Will Keshe’s ex-wife release more evidence, along with more fake news ?

For several months, Keshe has been promoting another one of his fake products: The egg-shaped miracle chamber, which supposedly cures any disease and even produces materials such as gold! An exhibition to promote the miracle egg was set up in Linz, Austria. Of course, after some initial interest, it ended up being a total failure, and the exhibition failed to impress potential investors, who are tired of the false promises of the Iranian Messiah. Except for the delusional few who keep Keshe’s cult movement alive, while the rest of the world is disillusioned with the false hopes and empty promises of this perpetual liar.

Meanwhile the divorce process between Keshe and his now ex-wife Carolina De Roose, whose name Keshe had given to the Earth’s inner core, has been kept secret, and the actual ruling of the agreement between the two parties hasn’t been revealed to the public. However, it seems that Carolina has not received everything she wanted, as she has continued to publish evidence of Keshe’s lies and deception.

Carolina has stated that she has in her possession several articles from Science Magazine, even going back to the 1980’s, from which Keshe stole and copied most of his ideas, which confirms what we have always said: Keshe got his crazy theories from a variety of sources and then merged them into a strange and incoherent mess, without any scientific basis. It is not the first time we have heard about this. Dr. Konstantin Meyl, one of the first scientists to denounce the Keshe scam, had already stated in an interview years ago, that Keshe had taken part of his ideas from someone else’s patent written in Persian, and incorporated it into his crazy ideas.

After the failure of the miracle egg exhibition in Austria, there even have been new claims that the KF Magravs do not work, to which the swindler has replied that it is only because they were stolen from him. Although they were manufactured to the exact specifications published by him in his KSW’s, the products did not work, perhaps because the Iranian Messiah did not receive a share of the sales, so they did not have his blessing, which seems to be necessary for the correct functioning of this “science of the New Age”. And all this is the so-called “what we call knowledge” that was to be freely given to the whole world and to be freely replicated by all for the next evolutionary advancement of mankind? That is what Keshe proclaimed in Belgium in the early days to attract the gullible. Up until now there has not been one single working Keshe Foundation product. Whatever they sell is just cheap merchandise, fancy constructs of useless toys, or other nice looking nonsense that only attracts superstitious New Agers who can easily be manipulated and abused, while still worshipping their master. Where else have we seen this? Oh yes, Trump, “the chosen one”, a.k.a. “the former guy”. So ridiculous. He is like a child talking to children, exactly like Keshe.

Here is an example of a REAL flying car. Real science. Do you see Keshe’s name in that article ? Of course not.

Here is Keshe’s version. Nothing left to say about that. Here is another flashback, to show that Keshe never keeps his empty promises. Further claims of madman Keshe include his alleged memories of being crucified around 2000 years ago(!), as well as his repetitive claims that Einstein got it all wrong, when in fact REAL science proves the exact opposite.

Anyway, faced with the desperation of not being able to advance with his scam and because of the scarcity of new funds, Keshe once again set up a conference in Romania, with the backing of the local KF group. We hear that despite of Keshe’s usual avalanche of praises, the conference has been nothing short of embarassing.

Did Keshe meet again with MISA cult members in Romania, whose leader is a convicted pedophile, as reported in some of our previous posts? (see here, here and here)

Regardless of whether they met again or not, a blog created by ex-MISA members has posted about Keshe’s lies in Romanian, in which they publicly denounce the meeting of the two pedophile wanna-be Messiahs, Gregorian Bivolaru and Mehran Keshe. But the union of two rotten things will only give birth to something equally rotten, and nothing good will come of it. Maybe this latest conference in Romania will turn the eyes of the authorities on the Keshe Foundation, and make them decide to issue a long overdue international arrest warrant against Keshe. But even if he escaped again, the remains of his “fame” will crumble to dust, because malignant narcissists are never popular for a long time. The end of evil is near.

Going back to Carolina De Roose:

Carolina made this post today, in which she (once again) expresses her opinion that the Covid vaccination campaign is mass murder, when in fact the REJECTION of the vaccine leads to millions of unnecessary deaths. In her post, Carolina quoted this video source. A quick check reveals “Red Voice Media” as a fake news site.

Note: Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence.

So in reality Carolina publicly promotes the killing of millions of people, for the purpose of her own profit or influence, and therefore doesn’t distinguish herself from what Keshe keeps doing with his “Gans” scam. She is basically trying to set up her own cult. We have zero tolerance for cult leaders or cult enablers. We just tell it like it is.

While Carolina’s exposure of Keshe’s scam is helpful to humanity, her right-wing conspiracy theories, which sound a lot like those of the Trump-related QAnon cult, clearly are not. On the contrary: soon those who reject the Covid vaccines, which are the ONLY solution to stop this pandemic, will receive much more attention by authorities than they ever wanted, just in a different way. People like Carolina will be made responsible for the many unnecessary Covid deaths around the world, if they keep telling people to reject the vaccine. It isn’t the vaccine that kills people, it’s the virus. But tell that to someone who desperately wants to be right, even when they are wrong, such as “Proud Boys” or “KF followers”.

We therefore state that we clearly distance ourselves from the views of Carolina De Roose, with the exception of what she has revealed regarding the wrongdoings of M.T. Keshe.

Carolina De Roose breaks the silence: The shocking truth about M.T. Keshe !!!

As many of you know, the coming divorce of professional con artist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his wife Carolina De Roose has been lingering for a few months, and was announced (as usual by using slander) in several of the “knowledge seekers workshops”. This matter has divided the Keshe Foundation, in which Carolina used to be a very active member, since Keshe has publicly started defaming his wife the same way he usually defames his critics and adversaries, by using words like “satanic”, “witch”, “pedophile”, “spy”, “murderer”, etc.

Keshe’s virulent attacks on Carolina have caused her to begin revealing the mistreatment and abuse she has been suffering from Keshe over the years, as well as the most secret plans of this false Messiah. In order to defend herself, Carolina made sure to get some evidence from Keshe’s hard drive. She collected many documents which prove that the old scammer shows no loyalty other than to his own greed.

Carolina now reveals that since they arrived in Belgium, Keshe began to mistreat her systematically and for no apparent reason, because her husband has long believed to be the true Messiah, the true redeemer of humanity, its true creator, and therefore its destroyer, due to the contempt he feels for human beings.

Carolina says that Keshe always harbored the secret plan to have 2 other wives. From each one a child of his would be born, who would become the true heir apparents of his messianic work (which would possibly imply the destruction of humanity, since Keshe was no longer satisfied with his alleged own creation). Apparently, Keshe was no longer pleased with his current wife and was looking for other women with whom to mate and carry out his Messianic (or rather satanic) plan, hence the constant mistreatment of Carolina and her child.

