Donatello, Neo Orbando, Gillermo García, Adriana Silvia Perez.”

We are convinced there is no such key. It didn’t exist in 2014, and it doesn’t exist now. The only purpose of the Keshe Foundation seems to be to spread to all countries (under the disguise of “bringing new technology”) and to undermine, deceive and brainwash society, so humanity can easily be controlled by sinister forces. And while setting up this structure, Keshe takes as much money as possible from everyone who falls for him.

Keshe also keeps repeating his story about how simple the technology is. “It can be done by the lay man on the street.”  2 years ago Empty Keshe also said about the technology: “All you need is a cellphone battery, it’s so simple. Even the man in Africa can do it.” And then it became clear that you need caustic, salt, several other elements, coils, capacitors, a lab, and and and… so it’s not quite as simple, and you really need to listen to thousands of hours of nonsense, just to find out that still nothing works. But does it even matter ? As long as Keshe’s mouth is running like a perpetual motor, everything is fine for him. We are greatful for the existence of the mute button, it helps a lot during such times of tribulation.

Will Keshe end up like exposed con artists Eric Dollard and Aaron Murakami ? While all of those scammers make interesting statements every now and then, ALL of them seem to suffer from something we might call “guru syndrome”, or malignant narcissism. Watch the following video from start to finish, it’s called Shredded Messiah. It will open your eyes about how professionally evil these scammers are.

Notice the similarities: Fake Messiah, Free Energy, slander, “We all work together as a team”, “Alltogether we made an icon out of him”, “We will change the world”, “He tries to block everything that he cannot control”, “Anyone who bought one of his products is going to come after him”, “He administered a torrent of disinformation, misdirection, libel, and outright malicious lies.”, “Our own people discredited us”. Exactly like Keshe!

The words from the video can easily be applied to Keshe:

“The Big Lie, to point the finger at others for what you yourself do, where have we heard that before ?” Disinfo agents and scam artists like Keshe and Duff are now accusing all the honest people of being pedohpiles, Illuminati, and terrorists. They are attacking everyone with terrorist tactics and accusing us of it. True projection at its worst.

“It really comes down to addiction.” Keshe no longer smokes or drinks, so what is his addiction ? Sex addiction ? Control addiction ? Probably both.

But it’s much deeper than that, there is a far more ingrained personality issue. Could it be Keshe’s “eternal victim mentality” ? That would explain why he calls humanity the abusers and deceivers, who need to mature to reach the level of the self-proclaimed Messiah. According to Keshe, everyone is evil and stupid, just not himself. Everyone will be attacked, because he thinks it’s his right. Eternal victims don’t feel the need to show respect and project their own insecurities onto others. Even their friends and supporters are being attacked. Any excuse will be made to justify their self image and situation. Eternal victims don’t have loyalty. Why be loyal when you think you will be betrayed anyway ? This is why they always try and betray first. That’s also the reason why Keshe always accuses others of what he does himself. Keshe is skilled on turning his current helpers against his old ones.

And this is how I, Dirk, one of Keshe’s former most loyal supporters, became an imaginary enemy of the KF – THROUGH KESHE’S MANIPULATION. His new helpers consider themselves important, and have been turned against the ones who helped Keshe before. The same will happen to them, should they dare to speak the truth. So they are now trapped and being forced to protect the deceiver and to support fraud.

So is Keshe an “eternal victim” due to random past events in his life, or has he intentionally been set up to become like this ? If the latter is the case, it would give indications as to who his paymasters are. Our next post will reveal more on this subject.


Robyn McClendon invited me to join her show, along with Sousan Alexander. The video can be found here. Thanks Robyn and Sousan. That was fun 😉


The false Messiah – an analysis

To all the new people who just discovered Keshe: Keshe has no free energy. And he is not the Messiah. He has no plan for helping humanity with anything, it’s all just one big show for him to feel important and to make money. And no we are no trolls or a paid agents, we’re just people who know Keshe all too well.

In 2014 Keshe declared himself to be the Messiah when he was on Christian territory, and in his workshops he explained that reincarnation doesn’t exist. Now in 2016 that he is on Muslim territory, he declared himself to be the Mehdi.

