How much worse can it get ?

In today’s 105th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe gave his most delusional talk ever.

He displayed incredible blasphemy when he claimed:

“I am the Mehdi, I am the eternal Christ, I am the return of Buddha, or anything you want to call it.”

Many people will get upset at that statement, for good reason. In fact, anyone who does NOT get upset about it is either totally brainwashed, not a good person, or they don’t care about anything in life at all.

The above quote puts Keshe above the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, which means Keshe now effectively considers himself to be the leader of Iran, as well as the Islamic leader of organizations like Isis.

Preaching peace, while constantly attacking and stalking innocent people, and then calling humans “animals”, is that what a Messiah does ? This has NOTHING to do with peace.




Keshe’s attacks have become so severe that more and more people are starting to speak, and even fathers start defending their daughters.

Even sick people aren’t spared. Keshe claimed today that sick people who cry when they are sad are attention seekers. And then Keshe cried…

Furthermore Keshe once again attacked all of humanity by saying “God is a giver, God is generous, God is kind. YOU are the takers, YOU are the abusers, and YOU are the deceivers.”

He called prayer a “banking system” and announced that he will abolish money, probably so he can introduce the antichrist mark of the beast. This is what the whole “KF banking system” is all about. A new world order, but not the positive kind.





Keshe keeps instilling in people the idea that the KF has “many enemies” because “he promotes peace”. How ridiculous is that ? The truth is that people speak out against Keshe because he gives sick people false hope, he lies to them, takes their money, and he keeps attacking innocents, while spreading horrendous stories about them. We do not know if Keshe was born like that, or if he is being controlled from outside, by someone or something.

In this workshop Keshe was heard crying and laughing like never before, which gave the impression of an emotionally totally unstable person, as he kept switching from one extreme to another. If that is the behaviour of a Messiah, then God help us. Is there no more justice in this world ? Can scam artists get away with whatever they like ? We hope not.

Having said all that, we wish NO HARM to Mehran Keshe or to anyone else.

Some people might think we hate Keshe because of what has been written on this website. We do not. We hate nobody, we love everyone, but Keshe’s attacks are unacceptable. And when we write “we”, there is no “organization” behind us as Keshe said, it’s just us, the growing group of victims of Keshe’s strange behaviour, who have been slandered, attacked and exploited for no reason, that’s why we keep speaking.

No matter how many times Keshe claims that we are paid by “governments”, we are not. We run this website out of love for humanity, as we can clearly see what Keshe is doing. We hope that he will one day correct his behaviour. Just saying “we are always correct” is not enough, when his behaviour proves the exact opposite.

As we stated before, the purpose of this website is to speak the truth and to inform the world, as we don’t like to see more people harmed by this sinister deception called the Keshe Foundation. We will stand up against injustice anytime.

Should anyone be unclear about our intentions, we clarify them below. Evil shall be cast away. Peace everyone.




Depiction of Archangel Michael defeating Lucifer