Recently, an interview was published in several parts, in which Carolina shares a lot of secrets which have been withheld from the public until now. Please listen to the interview below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Additional info by interviewer Brandon Dey (including a document written by Keshe in 2006)

In short, these are some of the things we learned from the interview with Carolina De Roose:

  1. When asked: “When do you know that an Illuminati is lying ?”, a wise man once replied: “Whenever he opens his mouth.” Carolina said that Keshe is full of big lies. Indeed Keshe talks like an Illuminati, he acts like an Illuminati, so he probably IS an Illuminati. He has already stated in the past that he has contacted them, so why would he hesitate to work for them, if his goals obviously are the same as theirs ? And Keshe, like the Illuminati, always tells publicly what he is going to do. Since his claims are so far out, nobody paid attention, but hopefully now Keshe will get in the crosshairs of law enforcement.
  2. He seems to be a (former?) spy (for Israel ?) with the plan to destroy Iran and the whole of humanity. In the fifth video (see above), a document written and signed by Keshe himself in 2006 reveals that he offered his war technology to Israel in order to attack and neutralize Iran!! After all the pro-Iranian propaganda in his workshops, and after all the support he received from his Iranian fans, it now turns out that Keshe had secretly offered his support to Israel to defeat Iran, after calling it a dangerous country!! This is called treason. Keshe is a traitor to his own homeland. He is a traitor to humanity. He is only loyal to his own greed.
  3. KF “technology” does not cure people, it makes them sick. There are plenty of testimonials about that, whereas the “positive” KF testimonials are fake and were written by the KF’s own people.
  4. Whatever Keshe does intentionally wrong, he blames it on others and plays the victim. (Malignant narcissistic behaviour)
  5. Keshe is a narcissist and satanist.
  6. Keshe is 700.000 Euro in debt, although he keeps boasting about his endless funds and imaginary future plans.
  7. Product orders have not been delivered for years, which proves that Keshe has been ripping people off.
  8. There is no peace in the KF anywhere, but Keshe constantly talks about his “world peace treaty”. What he really means is world domination, under his control. KESHE IS EVIL AND INSANE, PERIOD!
  9. Keshe had several extra-marital affairs, but kept accusing Carolina of being unfaithful. The typical mirroring of a narcissist. Over several years, he has told several of his lovers that he wants to have a child with them, a special girl who would carry the soul of the future world leader. The antichrist theme again! But what is behind it ? Probably just the simple desire of a sex maniac to have sex with younger women.
  10. Klaus Priller’s wife Caroline Priller (who seems to be a public political figure in Austria) attacked Carolina De Roose physically. She should be investigated and persecuted as well, rather than hold a political office, because how can you publicly and politically work in the interest of the public, while privately supporting a death cult like the Keshe Foundation ??
  11. Everyone above the age of 60 was kicked out of the Universal Council. Probably because none of them were sexually appealing to Keshe. His councils and other little private clubs are probably nothing but prey for the predator Keshe really is. Kicking people out is what Keshe calls “unity”, “correct ethos”, “world peace”, etc.
  12. THE BOMBSHELL: Keshe abused his own children (!!!) So WHO is the REAL pedophile ???

You can find more information on Carolina’s Instagram page.

All this info confirms what has been published on keshefacts.org over the past few years. It also implies that supporters of Keshe, such as Gordon Duff (who frequently supported and repeated Keshe’s slander against innocent individuals), Rick Crammond (Keshe’s long-time workshop host), Klaus Priller (who runs KF Manufacturing Austria and conducted illegal medical experiments on humans) and many many others are complicit in Keshe’s crimes and should be persecuted as well.

Dirk, the founder and main author of keshefacts.org, who sadly is no longer with us, was right from the start, and THAT is the real reason why Keshe kept attacking him so mercilessly over many years.

To us, none of the above information has been a secret. We see through Keshe like through glass. He is what we expected him to be, and much worse. He is an evil entity, who is, like all malignant narcissists, indeed not human. Meaning he is empty, that’s why some people call him Empty Keshe. Keshe has no conscience, no way of telling what is right or wrong. Then how can such a monster speak of “correct ethos” ???

Despite of all the info presented in the interview, we disagree with Carolina’s and Brandon’s continued belief that the KF “plasma technology” has any effect. In fact, there is no technology, it’s just cheap chemistry, and it’s poisonous.

The whole interview seems to be an attempt by Carolina to promote herself and to take over the KF, only to continue the horror that Keshe started. When looking at the comments below each video, you can see that all the former KF followers salute Carolina by stating “I am present”, so they once again learned NOTHING, they just go from one cult to another, because they obviously aren’t able to think for themselves.

First of all, everyone should realize that there has never been a new technology. The “GANS” was just a means to an end – to create a personal messianic religion around Keshe.

However, now that the ugly truth has been exposed, people will hopefully no longer be as blind as they used to be. Following an evil person like Keshe can only create an “antichrist” situation, and isn’t that exactly what certain political/religious factions have been planning for a very long time ? Just a coincidence ? We really don’t think so.

Law enforcement should act IMMEDIATELY, instead of continuing to turn a blind eye on the horrific crimes Keshe has committed.

Those who call themselves “Keshe knowledge seekers” are in fact the most ignorant sheeple of all who really seek NOTHING, they just blindly hang on to the lips of their alleged MESSiah, who created nothing but a huge MESS. Wake up you BLIND CULT FOLLOWERS! You have been had! You have been used and abused by the person YOU worship! A tyrant, a dictator, a diabolical person full of hatred! Turn away from him, stop supporting evil, and START LIVING YOUR LIVES FOR GOOD!!!

Scientology, the Keshe Foundation and the Illuminati

For those of you who haven’t yet realized that the Keshe Foundation is not a scientific organization but a cult, we are going to compare it to Scientology. You will see the similarities for yourself.

As we all know very well, the Keshe Foundation is a small but very aggressive cult, whose founder and leader Mehran T. Keshe can not contain himself at the time of slandering critics and skeptics, attributing to them all kinds of barbarities and nonsense, to the extent of inventing criminal charges without providing any evidence. We have previously compared the KF to Scientology, but former Scientologist Chris Shelton, with 27 years of experience, clarifies the reason for this maniacal behavior, thus demonstrating in the following video that the Keshe Foundation and the Cult of Scientology are very similar:

Quote: “…that’s right, the idea is that you’re spreading this black PR (Negative Press) or saying these nasty things about Scientology (in our case the KF) for only one reason: because you did something bad just before you saw what you saw (or wrote what you wrote). Stay with me because it only gets worse from here… You see, Hubbard wrote that the reason why the person is spreading the black PR (Negative Press) is because they must have not seen what they think they saw; the fact that they committed an OVERT Moral Transgression, did something bad just before their observation has caused a mental shift where they’re deluding themselves about what they saw and it didn’t really happen the way they think it did. In effect, Hubbard (in our case Keshe) is accusing anyone who says anything bad about Scientology (in our case the KF) of either being a liar or worse, having false memory syndrome. People in Scientology (in our case in the KF) go along with this because they’re in a destructive cult and part of being in a destructive cult is that the cult leaders and the cult itself can never be at fault or be the ones to blame for anything. In Scientology, especially if something goes wrong or is an error, it is always YOUR fault, it’s never L Ron Hubbard (in our case Keshe), David Miscavige or Scientology that is at fault. Not ever …”

As we can see, the explanation applies perfectly to the KF. Chris Shelton breaks down every Scientology gear on his channel, and guess what? Much of what he explains is applicable to the KF, thus demonstrating to the followers of Keshe, that they are in a true sect. To see what else cults like Scientology are capable of, read this article.

Years ago, when it became clear that the Keshe Foundation is a similar cult, Keshe immediately denied it – which is one of the major signs that the KF is indeed a cult. No cult leader would ever admit to it.