In preparation for his China visit, he also claimed to be the return of Buddha, even though that contradicts his previous statement that reincarnation doesn’t exist. But he must claim to be Buddha, in order to impress China. And now it seems in every workshop he needs to add more piles of lies to his story, by announcing he is the return of whoever. The only “return” we are missing is Keshe’s return to honesty, if he even knows what that is.

Once Keshe flees to Africa, he will as well declare himself to be Unkulunkulu, the Zulu God. And then we can probably expect the final revelation of His Holiness Keshe when he claims to be Bahá’u’lláh, so he will be worshipped by everyone around him when he retires. And because he is never satisfied, he will proclaim to be He-Man as well, maybe followed by Mickey Mouse. What a show! But the most obvious of all, the Joker, will proabably not come to his mind.

Even sceptics still defend him, saying “the technology doesn’t necessarily work”, but they still run after Keshe, hoping that he will come up with something “in the coming time”. But Keshe can only lie, while truth and justice are his biggest enemies, that’s why he calls every sincere person a pedophile or a terrorist. This is exactly the same method that is used by political dictatorships. If you don’t support the dictator, you’re a terrorist. Either you believe and support the fake Messiah, (because you allegedly have no choice, as Keshe claims), or you are a terrorist, or you become part of a pedophile network (as Caroline threatens everyone who speaks the truth).

But now everyone can see that Keshe is a fake Messiah who runs a fake foundation, works with fake journalists and fake scientists, to produce fake energy devices which run on invisible plasma in order to fake world peace. In addition to that, he is opposed by imaginary enemies, supported by imaginary world leaders, and obsessed with pedophilia.

We wonder how much money Keshe paid or promised to Gordon Duff and Kerry Cassidy to receive their support, while telling them that his imaginary, self-created enemies are heavily paid ?

Yes, there are scams out there, and yes, there are cults out there, but Keshe himself and his core team are the finest and most obvious example. How many other free energy people claim to be the Messiah and have 12 brainwashed disciples around them ? None. So who runs a cult ? So those who point fingers at “cults” should notice Keshe first, like a flashing red light. But instead they protect him.

And yes, of course we agree that pedophiles need to be brought to justice, but the same goes for rapists and sexual harassers, as well as for internet scammers and cult leaders.

In the 106th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe once again took credit for someone else’s work, claming that his technology is being used by Japan in Fukushima. When the name of another company came up, Keshe immediately discredited it (as usual) by saying: “This company is a backdoor to fraud, in a way that the Americans keep control, in this process they get paid for it.”

Mr. Kan, the person who supported Keshe, sincerely said: “They are producing the Gans themselves, I think.” and “There is something which they are using, but it isn’t clear what they are using.”

So again, there is NO PROOF and NO DISCLOSURE, while Keshe presented is as “proof” and “disclosure”, in order to gain more viewers. This is just ridiculous. Manipulation at its finest. But everyone can research the truth, and find articles about the technology that Japan has REALLY been using. It is RUSSIAN technology, not Keshe technology.

Russia Offers Fukushima Cleanup Help as Tepco Reaches Out (2013)

Unlikely solution potentially discovered to clean up nuclear waste (2015)

Why Japan Desperately Needs Russian Technology to Contain Radiation (2016)

Also the way Keshe said that the words “Gans” and “Magrav” have been copyrighted by him, is just ridiculous. “Gans” is an old Dutch and German word that means “goose”, so it can’t be copyrighted. And “Magrav” has been used for a long time by several other companies, so again, the word can’t be copyrighted, so Keshe was lying again.

Keshe always makes it sound as if the KF was the first group who works together and wants to be peaceful. Ridiculous. Keshe seemingly re-invented the wheel and everyone applauds him.

Due to his personality structure, Keshe causes division and conflict, and then addresses and controls both parties, exactly like the ruling elite. For example he pays one party to work for him, and at the same time he accuses the other party of having a “paymaster”. As a result, these two parties might then attack each other. This is what Keshe calls “enforcing peace”. So Keshe does not represent unity, he represents duality. He willfully creates his own opposition, and therefore works AGAINST peace.

He also said in a recent workshop and on Project Camelot: “Those who talk about free energy have their own agenda.” and “Free energy doesn’t exist.” and “Our technology is not a free energy.” and “Those who talk about free energy are those who never understood.” and “People who speak about free energy, these are the enemies of humanity.”