What all cults have in common is the fact that because of the unconditional obedience of cult followers, they will end up where their leader wants them to end up, and ultimately, that will be their own demise. Thus, KF followers who do not get out of their cult will sooner or later face self-destruction.

Because narcissistic cult leaders ALWAYS commit abuse, which is disguised as love and care. Every cult leader is a two-face. That’s why KF followers fall for Keshe, while failing to realize that they are constantly being abused until they are completely worn out, sick, or dead.

“Technology is another name for religion.” Prof. Sam Vaknin, expert on malignant narcissism

What does Keshe promote ? His “TECHNOLOGY”. In reality, he only promotes himself and his own personal religion. The Keshe Foundation is a malicious cult.

What exactly does the KF cult stand for ?

Well, “Universal Council” member Caroline Priller, wife of Klaus Priller (KF Manufacturing Austria), described it perfectly during the 352nd KSW:

“As a reaction of your last week’s teaching, the Universal Council wanted to say something, wanted to make a wish concerning the collaboration with the Rothschild family, and if you like to, I can make this (re)presentative wish now, on behalf of the Universal Council. We, the Universal Council, welcome the Rothschild family and any other organisation who are committing to peace, and we support with our soul every soul who is here to serve. We, the Universal Council, wish the Rothschild family to sign the world peace treaty, and to act in peace. We, the Universal Council, invite the Rothschild family to elevate the Universal Council’s soul. We are present. The Universal Council.”

Although Keshe and his followers always described “the Rothschilds” and the Illuminati as evil, they are now openly INVITING them. This is a 180 degree turn, but the motivation behind it is clear: Hope for MONEY and POWER. (What else ?) So in reality, the Keshe Foundation now publicly shows that they have the same materialistic and luciferian ethos they always pretended to oppose.

Now there is talk that the Rothschilds are changing and trying to work FOR humanity rather than against it, but we’d like to see proof of that. Talk is cheap.

Keep in mind that the Illuminati are also a cult: a several thousand year old death cult (that both Trump and Keshe are part of) that started in ancient Babylon. Up to this day, many well-known political figures worship their “God” Baal, who in reality is the biblical devil.

When KF followers (or Trump followers) refer to the “Deep State”, they are actually referring to this ancient death cult, pretending to oppose them, but now, as we were able to hear in the 352nd KSW, openly SUPPORTING them. How desperate must Keshe be to violate his own “ethos” (which he never had anyway) ?

Before we forget: Weren’t there rumors of another Keshe follower dying from cancer, after Keshe “treated” her with his “technology” ?

The false Messiah did it again. And he will try again. His anti-vaxxer talk in the 353rd KSW revealed once again Keshe’s love for dangerous conspiracy theories. Those who refuse to get vaccinated, permanently expose themselves to COVID-19, and that’s exactly what Keshe wants.

“It (the new Magrav system) will bring the end of man’s dependence on physicality.” – Empty Keshe, 353rd KSW

In other words: it will bring the death of humanity.

“We don’t punish, we elevate.” – Empty Keshe, 353rd KSW

The truth ? Keshe doesn’t run a scientific organisation, he runs a cult. Trump doesn’t run a country or nation, he runs a cult. Whatever Trump touches, dies. Whatever Keshe touches, dies. Malignant narcissism is destructive. A malignant narcissist is a self-centered parasite, not a people’s leader. That’s why such people should never have any power, and nobody should ever listen to them, because they will ALWAYS tell you the opposite of the truth, then abuse you, and then dump you. When Keshe claims that “they” want to control you, HE wants to control you. When Keshe claims that “others” are evil… (complete the sentence here). What a circus. Only if Trump and Keshe lose, it will be a major defeat for the enemies of humanity, who wish nothing but death and destruction on every human being, under the disguise of “love and care” and “technology”. Needless to say, such tactics only work on brainwashed, delusional and uneducated cult followers.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the craziest of them all ?

Kings and Queens of a Satanic Pedophile Cult

Just a reminder: The Keshe Foundation claims to be a scientific organisation, which allegedly developed a technology that can basically do ANYTHING, from healing every disease to producing gold, and from creating any kind of food to taking people into deep space. However, Keshe has never shown any proof whatsoever that his “technology” works, he only has been talking about it for too many years. Whatever he called “proof” always turned out to be ridiculous, childish nonsense, like his “flying car”.

With this in mind, let’s ask ourselves: Why, aside from this “technology”, is the other main recurring topic in the Keshe Foundation always pedophilia ? We will come to that later on.

Now on to the main reason for this post. The notorious disinfo site Veterans Today, or rather, their senior editor Gordon Duff, one of Keshe’s partners in crime, found it once again necessary to slander Dirk, the truth teller and creator of keshefacts.org. That’s not new, Dirk has been Keshe’s main target for years, until recently, when suddenly Keshe’s ex-wife Carolina De Roose became his center of attention. No surprise though, as Dirk sadly passed away in April this year, due to Covid-19. So cult leader Keshe needed a new enemy, and of course it all needs to be about sex again. Sex sells. It doesn’t matter what kind of sex, as long as Keshe can indulge in his drama.

However, Dirk still gets slandered by Keshe or Duff once in a while, although Dirk is no longer alive, and therefore can’t even defend himself. Slandering a deceased person is not only despicable, it is also a serious crime. What kind of low-life would do such a thing ? Only people without any ethos whatsoever, or what we call “the ethos of the Keshe Foundation”.

Gordon Duff recently posted this article. In this article, totally unrelated to the headline, Duff once again slanders Dirk, even now that he is no longer alive. Keshe has done the same in his what he calls “workshops”.

It is interesting that Duff uses the phrase “Queen of a Satanic Pedophile Cult” as part of the headline, a phrase that Keshe also used to describe his ex-wife Carolina De Roose. If Carolina is the Queen of a pedophile cult, and Keshe is/was her husband, doesn’t that make him the King of the same cult ?

Furthermore, it seems Keshe and Duff give each other ideas on how to deceive KF followers. They play mentally deranged ping-pong, so to speak. They must have a lot of fun while making up fake stories just for the sake of it. However, as mentioned before, slander, especially slander of a deceased person, is a serious crime, which both Keshe and Duff are now guilty of, and as usual they delivered the evidence themselves.

Isn’t it ironic that Keshe claimed in the 347th KSW that he is “not” mentally ill, while at the same time he keeps spitting out this endless rubbish about his non-working “technology”, about the soul and the universe, and about pedophiles in almost every what we call “workshop” ?

In the same KSW Keshe explained that Carolina is now sueing him for 14 million Euro, which she charges for her “personal professional services to KF followers”. Is Keshe saying that in all those years, Caroline has been paid by KF followers to have sex with them ? If so, Keshe must have been present, or did he stay away, according to the -cough- “ethos” of the KF, looking the other way like a noble monk ? In the past, Keshe also kept fantasizing about having sex with minors, complaining that in most countries it is illegal to have sex with young children. It’s all recorded.

Now look at Duff’s description of (rightfully arrested) Sterling Allan:

Sterling Allan claimed to be God in the flesh. And Keshe claims to be the Messiah. Notice the similarity ?

Allan is now in prison because he is a pedophile. Keshe worked with a pedophile cult but is still free. Notice the similarity, but the different outcome ? What’s wrong with law enforcement ?

The parallels between Keshe and Allan are way too obvious. They even met in person, as you can see for yourself:

Everyone reading this article, aside from Trump supporters, will notice that something is not right here. Even Rick Crammond, who by now must be about 99,9% keshified, should be able to see that something doesn’t add up, but he remains silent about it, so he can continue to receive payment from Keshe and his own YouTube channel.

Fact: Both Keshe and Duff can’t stop talking and writing about pedophiles. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Conclusion ?

When someone is that obsessed with a certain subject, it is usually because they have interest in the subject themselves, or rather, they try to point their fingers at others to disguise the fact that they are involved themselves.

Question: Are Keshe and Duff therefore pedophiles ? After all, Keshe has been married to former prostitute Carolina De Roose (her “profession” was admitted by Keshe himself), whom he now connects to pedophiles in his ramblings as well. He also calls his ex-wife “satanic”, although Keshe himself uses satanic hand signs and even teaches them to his KF cult followers.

But Duff protects Keshe as “chief of security”, while STILL attacking Dirk, who has done NOTHING wrong! That justifies a TRIPLE WTF!

We post here for everyone to see Dirk’s BLANK criminal record (in Dutch/Flemish: “Blanco Strafregister”), which was previously posted on Facebook by Dirk himself, so the document is authentic.

Proof of Dirk’s innocence – no criminal record

This shows that all of Keshe’s and Duff’s slander over the past few years has been worthless and completely made up. The often quoted “Red Circle” never existed, except in some crime novels like “Sherlock Holmes”.

So for us this chapter is finished. Dirk’s innocence has been proven, and therefore anyone who continues to slander him, even after his passing, not only makes a fool out of themselves, but also proves that they are very delusional and malicious characters.

The above quote from Duff’s article claims Keshe went to war against a cult. LOL! If only Keshe had the “marbles” to go to war. Narcissists are cowards. He can’t even talk about the lawsuit of his ex-wife without crying like a baby. AND HE IS THE CULT LEADER HIMSELF.

Indeed he went to a (verbal!) war against his then best friend and co-founder of the KF, because he was jealous! So he made up this story about Dirk being an agent, a murderer, a pedophile, a drug trafficker… you name it. Again, no proof of Dirk’s alleged crimes has ever been shown, aside from childish, made-up fake stories with manipulated images that strangely resemble those used on the website of Veterans Today.

But how about Keshe ? He can’t go to several countries because the authorities are already after him. There is a total media blackout as well. Nobody wants anything to do with him. His two older sons laugh at him and know he is kuku. And his youngest son has been taken away by Carolina. Karma is a bitch, isn’t it ?

Now in his recent article, just look how Duff twists things around to fit his and Keshe’s needs. He starts with the Catholic Church, then calls it a pedophile cult, only to connect the dots with Keshe and Dirk again.

BIG MISTAKE DUFFY DUCK! You slandered an innocent person once too many times, and we the people (as opposed to “you the fraudsters”) are no longer going to take it!

We will now expose Duff alias Bob Foote alias Keshe’s puppet(-master?) some more.

Question: How accurate are reports by Gordon Duff ?

All you really need to know about Gordon Duff is written in one sentence in this article:

“I will personally act as intermediary for Keshe [Note by keshefacts.org: Keshe is a convicted criminal] on this issue. I am not offering a personal guarantee as to efficacy but…”

In other words: It doesn’t work, it isn’t true, but… Duff supports Keshe’s scam anyway, because he’s a scammer himself. Let’s see… who is Gordon Duff REALLY ?

This article tells a lot about him, just like this one and this one. Fake news, fake products, fake promises, fake everything. And fake followers. As Dirk would say: EMPTY. (“M.T.”)

So it’s easy to see why Keshe chose “The Veterans” (as he calls VT) as “the media” that reports his nonsense. No credible news outlet would ever ruin their own reputation by publishing pseudo-scientific claims the way Gordon Duff does.

See a pattern there ?

Keshe – NOT graduated from Queen Mary College, he only ATTENDED (confirmed by Queen Mary College, but NO confirmation of his graduation was given!) So he PRETENDS to be a nuclear engineer, and earns his living by scamming people.

Duff – NOT a marine special operations veteran, he only spent a few days in the army. So he PRETENDS to be a marine expert, and earns his living by telling lies.

It’s easy to see: “Birds of a feather flock together.”

We are almost certain that Keshe’s hardcore followers will never understand that they are running after a deceiver. It is also very puzzling that on one hand Duff sees the connection between Sterling Allan’s God complex and his pedophile tendencies, but on the other hand he doesn’t see that he (Duff) supports someone (Keshe) with apparently the same connection. Narcissists are finger-pointers. They mirror, they blame others, they distract, they divide, only in order to divert attention away from their own crimes.

So maybe longtime KF followers are too blinded by the false light. But maybe some of the newcomers will see what the KF really is. At least we tried to open their eyes. If they really WANT to destroy themselves, nothing and nobody can stop them. Narcissists always need to be right, even if they are wrong and stupid. So they won’t ever change their mind. They will continue to think that Covid-19 is a hoax, that vaccines cause autism, that QAnon is Trump and Trump will save them, or that Keshe is the Messiah and will save them. It’s all the same brainwashed, nonsensical mess. Flat Earthers and Freemen included. Far from reality, but too far progressed to be corrected. So if they want to continue banging their heads against steel walls, they will sooner or later find out that the steel walls are much more stubborn than they could ever be.

Another article about Duff can be found here.

“Plasma” water does not kill Coronavirus, nor does it bring any health benefits

[Note: The following is a translation of an article written in Portuguese, published by a Brazilian scientist/journalist.]

There is no known medication capable of preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 or eliminating it from the body of infected patients. The best way to clean surfaces where the virus may still be present is soap and water, detergent or 70% alcohol. In spite of this, and expanding the seemingly infinite series of medical inventions and stupid products, without any scientific basis, there now is plasmatic water, or GANS water, to allegedly eliminate the new Coronavirus and / or treat COVID-19. According to the propagators of this new medical solution, you can drink it or spray it both on your body and in rooms, bedrooms and other spaces, to eradicate the virus from the entire environment. These promises are devoid of any scientific basis.

The product is the result of the ideas of an Iranian nuclear engineer, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. The idea of ​​GANS (“Gas in Nano-Solid State”) is not new. It appeared in 2010 and was promoted internationally by the Keshe Foundation, whose work began in 2015. Basically, the central idea is that you can make a mixture of water, metals and salt, inside a glass, and provide the formation of “nanoparticles” by trapping different gases, such as carbon dioxide or methane.

The final product (such as “GANS water” or “plasmatic water”), formed inside the glass, could, according to the promoters of the invention, be used for therapeutic purposes. What makes the process attractive, at first glance, is the ease of execution. Anyone can prepare their water in the kitchen. And further: according to Keshe’s disciples, using different metals in the process, different gases can become “nano-solids” in the final solution, serving to interact therapeutically with different systems: the soul, the emotions or the physical body. Yes, that’s right: a gas that interacts with the soul.

The Brazilian page created to promote the product has, as an opening message, highlighted, the warning that what you see there is not a medical recommendation. It seems like nonsense, doesn’t it? The reason for the message may be to avoid juridical problems. Which is prudent, as it is worth noting that Keshe himself, along with his wife, was convicted in Belgium on charges of this kind.