Reminder: what did and does Keshe advertise ? “FREE ENERGY in exchange for world peace.” So following Keshe’s logic, he offers something that doesn’t exist, something which he doesn’t understand, in exchange for world peace, and so he is an enemy of humanity.

If free energy does not exist, then why was this video made, which is being shown in every workshop ?



So what agenda does Keshe have then ? Certainly not the one he claims to have. Part of it seems to be to use me as a scapegoat to keep a constant war going, so he can say his technology has many enemies.

Furthermore in the 8th international workshop Keshe even told Europeans NOT to give food to hungry refugees! “… don’t go out and give them a piece of bread, make a unit and give it to them.” Isn’t that the exact opposite of what all the REAL prophets have taught us ?

So Keshe actually publicly asked people NOT to give bread to hungry people but to let them starve, while they sit in front of their fake “unit”, hoping to be saved from certain death. We are shocked by Keshe’s lack of empathy. How much more cruel can he be ? Who benefits from the distribution of the units ? Keshe. Who suffers from not receiving food ? Poor, innocent people. The recurring pattern and intentions of Keshe’s true agenda are clear: to make a living on the back of the weakest members of society. Sounds familiar ? So with these moves, Keshe has clearly shown his position in this global war on humanity.

Please everyone, if you do see hungry refugees, DO give them bread, AND MORE. Make food packages for them. Show that you are human, and help everyone in need, by giving them REAL love and care, and food. If you see refugee children, add some chocolate or candies to their food package, they will love it. Find an organisation that helps them start a new life in the new place that is so foreign to them.


If Keshe doesn’t see the harsh reality of what these refugees go through, then he shouldn’t even speak. He has been scamming people for 10 years, and now he wants to play with the lives of hungry, homeless people ?

Thanks but no thanks. We don’t need such a fake Messiah who is NEVER correct and always does the wrong thing, only to be the center of attention.

Jason Verbelli speaks out

Remember the big announcement on the KF website only a few months ago, prominently advertising the collaboration between the KF and Searl Technologies ?

Here is the real story, as told by Searl’s Jason Verbelli:

Searl was never linked with Keshe! One of our investors insisted on flying Fernando Morris out to meet Keshe and to test his units, answer questions about Searl and entertain whatever his foundation had to say during the 10 day visit.

Fernando gave his talk during the 67th Knowledge Seekers Workshop to clear up misconceptions and answer questions. Like many people, Keshe wanted to use John Searl’s name to promote himself, thinking that John and Fernando would buy into all his crap.

But Fernando is for real. And asked if he could test one of Keshe’s 3kW – 5kW units he said was powering things off the grid. Keshe said he didn’t have anything to test out but that Fernando should stay another few days because of a huge announcement. (which ended up being the 68th knowledge seekers workshop, where some guy burned copper wires and claimed it was nanocoating with graphene.)

2 days after Fernando left… Keshe was again claiming he had fully working units independent from the grid producing 3 to 5 thousand watts each. Fernando said he’ll go back and test him, but Keshe never responded.

Fernando never wanted to go in the first place, but he went out of respect and since our largest investor was REALLY into Keshe. So much so… that he stopped funding the SEG project to fully support Keshe. Which ended up halting the entire program… for a fraud. Woooowww!

There has never been any association between Keshe and Searl. Other than Fernando Morris answering questions at Keshe’s location. Then fully disassociating any ties.”

So there never was any collaboration. This means that Keshe not only lied to the world, but even to his own core team, in order to create yet another hype. And this is how he keeps his followers interested: by lying to them. Because in reality he has nothing to show.

The Searl collaboration was announced on the KF website as a huge thing, along with the Searl logo. And when it didn’t work out, the announcement was removed from the website and Searl was forgotten. The same happened with the HUGE “Free Energy” announcement in October 2015, the extremely hyped KFSSI opening in April 2015, and with many other “world changing” events and fake collaborations that never changed anything or never even happened, except they helped Keshe’s bank account. And now the same scam is being repeated with the “grand” opening of KF Italy (which had around 80 viewers on Livestream and Youtube combined, even though Keshe always claims that the KF has 300 million followers, including his excellency president Obama and other world leaders…), then in China, and then in Dubai, using words like “council”, “world peace meeting” and “world government”. What a malicious, self-serving joke the KF has become. Keshe might think he is safe in Dubai, but the United Arab Emirates are an Interpol member country too. Let’s hope they bring all the criminals to justice, including internet fraudsters and tax scammers.