Chemistry for the high school exam

There are several videos teaching how to make that special water (see an example here). However, what draws attention to the construction of what Keshe’s disciples call the “cup of life” is that everything is very similar to a rudimentary experimental structure of electrochemistry, something that many people learn at school. Basically, everything is just a solution of water and salt, with different metals immersed, which causes electric charges and ions to move in the system, causing several effects that any candidate well prepared for the high school exam should be able to explain…

From the exchange of electric charges, and the interactions between ions, the effects of chemical reactions that are processed can be easily perceived: corrosion or metallic deposition can occur, in addition to the formation of substances that precipitate, that is, they deposit themselves at the bottom of the glass.

All of these effects can yield good discussions in a chemistry class. But what about the formation of “captured gases” that would be the special feature of GANS? Several experimental tests have already been done to try to identify these trapped gases, but nothing has been found. Experiments in search of signs of carbon dioxide (CO2), applied to the product of a commercially sold GANS kit, revealed that the material actually formed in the process is nothing more than zinc-based compounds, one of the metals used in the system.

Likewise, another independent test showed that the final product does not have CO2 nanoparticles, and also did not demonstrate magnetic behavior. This is important because the argument that seeks to justify the therapeutic use of GANS water involves “energetic interactions”, via gravitational and magnetic fields between all the constituent particles in the universe. This is all just misuse of scientific language to impress the unwary. See an excerpt of the supposed explanation of the principle of therapeutic action of water formed against the new Coronavirus:

“When we put drinking water in contact with the GANS, there is a field transfer from the GANS to the water, which causes the virus to lose its strength and disconnect itself from the infected cell. This process drains the virus energy and eradicates it” (video from the Keshe Foundation, 2min57s, emphasis added).

It is precisely in this context that yet more fake news have recently emerged regarding the fight against COVID-19: the statement circulated on the internet that a mixture of water, salt and zinc (exactly the compounds found at the end of the production of the “plasmatic water”) would be able to fight the disease. As several doctors interviewed on the subject reported, there is no reliable evidence to support this claim.

Still on the evidence, the treatment dissemination video states, at the end, that the efficacy of the plated water was tested experimentally, reaching a positive result for hundreds of patients. Although it looks like a promising result, this is only published in an article (of the “Plasma Times”) that the video itself indicates in the final credits. When analyzing it, however, what can be seen is that several patients were followed “before and after” treatment with GANS. There is no information on conventional life support treatments used concomitantly, there are no blind studies, nor a comparison of the experimental group with the group of patients who received a placebo… That is, there are not the minimum conditions necessary for a real evaluation the effectiveness of the product.

It is always important to remember that, in general, “pre” – “post” studies – which compare how a group of people were before and after an intervention, without independent controls – say very little. Think about the last time you had a cold, and all the things you did before you became healthy again (drink water, sleep, use the bathroom, play with the cat …). In a “pre” – “post” analysis, any of them could appear as a “cure” (you had a cold before playing with the cat, you played and, two days later, the cold was gone).

Therefore, it is not because there are reports of people who appeared cured after drinking or spraying this water on the body (as here, for example), that this is sufficient evidence to defend this preparation as a good treatment. Studies that aim to validate the efficacy of treatments or medications are carried out using appropriate research methodologies, and not just reports from satisfied patients. In addition, even completely inert treatments can work for some people (see more here and here).

Although this product is not really new, having arisen over the past decade, the current pandemic moment has created fertile ground for the reuse of pseudoscientific ideas arising in different contexts.

In this kind of (pseudo) medicine MMA, the price to pay is high: as long as the population is not aware that medical treatments need to be based on adequate evidence to be applied, many people will welcome with open arms pretty much anything they (scammers like Keshe) offer with the promise of health. In doing so, they bypass effective medicine in exchange for potentially harmful pseudosciences.

In this sense, there is a page on the Internet whose purpose is to disseminate information that publicly demonstrates the facts against the fallacious arguments developed by Mr. Keshe (visit www.keshefacts.org). Even when accessing the page, there is, at the moment, a message specifically aimed at Brazilians: due to the significant increase in the number of accesses to the page by Brazilian users, they warn that Mr. Keshe and his foundation DO NOT offer anything effective for the cure of COVID-19.


Appeal to authority

But how is it possible that people get carried away by this kind of idea? While it is not easy to answer the question, some strategies are well known. And at least two of them appear here, in the GANS water universe:

  1. Professional training: Mr. Keshe is an (alleged) nuclear engineer, as publications favorable to his ideas insist on affirming and reaffirming. The idea is to pass the validation by authority, that is, if someone with the scientific background he has defends the product, then that becomes a reason for us all to believe it too. However, in science, ideas and theories must always rely on more (much more) than the mere authority of those who defend them. Evaluating evidence is always more important than accepting the authority argument. [Note by keshefacts.org: Although Keshe keeps claiming to be a nuclear engineer, his claims cannot be confirmed. All that has been confirmed in writing is the fact that M.T. Keshe attended Queen Mary College, not that he ever graduated from it!]
  2. Scientific talk: in all publications related to the GANS universe, we find long texts exploring words from the technical-scientific vocabulary, such as nanotechnology, plasma, energy, magnetic fields and gravitational fields. Contrary to what it seems, there is no rigorous scientific basis behind the use of this vocabulary in the context of GANS. This strategy uses words as an artifice of blinding by science, that is, by using terms that the lay public does not master, a shield is created so that people cannot assess the situation and perceive the mistake.


Marcelo Girardi Schappo is a physicist, with a doctorate in the field from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. He is currently a professor at the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina, participates in a research project involving the interaction of radiation with the material and coordinates an extension project aimed at the scientific dissemination of themes of modern physics and astronomy.


Source: https://www.revistaquestaodeciencia.com.br/questao-de-fato/2020/08/20/agua-plasmada-nao-mata-coronavirus-nem-traz-beneficio-para-saude

[Note by keshefacts.org: The above Brazilian article confirms the Iranian assessment of Keshe’s so-called “technology”, which can be read here.]

Previously posted message to Brazil (August 5, 2020):

Devido ao grande número de visitantes deste site do Brasil, gostaríamos de enviar uma mensagem importante ao Brasil:

Estamos cientes de que seu país foi atingido especialmente pelo COVID-19. Estamos enviando muito amor e compaixão.


Se você consumir a substância chamada “GANS“, você corre um risco ainda maior e pode morrer por isso.

Para se proteger do COVID-19, faça o seguinte:

– Usar uma máscara

– Lave as mãos frequentemente (cerca de 20 segundos com sabão e água morna)

– Pratique o distanciamento social

Quem oferece uma “cura milagrosa” da maneira que Keshe faz é provavelmente um charlatão!

Due to the overwhelming number of visitors to this website from Brazil, we would like to send an important message to Brazil:

We are aware that your country has been hit especially hard by COVID-19. We are sending you lots of love and compassion.


If you consume the substance called “GANS“, you put yourself at even higher risk and might die from it.

In order to protect yourself from COVID-19, do the following:

– Wear a mask

– Wash your hands often (about 20 seconds with soap and warm water)

– Practice social distancing

Anyone who offers you a “miracle cure” the way Keshe does is most likely a charlatan!