So the Searl disaster was yet another fraudulent attempt by Keshe to get hold of an investor and someone else’s technology. But remember, Keshe is always correct! Don’t come to criticize him, because he is the Messiah!

Now what does Keshe promise for spring 2016, because “it has been promised in all the holy books” ? Right, the first “lift and flight system”. Now let’s go back to 2009. Here is an email that can be found on the net.

On Jul 17, 2009, M.T. Keshe wrote:

“In the next few days we will announce the first lift and flight presentation of the system for public. These presentations will be held in one city in each continent over 5 month.

The First Presentation: you can attend the first magnetic and gravitational field force (Magravs) lift demonstration of these systems and may be you would be able to participate in these presentations personally.

The first “Bright lights in the sky” presentation for the lift and the flight capability of these systems will be held somewhere in Asia on 21.3.2010. Number of seats for each presentation will be about 10 000 seats per city.

Early next week (the week of 20.7.2009) details in respect to five presentation in five continents will be released on the site and all conditions which applies to these presentations and lifts will be explained.

That email was written SEVEN YEARS AGO, and still nothing has been shown, and nothing will be shown. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Ever heard the term “perpetual fraud” ?

Yes we know. The Belgians stopped Keshe, that’s why he couldn’t show anything. That’s the old fairytale he tells over and over again, but nobody buys it anymore.

“As we all know, NWO agents do not have to provide evidence for their spurious notions. All they have to do is repeat a mantra over and over in the media and people will begin to believe it.”

Speaking of the media. This brings us to yet another case of deception, which is being used by Keshe and his associates to gangstalk me and everyone else who speaks the truth.

Gordon Duff’s slander against me caused us to research him and his alleged “news website”, so we quickly found out the truth about Veterans Today, it’s all over the web (see below). So by supporting Keshe, Duff discredited his own website even further. Well done Duffy, keep going. How much did paymaster Keshe offer you to slander me ? Keshe’s manipulation and bribery win over logic, reason and evidence everytime, don’t they ?

Be aware, everyone who reposted or translated that fake article by Veterans Today with my name in it is complicit in Keshe’s and Duff’s slander against me.

Gordon Duff admits to VT disinfo (audio)

Veterans Today is a fake news website

Gordon Duff and Veterans Today is an admitted source of disinformation

Veterans Today is neither real nor are they satire!

Veterans Today is disinfo

Why is a BS website

Veterans Today – Gordon Duff 40% False Information Controversy


“I don’t know know any imaginable way you can get information… First of all… Because, about 30%, based on what I believe… and you know what? Who says I’m right? According to my belief, and I have as good of, uh access to information as anyone in the world, probably, anyone I know of. About 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false, because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that. I write… anything I write I write between the lines.” – Gordon Duff


How much worse can it get ?

In today’s 105th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe gave his most delusional talk ever.

He displayed incredible blasphemy when he claimed:

“I am the Mehdi, I am the eternal Christ, I am the return of Buddha, or anything you want to call it.”

Many people will get upset at that statement, for good reason. In fact, anyone who does NOT get upset about it is either totally brainwashed, not a good person, or they don’t care about anything in life at all.

The above quote puts Keshe above the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, which means Keshe now effectively considers himself to be the leader of Iran, as well as the Islamic leader of organizations like Isis.

Preaching peace, while constantly attacking and stalking innocent people, and then calling humans “animals”, is that what a Messiah does ? This has NOTHING to do with peace.




Keshe’s attacks have become so severe that more and more people are starting to speak, and even fathers start defending their daughters.

Even sick people aren’t spared. Keshe claimed today that sick people who cry when they are sad are attention seekers. And then Keshe cried…

Furthermore Keshe once again attacked all of humanity by saying “God is a giver, God is generous, God is kind. YOU are the takers, YOU are the abusers, and YOU are the deceivers.”

He called prayer a “banking system” and announced that he will abolish money, probably so he can introduce the antichrist mark of the beast. This is what the whole “KF banking system” is all about. A new world order, but not the positive kind.





Keshe keeps instilling in people the idea that the KF has “many enemies” because “he promotes peace”. How ridiculous is that ? The truth is that people speak out against Keshe because he gives sick people false hope, he lies to them, takes their money, and he keeps attacking innocents, while spreading horrendous stories about them. We do not know if Keshe was born like that, or if he is being controlled from outside, by someone or something.

In this workshop Keshe was heard crying and laughing like never before, which gave the impression of an emotionally totally unstable person, as he kept switching from one extreme to another. If that is the behaviour of a Messiah, then God help us. Is there no more justice in this world ? Can scam artists get away with whatever they like ? We hope not.

Having said all that, we wish NO HARM to Mehran Keshe or to anyone else.

Some people might think we hate Keshe because of what has been written on this website. We do not. We hate nobody, we love everyone, but Keshe’s attacks are unacceptable. And when we write “we”, there is no “organization” behind us as Keshe said, it’s just us, the growing group of victims of Keshe’s strange behaviour, who have been slandered, attacked and exploited for no reason, that’s why we keep speaking.

No matter how many times Keshe claims that we are paid by “governments”, we are not. We run this website out of love for humanity, as we can clearly see what Keshe is doing. We hope that he will one day correct his behaviour. Just saying “we are always correct” is not enough, when his behaviour proves the exact opposite.

As we stated before, the purpose of this website is to speak the truth and to inform the world, as we don’t like to see more people harmed by this sinister deception called the Keshe Foundation. We will stand up against injustice anytime.

Should anyone be unclear about our intentions, we clarify them below. Evil shall be cast away. Peace everyone.




Depiction of Archangel Michael defeating Lucifer

Dr. Eliya speaks out

Here is the next part of Sousan’s testimony, with special guest Dr. Eliya, in which she explains the true background to some of the crazy stories that Keshe made up about her. She also explains ancient healing knowledge and her understanding of the technology in context with the universal laws.

Quote from the video:

“We are not here to hurt Keshe, we are here to inform people.”

And according to Dr. Eliya (in short): “What goes around, comes around.”

We strongly advise Keshe and his cult followers to take this to heart and to refrain from further negative comments, especially towards the ladies, during the workshops, on Facebook, Youtube, and elsewhere.

Please also read the post below, called “The Red Circle Story”.


The Red Circle Story

Let’s explain how Keshe created this “Red Circle” story.

I created the original Keshe Foundation logo many years ago, and it was used by Keshe on all his products everywhere, which was fine with me during that time, as Keshe and I were friends, or at least he pretended to be my friend.

When in early 2015 during the KFSSI opening in Italy Keshe suddenly turned on me and accused me of being a secret agent who wanted to kill him and his core team, I knew that something was wrong. His attacks kept turning into something bigger, he called me all kinds of things, none of which were justified, so I announced that I will take legal action against the usage of my logo.

Keshe then claimed that I had stolen the logo from him, which is just ridiculous. (Some KF followers then said “Dirk is using the old, corrupted patent system, but we need to find a better way. Mr. Keshe doesn’t copyright anything”. And now the new KF logo carries a clearly visible copyright sign too… so hypocritical)

Because this kind of pressure didn’t work, Keshe then called me “the guy with the red circle”, because the largest circle in my logo was red. Later on this phrase changed into several variations like “the red air”, “those who copyright colours and circles”, “the red circle people” and eventually it became just “the red circle”, which Keshe keeps using now in order to attack and discredit me, and I constantly find myself in a position where I have to defend myself even though I did nothing wrong.

That’s all there is to this stupid story. In reality there is no group with such a name, or if there is, I am not aware of it. But the story gets bigger and bigger in Keshe’s mind, and his cult followers believe it.

So why does Keshe make up such a nonsense story ? Because he is an attention seeker and wants to feel important, surrounded by imaginary agents, security services, and constant scandals, to have the feeling that the technology is so important that people fight over it.

Now everyone (even women) who exposes Keshe as a scam is automatically being called a pedophile and an agent, and accused of being part of the “red circle”. If you are into fantasy stories, I’m sure you will like this nonsense. Keep dreaming. I prefer reality.

Keshe must be really afraid of finally being exposed as more than just a fraud, otherwise he wouldn’t continue to point his finger at others. And he wouldn’t jump around from one location to another, if he had nothing to be afraid of.