Keshe’s new enemy: Carolina De Roose

In the 338th KSW, Keshe confirmed the satanic nature of the Keshe Foundation, by reporting that he got divorced from his wife Carolina De Roose, and that she is part of a satanic sisterhood. Seriously, didn’t he know that already, when he himself explained satanic hand signs to his followers ?


So, Keshe has been married to a satanic and crazy woman for years, and yet he continues to pretend to be the real Messiah ? He pretended to work for the good of Humanity while he was with her ? Wow, that must have been a very dysfunctional marriage.

Thanks to the genius who created this image! How appropriate!

Doesn’t Keshe recall how much he was in love with Carolina? He even named part of the Earth’s core after her – the Caroline Core !! Because she was the core of his being! And now she suddenly is satanic ? Is the Earth’s core also satanic now ?? LOL !! Does it mean that the Earth’s core will be called “the satanic core” ? This must be Keshe’s wet dream!

This strange divorce announcement comes after YEARS of them both running their scam together as close allies. It seems that now that his favourite Belgian scapegoat is no longer around, Keshe needed a new enemy, because he cannot be at peace with himself and with the world around him. And since he always hated Carolina (as we have learned long ago), it was probably very easy for Keshe to dump her, as he has always dumped each and everyone who criticized him in the past, and even those who supported him the most!

It might also have been another distraction, pointing fingers at Carolina, so that Keshe himself doesn’t get blamed. Keshe even called his ex-wife “worse than Sterling (Allan)”, indicating that she is involved in pedophilia. But is Keshe himself not involved in it, after having been married to her for so long ? In the past he often rambled on about the fact that in some countries it’s legal to have sex with underage girls, as if he was jealous of it. Heck, he even got involved in a pedophile cult himself. (see here, here and here)

Keshe doesn’t look too happy, does he ?

These days not many KF followers know that Keshe was already going to dump Carolina a few years ago, when he was in love with another woman. But since that person didn’t play along, Keshe remained stuck with Carolina… until now. So much for Keshe’s love and loyalty to the Caroline / Core / Team !

Happy Caroline. Got a good deal out of the divorce ?

When Caroline asked people to dump poisonous GANS into rivers and oceans, it should already have been clear that her intentions were evil. Keshefacts pointed it out when it happened, but KF followers ignored all warnings, and continued to consume GANS. One of the results of this insanity was the death of Sandor Kakasi, who poisoned himself with GANS over several years and therefore developed cancer.

Now Keshe even asked the members of the “Golden Age of GANS” Facebook group to completely block Carolina, because according to Keshe, she will try to ruin all of the members’ families. In doing so, he tries to prevent Carolina from dividing the Keshe Foundation community and from receiving the money donations that he usually receives. We wouldn’t be surprised if next time Keshe declared that Caroline has always been a satanic pedophile who runs a pedophile network in association with Sterling Allan, the King of Belgium and Jeffrey Epstein. Inside Keshe’s disturbed mind, everyone who disagrees with him is a pedophile. Everyone – except himself. What’s the cure ? A tablespoon of GANS a day keeps the Pedobear away ? LOL! Or does GANS attract the pedophiles ? After all of Keshe’s talk about this subject, one has to wonder.

But seriously, who will now receive all the donations ? And who will run the manufacturing arm of the KF ?

Will fake medical doctor Klaus Priller believe the satanic story ? Or will he work for Caroline ?


Carolina’s “satanic” message, shown in the 338th KSW. Check the purple part.


The equally satanic Covid-19 scam letter put out by the KF. Similar purple parts. Same author ?


If this satanic divorce story is true, it also means that KF followers have been under a satanic influence all these years – but only now it’s official, admitted by Keshe himself in the 338th KSW. KF followers ran after Carolina the same way they ran after Keshe, even the same way they run after Trump, rejecting masks, and dropping like flies, the same way people will be dropping like flies when they trust in Keshe’s fake Corona cure.

Doesn’t Keshe realize that by making such claims, he completely destroys his own credibility ? Is this not being seen by his followers ? Wake up SHEEPLE !!! What is the REAL nature of the Keshe Foundation ??? Come on, EVERYONE should realize the truth by now!

Anyone who has been in touch with Caroline on Facebook or via any other social network is now doomed forever. Who knew that Caroline’s intentions were evil ? (Well we did, but then again we also knew that Keshe’s intentions were equally evil)

Does anyone remember the image that Dirk had put on the last page of his KesheFacts e-book in 2017 ? A modified KF logo, saying “Keshe Satanic Foundation – I take thy soul”. Dirk was right on the spot, even 3 years ago!


So the main question is: Is this divorce story even real ? Did they really get divorced ? And if so, what was the real reason behind it ? Is it just another set up to fool their followers ? Did Keshe need a new enemy, since cults only thrive as long as they have enemies ? Who is the satanist in this game – or rather: who isn’t ?? Or did Carolina just notice that Keshe can no longer provide her with enough financial (and other…) support ? Stay tuned for the next episode of this soap opera!

And DON’T EVER blindly believe what Keshe or Caroline or any of their greedy merchandise clowns tell you. They haven’t been honest so far, why would they start now ?


COVID-19 “cures” being used in Iran

There are plenty of false and even ridiculous COVID-19 “cures” being used in Iran. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Wikipedia has a list of unproven methods against COVID-19.

Please note that on that list there is also the notorious “MMS” by Jim Humble, another one of Project Camelot’s darlings. This “MMS” is as dangerous and poisonous for the human body as “GANS” (see here, here and here). Yet many people still fall for both substances.

Someone on allmystery.de said it very well: Keshe is just a symptom of stupidity. People like him only thrive due to the stupidity and lack of knowledge of their followers. How ironic that Keshe’s workshops are then called “Knowledge Seekers Workshops”. They may SEEK the knowledge, but definitely won’t find it in the KF.

It’s all one huge brown mess (“brown” referring to the far right propaganda scene, which includes ufology cult groups (represented for example by wannabe cult leader Kerry Cassidy), the free energy / world peace scam scene (of which Keshe is a prominent member), racist movements of any kind, disinfo media such as Veterans Today (also called “fake news” for obvious reasons), as well as pretty much anything that defies logic and common sense).

How come all the “free energy” and “ufology” related groups are all about “love and peace”, but have never shown any working free energy devices ? Instead they run endless scams, and instead of spreading love they slander those who won’t worship them. How come most of their leaders end up in prison ? (We might dedicate a whole new post to that subject at some point)

How come Gordon Duff claims that for Keshe’s technology, no money is being asked for, while his non-working merchandise toys never get delivered, BUT the KF won’t ever get tired of asking for donations ?

Maybe Keshe’s followers should smarten up a little bit, and make those donations in plasma form. This way, they won’t risk losing all their savings, the way many others did. Let’s take Keshe’s darling Armen for example. He lost $200.000 because of Keshe, but STILL follows him!

Oh well. Sit back, enjoy a cup of tea, and read some VT. Does it really matter where the disinformation comes from ? As long as you BELIEVE whatever your cult leader says, everything will be fine, right ?

Isn’t it about time for all those blind followers to wake up and to use their own brains (if available), rather than believing that ANYTHING has been “made great again”, when the FACTS show a completely different picture ?

Enjoy the GANS and the camel piss everyone! According to Iranian “experts” the like of Keshe, both will protect you from COVID-19 as well as from the dangers in deep space.