Yes, let’s hope the imaginary red circle gets arrested soon, so this insanity finally comes to an end and everyone can move on to something more productive, as we are tired of Keshe’s obsession with agents, pedophiles, secret services, murderers, terrorists, and false accusations disguised as “teachings” and “world peace”.




When Keshe points at me, accusing me of being a pedophile,
three fingers point back at himself. What does it mean ?

Controlled deception

Regarding the latest series of articles, written by Gordon Duff, senior editor of the Keshe Foundation’s military mouthpiece “Veterans Today”, there is not really much good to say about it, just that it is clear that Duff seems to be yet another spin doctor, who fabricates stories in order to slander innocent people, while protecting criminals. Besides we wonder why Keshe always accuses his imaginary enemies of having “clandestine activities”, when in fact he is in bed with “Veterans Today”, who call themselves “Journal for the Clandestine Community” right in their website header ?

ZeroFossilFuel made another video, which clarifies several things and exposes both Keshe and Duff as the disinformation agents that they are. Zero also proves that unwanted comments, no matter how sincere they are, are being deleted from their website. It’s the same dictatorial censorship that goes on in the KF. However, we found comments below another one of their articles, which they were too slow to censor.



Here is a screenshot, so you can see what the readers of “Veterans Today” REALLY think of Keshe. We assume those comments will be removed right after this post goes public.

Another comment from Youtube:
“Duff’s VT is controlled opposition, like Jones. Some truth, but rather not, as they promote strife.”

And finally Gordon Duff himself admits that not all of what he writes is true.

Given the fact that more and more members of the free energy scene come forward to speak out against Keshe clearly shows that it is not Keshe’s “knowledge” or his “free energy” that cause the attacks on him. The real reason, which is obvious to anyone with half a brain, is that Keshe has been committing a lot of crimes in his life, and in order to distract from that, he blames them on other people. And by adding all this slander to his criminal portfolio, he makes it even worse. Meanwhile he is in such big trouble that he can’t possibly admit ANY of his crimes, because then the rest would become public as well. So he continues to play his game, calling more and more people (even women!) pedophiles, while going on with his “free energy” fraud. Keshe is so convincing that he draws more and more people into his mindgames, including Duff.

On one hand Duff is pointing his finger at the NWO and their agents, on the other hand he fails to see that Keshe is acting like one of them. On one hand Duff is slamming Sterling Allen for being a pedophile, on the other hand he is protecting Keshe, even though Keshe has been telling lies about me and other people for a long time. People who know me, know that I am neither a pedophile, nor an agent, nor a money launderer, nor whatever else Keshe has falsely accused me to be. The people and core team members who met me in Bari during the KFSSI opening liked me, some wrote it was a pleasure for them to have met me. I also had great fun talking to them and joking with Mike Harris, we even took pictures of that. Now suddenly everyone is against me, because all got brainwashed by Keshe. And now Duff jumps on the slander train as well and puts my name into one of their fabricated stories. We cannot speak for the others Duff mentioned, but my name certainly does not belong on that list. Some more research might be necessary before you post an article, Mr. Duff. You say “there is a little bit of a cult going on”. A little bit ??? Any other cult pales in comparison to THIS fraudulent monstrosity. You obviously don’t know much about the KF, yet you think you can make a judgement ? You are serving the devil while proudly ruining the reputation of innocent people, because some names were given to you by whom – Keshe ??? A man who lies almost everytime he opens his mouth ? A man who is obsessed with pedophilia and can’t help talking about “pissing” in every one of his what – “Knowledge” Seekers Workshops ???

Some people argue that I used to promote Keshe, and now I “changed my mind”, so I must have gotten paid by whoever. Yes I did a lot of work for Keshe and presented his technology as credible, but that was before I found out the truth about him. I was fooled like everyone else. It is not me who is controlled by “whoever”, it is Keshe.

We urge all of you to read this page, and to consider the fact that Keshe uses psychological projection, due to his schizophrenia and narcissistic personality disorder. So if he blames all those crimes on me and on others, what does it say about him ? For the brainless: When he accuses others, IT MEANS HE REALLY TALKS ABOUT HIMSELF.