So… Cheers!



(Disclaimer: We do NOT encourage the intake of either GANS or camel urine, as both are harmful to the human body. The above statements are merely meant as a parody.)


Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: From fraud in Belgium to claiming to have discovered a Corona cure

Some local or national KF groups have been re-publishing an article by Iran Press, called “Research on Plasma therapy for COVID-19 patients kicks off”, falsely indicating that the KF has anything to do with this plasma therapy.

Of course this article is about BLOOD PLASMA, not about the non-existent fake plasma that Keshe keeps promoting. His so-called “technology” has nothing to do with any kind of plasma. Therefore, he is not in a position to offer any kind of “cure” at all.

To show what Iran really thinks about Keshe, here is a very well researched article by an Iranian fact-checking website.

We are publishing the full translation of this article (minus some of the embedded audio/video, which you can look up on the original Iranian site). It shows that Keshe is not only perpetually lying even to his followers everytime he brags about his alleged collaboration with Iranian officials, but it also shows that basically NOTHING Keshe ever told is true. AND IRAN IS AWARE OF IT.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: From fraud in Belgium to claiming to have discovered a Corona cure

Scientists and researchers around the world are working to develop an effective vaccine or drug for the treatment of Covid-19, but efforts have not yet yielded a definitive and reliable result.

In the meantime, there are various claims about the discovery and manufacture of a Corona cure. So far, we have validated several of these claims. This time, we turn to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, who claims that his fake “Liquid Gans” is a cure for the new Coronavirus.

In this report, we take a look to see who this person is, what his background is, and how accurate and valid his claims are.

We got to know him and his recent activities in Iran through an audience member of the faculty. We joined the telegram group of his supporters. The group has more than 29,000 members at the time of writing. The number of members of this group and local channels related to Mr. Keshe is increasing day by day.


Who is Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and what is his account?

He describes himself as a “nuclear reactor expert in space plasma.” He claims to have obtained a combined version of what he calls “spatial” knowledge of “plasma” and “nano.” The name of this achievement is “Gans Water” or “One Cup, One Life”.

A Grammy-based telegram channel mentioned Gans by saying, “Professor Keshe has been able to solidify the single-atomic nanoparticle gas with [nanotechnology] and, of course, at room temperature, and call it GaNs.”

Gans or GaNS (abbreviated to Gas in a Nano Solid State) allegedly is a new type of state (solid, liquid, gas). In a video, Joshua Vojtisek, director of the New Energy Industry website , proves that no such thing exists at all, and that what is called Gans is just zinc carbonate.

Regardless of the fact that Gans is a fake concept and substance, Mr. Keshe claims that drinking the liquid is a cure for Covid-19. This liquid is made using two copper spiral wires, a piece of zinc and a little salt water. Mr. Keshe advises that by drinking it and spraying it around the house and breathing in a handkerchief, the Coronaviruses will be eliminated.

Of course, this claim is not true and has no scientific basis. No scientific reference has confirmed this, and Mr. Keshe himself has not provided scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of this drug.

In a video message, he thanked the “government” and the “office of the Supreme Leader” of Iran for their “help” and said it had coordinated with high-ranking authorities to distribute his products in Iran. He claims to have already given his knowledge to the Chinese, and that the Chinese government and army have used the findings of the Keshe Foundation to clear Wuhan of the virus.

The image below is an excerpt from the video above, in which Mr. Keshe says, “These devices must have been seen behind the Chinese president.” We have never seen such a thing. We even asked the admins several times in the Telegram group to give us this photo, but we did not receive a response.



Claimed records

According to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s personal website , he graduated from Queen Mary University of London in 1981 with a degree in nuclear engineering. A previous group has sought to validate his academic credentials and apparently asked Queen Mary University whether his bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering has been approved.

With this in mind, the first question is what does the assumption of Mr. Keshe’s claim of “nuclear expertise” or even “space” have to do with medicine and biology?

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s records have been set on his website as a timeline. This calendar-chronology dates back to 1958, the year of his birth. His birthday is known at the Keshe Foundation and it is a special event for the fans to the extent that videos are made to praise him on this occasion.

He allegedly graduated from Queen Mary University in 1981. Then there is no news until 2002. But Mr. Keshe’s activities began in 2002 with “discovering how gravity works” and “creating a black hole.” We do not know exactly what Mr. Keshe means by these two statements.

Following this resume, Mr. Keshe was invited to Belgium in 2004 at the invitation of a semi-formal institute that works in the field of technology evaluation. Mentioned then are “Inventions,” “Discoveries,” “Books,” and “Articles,” as well as publishing the “KF Plasma Times.” These are just about claims and do not prove anything. There is no need for a license to publish a book or magazine outside of Iran, and simply publishing a book or magazine is not a reason for the author’s credibility. For example, online magazines have 14 issues in English that are broken and full of typographical errors, which is a sign of the publisher’s lack of literacy.

He claims to have played a key role in the 2012 US-Iranian drone confrontation, and that the US drone taken down by Iran using his technology.

According to the calendar, after 2014, his activities accelerate and accelerate, with international exhibitions and the publication of “Books and Articles” and, most importantly, the launch of affiliate branches in other countries, from Italy to Ghana. All of this is Mr. Keshe’s claim.

He has been working in the field of health and pharmacy since 2016. In the same year, he entered the field of agriculture and its education. In this resume, Mr. Keshe wrote a letter to Donald Trump on August 9, 2019, calling for peace between Iran and the United States.

As it turns out, there are a variety of claims in this resume, sometimes subject to a specific report. But does any of these claims have scientific or documentary support?


Scientific validity and conviction in a Belgian court

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s page has been removed from the Persian Wikipedia, but in Rational Wiki, Mr. Keshe still has a special page. This site presents those who do anti-scientific and quasi-scientific activities.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has been prosecuted for “fraud” due to his unscientific activities.

Keshefacts.org is a free site founded by Mr. Keshe’s victims. This site presents facts that show that Mr. Keshe is not only an alleged scientific figure, but also a professional scammer.

The website published the news of the conviction as well as the picture of the sentence of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his wife Caroline in the criminal court of the city of Kortrijk in Belgium in 2017. Mr. Keshe’s crime was “medical fraud, illegal activities in the field of health, forgery and medical practice without the necessary certification and deception of the people.”

According to the verdict, Mr. Keshe and his wife endangered the life of a young girl in a coma by unscientific methods. So if it hadn’t been for the timely intervention of doctors, the patient would have lost their life. Keshe had convinced the young girl’s mother that he could wake her from the coma.

We found an audio file of Mr. Keshe saying that the whole case of the “King of Belgium” court “show” was for him and his wife.

According to the story described by Keshe, the King and Queen of Belgium went to his house and asked him to give them his knowledge. After the request was denied, the King asked him to leave the country. Police later raided his home, but did not find the drawer, but beat his wife. Mr. Keshe returns home at midnight and secretly escapes to Italy with his wife.

Mr. Keshe’s account ends with the International Court of Justice interceding, and the Belgian government apologizes and Mr. Keshe refuses to accept it. He is determined to overthrow the Kingdom of Belgium because “there are so many problems with the Kingdom of Belgium.”

It’s hard to believe this story. To do this, we have to accept the strange assumptions that, for example, in European courts, witnesses are threatened with guns. Women and children are beaten, Mr. Keshe easily escapes from police at night, and most interestingly, the King of Belgium, the conspirator, and the police, under his command, sue Mr. Keshe in international courts. And…


$ 21 million investment in Ghana

Another one of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s adventures in the press is the story of the Keshe Foundation’s cooperation agreement with the Ghanian government. Ghana Business News reported on May 24, 2017 / June 3, 2017 that the Ghanian government has agreed with the Keshe Foundation to invest $ 21 million in the construction of a space launch pad. The report said the Foundation met with the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission in the fall of 2016, when an agreement was reached to build a space launch pad.

The news provoked reactions from the government. Until, almost a year later, the Ghana nuclear institute canceled its agreement with Mr Keshe due to a lack of scientific evidence. “They (the Keshe Foundation) gave us proposals to check that we came to this conclusion,” the head of the organization told the media.

Shortly afterwards, the incident became a widespread scandal for the Atomic Energy Commission and the Minister of the Environment in Ghana. On August 10, 2017, Ghana Business News published a report about the conviction of Keshe and his wife in Belgium. About a month later, in the latest report on the site, it is written that despite the conviction and scandal, this person is still active in Ghana and is engaged in medical work.


Building a flying saucer and work with the IRGC

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s name first appeared in the Western media nine years ago. He claimed to have shot down a US RQ-170 drone in southern Iran.

This story is sometimes mentioned as one of the scientific achievements on the personal website of Keshe. However, the Revolutionary Guards announced a month before the drone’s alleged plot to infiltrate the drone’s communications system by landing it safely. No official or unofficial Iranian website has mentioned Mehran Tavakoli Keshe at that time.

In a report published on January 10, 2012 / January 20, 2011, the American magazine Wired published the news of Keshe’s claim, and of course, with a bit of humor, they considered his claims unscientific. Experts report that the US drone simulated a ground-based navigation system, not a flying saucer!

One month ago, the dropping of a US drone in Iran was reported in the Iranian and Western media. Earlier, the news of the construction of a “flying saucer” in Iran was the subject of satirical reports in some Western publications.


Business and economic activities

The Keshe Foundation online store features a variety of products, from gin to “plasma disinfectant” and even energy generator parts and products for € 10 to € 1 million.

For example, the image below is a device that claims to be spacecraft technology to “strengthen the human body,” which costs between € 150 million and € 1 million plus postage.




This is a plasma slipper for 20 euros.


In addition, as stated on the official website of the Keshe Foundation, the Foundation is active in the field of financial transactions. On the Foundation’s website, coins called “Keshe coins” are traded. The total number of these coins is one million coins and the price of each is one thousand euros. If the number of coins and their base price are true, the depth and value of the financial market for cash transactions is one billion euros. We don’t know how many of these coins were made and how many were sold.



Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s belief and his unscientific claims about Coronavirus treatment mean that we accept that all independent scientists and researchers in the world’s most advanced laboratories are pumping water into the mortar, while he can solve all problems with a pan of salt water and two copper wires! Believing in the rest of his unscientific and unreliable claims is also a refutation of all human scientific experience that is not going to accept any claim without empirical and scientific evidence.

As our research shows, Mr. Mehran Tavakoli has no other university degree than an (alleged!) bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from a university in London. His allegations have so far not been confirmed by any scientific sources, and even some of his actions have been so damaging that they have reached the courts of Europe and led to the juridial conviction of Mr. Keshe.

But strangely, our research shows that Mr. Keshe’s business shop and economic activities are booming. From selling reactors to spaceships to face masks and coins sold as investment in science to God’s people.

As our research shows, he has created a network of loyal fans who act like loopholes. He even claimed to be a savior once and told his audience during a speech , “You have been asking for the promised Messiah for years, now I stand in front of you.”

Among Mr. Keshe’s supporters, asking him questions is considered a blasphemy. Recently, when someone in the Keshe Farsi Corona Team asked about the validity of the “Professor”, one of the group’s admins (quoted in the text) confronted him with this angry reaction: “It is not necessary to prove it to everyone scientifically. Be. “Whoever wants to believe can stay, and if anyone argues, they will be expelled from the group.”


Another admin of this group, in his faith in Mr. Keshe’s knowledge, goes even further and says that with “plasma science, even a severed finger, hand and foot can grow again”!

But the point here is that the story is not only limited to the beliefs of a group of people, but also implicates public health risk fraud.


We declare with confidence:

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is not a “professor”. A professor is literally a university professor. Mr. Keshe (allegedly!) holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from 40 years ago, from a university in London and does not teach at any university.

There is no cure for coronary heart disease or any other disease by Mr. Keshe. He certainly made no scientific discovery or invention in the field of health and treatment. Instead, he has a history of convictions in European courts for fraud and illicit health care. His version of a Corona cure is nothing but zinc carbonate and salt water. It is not a cure for Covid-19 and does not prevent it.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has no expertise in the field of space science, but instead his name is mentioned in a political, administrative and scientific scandal in Ghana; the $ 21 million investment agreement of the Keshe Foundation in this African country, which after a few months due to lack of his academic credentials was cancelled, and he became a nuisance to the Ghana nuclear energy association and the country’s environment minister.

The Keshefacts website assures all audiences that none of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s alleged claims have any basis. It also urges his supporters to stay away from his bigotry with skepticism, and not to be fooled by his vulgar and pseudo-scientific terms.


Source: https://factnameh.com/articles/2020-04-04-mehran-tavakoli-keshe.html

We thank the great nation of Iran for exposing Keshe for what he is. We wonder… Does the Supreme Leader not think that Keshe should be publicly hung for bringing shame upon his own nation ?


Operation Preserve Legacy

Hello. We are the new owners of KesheFacts.

Did anyone claim this site would be shut down ? It must have been an error. You didn’t believe that yourself, did you ? Dirk’s body might be gone, but his spirit is very much alive!

In honour of the great founder and former owner of this website, a creative genius and a true friend, who sadly passed away in early April 2020, this website will be CONTINUED, as he himself would never have closed it down.

The reason ?

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” – John Stuart Mill

also often quoted as:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


A new team

A brand new team of writers, investigators, REAL scientists and truth fighters from all over the world will be running this site from now on.

Keshe WILL be brought to justice. Hypocritically creating a memorial video and then claiming the deceased person was evil is not exactly “the correct ethos.”  It’s the typical mirroring of a narcissistic nobody, who blames his own crimes on his imaginary enemies.

This website will continue to expose Keshe’s scam as well as his improper practices as a fake doctor and pseudo scientist, to warn people and show them the truth behind the messianic facade of a mentally disturbed man. At least for some, they will have avoided a path of disappointment, lies or even grave harm.

Remember, Keshe is just another brick, but TRUTH is a sledgehammer.


The KesheFacts e-book: full archive

Due to the recent, unexpected passing of the founder and owner of this website, the site will close soon, since neither his family nor anyone else wants anything to do with the Keshe Foundation for obvious reasons.

We are now offering the complete archive of this website as a FREE e-book in PDF format. It was created by Dirk and contains all the information that has ever been posted on this website.

Grab the e-book while this site is still online! Then spread it far and wide, to warn potential new KF followers of the dangers of this malicious cult.

Here is the ONLY download link that contains the COMPLETE, ORIGINAL e-book!