Someone who considers himself very clever asked: “Why do these people call themselves Keshe Victims ? Are they our enemies ?” Well, if that person only had one brain cell, they would know that a victim is the opposite of an enemy. An enemy is someone who attacks you. A victim is someone who got attacked and harmed by YOU. Keshe Victims are therefore people who were harmed by Keshe, as documented on this site, on Facebook and in several videos made by VICTIMS of the KF.

In his insanity Keshe also asked publicly if I had my stroke while I was raping a child. The truth is that I had my stroke while sitting right next to Keshe, writing HIS book 1: “The universal order of creation of matters”. I worked so hard for him that I had a stroke, and Keshe thanks me for that by accusing me of raping children. He knows that I am not a pedophile, but he doesn’t care and lies deliberately. He will do anything to get what he wants, even if people get damaged… as long as it’s not him.

Speaking of insanity, we found a nice quote within an article, ironically at Veterans Today:

“Yes, those Satanists are jumping around like wild bulls, but madness cannot triumph over reason forever. There is no need for people of reason to join those Satanists in their madness: we ought not to go down to their level. All we have to do is proclaim the truth, and people of reason will ally themselves with it.”

Yes we will continue to speak reason and truth, and maybe soon it will become apparent who the satanists are, and whether Keshe is one of them. Given his lies, contradictions and fantastic stories, and his claim that being nymphomaniac and schizophrenic is the norm, it seems highly likely.

We wonder how many more naive people will be drawn into this criminal organization called the Keshe Foundation, before they begin to wake up ? What we do know is that several police forces are having a close eye on Keshe, his team, and his supporters 24/7 – not to protect them, but to make sure they don’t breach any laws or pull off any scams.

WE do respect the law, we never did anything wrong, but we became victims too – even if the grandiose Messiah disagrees and calls himself a victim… after he sold so many fraudulent products. Just always take the opposite of what Keshe says, then you know the truth.

Finally someone asks the long overdue question:

Is Keshe the Biggest Free Energy Fraud in History?

For those of you who want to have a REAL reduction in energy costs, we suggest you check out this link. It works AND gets you in shape 🙂 AND you do not need to spend thousands of hours listening to brainwashing, AND it’s not run by a kult leader with a Messiah complex.

As you might have noticed, we are losing patience with this fake Messiah who pretends to have free energy, when in reality he spends most of the time slandering, harassing, and talking about “pissing” and raping children. Ask yourself: is this really what you want to listen to when you attend a “scientific” workshop ?

Peace everyone.

There is Hope!

How ironic that because Keshe has no respect for women and thinks he can use them any way he likes and treat them like objects, he is now being exposed by women! You go ladies! We are proud of you!

HopeGirl has done a lot of work to put together a huge amount of information, which she calls Keshe Investigation By The People. We encourage everyone to read it and take part in it. Together WE THE PEOPLE can bring down all the liars, predators, hypocrites and manipulators of this world, to make it a better place.

This document is actually quite interesting. Caroline writes “You do not want to be part of a pedophile network”. This proves that Keshe and Caroline threaten all their critics to become part of a pedophile network. But that implies that Keshe and Caroline themselves must be running a pedophile network, or at least they must be part of it, otherwise they would not be able to add other people to it. We therefore ask all authorities to investigate Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and Caroline De Roose for fraud, online harassment during countless online broadcasts, severe slander and possible pedophilia. We also encourage everyone to report both of them to CIA, FBI, Interpol, Europol, Cyberpol and to other criminal investigators. You can find all their relevant addresses here.

Thanks everyone for your help! Peace everyone!


Fraud exposure continues

Proof of Caroline threatening to “take steps” against people who speak the truth:



Luckily not everyone is a brainwashed slave of Keshe, and there are a few people who won’t let themselves be intimidated by threats coming from the Keshe Foundation. We are proud of Emanuele.

Here the latest video, showing once more the truth about the Keshe Foundation and their “correct conduct”, followed up by this video. We encourage more witnesses to speak out against this giant worldwide and sinister fraud, in which innocent people are continuously being portrayed as criminals, while the real criminals always seem to get away with whatever they do.

We also encourage everyone to check out our extensive links and video links sections.

And here is Sousan’s interview Part 4.




The truth about Keshe’s accusations against his critics